1895 Extracts from Barry County, MO, Newspapers
Extracted by: Donna Cooper, Coordinator
An interlibrary loan from the State Historical Society of MO of microfilm, was the source from which the data given below was obtained.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Jan. 3, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Jan. 10, 1895
Licensed to Wed:

James H. Larkin, 25, McDowell & Janie Sewell, 22, Ash Grove

Joel A. Hendon, age 31, Rocky Comfort & Josie Davidson, 20, Rocky Comfort

Joseph A. Lawrence, 26, Washburn & Allie Nell, 22, Exeter

James W. Sharp, 23, Cassville & Luella Ennis, 21, Panacea

Edmond P. Henderson, 39, Purdy & Lillie Cornell, 19, Purdy

George A. Johnson, 29, Cassville & Mattie Smith, 24, Cassville

John Stapleton, 23, Exeter & Ollie Barr, 18, Exeter

Charles J. Smith, 22, Pierce City & Martha F. Garoutte, 15, Aurora

Married on Sunday, Dec. 30, at the residence of the bride's parents, near Cassville, Geo. A. Johnson to Miss Martha Smith, Rev. G. W. Henry officiating.

Washburn Items: Mrs. Mooney will go to St. Louis for medical treatment. Her friends wish her a safe journey and speedy recovery.

Arrivals at Hotel Barry:

Kirk Morris and Robt. Ward, Springfield, MO;

F. M. Richardson, Eureka Springs, AR;

N. L. Dunkerson, Exeter, MO;

Jake Davis, Washburn, MO;

W. E. Henning, Detroit Michigan;

Ed A. Buckly and Dan D. Elred, Monett, MO;

W. S. and J. C. McClary, Republic, MO;

Chas. L. Daugherty, Liberty, MO;

J. F. Larecy, Eagle Rock MO;

D. Wilkerson, Seligman, MO;

J. Ship, Cincinnati, OH;

M. L. Roll, St. Louis, MO;

A. Atkinson, Stillwater, O. T.;

P. D. McBride, St. Louis, MO;

W. I. I. Morrow, and R. B. Archibald, Purdy, MO;

Dr. D. C. Overton and R. C. Overton, Rocky Comfort, MO;

Mayo Robertson, Springdale, AR;

Ex Judge Dick Tucker, Golden, MO;

F. M. Gunter, Fayetteville, AR;

Nathan Ogden, Carthage, MO;

C. Donovan, Chicago;

A. A. and R. S. Armor, Aurora, MO.
Obituary: Martha, wife of Edward M. McKinney, and daughter of Henry and Jane McCary, died Jan. 1st, 1895, aged 38 years, 11 months, and 17 days. She professed religion and joined the C. P. church in 1876, during a revival which was conducted by Rev. J. B. Fly at the Vanzandt [Van Zandt] schoolhouse. She was united in marriage with Mr. McKinny Jan 6, 1893. She leaves a dear weeping husband, one infant girl, five brothers and three sisters, together with many relatives and friends to mourn her loss. Her remains were laid near her parents in the family cemetery where she will rest until "The Lord shall descend from heaven with the pace ? of the archangel, and with the thrum? of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first" 1 Thes. Ill?, 16, E. W. McCracken

Johnson - Died at her home in Washburn, Dec. 6, 1894, Annie Eliza daughter of Joseph M. and Emily M. Johnson, aged 13 years, 11 months and 21 days. She accepted the Savior during the revival last August and united with the C. P. Church. She was a faithful member of the Sunday School and Christian Endeavor Society. She was apparently well and at school on Friday before she died on Wednesday. The first day of her illness, she read the Bible and said, "I wish all my schoolmates were saved." Her dear parents, brother, and sisters, school mates and friends, all wept together over our great loss. But Lida is at home in the church Sunday school celestial, where Jesus is her pastor and teacher, and the members are those redeemed in his blood. No more __ we'll meet her here below. Oh, may __ we meet her in heaven. F. W. McCracken.

Roaring River News: Everett Arbuckle spent Christmas at home.

