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Brenda Kissick Fri Jan 4 22:03:57 2008
I am researching Oscar and Carrie LUNDER as well as Samuel and Myrtle MILLER.

Samuel and Myrtle MILLER owned a furniture, hardware and undertaking business in Rothsay. Myrtle was born in Rothsay in 1903. Any info would be appreciated.

Would like to know if Oscar and Carrie came to the U.S. from Norway or if they were born in the U.S. Carrie's maiden name was KNUDSEN.
Thanks. [email protected]


Bob Poirier Thu Jan 10 16:18:18 2008
I am trying to locate information about Charles Henry FLETCHER. He worked for railroad near the turn of the last century (1900) Any info would be helpful.


James Anderson Wed Jan 23 20:04:49 2008
I am looking for the history and kin of Henry GUDERIAN born 1866/1/29 as listed in Gazette Telegram Breckenridge, MN paper.


Duane Sat Feb 2 13:56:17 2008 - no valid email address given
There are lots of memories from the corner where the Farmer's Grain and Mercantile elevator still stands. I remember going into the cafe owned by Rollie's and getting a Rocky road ice cream cone for a nickel.


Deborah Settles Tue Feb 19 15:46:11 2008
Looking for info during 1900's - Erik O BERGEBAKKEN, born about 4-2-1833 in Norway wife Johanne, born 1840 in Norway, died 8-2-1900. An Elder BERGEBAKKEN Ole O died Dec 27, 1919 in Pope county. Jose BERGEBAKKEN(daughter),born 1822 Ole Bergebakken(son),born 1884 they are listed in ancestry.com census for Tanberg, Wilkin county, MN. Some of them lived in Rothsay. 1905 census other family members: Peter O BERGEBAKKEN (died in Otter Tail 11/16/1920), his wife was Andrea BERGEBAKKEN, Olive BERGEBAKKEN, Ole A BERGEBAKKEN, there is a Martha in Akron county, and a Marte in Wilkin county. These are all I know of. Would be happy to pay anyone there willing to look up family members. Thank you very much, Deborah Settles


Jo Mandl Thu Feb 21 20:24:54 2008
Searching for information on the Charles VOCKS / VOECKS and Susan nee BRANDT family. They were living in the Bradford area from 1900-current.
Any information greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Ken Slayton Tue Mar 18 05:25:04 2008
The 1860 U.S. Census shows Zera SLAYTON, his wife, Janette, sis. Clarissa and husband Gilbert LINK, Zera's bros. Ezra & Morey, and another Zera (Sr.) and wife Rachel. These people are listed as living in Sheyenne City, County of Breckenridge, Minnesota. Can anyone tell me where this place was, i.e. Twp./Range, current name of Sheyenne City if any? Thanks.


Nancy Merrill Sayed Wed Apr 2 16:59:38 2008
Hi. I'm hoping to find any information on my gggrandmother, Phoebe (LOTHROP) MERRILL, her daughter Phoebe )MERRILL) O'BRIEN and son-in-law, Michael J. O'BRIEN. Phoebe and Michael married in Alpena, MI in 1883, so must have moved to MN after that. Phoebe (LOTHROP) MERRILL moved to stay with her sons in Missouri after the death of her husband, Samuel MERRILL in 1866 (in Northumberland Co., Ontario, Canada); she was with one son in MO in 1870 census in MO and with another in 1880, also in MO. I've also been told that Phoebe (mother) was born 19 Nov 1807 in NY and that she died 18 Aug 1896 in or near Breckenridge, MN. It may be that her daughter and son-in-law (above-mentioned) moved to MN and she stayed with them there until her death. I'm seeking any information about these three, and would be very happy to share what I know about the rest of the MERRILL family.


lynn Tue Apr 8 08:15:04 2008
Can anyone get me a copy of the Obituary of Pearl KIEFERT? She died 22 Feb 1995 Wilkin Co Clay Mn.
Bless you


Eldon Duneman Wed Apr 9 11:59:41 2008
My great great grandfather was Frederick August DUNEMAN, his wife was Albertine OHM. One of their children was Caroline DUNEMAN. She married Christian BAUMGART. They lived in Minnesota. I would like information from BAUMGART's with roots in Minnesota.

                 Eldon Duneman
                 12036 Grape St
                 Denver, Co. 80241                      
                 [email protected]


nocreek Sun Apr 13 17:14:56 2008
Trying to find information on Jay and Wilma DONALDSON who lived in Wilkin county per 1920 census. They had four children Neva, Clyde, Kern and Lois.
Thank you


Gloria Packman Fri Apr 18 11:27:47 2008
My Great-Grandparents Margarethe (Thea) QUAM and Einer GROVE were married in Breckenridge, MN. on February 15, 1909.

Do you have any Newspaper announcements on this wedding?

