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Jannita Weidenbach Tue Feb 1 11:21:21 2000
I am researching Peter ANDRES, born 1831 in PA,lived in Kent,MN Wilkin county 1880-1892. Peter died in Kent,MN buried at St.Thomas Catholic Cemetery - Feb 21,1892. His son Frank ANDRES,born in 2-27-1869,stay in Kent and raised a family their,also his sister Dora Andres MARICK,she married Frank MARICK. They owned a bar in town for awhile.


Todd Harrison Fri Feb 11 09:10:15 2000
I am looking for information regarding the names Emil VERMILLION or Teckla NORDIC, as well as these surnames in Kent, MN. Please contact me if you have any information. Thanks!!


Errol Cross Sun Feb 13 20:38:59 2000
We are searching for the family of Cora HENDRICK m. D M NORTON. It is our understanding that the NORTON had a bakery in Breckenridge until the 1950. We would love to exchange information with members of this family


Rich Rowe Tue Feb 29 08:56:23 2000
I am researching ancestors and family who lived in Wilkin County from 1871 to 1908. I'd like to hear from anyone who wants to share information about the following people:
Andrew CHRISTOPHERSON (born Norway, 12/20/1835/8, died Akron Township, Wilkin, 7/14/1908).
Anne Karina (nee GULBRAU) CHRISTOPHERSON (born Norway, 1843/4, died Akron Township, Wilkin, 8/4/1885). Last name possibly GULBRANDS.?
James CHRISTOPHERSON (born Maine, 1867).
Mathia (nee JOHANNESSEN) CHRISTOPHERSON (born Norway, 12/7/1860, died Fergus Falls, 5/19/1951).
Betsy CHRISTOFFERSON (born 1/16/1888).
Oscar CHRISTOFFERSON (born 10/11/1889).
Gust CHRISTOFFERSON (born 12/13/1891).
Clara CHRISTOFFERSON (born 12/11/1893).
Olaf CHRISTOFFERSON (born 10/20/1896).
Maud CHRISTOFFERSON (born 10/27/1902).


Cyril Taylor Wed Mar 1 11:24:11 2000
Searching for information on William J. STOCKMAN. He may have been residing in Campbell Township, Wilikins County according to the 1880 census. His wife was Annie/Anna and children Isabelle (Belle) and Hattie. There is evidence that they may have resided at Breckenridge in 1890.
Your help will be appreciated.
Cyril Taylor - Port Orchard


Rita Timm Wed Mar 8 10:25:19 2000
Trying to find a Lillian WEBER, b. around 1928-29 and a Charles N. BRONSON who served in WWII. I believe Lillian had polio around 1945-46.


Linda Thu Mar 9 09:33:44 2000
Could someone please check for an obituary for Sarah Jane (Lyons) BOWDEN. She is my great-grandmother and she died in Breckenridge on May 6, 1882. I understand that the Historical Society has copies of the Breckenridge Wilkin Co Record for 1882. Perhaps her obituary is in that newspaper. I understand that there are no death certificates prior to 1883.
Sarah married John Edward Bowden in 1873 in Wisconsin. She died at age 26, leaving him with four small children.
Thank you, Linda


Lorna Coats Sun Mar 19 14:15:29 2000
These families started to arrive from Norway in February 1881 until 1898 they started to move to Benson County, North Dakota.


Pat Mount Wed Mar 29 17:52:25 2000
Looking for family of Henry WOLTER and Louise BUSSE who supposedly lived near Breckenridge in 1910. Louise's brother William BUSSE and his wife, Sophie THURNAU (may be found also as Turner) may have also lived in the area or just across the river in ND.
Any information will be appreciated.

Nicole Martin, if you're out there, please contact me. Your email is bouncing!


Roger Peters Fri Mar 31 22:41:57 2000
I am looking for information regarding the descendents of Arend ABBAS (6/22/1878 - 1/4/1927) and Polly RIPPENTROP (7/22/1886 - 10/28/1983). I believe lived in Doran and Breckenridge. I have the names of 5 children but very little more. Hemme was one of the chidren and he passed away 12/21/1970.
Any information is appreciated.
Roger Peters - Woodbury, MN - [email protected]


Karla Brekke Thu Apr 6 09:27:45 2000
I am looking for a marriage license for Edwin GREENING and Margaret BOGSTIE who were married in Breckenridge in 1950.


BOB MUSCOVITZ Mon Apr 10 20:22:26 2000
Searching for all information regarding the NORDMARKEN and FRENG family from Rothsay, MN. Oscar and Anna NORDMARKEN were my great-grandparents. Oscar's father was Gulbrand (Gilbert)..all were farmers though Gulbrand was a lay pastor when he came to the US from Norway...brothers and sisters were somewhat unknown.