Seligman News: John Bowman has sold his farm and will shortly move to Texas.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Jan. 17, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Jan. 24, 1895
Probate Court Docket:

First Day:

Estate of Jennie Reno et al, minors, Benjamin Reno, G. & C.

Estate of Josephine Tate et al, minors, John D. Tate

Estate of Lafayette Blakeslee, dec'd, David Blakeslee

Estate of James Brown, minor, B. F. Shelton, G. & C.

Estate of Nathan Bond, dec'd, Wm. J. Hutchens, Adm'r.

Estate of R. B. Black, minor, J. F. Pilot, Pub. Adm'r.

Estate of Bessie and Manley Dallas, minors, D. I. Baylor, G. & C.

Estate of W. T. Dollar, dec'd, Francis P. Dollar, Adm'r.

Estate of J. O. Flaherty, dec'd, Mary A. Flaherty

Estate of John Benx, dec'd, J. F. Pilant, Pub. Adm'r.

Estate of John D.Boren, dec'd Harry Horine, Adm'r.

Second Day:

Estate of W. Bugenhagen, dec'd Therese Bugenhagen, Adm'r

Estate of Houston Hankins, dec'd H. L. Hawkins, Adm'r

Estate of Wm. F. James, minor, F. A. James, G. & C.

Estate of Thos. C. Suttles, dec'd Elizabeth, Adm'x.

Estate of Silas May, dec'd, Chas. Ray, Exe.

Estate of Nancy J. Slusher, dec'd Isaiah Slusher, Adm'r.

Estate of John Canfield et al, minors, H. T Tandy, G. & C.

Estate of E. A. Ragsdale, minor, Henry Ragsdale, G. & C.

Estate of Mary M. McColllum, dec'd Sophrophia McCollum, Adm'x.

Estate of Julius Sass, dec'd, Mary C. Sass, Executrix.

Third Day:

Estate of Gloyd Smith Lumber Co., S. M Gloyd surviving partner, Adm'r.

Estate of J. R. Mills, dec'd, Submit N. Mills, Adm'x.

Estate of Florence Waltrip, minor, W. F. Horrall, G. & C.

Estate of Arthur E. Robertson, minor, T. H. Robertson, G. & C.

Estate of Earle Stapleton et al, minors, John Stapleton.

Estate of Jas. R. Poor, dec'd, W. E. Poor, Adm'r.

Estate of Hershall Dabney et al, minors, G. W. Willis, G. & C.

Estate of J. F. Horrall, minor, A. J. Henderson, G. & C.

Estate of Jonathan Allman, dec'd, G. W. McCraw, Adm'r.

Estate of James M. Walker, dec'd, David C. Walker, Adm'r.

L. Beasley, Clerk of the Court.

Obituary: Died, Monday, Jan 14, 1895, Caleb Marion Jimerson, age 52 years, 5 months, and 27 days. Caleb M. Jimerson was born in Bradley Co., Tennessee, July 17, 1842, and came to Barry County from Arkansas in 1870, since which time he lived near Cassville. Services were conducted at the Union Church, Tuesday, by Rev. J. W. Ennes, after which the remains were interred in the Cassville Cemetery under the auspices of Pythagoras Lodge No. 338, A. F. & A. M., of which lodge the deceased was a member. The deceased was a consistent member of the M. P. Church and died in full faith of a future salvation.

Washburn News Items: J. D. Berryhill has sold his farm near town to Mr. Morgan.

Washburn News: Born Monday, Jan. 14, to Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Brown, a fine daughter.

