Barton County Marriages 1875


Barton County Marriages 1875


These records were transcribed, alphabetized, and made available by Jill Adami on April 22, 2001. Living hundreds of miles from the source of the records in Lamar, MO and seeing a need for access to them, Jill contacted a noted Barton Co. researcher named Denzelle McGinley who has been affiliated for some time with the Barton Co. Historical Society. Denzelle was hired to hand copy all of the names and dates of the early Barton Co. marriages you see available here. A laborious process to be sure! So, the next time you contact the Barton Co. Historical Society, please add a note of thanks to Denzelle for her hard work. She can also help you with any questions you might have about any information contained on the actual copies of the marriage records.

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ACRES, Charles and Holland Hicks 14 February 1875

ALEXANDER, Joseph and Louisa Carpenter 3 February 1875

ANGLEN, George M. and Lizzie Gremble 20 October 1875

ARCHEY, James and Mary Butler 19 December 1875

BATES, Theodore W. and Emma Horton 5 September 1875 (Double Wedding)

BERRY, W. E. and Ella Fitch 21 April 1875

BLACK, William and Frances Robison 1 August 1875

BLAIR, William and Amanda Cambell 9 March 1875

BOSLAN, John W. and Mollie O. Tremble 4 July 1875

BOWERS, George and Adaville Jane Ray 30 April 1875

BROWN, James S. and Maggie Cruzan 11 October 1875

CHAMBERS, Perry and Isabel Brady 24 October 1875

CHANCELLOR, Ewing and Rachel E. James 20 August 1875

CHANCELLOR, T. J. and Sophronia Wooster 26 July 1875

CLARK, Daniel C. C. and Mary A. McCaslin 6 June 1875

CLOVIS, Leroy J. and Nancy A. Root 11 April 1875

COLE, Jerome and Matilda Taylor 8 April 1875

COMSTOCK, Louis C. and M. C. King 12 December 1875

COOK, C. E. and Fannie White 31 October 1875

COPE, William and Eliza Jane Ernst 22 August 1875

DEMPSTER, William A. and Susan R. Haulmark 23 February 1875

EDWARDS, Daniel T. and Manecia A. Walker 7 March 1875

ENGLE, Jeremiah and Mary Jane Leach 16 May 1875

ETCHISON, Samuel and Mary M. Mayfield 7 March 1875

GANT, Elonzo and Lazetta Loyd 5 September 1875

GIBBONY, John T. and Agnes Winebrenar 22 March 1875

GRIFFIN, William L. and Catherine Welton 28 July 1875

GRUBBS, Thomas A. and Mary F. Cromwell 19 December 1875

HILBERT, M. and Mary Wilson 4 February 1875

HILLIGASS, A. C. and Sarah B. Niezley 25 July 1875

HORTON, Lawrence J. and Sophronia E. Appleby 5 September 1875 (Double Wedding)

HULICK, David and Mrs. Armilda Montgomery 19 April 1875

INSLER, Thomas T. and Nancy C. Baker 28 October 1875

JONES, Samuel and Ella Binns 15 August 1875

KANTNER, Amos and Lizzie Waters 1 August 1875

KINMAN, Martin L. and Mary E. Breeden 3 July 1875

KOEHLER, August and Mary J. Barber 14 March 1875

LAMBERT, Noah and Maggie Carlin 27 February 1875

MAYFIELD, Cyrus and Jenny Little 5 June 1875

MAYFIELD, Jackson and Sarah Gilmore 7 November 1875

McCALISTER, John Marshall and Cinthia A. Grubbs 11 March 1875

McDONALD, Angus John and Rhoda Briggs 13 June 1875

McPHERSON, William A. and Rosetta Gass 2 March 1875

MENGIES, John and Cassander M. Fowler 25 December 1875

MOORE, Jacob and Eldora Smith 21 February 1875

MOORE, Orlando T. and Emma Horman 7 March 1875

MUNSON, J. T. and Susan Stoner 24 June 1875

NORRIS, William and Ella Cones 9 November 1875

PARKER, John and Mary Williams 31 January 1875

PERRY, Charles D. and Susan E. Cole 16 September 1875

PETERS, Benjamin Gerdes and Hannah Totman - 11 March 1875

REILEY, Christian C. and Sarah Kunkler 5 September 1875

ROULTEDGE, John and Susan R. Byrnes 2 June 1875

SAUNDERS, William F. and Maria Sanders 12 October 1875

SCHOFF, John and Mary Boord 22 April 1875

SIMPSON, Benjamin and Manda Humphrey 31 October 1875

SMITH, Benjamin and Amanda J. Dean 28 March 1875

SMITH, Daniel M. and Lizzie Kane 24 December 1875

SMITH, Robert P. and Mary E. Culver 1 July 1875

TEETERS, Loftus P. and Rebecca Perry 3 June 1875

TRESNER, Philip N. and Rozina H. Winchel 19 July 1875

VANDERMELLON, John and Sarah J. Hendricks 11 November 1875

WALKER, A. C. and Mrs. Elizabeth D. York 27 June 1875

WARREN, Samuel J. W. and Sarah O. Wagner 11 July 1875

WARRING, Frank and Mary J. Holgt 13 June 1875

WESTBY, Mathias and Mrs. Jane E. Rector 21 October 1875

WILLIAMS, H. M. and S. L. B. Cunningham 3 April 1875

WINKLE, Abraham and Martha I. Wooldrige 8 October 1874 *

WINKLE, John H. and Esther Sharron 30 September 1875

WOOD, Geo. W. and Mrs. Florella Light 21 February 1875

WOOLRIDGE, William L. and Mary A. Nease 23 September 1875

WRAY, Anderson J. and Phebe Worthington 19 May 1875

*Denotes marriage occurring prior to 1875 but filed in 1875.

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