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Wilkin County, Minnesota


Jane Murphy Sat Feb 22 17:19:53 2003
Am looking for information on James KANE and his family. James KANE was Probate Judge of Wilkin County in 1911.
Any information would be much appreciated.


Art Partridge Mon Mar 3 22:59:31 2003
I am searching for info. on Thurlow PARTRIDGE born in Campbell,MN in 1918.


vicki minear Sun Mar 9 20:20:26 2003
Looking for Charles Edwin SMITH and his wife Emma. They had 10 children. They moved to MN from Iowa abt 1893. Charles SMITH was in the Calvary. Are there records for the Calvary in this time period? Also unsure of what county they lived in. I was told that the house set about 10-20 miles from the North Dakota border.


Janet Aunan Sun Mar 16 14:27:31 2003
Did Betsy Olivia (MAYNARD) BROUGHTON d Dec 31 1903 Campbell Wilkin MN? Did her four children live there?:


Art Partridge Tue Apr 8 10:39:37 2003
Is there anyone in the area of Campbell MN that can check for me imformation from a cementery, called Riverside, concerning an Elizabeth PARTRIDGE buried there, date of death May 23, 1913?
If any record of kin (Arthur Charlie PARTRIDGE, son)
Thank you.


Kay Rossi Sat Apr 26 13:32:47 2003
I am tracing my family and I am looking for info. about Laura PECHLAT (b)1891 in Breckenridge.
I would be so grateful for any info. that you may have.

Sincerely, Kay Rossi


Dick Simpson Thu May 22 12:33:40 2003
Looking for articles and/or photographs on Albert Clifton SIMPSON who was killed in a train accident on 3-12-1906 and was married on 2-17-1906.


Gail Fri Jun 13 12:18:23 2003
I am looking for information on Edgar Bert VAN WINKLE born 31 Mar 1878 in Henry County, Illinois. His wife was Lucy Lenora (COOTER) VAN WINKLE born 16 Dec 1880 Champaign, Illinois. Lucy Lenora COOTER died 23 Sep 1921 in Tauber, Rothsay, Wilkin, Minnesota. She was buried in the Hamar Cemetery in Rothsay, Wilkin, Minnesota. She married a second time to Joseph Henry TAYLOR. I thought beings she died and was buried in Wilkin County she must of lived there for a time. Some of their children are buried in the same cemetery and am not sure if Edgar Bert VAN WINKLE is buried there also. Any help with this family line would be greatly appreciated. Gail


Matt Bien Tue Jun 17 15:21:46 2003
Looking for anyone with connections to the above surnames. Mari OLSDTR and son Ole Elefson BUĜEN traveled from Norway via Boston in 1887. Came through Rothsay on their way to northeastern South Dakota to homestead near Hillhead/Veblen area. They came from the Flaa parish of Buskerud and the farms bearing the above surnames. Am curious as to who they stayed with in Rothsay as no known relatives there. Mari's daughter Gunhild Olsdtr WETTEREN and granddaughter Ingeborg came in 1888. The entire family changed their name to BIEN somewhere in the naturalization process as none left Norway with that spelling. Thanks.


Kathy Sneiderman Sun Jun 22 13:01:55 2003
Searching for information on BERGEBAKKEN and BJORGEN families who lived in Wilkin County, Tanberg township. They came from Norway and settled in Wilkin County around 1870. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!


Warren O. Oie Sat Jul 5 21:20:20 2003
If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of McCaullyville, Minnesota and if there is anything left of it or any cemeteries left there please contact me at [email protected] I am looking for any OIES buried there. Thanks Warren Ole Oie


Norma Dawson Nash Mon Jul 21 15:14:28 2003
Willing to share and compare information on Arlo Franklin DAWSON...known as Frank DAWSON and Sophia Francis (MONTZ) DAWSON. This family was in Wilkin county about 1900-1920. Children of this family, Alfred; Edith (Leon WAYMAN);Eva (Lewis CLAYPOOL);Clara (Burr BUTLER); Ralph; Clifford; Owen, Arlo; Leslie; Gladys (Bill McKONE) and Julius. The last six were born in Wilkin County. The family then moved to Fergus Falls.