Exeter News: Mrs. Thomas Kersey is still very ill.
Licensed to Wed:

William H. Allmon, 22, Leann and Ida Count?, 19, Leann

S. S. H __T, 35, Seligman and Rhoda Davis, 20, Herd, AR

H. M. _unts, 25, Purdy and Nettie Johnson, 17, Purdy

Dempsey McCord, 23, Shell Knob and Pearl _. Brazel, 15, Shell Knob

Benjamin Bond, 23, Scholten and Ida B__er, 17, Leann

Henry _ Lent, 27, Billings and Ella Frances McBride, 17, Marionville

Andrew J. Merritt, 46, Cassville and Mary _. Brown, 46, Cassville

George W. Elliott 24, Exeter and Martha Emily Erwin, 26, Exeter

James H. Callaway of Eagle Rock was in the city Tuesday for the purpose of viewing the petrified man. Mr. Callaway was acquainted with Adam Cluck about 17 years and was with him at Pennington's still house on Stalls Creek, Lawrence County, in the fall of 1848 where Joab Shangles bit off part of his ear in a fight which arose over Chuck calling the latter a liar while Cluck and Bill Pennington disappeared and the supposition always was that they were killed. From the general appearance of the petrified man and the circumstances surrounding it, Mr. Callaway believed him to be Adam Cluck.

Charlie Burke, a Joplin boy, aged sixteen years, took a dose of laudanum Monday, with suicidal intent. His life was saved by the use of stomach pump. He wanted to die because he could not marry a sixteen year old school girl companion with whom he had fallen desperately in love.

Grandma Stockton of near Jenkins died Saturday night. The remains were buried Sunday.

Miss Nellie Talbert returned Thursday from Verona, where she had been attending school. She was called home by the sickness of her father, William Talbert.

R. M. Thornton of Eureka Springs, formerly of Golden, has gone with his sister to San Antonio, Texas, where he will spend a few weeks.

W. F. Horrall of Capps Creek, who spent Saturday in the city informed us that he had traded places with Mr. Teel of near Purdy.

Frank Duffy of Butterfield has moved to near McDowell.

Rev. James Arnold and son of Viola were in the city Monday and reported a very interesting meeting in session in their neighborhood, conducted by Rev. Cochran of Aurora and others.

Lou Van Netter of Pierce City was last week either murdered and placed on the track for mutilation or was killed by a passing train, options differ.

H. B. Bossman of Pineville was seriously inured during a runaway by being thrown from his buggy, striking on his head.

Ilus M. Lee met the charge of carrying concealed weapons, Saturday, and was acquitted, there being sufficient reason it was thought, to warrant him in carrying it.

The petrified man of Neosho was on exhibition here Monday and Tuesday. Opinion differ as to it's geniuses, but if it isn't genuine there are plenty of people who are badly fooled. He was found in the bank of Hickory Creek, Oct 24, 1894, at Neosho, MO. Height, 6 feet, 4 inches, weight 302 pounds. His toe nails, finger nails, wrinkles in his face, and hands, and the veins in his arms, legs and neck are as natural as they were in life. Mrs. J. C. Stillions, of McDonald County claims that he is her father and his name is Adam Cluck.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Jan. 31, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Feb. 7, 1895
Licensed to Wed:

Richard E. Evans, 38, Pioneer and Lizzie Nelson, 18, Pioneer

Benjamin Ellis, 30, Madry and Ellen Rickman, 33, Aurora

Benjamin F. Lamar, 38, Cassville and Cordelia Talbert, 19, Cassville

James Albert Scott, 21, Verona and Bertha Frances Tate, 18? Verona

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sparlin of near Mineral Springs has been quite ill.

Washburn News: Uncle Billy McClure and son, White, are very sick, but at this writing are some better.

Washburn News: Mrs. W. T. Denbo died Monday night of consumption. The remains were buried Tuesday afternoon at Prairie. She leaves a husband and two small children to mourn her loss. The bereaved have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.
Licensed to Wed:

L. R. Taylor, Panacea & Barbery Catherine Ennes, Panacea

James J. Reynauld, 18?, Monett & Susie Courdin, 20, Monett

Abraham F. Jackson, 23, McDowell & Sarah E. Meador, 18, Cassville

James M. Jones, 18, Shell Knob & Julia F. Castoe, Shell Knob

Ira M. Marbut, 21, Purdy & Sarah Roller, 18, Purdy
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Feb. 14, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Feb. 21, 1895
Exeter News Items: Mr. and Mrs. George Wooford's infant child died Friday of bold hives. The parents have the sympathy of all in their sad affliction.

