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Below are areas in which help is needed for either a lookup, photo or obtaining a copy of a record.


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Please remember to thank our volunteers for their generous offer to do lookups.


BOOKS  (titles are in red)

History of the Upper Mississippi Valley
       Explorers and Pioneers of Minnesota by Edward D. Neill; [The biography section]
                      Outlines of the History of Minnesota by J. Fletcher Williams
                      State Education by Charles A. Bryant

Send queries to Phil Holm

Criteria for lookups:

1. I would like the subject line format to be "Lookup, Name of bio subject, Wright Co."
2. Please email me the name, township and page that is listed in the
I ask that the email be in ASCII plain text format (No HTML). Check the URL in line 4 to see if the bio has all ready been posted.
3. I will email a digital photo as a *.JPG attachment of the relevant biographical sketch. The photos are about 30 to 40 Kb and most sketches require 2 to 4 photos. Note: Some email or antivirus programs are setup to reject *.JPG attachments. Please check yours. 

4. I ask that you transcribe and post the bio sketch to the Ancestry.com message board at:  Wright County Message board 
If the URL wraps, be sure to get everything between the < >.
5. These are not hard an fast rules. They do expedite the reply time.
6. If you do not receive a response or have trouble with the reply, please ask for more help.

Send queries to Phil Holm


THE HISTORY OF WRIGHT COUNTY (two volume set)                     Email Karen Wise



I have the listings and database for the following cemeteries:

Bethlehem Lutheran in Middleville

St. Timothy’s Maple Lake

St. Charles (Chatham) Maple Lake

East Maple Lake ( St. Timothy’s) Maple Lake                             Email Marilyn Wurm



Acacia Cemetery is in Clearwater, MN. Clearwater is in Wright County, but the cemetery is technically in Stearns County, MN.


I have walked the cemetery, and also cross referenced what is available for obituaries for this cemetery.


I also have some of my own family links to this cemetery and would be willing to help do a look up for this cemetery.


Please email NKJ



I have copies of the birth, death, marriage and confirmation records for:

Bethlehem Lutheran Middleville

St. James of Howard Lake

Bethlehem United Church of Christ, Maple Lake                        Email Marilyn Wurm


I have photo copies of the baptisms, marriages and burials records at
Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Middleville from 1879 to 2001  
                                                                                                           Email Mabel Loesch





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