Linda Miller Wed Jul 23 12:22:11 2003
Hi there, I am trying to find info on Arnold WEGENER,born 2 Feb 1894 and died Jul 1976 in Brecckenridge, Minnesota where he is buried and the name of the cemetery because a family member is doing family history for her only son. Also if you can find a census date I can look up info on would greatly be appreciated. Thank You, Linda Miller


Kay Siebert Sun Jul 27 13:58:10 2003
Cora Electa PASKO is my great Granfmother. She and my great Grandfather owned a drug store in Breckenridge around 1900. My great grandfather died some time during ths period. Also the drug store burned down sometime in the early 1900's. If there is any information about this folks my sisters and I would certainly like to know. We have been able thru our Mother (now deceased) locate their residence in Breckenridge.


Kay Siebert Sun Jul 27 14:06:54 2003
My sisters and I are trying to reach our family background. We know this gentleman, Theodore HOLT, to be our great grand father. We think he and his wife and their children were caretakers of the Wilkin County poor farm in the early 1900's. They then moved to Ottertail owning seveal farmsteds after this. If there is any further information we would very much like to know


KAY L SIEBERT Thu Jul 31 15:05:54 2003
William and Cora Electa PASKO were my grat grand parents. MY sister and I are searching for information. We know they owned a drug store in Breckenridge around 1900. I recently came upon a picture dated 1903 which pictured a blaze of buildings on the street the street the store was perhaps on. Does any one have information on the Pasko's or the fire.


Alan Peterson Tue Aug 12 16:00:48 2003
Searching for an Oluf/Olaf PETERSON ( son of Sven PETERSON) Born 19 July 1861. Died unknown. Supposedly operated a livery stable at Breckenridge, Mn. This is all the info I have.


George Schubert Fri Aug 15 08:46:01 2003
I am looking for any information pertaining to the William SCHUBERT family. William SCHUBERT married Beulah KENSLER in 1935 in Moorhead, MN. Any information pertaining to thw SCHUBERT family will be greatly appreciated!
George Schubert


Colleen Pelvit Topp Sat Aug 23 19:37:53 2003
Looking for any information on these two families. My Grand parents were Albert & Lena PELVIT.


June C. Larson Mon Sep 1 08:11:14 2003
Art PARTRIDGE was born in Campbell, Mn. in 1918. any record of his birth?


Jim Wiggs Tue Sep 2 06:44:08 2003
I believe my grandmother, Marie Emma DUBREUIL was born in or near Nashua on May 14 , 1876. While in the U.S. my great grandfather used the name WOOD ( a translation of the old French name DUBREUIL) .
Can you tell me a/ how I can verify this or b/ can you tell me where I can detrermine the Catholic parishes or Diocese relevent to Nashua?
Thank you, Jim


colleen bredahl Sun Sep 7 12:38:42 2003
I am searching for William HAMMEL, born 1870 in Janesville, Minnesota.


Carla Mon Sep 8 17:59:04 2003
In 1867 Ole GJESTEN KASTET left Norway and settled in the Rothsay area with his sons John Olsen KASTET and Helge Olsen KASTET and perhaps their mother Kjersti Halvorsdatter AURIE-EIE (LYNGHAUGEN). It is unknown what became of Kjersti and later Ole's sister Kristi GUST (GJESTSDATTER) is found living with him and the boys. John married Oline JOHANSDTR. JOHNSON. Helge married Ella Karina TETERUD. Other family members from Norway also came to this country. That being John Anderson KASTET, Kristian Anderson KASTET and their wives. Would like to exchange/share information with all related families. Known area of search: Minnesota, North Dakota, Buskerud and Askerhus, Norway


Dr Marc Peterka Thu Sep 11 17:36:00 2003
In the 1860's through the 1880's descendants of Martin PETERKA (Bohemia late 1700's) Came to Wahpeton from Borkovice 29, in Bohemia (Austria/Czech). They were my greatgrandfather Mathias (Matej) PETERKA, and his three female first cousins Mrs. Josef (Mary DVORAK) BEZENEK (sp. BEZNICK, Mrs. Matej (Anna DVORAK) LAWRENCE (sp. Lorenc), and Mrs John (Rosa DVORAK) FAYTLE (sp. Fajtl). I am in contact with decendants of all of these people, and another Wenzel DVORAK / PETERKA family in Wisconsin. As well, I have found a living PETERKA (Ivan PETERKA) in the Czech Republic who is a direct descendant.