Shell Knob News Items: Married at the bride's home, the 4th inst., James M. Jones, and Julia F. Castoe, Wm. Ledgerwood officiating.

Shell Knob News: Leonard and Rose, the pugilists, pleaded guilty before Squire Willis Tuesday, and were fined $1 and costs, amounting to $3.95 each.

Washburn News: S. L. Murphy and wife of Kansas City, are visiting relatives here. Mr. Murphy is a brother of E. A. Murphy of East of Washburn and his wife is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Thompson, of near here.

Washburn News: Alonzo Denbo of Seneca is assisting Will Withers in W. T. Denbo's store, while the latter is confined to his home.

Ash News Items: Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Easley, a fine, big 10 pound boy.

Ash News Items: John Cole is building a house on Eld. W. F. Easley's land.

Shell Knob News: W. U. Cooper caused quite an excitement Friday evening by reporting that he saw panther tracks near Joe Madewell's farm. He will investigate farther in the near future.

Shell Knob: Chas. Brantley Sherman and William Epperly killed a jack rabbit on Wm. Ledgerwood's farm Thursday evening. This is the second one that has been killed here this winter.

Mineral Springs: Silva, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Sparlin, is dangerously sick.

Mineral Springs: After their trial the 12th, as John Frell and wife were going home, they suddenly came upon a Mr. Rolles, one of the witnesses. Frell immediately drew his revolver and without farther ceremony told Rolles to "git". Rolles remonstrated at first, but the result was he got. In the excitement he got over into Mr. Tobias' yard and the dog got him. Shaking the dog off Rolles put the house between himself and Frell and as soon as opportunity offered came back to Mineral and swore out a warrant for Frell. The trial was held before Squire Neeley Saturday and Frell was bound over to await the action of the grand jury.
Licensed to Wed:

David M. Evans, 30, Mountain & Rebecca Pippins, 29, Washburn

Rolla F. Wise, 22, Aurora & Cora C. Basset, 16, Scholten

John D. Henson, 26, Hailey & Anna E. Blankenship, 16, Jenkins

Wesley Roberts, 21, Golden & Mary R. Davis, 17, Golden

Russell Painter, 21, Shell Knob & Martha C. Tabor, 19, Shell Knob

Frank Abromorvitz [Abromovitz], 23, Corsicana & Katie Czernitzi, 18, Corsicana

D. H. Brown, 26, Purdy & D. J. Wilson, 26, Purdy

William W. King, 23, Verona & Ella Smith, 19, Verona
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, Feb. 28, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, March 7, 1895
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Coones of Rock House have moved to the city to provide a home for their son, who is attending school.

Uncle Simon Long of Purdy is stopping in Cassville for medical treatment.
Mineral Springs News: Mrs. Golden Taylor, widow of the late Will Taylor, has moved to Mineral Springs.

James Sythcomre of Kansas has moved to this county. He will cultivate I. H. Taylor's farm.

Married Saturday, March 2nd, 1895, at the residence of the bride's parents, Nelson Parish and Miss Lella G. Reynolds. Rev. E. W. McCracken officiating. Mrs. Parish is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Reynolds of this place and is a graduate of the Cassville High School Class of 1893.

Washburn News: Messrs. Ellston, Drinkwater, Brashers, White, and McBride, also Mr. and Mrs. J. O. F. Beasley, of Exeter, attended the trial of Mr. Beasley here Saturday. The jury failing to agree upon a verdict the case was dismissed by Squire Brooks.

Licensed to Wed:

Cornelius Boules, 21, Miller & Nancy Boderman?, 21, Miller

Robert H. Harger? [Berger], 25, Rocky Comfort & Rosa E. Clingenpeel, 17, Rocky Comfort

John R. Legg?, 40, Seligman & Sophrona McCollum, 38, Seligman

James Smith, 43, Culbertson, Neb. & Caroline Marbut, 31, McDowell

Adam F. Frier?, 19, Butterfield & Lillei B. Mizer ?, 16, Purdy

Henry C. Hallowell, 25, Purdy & Eliza J. Burchett, 18, Purdy

Nelson Parish, 23, Cassville & Lella G. Reynolds, 18, Cassville

Columbus Y.? Taylor, 24, Hailey & Julia N. Sturgell, 18, Hailey

[Research Note: Some of the names listed here had long black streaks down through the letters.]
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, March 14, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, March 21, 1895
Sheriff's Sale: P. F. Cullinane? and Annie Cullinane?

