Barton County Marriages 1867


Barton County Marriages 1867-1869

These records were transcribed, alphabetized, and made available by Jill Adami on November 9, 2000. Living hundreds of miles from the source of the records in Lamar, MO and seeing a need for access to them, Jill contacted a noted Barton Co. researcher named Denzelle McGinley who has been affiliated for some time with the Barton Co. Historical Society. Denzelle was hired to hand copy all of the names and dates of the early Barton Co. marriages you see available here. A laborious process to be sure! So, the next time you contact the Barton Co. Historical Society, please add a note of thanks to Denzelle for her hard work. She can also help you with any questions you might have about any information contained on the actual copies of the marriage records.

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ADDAMS, Ansel M. and Nancy E. Dean 4 July 1867

ALBRIGHT, John A. and Abagil C. Bailey 7 Sept 1867

APPLEBY, James S. and Mary Pratt 28 Sept 1867

ARMSTRONG, W. W. and Miss J. M. Haggins 11 Feb 1869

ATKINSON, John H. and Miranda Hamilton 26 Sept 1869

BAKER, Samuel and Sophia Teutch 28 Feb 1869

BAKER, Shadrack and Betsy Ann Baker 23 Jan 1867

BAKER, William H. and Mary Helm 12 May 1868

BARRY, John and Francis Kunkler 24 Sept 1868

BOLLINGER, John and Amert Eunice Frey 18 Mar 1869

BORGHARDT, Carl and Neomia Broyles 4 June 1868

BOUCHER, Stephen E. and Elizabeth A. Ewer 22 Mar 1868

BOWEN, George and Mary Ann Lewis 27 Nov 1869

BROOKS, Lynch and Sarah B. Bouse 14 April 1867

BROWN, Charles H. and B. E. Wills 4 Jan 1869

BROWN, John E. and Rachel Brummit 25 Nov 1869

BROYLES, Columbus and Margaret Faubion 5 Apr 1868

BRYAN, William O. and Francis Oatman 26 May 1869

BURROWS, Josiah and Mahala Muser 25 Sept 1867

CAMPBELL, Franklin and Mariah Graham 17 Apr 1869

CARTMEL, Justine and Miss Jennie Grier 10 Jan 1868

CLARREY, John and Jane Adams 29 Sept 1868

CONERILL, S. H. and Olivia Hess Pennett 23 Apr 1868

CRUZAN, Benjamin F. and Mary J. Smith 19 Sept 1869

DAVIS, James and Harriet Stephens 6 July 1869

DAVIS, R. P. and B. E. Elmore 27 May 1869

DEAN, Harry and Icevena Johnson 28 June 1868

EDWARDS, Sanford N. and Ann Maria Broughton 24 Dec 1869

ELDER, John R. and Mary Jane James 31 May 1868

FAUBION, Wm. Cumming and Elizabeth Jane Bowls 28 Nov 1869

FOOTE, Henry S. and Susan Ellen McIntosh 13 Sept 1868

GARVER, George and Sarah L. Frankum 29 July 1869

GASTON, Harrison H. and Francis Earle 27 Aug 1868

GILLASBY, Jasper and Fannie Moore 7 Nov 1869

GILMORE, Robert N. and Louiza Crider 29 July 1869

GRAY, Robert L. and Lucy Anna Johnson 3 Nov 1869

HARBOUR, James W. and Mary J. Crum 18 Feb 1869

HART, John and Mary Dixon 18 July 1869

HARVEY, Albert and Virginia Harrington 15 Oct 1868

HENDRICKS, James and Hazeltine Wayne 26 Jan 1868

HUDSON, David and Lacy Jane VanPelt 21 Nov 1867

KELLEY, Thomas and Sarah Baker 5 Sep 1869

KILLEY, William W. and Emily H. Leeper 14 March 1869

KUNKLER, John and Elizabeth J. Bascum 26 Sept 1867

LEWIS, George C. and Mary E. Medlin 19 Nov 1869

LINDSEY, W. P. and Sarah F. McAlister 4 July 1869

LINSEY, Thomas James and Martha Ann Walker 17 Sept 1869

LONG, John and Adaline Edwards 3 July 1869

MARLOW, E. C. and Adaline Curry 14 Oct 1869

MARTIN, George B. and Matilda Meisel 10 June 1868

MARTIN, Tilman W. and Mary Francis Lewis 18 Apr 1869

MARTSOLF, John and Frances F. Sterling 2 May 1869

MARVIN (or MANIN), Davis and Nancy Ann Nigh 11 Apr 1869

MATHEWS, David S. and Rebecca J. Waggoner 8 Dec 1867

McCUEN, John and Amanda L. McBride 11 Apr 1869

MEDLIN, Logan M. and Eliza V. Rector 16 May 1869

MEDLIN, Thomas G. and Nancy J. Rector 19 Nov 1869

MILLARD, Clark A. and Mary F. Philips 3 May 1868

MILLARD, Homer A. and Elizabeth Frances Barkett 28 Mar 1868

MILLER, Peter D. and Catharine Rosewurm 19 Feb 1868

MOORE, John W. and Rowena Crouch 21 July 1869

MOORE, Stephen W. and Lucinda Silvers 7 Nov 1869

MOREHEAD, William H. and Sarah E. Barnaby 20 nov 1869

MURPHY, Harry and Louisa Baily 4 July 1867

MURRAY, Thomas and Mrs. Martha S. Scott 19 Oct 1867

NESBIT, William and Ellen Ruttleford 6 Sept 1868

NIGH, Louis and Bel Brown 7 Feb 1869

OLIVE, Frank and Nancy Jane Morain 30 May 1869

ORMAN, Lacey C. and Emily S. Hays 2 Sept 1868

OWENS, Joseph and Sarah Ramsey 12 Dec 1869

PETERS, L. T. P. and Dora Tyler 12 Dec 1867

PHILLIPS, Christopher and Nancy Mattox 29 July 1869

RALSTON, William and Augusta Kunsee 5 Jan 1868

RECTOR, Rolin and Martha Barnaby 21 Feb 1869

RECTOR, William and Sarah Owens 3 Oct 1867

REEVES, J. J. and Mary Sutherland 28 Mar 1869

SANFORD, Albert and Geneva E. Allen 1 Mar 1868

SAPPINGTON, Wesley Winfield and Drusilla Wooster 7 Sept 1869

SCOTT, Ferdenand and Jane Wallace 14 July 1867

SIMPSON, Andrew Baker and Selia Ann Grier 26 Sep 1869

SMITH, Wm. M. and Molly Cromwell 12 Jan 1868

SOUTHERN, John T. and Sarah Margaret Meyers 2 May 1869

STARKS, Jacob N. and Nancy J. Milton 23 Dec 1869

THOMPSON, John W. and Mary F. Lewis 14 Apr 1869

THORP, Moses and Cynthia Tackett 12 Jan 1869

UNKIFER, Wm. H. and Almira S. Bunton 27 Oct 1867

VAN HOOSER, Wm. R. and Nannie M. Doyle 29 May 1867

WADKINS, John Henry and Belle Gifford 23 Aug 1869

WAIT, Lewis C. and Christina F. Slaughter 26 May 1869

WARDLOW, James and Edith Jones 28 Dec 1869

WILLETT, Robert and Virginia Banks 19 Oct 1869

WILLS, Josiah and Mrs. Ada Fields 15 Oct 1869

WOOD, Robert Sylvester and Sarah C. Etter 28 Jan 1867

WORTHINGTON, Jacob and Emily Florence Mote 4 July 1869

YOUNG, Norman and Susan Margaret Petit 13 Jan 1867

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