We want to plan a "Peterka Reunion" on Memorial Day weekend in 2004 in Wahpeton. HELP! Any relations of interested parties please contact me for more information and let me know if you want to participate in the planning or attend the reunion. For more details on the family tree go to http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=printmessage&r=rw&p=surnames.peterka&m=23&onok=http%3A%2F%2Fboards.ancestry.com%2Fmbexec%3Fhtx%3Dmessage%26r%3Drw%26p%3Dsurnames.peterka ....and get in touch as soon a possible!
Families are forever!


Bill Ross Sun Sep 14 05:01:51 2003
I am looking for obits for the following people: Sadie (FREDERICKS) DICKINSON d. Sep. 15, 1945 obit in Gazette-Telegram Breckenridge MN of Sep. 20, 1945 pg 1, col. 1.; William DICKINSON d. Aug. 1958 obit in Fergus Falls Daily Journal.
Thanks for any help you can give me.


Sondra Edwards Sun Sep 14 10:44:33 2003
Edmund ACKERT b. 17 Jun 1842 Ulster Co., NY M. Alice (THOMPSON ?) b. 1860's WI.
Children: Ralph ACKERT age 2, 1885 census Maple Valley twp., Buena Vista Co., Iowa.
Harold James ACKERT b. 13 Sep 1893 d. 12 May 1985 Foxhome, Wilkin Co., MN.
Looking for relatives here. Harold have a wife or children?

Related to Edmund ACKERT, sister Mary Ann (ACKERT) HOVENBURG. b. 10 Jun 1846 Ulster Co., NY. d. 19 Jun 1932 Nokomis twp., Alta, Buena Vista Co., Iowa.

Also another sister and two brothers of Edmund. Eliza C. ACKERT, Solomon ACKERT and Abram ACKERT. Two brothers died in Dixon, Lee Co., Ill. This is where Mary Ann ACKERT and Abram married. Parents were Edward ACKERT and Sarah (CARLE) ACKERT.

Edmund ACKERT found in Maple Valley twp. Buena Vista Co., Iowa in 1880 and 1885 census. Married Alice and one child in in 1885 census.
Please write and let me know about this family.
Thank you, Sondra


Dr Marc Peterka Mon Sep 15 12:08:36 2003
In the early 1960's my father, Paul PETERKA, was visited by his "French Cousins", in Wahpeton. All I remember is that their names were DUPREE and/or KELLEY, and that they had a son and daughter in their early teens, whom I met. I have concluded that my greatgrandmother, Mary Nichol PETERKA, had a French mother or grandparent. She arrived in Wahpeton in 1886 with Mathias (Matej) PETERKA, and two sons. Mary's sister, Helen (Michealena), married into the BUSKO family in Breckenridge. The mother/grandmother was probably married to a NICHOL in France during the Napoleon era (about 1811) and I assume that they returned to Prussia. My grandmother, Mary, was born about 1850 in Prussia/Poland. Any DUPREE's or BUSKO's who might have any more information that might help me plan the 2004 family reunion, or add names my family tree, please contact me! Thanks!


Sara Morawski Thu Oct 30 13:41:44 2003
I am looking for information regarding Henry G. HANSON born Sept 22, 1882, near Pelican Rapids, but in Wilkin County. His parents were Johannes HANSEN and Gunhild GULBRANDSDR.
Anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


Kathy Campbell Mon Nov 3 13:04:07 2003
Looking for the parents of Josephine E. ANDERSON who m. Charles A. ROSE in Campbell circa 1903. Can anyone help me? Thank you.


Richard Behling Mon Nov 24 20:41:08 2003
Seeking information on Johan HEINRICK died your county 17 May 1936. Also Peter MUMM d 5 Nov 1947 and Wilhelm MUMM b.5 Oct 1893 d 29 Feb 1968.
These folks are believed to relatives, any scrap of information is graciously received.
Thankyou, [email protected]


joyce johnson Thu Nov 27 14:22:42 2003
My paternal grt grt grandfather was Halvor KITTELSON LURAAS, from Tinn, Telemark
My grt grandmother was Ingebjor HALVORSDTR born in Mt Horeb WI
Does anyone have info.
Thank Joyce J in Alberta

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