Sheriff's Sale: Laver? and Emile Schwannder.

A son of F. Kelly, near Pioneer, had an arm amputated at the right shoulder joint on Thursday. Dr. McCall performed the operation.

Married at the residence of the bride's father on Sunday, March 3, Mr. Lee Hallowell to Miss Eliza Burchett, Rev. J. W. Alderson officiating.

Ed Grimmerman brought in a larger catamount Monday that had been killed on roaring River. It measured 37 inches from the point of its nose to the tip of its tail and weighed 22 pounds.

Died, Monday, March 11, Samuel M. Smith, aged 68 years. [Click here to read]

Henry, son of Chas. P. Vaught now carries a bullet wound. [Click here to read]

Hiram McKinzie of Madry will stand his horse, Pat Maloney, and Jack, Dave, at his farm, during the coming season at $4 and $5.

Columbus A. Morgan has a big boy. [Click here to read]

Roaring River News: Mrs. Edith Preston is sick.

Exeter News: James Browning has organized a class in vocal music which meets in the church.

Hailey News: Rich Henson's little girl received a severe burn one day last week by her clothes - watching fire.

Hailey News: Married - Columbus Taylor to Miss Julia Sturgell. [Click here to read]

Marriage Bells: Taylor-Sturgell - Thursday, March 7th, 1895, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Sturgell. [Click here to read]

Licensed to Wed:

John Bruce, 25, Monett & Etta Tibbitts, 21, Monett

William J. Erwin, 21, Exeter & Clara J. Powell, 18, Exeter
Charles Grimes is contemplating going to the Territory to reach a subscription school.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ferguson of Butterfield lost their baby by death, Thursday.

Circuit court will convene one week from Monday. There are now 133 civil and 60 criminal cases docketed.

M. L. Talbott of Grangeville passed through this city yesterday en route to Stone County. He says the report in his section is that the robber killed near Southwest City, reported by us last week, was Allen Birkes, formerly of this county. The report lacks confirmation.

Capps Creek News: The Baptist Sunday school at New Site will have been running for one year with close of this quarter, which is better than New Site has done for years. Brother Alonzo Haddock seems to be a rustler in that line.

Capps Creek News: Uncle Charley Browning has been quite sick of an attack of spinal trouble, but is improving slowly.

Capps Creek News: Miss Lizzie Haddock will teach a select school at Walnut Grove, beginning about April 1.

Capps Creek News: Wash Montgomery is re-painting and otherwise repairing his dwelling.

Capps Creek News. A. T. Higgins with a part of his family, are visiting at his father's near Exeter.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, March 28, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, April 5, 1895
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Holt of Lawrence County have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Goodnight the past few days. Mrs. Holt and Mrs. Goodnight are sisters.

Lookout Mountain: Andrew Reed has added to his saw mill a set of corn buhrs?. and is ready to grind.

Exeter News: Mrs. Wm. Antle stepped on a loose board in their smoke house, Friday morning, and fell, breaking her leg between the ankle and knee.
Licensed to Wed:

Nimrod J. Barker, 23, Pierce City & Martha E. West, 23, Pierce City

James R. Luney, 34, Jenkins & Rachel A. Kendall, 18, McDowell

Archie L. Kreider, 23, Pioneer & Sadie Robinson, 18, Grangerville

William U. Cooper, 30, Shell Knob & Jesse Morro, 27, Viola

Thomas A. Willis, 20, Seligman & Martha M. Weston, 16, Seligman

Charles A. Russell, 27, Monett & Malissa Powers, 18, Monett

J. T. Ault was before Squire McCary at Washburn, Friday, for exhibiting deadly and dangerous weapons in a rude, angry and threatening manner. The assessment was $50 and costs, which is being paid in the county jail. Ault did not like his sister-in-law, Miss Rosa Haynes, going with B. T. Irwin, and while they, with other young people, were on their way to Pasley, Mr. Ault held them up with a gun and required them to seek home, sweet home.

