Barton County Marriages 1873


Barton County Marriages 1873

These records were transcribed, alphabetized, and made available by Jill Adami on February 23, 2001. Living hundreds of miles from the source of the records in Lamar, MO and seeing a need for access to them, Jill contacted a noted Barton Co. researcher named Denzelle McGinley who has been affiliated for some time with the Barton Co. Historical Society. Denzelle was hired to hand copy all of the names and dates of the early Barton Co. marriages you see available here. A laborious process to be sure! So, the next time you contact the Barton Co. Historical Society, please add a note of thanks to Denzelle for her hard work. She can also help you with any questions you might have about any information contained on the actual copies of the marriage records.

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ASH, James and Susan F. Clarke 22 May 1873

BOND, Thomas and Anna Bell 9 November 1873

BOYDEN, Charles E. and Mrs. M. Bennie Williams 5 October 1873

BRIGGS, J. A. and M. A. Bevins 26 October 1873

BROYLES, John H. and Rhoda I. Terry 1 June 1873

BURFEE, Francis and Mary Ellen Oliver 11 April 1873

BURGES, Alexander and Elizabeth C. Fanning 11 April 1873

BURR, R. W. and Belva Hunt 3 April 1873

BUZZARD, John W. and Sarah A. Evans 16 January 1873

CARLTON, W. R. and Mattie C. Pike 26 October 1873

CLAYPOOL, John D. and Henrietta A. Howard 15 June 1873

CURTZ, Philip and Thursey Shilling 27 July 1873

DEEN, Harrison and Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Lankford 4 August 1873

DINSMORE, William and Ruth Buchannan 11 May 1873

DUCKETT, Aud J. and Mary E. Zeigue 3 November 1873

EDWARDS, Henry and Lucy Jane Wiseman 16 March 1873

FAST, Myran and Mary F. McFarland 25 May 1873

FINCH, J. W. and J. Richmond 16 December 1873

FINK, John and Mrs. Martha S. Campbell 11 June 1873

GADDY, Thomas and Emma Cooper 22 September 1873

GEORGE, Francis E. and Lana Frame 20 May 1873

GILL, David H. and Allice P. Colbert 27 July 1873

GIMBER, Jacob and Eliza Newsome 4 September 1873

GRIFFIN, George W. and Dora Belle McKan 12 September 1873

GRISLEY, F. N. and Rebecca Francis 24 December 1873

HAMILTON, S. D. and Isabel E. Spenser 29 June 1873

HENDRICKS, John M. and Nancy Neill 3 April 1873

HICKS, J. W. and Anna Jones 21 December 1873

HOLCOMB, Lyman and Nancy C. Wilson 21 January 1873

HOLDEN, T. A. and Mary L. Branham 13 October 1873

HOLDEN, T. L. and Mary L. Brauhaus 18 October 1873

HUGHES, Sandon and Sarah L. Tipton 30 December 1873

HUNT, James and Lucy Annah Wolfington 24 July 1873

JONES, Franklin and Mary Susan Ramsey 9 November 1873

JONES, James M. and Sarah A. Wavel 16 March 1873

KELLY, Horace L. and Martha I. Phillips 15 June 1873

KILLEY, Joshua J. and L. J. Wright 18 April 1873

KOONTZ, Jeremiah Cornelius and Mary Bouse 21 September 1873

LIVELY, Jesse Brison and Margaret Ann Elizabeth Kimminger 18 August 1873

MANSON, Solomon and Alice P. Metcalf 14 September 1873

MARTINDALE, William B. and Sarah C. Price 18 June 1873

McCUNE, Samuel F. and Mittie Baker 3 July 1873

McEUEN, Asbury and Lucinda Haslem 9 March 1873

McNARY, James Edgar and Sue Ellen McDowell 10 December 1873

MILIGAN, Morgan B. and Sarah Simpson 23 February 1873

MOREHOUSE, Orris W. and Frances L. Martin 29 May 1873

ODNEAL, James M. and E. B. Enyart 9 February 1873

PARKER, E. W. and N. J. Divine 3 July 1873

PETHEOUS, Wallace and Naomis Fleener 5 February 1873

PHILLIPS, Ransom and Mary J. Row 15 June 1873

PRICKETT, John and Nancy Smith Peters 3 January 1873

PRIMM, Thomas and Lewelta Foster 29 June 1873

RODENBURG, Henry and Mary J. Robb 18 June 1873

SHIM, Edward and Susan Reed 29 July 1873

SICKETT, Thomas W. and Eliza Cromwell 18 May 1873

SPOON, Jacob and Catherine L. Kunkler 25 May 1873

STONER, Jacob and Ida Vantassel 25 December 1873

STULTZ, Stephen and Mary Silvers 23 November 1873

TAYLOR, Dr. George W. and Lydia L. Lease 4 October 1873 *

TIMMONDS, H. C. and Katie Fast 27 April 1873

UNDERWOOD, L. T. and Mrs. Mary E. Harvey 3 November 1873

WALKER, James H. and Elizabeth A. Comstock 5 January 1873

WILKES, Albert and Zurah Mann 1 December 1873

WINKLE, J. R. and Ellana P. Isenhower 25 December 1873

WINTERS, James H. and Catherine E. Isenhour 18 July 1873

WOOSTER, Miles and Mrs. Martha James 22 March 1873

WRIGHT, W. S. and S. P. Wrenchey 30 December 1873

* Marriage occurred November 1859

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