Major General Raymond E. Haddock, Retired

 shares stories and pictures 

& his part in this important event.

Raymond E. Haddock is a descendant of Zachariah and Chloe (Albrittion) Haddock of Barry Co., MO, through their son David Crenshaw and Elizabeth (Ault) Haddock.

 Stories and Photos Submitted by: Major General Raymond E. Haddock, Retired


Dear Donna,

On the 9TH of November this year, the world will
celebrate the 20TH anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall which was a major event in the peaceful end of the Cold War, the dissolution of the Soviet Union. As we near that milestone, I am reminded of my own participation in significant positions that contributed to this conclusion.

As I reflect and look at some of the things you have done and continue to do to tell the history of the Haddock family, it seemed to me that some of what I can share would be of interest in your work. I will send you some items here and send along a package by mail that you may find useful.

You may use whatever I provide to further tell the story of the Haddock Family.

Best regards.

Raymond E. Haddock
Major General, United States Army

Story from Stars & Stripes

Radio Interview

Background Information

A Few More Photos

Here below are a few of the pictures provided for us by Major General Raymond Haddock on the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the removal of Check Point Charlie which was the official crossing point from East to West for the Western Allies in Berlin.


Raymond Haddock on the left - Secretary of State James Baker on right

Front Page Picture in Berlin Observer

June 22, 1990

On the day Check Point Charlie was removed.

The removal of this authorized crossing point between East and West was an act that symbolized the end of the "Cold War".

Check Point Charlie was the only place through which the Allies (US, British and French could cross the iron curtain into the East.

Pictured are participants, from left to right:

East German (GDR) Foreign Minister, Herr Markus Meckel;

Berlin's Mayor, Frau (Mrs.) Ingrid Stahmer;

Major General Robert Corbett, British Commandant for Berlin;

Mr. Douglas Hurd, Foreign Minister of Great Britain;

Major General Raymond E. Haddock, American Commandant for Berlin;

Mr. James A. Baker, III, United States Secretary of State;

Major General Francois Cann, French Commandant for Berlin;

Monsier Roland Dumas, French Foreign Minster:

Herr Hans Dietrich Genscher, German Foreign Minister;

Mr. Edvard Shevardnadze, Soviet Union Foreign Minister;

East Berlin's Mayor, Mr. Tino Schwierzina;

Military Policeman, Not Identified.


Chancellor Willy Brandt on the left and Major General Raymond Haddock, American Commandant for Berlin, on the right.

Taken June 22, 1990, the day of Check Point Charlie's removal


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