Another jail break occurred Monday night, in which three trustees escaped prying out the window bars. They are George Cassilly of Ft Smith, Ark., age 19, light complexion, light hair, blue eyes, 5 ft, 7 in. high, weighs 135 pounds and wore black clothes; James Combs, age 21, dark complexioned, dark hair, 5 ft., 6 in. high, weighs about 130 pounds and is shabbily dressed; Chas. Browning, age 19, dark complected, [sic] 130 pounds. Information concerning them should be sent to Sheriff Lamar, Cassville, MO, will pay for time and expense of their arrest and detention.

I. W. Daniel, lost a mule, Thursday, while putting up a monument at the grave of Mabel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Beasley. It was sick but about a half hour. Mr. Daniel has been very unfortunate this winter, having lost three horses and mules before this one.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, April 10, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, April 18, 1895
Exeter News: Mrs. Dr. Sample, of West Fork, Ark., who had been visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. F. Green, the past month, left Saturday morning for her home.

Shell Knob News Items: Married Sunday, the 31, inst. [April], at the residence of the bride's parents, near Viola, W. U. Cooper and Jessie Morro. Wm. Ledgerwood officiating. The happy couple have our best wishes.
Circuit Court Criminal and Civil Cases: [click here to read]

Ash News Items: Married Richard Morgan to Miss Sarah Armstrong, I. O. F. Atehley officiating. They took the train for Greene County, to her mother's, Mrs. John Atehley.

Died, Saturday morning, April 13, of brain fever. George Sage, aged 4 years. he was one of the brightest and healthiest little boys in our town and was only sick a few weeks. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.

Washburn News: Sol Rumbo [Rumbaugh] and George Russell of near Pierce City spent Sunday visiting friends at this place. [Research Note: This is Solomon Rumbaugh.]

Flat Creek News: Sallie Wallen will teach the Quaker School again next winter, which assures us of another splendid term.

Stony Point News: Died, April 8th, Mrs. Timothy Stanly, leaving a husband and five children, to mourn her loss. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.

Licensed to Wed:

John G. Bowman, 67, Cassville & Catherine Dodson, 40, Hailey

Charles A. Piper, 26, Monett & Gable Ellen Ball, 17, Monett

John W. Hadlow, 55, Eagle Rock & Isabell Smith, 28, Cassville.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, April 25, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, May 2, 1895
Licensed to Wed:

George M. Gabbert, 56, St. Louis & Lula A. Gabbert, 33, Monroe City

Frank Abromovitz, 22 Corsicana & Annie Peeznix [Pozniak], 22, Coriscanna

Walter Dodd is spending the week with his brother, J. B. Dodd.

Oliver's Prairie News: Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Horner are the happy parents of a baby boy, born the 18th inst [April].

Stony Point News: Died April 16, Stella Jane, infant daughter of George and Victoria Van Dorn, age 9 months. The bereaved parents have the sympathies of the community.

Stony Point News: Fannie, little daughter of John Hunt, has been seriously ill for some time with a stroke of paralysis, but is slowly improving at present.

Washburn News: J. C. Hancock has opened a new stock of furniture in the brick.
Licensed to Wed:

Elmer M. Spa_r, 27 , Monett & Florence Etter, 19, Monett

J. J. Randall, 25, Monett & Kate Carey, 21, Pierce City

A. J. Turner, Viola & Rachel Allen 21, Viola

James A. Thomas, 26, Cassville & Frances E. Monday, 18, Butterfield

William T. Landis of Paris, Tenn., is visiting his brother, Chas. M. Landis, of this place.

Ash News: Died, April 25, Mrs. Moore, of lagrippe, She leaves a husband and four sweet, little bright-eyed children to mourn their loss.

Exeter News: M. S. Inman is still very low, with little chance of recovery.

