Barton County Marriages 1872


Barton County Marriages 1872

These records were transcribed, alphabetized, and made available by Jill Adami on January 21, 2001. Living hundreds of miles from the source of the records in Lamar, MO and seeing a need for access to them, Jill contacted a noted Barton Co. researcher named Denzelle McGinley who has been affiliated for some time with the Barton Co. Historical Society. Denzelle was hired to hand copy all of the names and dates of the early Barton Co. marriages you see available here. A laborious process to be sure! So, the next time you contact the Barton Co. Historical Society, please add a note of thanks to Denzelle for her hard work. She can also help you with any questions you might have about any information contained on the actual copies of the marriage records.

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ALEXANDER, James and Mary E. Drummon 23 May 1872

ARMSTRONG, George R. and Mary M. Kremp 24 December 1872

BAKER, Morris W. and Ada M. Snyder 29 November 1872

BAKER, William and Ann Mariah Meyers 10 March 1872

BELDERBRICK, Isaac A. and Eliza Jane Johnson 9 June 1872

BENNYWORTH, Martin D. and Evangeline Tennis 29 August 1872

BICKFORD, Leonard and Joanna Helm 26 April 1872

BIVENS, Isaac and Druscilla Morgan 22 February 1872

BRAGG, Joshua H. and Margaret H. Evans 25 December 1872

BUCHANAN, George and Susan Martin 12 May 1872

BURKHART, Frederick and Addie J. Watson 2 July 1872

CANTRELL, David and Mrs. Mary J. Lawrence 8 September 1872

CARROLL, William and Ann Row 28 July 1872

CHILTON, James C. and Martha F. Vinesmore 25 February 1872

COCHRAN, Alfred and Mary E. Wagner 10 March 1872

DODD, George A. and Lillian Armstrong 14 January 1872

DOYLE, John F. and Eliza Kimble 22 September 1872

DRAWYER, Omer and Margaret Gillaspy 24 October 1872

ESTEN, Andrew and Sarah Smith 4 May 1872

FLATT, Norton and Anna M. Janney 14 March 1872

FOSTER, Arsemis and Jane Odneal 8 September 1872

FOSTER, John L. and Mary Josephine Atkinson 1 December 1872

GILMORE, John J. and Adaline Nelson 18 August 1872

GOSSIN, Charles M. and Florence Willson 24 December 1871 *

HALE, Dorastus M. and Elizabeth Spangler 2 January 1872

HALLERIN, John and Nancy Y. McMahan 27 June 1872

HELM, Charles B. and Betty Sullens 25 December 1872

HOLMES, George W. and Mary Ellen Woods 19 March 1872

JAMES, Solomon and Sarah Mills 25 December 1872

JONES, Nathan L. and Sarah J. Hendricks 21 July 1872

KELLOG, Foster N. and Margaret E. Elliot 17 September 1872

KESLER, Peter and Katie Verchler 10 January 1872

KUNKLER, Joseph and Louisa Castleberry 25 February 1872

LEO, Charles and Mrs. Sophia Leo 6 October 1872

LESSENBEE, Henry H. and Martha E. Houston 25 February 1872

MANLOVE, Charles and Alice Douglas 5 May 1872

MARCH, William and Addie Morehouse 21 March 1872

MARK, Isaac N. and Matilda J. Morrison 27 October 1872

MASON, John V. and Mary Palmer 9 October 1871 *

McIVER, William A. and Barbara J. Kunkler 31 January 1872

PALMER, Isaac and Permula Winn 5 May 1872

PAXTON, George and Lilly Stone 13 June 1872

PETERS, William S. and Sarah R. McMahan 17 May 1872

POUNDSTON, Henderson W. and Sarah Boord 17 January 1872

RECTOR, James and Sarah C. Boman 3 November 1872

RECTOR, Ludwell and Drusilla Revis 2 June 1872

RENICK, James and Aimand Duncan 5 March 1872

ROGERS, Benjamin Newton and Laura Decroft 25 February 1872

SCOTT, Francis M. and Mrs. Rachel Oswalt 27 April 1871 *

SHOLTZ, Frederick and Elizabeth Lawson 4 April 1872

SLOCUM, Edwin and Lucy Van Nice 16 September 1872

SMITH, H. H. and Mrs. I. A. Tootler 16 April 1872

SNYDER, Harvey and Hattie J. Phillips 29 November 1872

STARK, Thomas A. and Eliza Jane Morris 14 February 1872

STEPHENSON, Thomas and Alice Love 2 November 1872

STOUT, W. L. K. and Mary Jane Conroe 4 August 1872

TREAT, Frank H. and Authy M. Hilton 29 August 1872

WAGNER, Joshua C. and Mary Ann Mathews 4 August 1872

WILHELM, Sebastian and Sarah Wright 4 July 1872

WILLS, Francis M. and Nora Durack 23 May 1872

WORTHINGTON, Jacob and Kate Curless 20 October 1872

WRAY, Alfred K. and Katie Pool 1 August 1872

*Denotes marriages occurring prior to 1872 but filed in 1872

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