Pat Grell Thu Apr 13 16:58:17 2000
I am looking for information on my great-grand Aunt Meta GRELL DIETZ. I do not have her birth date or death date. I do know that she married John DIETZ on 10/03/1889 in Joliet, Will County, Illinois. As of 12/20/1943 she was listed as a survivor to my great grandfather Fred Grell and at the time she was living in Rothsay, MN.
Subsequently, I've learned from your website that she had at least 2 sons Frank DIETZ 6/6/1903 - 3/2/1987 and Walter E. DIETZ 8/8/1908 - 5/3/1975, both of the Rothsay area.
Any information on Meta GRELL DIETZ or her survivors would be greatfully appreciated.


Mike Anderson Sat Apr 15 09:07:44 2000
I am looking for any and all information concerning Peter J. SCHMIT (1875-1946), my grandfather, who married Louise SCHNEIDER in 1910. Their daughter was Dorothy Anderson, my mother. Breckenridge, Wilkin County and Wahpeton area was "home". Appreciate hearing from anyone with info.....


DEAN OLSON Fri Apr 28 15:17:41 2000
Anything pertaining to Henry Oliver OLSON born 10 Sept.1893 East of Wolverton in Wilkin Co. Died 8 Mar 1980. I know he married Mable O'Toole BERGLUND


Lisa Carlson Fri May 5 22:32:44 2000
I am looking for August Joeseph CARLSON who married Christi RAMSTAD and gave birth to Henry Seaton in Akron, MN in 1887. Christi died in Rothsay, MN on 3/26/1901. Looking for Marriage and death certificates.


Kathy Kerr Tue May 16 16:18:05 2000
Looking for someone to do a lookup for me at Wilkin County Historical Society for these names. Please let me know if you do lookups. Thanks, Kathy


Lorna Coats Sun May 21 19:53:30 2000
Ole and Jensine HELLESVIG moved to Rothsay, Wilkin County, MN between 1885 and 1888, with their children: Eline(Nov 16, 1874, Johan "Martin" (Sept. 16, 1877), Anna (Feb. 28, 1878), Thea "Tillie" (Aug. 10, 1879), Olaf (Aug. 27, 1883) and Julia (Aug. 4, 1885) These children would have probably attended school somewhere in Rothsay.
The remaining of their children were born in Wilkin County, MN. Theodore (June 2, 1888), John Gilbert (Jan. 2, 1889), Mary (Sept. 12, 1890), Alfred(b/d Oct. 18, 1892), Alma Jensina (Nov. 2, 1893), and Joseph Wilbur (Jan. 1897). The following year they moved to Benson County, Maddock, ND. Looking for the church(lutheran) and school they would have attended, location of their home, obit for the death of Alfred, cemetery for his burial or a Family Biography. Thank you for your assistance.
Please contact me at [email protected] Thank you. Lorna Coats, Albany, OR


Jerry Mortenson Tue May 23 13:51:10 2000
I am looking for further information on Nels A and Elise(Eliza) MORTENSON. They would have moved to Rothsay in about 1914. They had children Oscar, Melvin, Ellen? They would come from Meeker County. Looking for Nels or Elise' parents name. Nels is from Varmland,Sweden and Elise from Toten,Norway.


Gail Rieland - O'Hern Thu May 25 21:39:32 2000
I am the grand daughter of George RIELAND and Jennie MILLER b. 17-Feb-1885 d. ?-Jan-1978. They had five children; Cyril, LaRayne, Donald, Raymond Sylvester RIELAND b. 15-Sep-1913 d. 07-Sep-1997 (my father) and Margaret. I am trying to find information on George, Jennie and other past relatives. George RIELAND is buried in MN as well as his son Donald. They were Catholic. I think they are buried either in Breckenridge or Moorhead where George and Jennie had a chicken farm back in 1940's. Any help would be appreciated. Gail


Rose Saunders Wed Jun 7 11:13:49 2000
Peter RUSSELL and Sarah SANDERSON (half Indian) were married on a river boat plying the Red River. I think in 1860. Where would the records be? I have tried both court houses. Sarah worked about a year for Mrs LUELL doing housekeeping at Fort Abercrombie.They filed homestead in 1867 in Wolverton Township.He managed a saw mill in McCauleyville. I need to verify Sarah's last name as we have some conflict on that. Any one have any clue, I would appreciate it.


Betty Johnson Sat Jun 24 19:39:47 2000
I would like to know the location of my Grandparents farm. their names are John and Lillian PETERSON. They lived near Doran about 1912-1917. I believe they lived near hwy 8 east of Doran. My Mother is Lucille PETERSON born in Doran 1913. I would appreciate this info very much. I would like to come there to see the place. I don't need legal description just directions how to find the place from Hwy 8 or 9. thank you very much. Betty johnson


Carole Mon Jul 10 09:04:18 2000
Looking for any type of information on John F RANN and wife Barbara and their children who were born in Breckenridge and ND.