Married at the residence of the bride's parents, James Thomas of Cassville and Frances E. Moudy of Butterfield, Rev. G. W. Henry officiating.

T. S. Frost went to Galena, Monday to foreclose a lien on Stone County land. He was accompanied by Circuit Clerk Jones.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, May 9, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, May 16, 1895
Licensed to Wed:

Andrew Renkoski, 28, Bricefield & Anna Younker, 18, Bricefield

George F. Setzer, 22, Cassville & Laura Ireland, 18, Cassville

Henry L. Boze, 19, Flat Creek & Ida May Clanton, 15, Hailey

John R. Banks, 27, Springdale, AR & Mollie Murray, 24, Seligman

B. F. Haddock of Purdy has had his pension increased from $6 to $8 a month.

Died, Friday, May 3, 1895, a daughter of A. Stubblefield, of Hailey, in her 18th year.

Probate Court Docket:

Estate - Person

R. C. Overton, dec'd; Sarah E. Overton, Adm'x

Joseph Doty, dec'd; John W. Hemphill, Adm'r.

H. W. Daugherty et al minors; C. M. Eldson, G. & C.

John Hopkins et al, minors; C. M. Elson, G. & C.

John Hopkins et al, minors; W. D. Manley, Curator

S. M. Hewlett, dec'd; Martha N. Hewlett, Adm'r.

J. E. Sylvester, et al minors; John Hemphill, Curator

Jeff Lee et al, minors; Elvira Lee, G. & C.

James Brown, minor; B. V. Shelton, G. & C.

Albert Kirk, minor; G. M. Goodnight, Curator

W. H. Carlin, minor; Chas. A. Carlin, G. & C.

Emma J. Wallen, dec'd; A. H. Kiskern, Executor.

Peter Cullinan, dec'd; Anna Cullinan, Adm'r.

John Prevo, dec'd; R. R. Gladden, Adm'r.

Cordilia Hale, minor; W. R. Hale, G. & C.

Benj. Whittington, dec'd; Susan Whittington, Adm'r.

Julis Jaques, dec'd; J. F. Pilant, Adm'r.

W. E. Tow, minor; I. A. Tow, G. & C.

James Weston, dec'd S. S. H. S. and J. N. Weston, Extr's

Wm. Reeden, dec'd; J. F. Pilant, Pub., Adm'r.

W. J. Smith, dec'd; W. H. Hays, Adm'r.

R. P. Long, dec'd; M. T. Abernathy, Adm'r.

Uras Johnson, dec'd; Elizabeth Johnson, Adm'x.

C. C. Colton, dec'd S. C. Colton Adm'r.

W. W. Sage, dec'd; Susan Sage, Executrix

Vardilla Jimerson, dec'd; J. H. Jimerson, Adm'r.

Henry McCary, dec'd; John McCary, Adm'r.

James S. Monroe, dec'd; Josephine Monroe, Executrix

Marion A. Allison, minor; John Drake, G & C.

Elliott Couch, minor; William Curry, G. & C.

Britton T. Douglas et al, minors; M. R. Douglas, G. & C.

August Sass, dec'd; Juliana Sass, Executrix

Viney Brooks, minor; Susan Henson, G. & C.

Sarah E. Harbert, dec'd; J. F. Pilant, pub. Adm'r.

Silas May, minor; J. M. Lane, G. & C.

J. H. H. Longmire, dec'd; Martha M. Larkin, Executrix

Britton Berryhill, et al minors; M. R. Douglas, G. & C.

Mary J. Reno, insane; D. Brakselee, G. & C.

Hannah Warren, dec'd; J. F. Pilant, Pub. Adm'r.

Julia Mayo, dec'd; John F. Pilant, Pub. Adm'r.

Peter V. Decoq, dec'd; Adolphus Decoq., Adm'r.

