Barton County Marriages 1874


Barton County Marriages 1874

These records were transcribed, alphabetized, and made available by Jill Adami on March 25, 2001. Living hundreds of miles from the source of the records in Lamar, MO and seeing a need for access to them, Jill contacted a noted Barton Co. researcher named Denzelle McGinley who has been affiliated for some time with the Barton Co. Historical Society. Denzelle was hired to hand copy all of the names and dates of the early Barton Co. marriages you see available here. A laborious process to be sure! So, the next time you contact the Barton Co. Historical Society, please add a note of thanks to Denzelle for her hard work. She can also help you with any questions you might have about any information contained on the actual copies of the marriage records.

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ALBRIGHT, Samuel and Rose Edwards 24 May 1874

ANDERSON, James W. and Alice Fast 20 July 1874

ASH, Upton and Anna Boord 24 December 1874

BAKER, A. W. and Florence Dixson 4 October 1874

BAKER, Charles E. and Sarah R. Patterson 9 April 1874

BOND, Charles and Mrs. Elizabeth Wardlow 13 February 1874

BRIGGS, J. A. and M. A. Bevins 26 October 1873 **

BUFTON, William A. and Leah Bean 11 May 1874

BURRELLE, Jefferson and Mary Handrix 26 August 1874

BUTLER, Charles H. and Millie Helm 8 March 1874

BUTLER, James J. and Minnie Miller 3 May 1874

CAPPS, J. W. and N. M. Hison 22 July 1874

CARLTON, W. R. and Mattie C. Pike 26 October 1873 **

CONNER, James and Dianiah Nichols 28 February 1874

CONNOR, Michael and Susannah Kunkler 20 August 1874

CROMWELL, Benjamin F. and Isabell Smith 13 December 1874

DELAP, Carlton and Adaline Main 23 December 1874

DENHAM, Daniel B. and Izora Ann Smith 14 March 1874

DIVINE, Wesley and Margaret Hunter 15 November 1874

DUFFIELD, George W. and Missouri Belle Bucket 29 September 1874

DUGAN, George M. and Mary M. Hamilton 13 February 1874

EBBS, William C. and Susan Schultz 27 April 1874

EDDLEMON, Jacob B. and Sarah L. Weir 6 September 1874

ELVIDGE, John and Susanna Sant 19 April 1874

ENDICOTT, Gabriel and Cynthia Phillips 9 November 1874

ENYART, Thomas and Williet Nigh 19 April 1874

FLEANER, John W. and F. B. Fleming 19 February 1874

GIVOLER, David A. and Margaret Wood 4 February 1874

GRUBBS, Charles G. and Mary L. Primmer 5 November 1874

HARLOW, George and Laura Comstock 1 November 1874

HARMON, Jacob E. and Lucy Clinkbeard 8 January 1874

HARMON, John and Helen A. Georgia 18 January 1874

HARRISON, B. F. and S. L. Adams 15 January 1874

HART, Adam and Elizabeth McElroy 23 February 1874

HINES, Richard and Mrs. Richard Kessel 25 November 1874

HOLDEN, T. A. and Mary L. Branham 13 October 1873 **

HOSLEY, Bennie D. and Mary P. Morrow 20 March 1874

HOWARD, John H. and Suseanna A. Heart 12 August 1874

HOWARD, William C. and Mary J. Harbour 16 January 1874

HUFFMAN, Amos and Harmony P. McMenis 30 August 1874

HUGHES, Oliver and Virginia Agee 12 May 1874

JEFFERS, Derias and Sarah Denney 19 April 1874

JOHNSON, Joseph L. and Pheby Elisabeth Elmore 29 January 1874

JONES, Albert A. and Alta A. Willis 25 December 1874

JONES, Emanuel and Josephine Thorp 23 July 1874

JONES, William S. and Ann Smith 24 January 1874

KUNKLER, Benedict and Susan J. Cope 18 October 1874

LOVY, Peter and Susan Martin 16 June 1874

LYBYER, Wells and Mary E. Emery 31 August 1874

MARSHALL, James T. and Ann Eliza Angel 3 November 1874

MARTINS, Dr. S. N. and Franky Haggins 5 April 1874

McLEAN, Horatio S. and Alice J. Jones 1 November 1874

McLEAN, James and Alice Jones 1 November 1874

McMILLEN, J. F. and R. E. Pendregress 10 August 1874

METCALF, Joseph M. and Mary M. Brown 24 December 1874

MOODY, William and Addie M. White 2 June 1874

MOORE, Gardison and Martha A. Tolbert 22 July 1874

MOORE, Samuel and Verintha Bunn 13 December 1874

NICOLSON, C. L. and Sarah Clifford 9 June 1874

NORTON, John D. and Ida Adams 26 December 1874

PARRISH, Edgar L. and Laura A. Sharp 22 October 1874

PARSON, Isaac P. and Melvina Lovell 12 November 1874

PAYNE, John E. and Mrs. Margaret Baker 4 June 1874

PEANICK, Jacob and Margaret Worthington 25 March 1874

PHILIPS, George and Lucindy Creamer 10 September 1874

POWELL, Josiah and Martha J. Mathis 22 June 1874

PRIMMER, Lewis and Melissy Ann Howard 15 October 1874

PULSIFER, Orlando and Emma Cromwell 25 September 1874

PYATT, James P. and Susana Beaty 31 December 1874

QUEIRY, Shade P. and Mary T. Sester 11 January 1874

RIBLEY, Samuel H. and Agnis McClean 16 August 1874

RIDLEY, Walter and Emoline Baker 5 July 1874

SHERELL, R. H. and S. A. Conn 26 March 1874

SMITH, Ernest C. and Mary H. Moody 18 October 1874

SMURL, Andrew J. and Olive A. Helms 26 July 1874

THOMPSON, William E. and Mary Lovell 19 August 1874

THORP, D. W. and Jane Carr 16 August 1874

THURSTON, David and Nancy Duck 22 August 1874

TISDALE, William and Mary Allumbaug 8 April 1874

VLIET, Richard and Mary E. Rice 14 January 1874

WALTHAM, John R. and Mrs. Caroline Walden 22 October 1874

WILLIAMS, H. R. and Martha A. Wright 12 April 1874

WILLIAMS, John W. and Clara Love 27 April 1874 *

WITT, George F. and Sarah E. Carl 21 April 1874

WRIGHT, W. S. and S. P. Wrenchey 30 December 1873 **

* Denotes marriage filed without a date in 1874.

* Denotes marriages occurring prior to 1874 but filed in 1874.

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