Shery Jarvi Wed Jul 12 20:20:56 2000
I am searching for information on my Step Grandfather family. Joseph Oscar BRUSVEN. Born: Nov 9,1900. Married: Apr 7,1944 to Ida Johnson SHERIN. Died: June 7,1967


Tamara Mecham Sun Aug 6 18:51:17 2000
Looking for any information on Henry and Arthur Heideman and families who were living in Breckenridge at the time of their mothers death on April 1935. They are the sons of William and Augusta Heideman.
Thank you


Jostein Lillestøl Mon Aug 28 03:54:01 2000
I am looking for descendants of a family coming from Hornindal, Norway to the Breckenridge-Wapheton area in 1882-83. The head of the family was Anders (b.1832) and wife Oline (b.1844). Their children were Anne (b.1863), Ole (b.1865), Kanutte (b. 1867), Paul (b.1869), Peder (b.1872), Anders (b.1876) and Amund (b.1879). They apparently adopted ANDERSON as their surname (LILLESTøL being their Norwegian family name). Anne married Jens ERICKSON (b.1858) and got the children Elmar (b.1888), Albert (b.1890) and Jens (b.1894). Anders had a sister (b.1841) and a brother Ole (b. 1845) who may have settled in the same area.
This is all I know, except some death dates from obituary/funeral records and that some of them were affiliated with the railroad construction and/or service. Any further information about the descendants of Anders (who is a brother of my great grandfather) is appreciated, and in particular if there are somebody over there who are interested in contact.
Jostein Lillestøl
Saudalskleivane 44
5136 Mjølkeråen


Myron Baumer Sat Sep 2 23:21:38 2000
Looking for my mother's family. Anyone by this name in the Wilkin County area.


Kathy O. Fri Sep 8 12:55:06 2000
George & Almeda EVANS - Do you have any records pertaining to this couple? They were my great-grandparents on my father's side. Family history is sketchy! They probably settled in the Breckenridge area sometime in the 1880's. George was from NY and Almeda was from IN. After their marriage they moved to Breckenridge, MN. Thanks for any info you may find!!


Kim Waller Sun Sep 17 18:17:03 2000
There is an Alfred W. SMITH in the Wilkin County, MN 1880, census index for Manston Twp, Page 455. I'm looking for an Alfred SMITH who moved to Otter Tail County by 1900. Can anyone give me the particulars in this 1880 census? Thanks, Kim


Bernie Shellum Tue Sep 26 09:40:25 2000
I am interested in any information on the lives of Cora and Ferdinand FREDERICKSON, who owned a car dealership in Rothsay for several decades, starting in the 1930s or 40s. I believe he was mayor of Rothsay for a number of years. Her maiden name was SHELLUM. The couple had three children, Wallace, Richard and Carolyn. I am primarily interested in any published stories or photographs of this family or any of its members.


Ray Larsen Wed Oct 4 20:56:25 2000
I'm looking for Hannah or Johannah CAWELTI. She married Albert CAWELTI in Iowa and moved to the Tenney and Wheaton areas. Her father was Andreas SCHMIDT aka Andrew SMITH. Any info would be gatefully appreciated as I've hit a brickwall.


Patricia Willms Thu Oct 19 20:47:03 2000
I am looking for information about when they first moved into the area and relatives residing in the area prior to 1920.


Pat Mount Fri Oct 20 15:25:57 2000
Still looking for my great Grandparents William BUSSE and Sophie THURNAU (sometimes seen as Turner) who farmed, according to their son William's obituary in or around Everdell. William Sr. was alive in 1910 when his mother, Louise Hengstmann BUSSE, died in Breckinridge at the home of her daughter Louise Busse WOLTER. Any information appreciated.


Chris Karr Sat Nov 18 21:36:01 2000
I am researching BRONSON family who lived in South Dakota for a short period in 1870 then moved across the river to Wilkin County abt 1875 till 1903. Looking for information on Dexter E. BRONSON and family, Wife Vira, son George A. BRONSON who married Francis WILLSEY, did they married here? and Frank D. BRONSON who married Sarah A. AUMAN. George became a photographer and with Frank moved to Minneapolis. Frank remained but George continued to Pekin, Ill then to Los Angeles, CA. when his father, Dexter died. Any information on Dexter or if you know anything about his sisters, Phoebe, Alice A., and Georgia or widowed mother, Mary A. (BARNES) BRONSON
please contact me. [email protected]


Dick McElhoes Tue Nov 28 21:52:18 2000
I am looking for any information on the lives of my grandfather and grandmother while they lived in Breckenridge, Wilkin Co. My grandfather was Frank Thompson McELHOES, b. Sept. 6,1872 in Punxsutawny PA. My grandmother was Patience ANDERSON, b. Oct. 29, 1876 in New Brunswick, Canada.
My grandfather was an insurance salesman and had migrated from PA. to Breckenridge,(date unknown). My grandmother had emigrated from Canada with her parents and came to Breckenridge in 1882. They were married in Wahpeton, ND. on Jan. 15, 1901. At the time of their marriage, my grandmother was a widow (BAKER) with a two year old daughter, Huberta. Three sons were born to them during their life in Breckenridge; Charles Merle; Waldo Steele (my father); & John Gordon.
The family emigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1908. I believe the boys may have been born in Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co. My father told me he was born in Otter Tail but he didn't specify whether it was the town or the county. I would like to know the correct date and place of my father's birth. The date has been given as Jan. 15, 1904 or 1905. Any other information on the family would be appreciated.

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