Are they mentioned in any documentation of the Area?


lynn Mon Apr 28 17:26:44 2008
Does anyone have obituary for Pearl Liebing KIEFERT died 22 Feb 1995 Wilkin Co?
Would love a copy.
Thanks & bless you


Virgil Mehus Fri May 9 10:25:03 2008
I am looking for information pretaining to my GGrandmother Bergit Torkelsdatter Opheim aka (Betsy HANSEN / HANSON) born May 23, 1817 and died sometime after 1874. Don't know when or where she died. She was married to Nils Hansen MEHUS of Silver Lake Parish, Worth County, Iowa.

Bergit and Nils had 6 children:
1. Anne Nilsdatter MEHUS, Dob May 31, 1844 and Dod is July 3, 1926. She was married to September 8, 1867 in Worth County, Iowa to Peder THORSEN.

2. Hans Nilsen MEHUS, Dob February 2, 1847 on the Mehus Farm in Aal Parish Buskerud, Norway. Dod February 28, 1919, Worth County, Iowa. He was married to Gunvor Andresdatter TROIM. They were married May 9, 1871 in the Silver Lake Lutheran Church.

3. Torkel Nilsen MEHUS, Dob February 11, 1850 Dod???. He went by the name Tom NELSON in the latter years. He married Thea Nilsdatter KORSMO in August 1894.

4. Ragnild Nilsdatter MEHUS, Dob November 14, 1854 at the Aal Farm in Buskerud, Norway. She was married to Karl Olsen Nista BENSEN July 20, 1879 at the Nils Hansen MEHUS home at Rural Hatton, (Then Grand Forks County, Territory). She Died ???

5. Guri MEHUS, Born June 24, 1859 in Rock Prairie,Rock County, Wisconsin. She was married to Bendick Knudsen PLADSON. on November 18, 1878 at the Nils Hansen MEHUS Farm in Rural Hatton, North Dakota. She Died February 11, 1887 in Steele County, North Dakota.

6. Nils Nilsen MEHUS, Born September 4, 1863 in Hartland County, Worth County, Iowa. He was married to Inger ENGEN in 1882. He died January 15, 1919 in Colquhoun Township, Renville County, North Dakota.

Legend says that she died in her home @ Silver Lake, Worth County, Iowa. She either died here or enroute to Traill County, North Dakota. I know that the wagontrain they where on stopped at Willmar, Minnesota and Breckenridge, Minnesota. She could be in those Church Records???

Any information with a connection would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,
Virgil Mehus
[email protected]


Mark Jeppson Sun May 11 20:12:41 2008
I'm trying to find out more information about my parents - DeLancey JEPPSON (DOB 3/4/07: Jens and Felita JEPPSON in Tintah or Nashua and Marlys MACE (DOB 2/13/13; Walter and Margaret MACE) Nashua or Campbell.
Thanks -- Mark


Mark Jeppson Sun May 11 21:20:19 2008
I am trying to find out more about my mother Marlys Valentine MACE (DOB 2/13/13; death October 82), married DeLancey JEPPSON. She was the daughter of Walter and Margaret MACE. As a child she lived in the Nashua and Campbell area graduating from Campbell high shool in 1929(?) and attended Moorhead Normal School (Moorhead State) 1929 -1931 (?).


Susan Wizer Sat Jun 21 14:48:43 2008
Hello. I am trying to track down a birth certificate/record for my great grandmother, Elizabeth RYDER, who was born in Tanberg Township in Wilkin County, in May of 1865 or 1866. Her father's name was James RYDER. Thank you for your assistance.
Susan Wizer
46320 Sandia Creek Dr.
Temecula, CA 92590


Candace Hagen Mon Jul 14 21:13:38 2008
I am looking for any information about Melvia (Vera) LINDHOLM. I know she lived in Wilkin County in the 1930 census with her Father Erik LINDHOLM and I know that Erik LINDHOLM died in Wilkin county and is buried in a Potters Field in Campbell.


Becky Sat Aug 9 21:49:48 2008
Peter ANDERSON was married to Mattie ANDERSON -- children were Elmer, Lavina, Addie and others. I am trying to find parents names of both Peter and Mattie. I know Mattie was born in Illinois, and her parent came from Denmark while Peter came from Sweden. Any help on their parents name, and where they came from would be awesome!
Thank you,


Scott Sikes Thu Oct 2 21:33:22 2008
Looking for any information on John and Martha ENNIS family. I find them on the 1905 State Survey in Sunny Side, Wilkin County, MN. We know the family was in Illinois in 1900 and came back to Illinois by 1910. Family lore is that these were tough years for farmers and they didn't like the cold. My grandmother Olive ENNIS was the oldest child in the family.

Looking for any info anybody might have from papers, obits etc. Possible one of the children may have died in MN.


Tiffani Fri Oct 3 20:05:13 2008
I am looking for information on my great grandparents, Margaret E (JONES) and Benjamin J ("Bud") WILLIAMS, who are buried in Riverside cemetery and died in Battle Lake, MN, I believe. Do you know where I can find their obituaries?
Thank you


stephen mewszel Mon Nov 17 06:13:10 2008
I heard that a person I grew up with passed away at a young age, his name was Frank ALLARD and was approx. 59 years old and I heard he passed in 2007. Any information would be appreciated.
Respectfully Stephen Mewszel

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