L. Manley, Clerk of Probate Court
Licensed to Wed:

John Thomas Ethridge, 28, Mano & Loreus Meadows, 18, Mano

G. S. Bear, 39, Monett & Drusylia R. Williams, 26, Monett

Joseph T. Prier, 24, Butterfield & Mary E. Shull, 25, Butterfield

Daniel A. Lane 64, Shell Knob & Lucy E. Bullock 17, Shell Knob

William J. Hawkins, 34, Monett & Mille Florence smith, 21, Monett

Probate Court Proceedings:

Est. A. S. Kirk, minor, Geo. M. Goodnight, G. & C. files final receipt and is discharged.

Petition of Lewis Smith to have G. & C. appointed for minor children of M. T. Reno, dismissed at cost of petitioner.

2nd an. settlement of Benj. Reno, G. & C. Jennie Reno, et al., minors, showing balance due minors of $471.53, approved.

Est. Nathan Bond, dec'd; W. L. Hutchens, Adm'r. ordered to make final settlement at August term.

Est. Matthew Frost, dec'd inventory approved, Adm'r ordered to publish notice of letters.

Est. Marion Allison, et al., minor inst and settlement of John Drake, G. & C. $6.70 due ward; approved.

Est. Mary J. Slagle, dec'd inventory and appraisement approved.

Est. Clarence Slagle, et al. minors, J. W. Daniel appointed G. & C.

Adjourned until 2nd Monday in June.

In vacation.

Est. M. W. Inman, dec'd Eliza K. Inman, appointed, administratrix, J. Bond in the sum $3000 approved. J. C. Crane and Robert Lauderdale appointed witness. Admix ordered to publish notice of grant of letters.

James Sills, youngest son of Rev. J. C. Sills, died May 10, at the home of J. M. Morton of Gaddis, age 22 years. His parents said brothers were with him to the last and did all that loving hands could do. The remains were interred in the Cassville Cemetery Monday, services conducted by Eld. I. D. Lamb.

The Roaring River fighters are cited to be before Squire Lauderdale, of Exeter the 27th, a change of venue having been taken in front Squire Reed, of Roaring River, Geo. Parish says that as Roaring River furnished half the elder, half the whiskey, and half the fighters, it ought to have half the law units.

Rev. J. A. Swiger preached at Independence, Sunday at 11 a. m. and 3 p. m., and reports two very interesting meetings.

Mrs. Mollie Claycomb and son of Thornleigh, MO, arrived Friday to visit the family of the formers' father, Wm. Talbert.
Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, May 23, 1895 Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO, Thursday, May 30, 1895
Washburn News Items: Frank Sage left Monday morning for Tahlequah, I. T.

Washburn News Items: R. D. James was up from Brentwood, Arkansas, visiting friends and relatives.

Exeter News Items: Jerome Browning received a telegram from Pittsburg, Kansas, Sunday, informing him of the death of his father-in-law, Monroe Shultz, formerly of this place. We understand he was found dead on the prairie.

Exeter News Items: J. S. Stapleton spent Saturday in Seligman with his brother, Earl, who was married a few days ago.
Sheriff Lamar has been informed that he can take his prisoners, sentenced in April, to the penitentiary, the quarantine have been raised.

Warren Munday of Aurora arrived yesterday to spend a day or two looking after business interests playing with his grand daughter and lamenting over the baby not being a boy, for which he had a name already. [Research Note: Sometimes listed as Monday in Barry County newspapers.]

Mrs. Ada Ragan and son, Guy, of Emporia, Kansas, arrived Tuesday to spend the summer with the formers' father, Rev. C. B. Elliott, of Mineral Springs. Mr. Ragan is expected in the fall for the purpose of farming that place, their future home.

Scholten News: Dr. Banefield of Marionville has located in our town and will commence a new residence in the near future.

Stony Point News: F. M. James is going on one foot the past few days. He says his wife struck him on the knee with a rock while running after a chicken, but his wife denies the charge.

Washburn News: Jos. Fawver, of Seligman, was on our streets Thursday.

Stone's Prairie: Newton Dopson and wife lost their smallest child Sunday. It was buried at Mt. Pisgah Church. Mrs. Dopson was sick but was surrounded by a host of friends who sympathized in the lost of their much beloved child.
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