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Wilkin County, Minnesota Queries

Bart Mon Jan 19 15:20:06 1998
I am researching the following surnames, MAX, REHER, FERGUSON, in the Wilkin and Ottertail Counties. I am looking for any information on any of these surnames from the Wilkin County area, Breckenridge, Rothsay, Foxhome, Elizabeth, areas. Thank you for your time. Thanks for any information! Barb

rebecca poppel Tue Feb 10 20:12:30 1998
We are looking for any information on edward poppel of wilkin co he lived on a farm in wolverton mn with his two brothers chris and jim. edward married frances (haas) they had two children betty and edward.looking for when they came to minnesota? from where? we know he is one of eleven. edward died in 1940 at a young age. looking to share info with anyone that can help.
MIKE THOMSON Mon Mar 16 21:07:05 1998
Any information regarding Thomas or Archibald WATT. Both born in Scotland. Thomas was supposed to have been the Magistrate or Sherrif of Kent in the mid to late 1800's.
Please forward info to e-mail or write PO BOX 721457 BERKLEY, MI 48072 THANKS..
WILLIAM ROED Fri Mar 20 11:58:49 1998
I am doing research on my family. My great grandfather was Fredrick ELLINGSON. He lived in Wilkin County at Erhards Grove I believe. My grandmother Mabel ELLINGSON was born there on 11-26-1896. Her parents were Fredrick ELLINGSON and Mathea MATHIASON. I am not sure of the spelling of Mathea's lastname. This is ALL the information I have at this point. Any added information on the ELLINGSON family would be greatly appreciated. WILLIAM ROED
Peggy Stellmach Wed Apr 8 17:24:09 1998
Can anyone look up the 1905 Minnesota State Census, Wilkin County, Atherton township for the family of Adam Sakry and Johanna Plachetka Stellmach Sakry and tell me which children are listed? Thanks
Virginia Frisone Sat Apr 18 19:39:49 1998
Seeking information on AARON AND ALMIRA TILTON who migrated from St. Lawrence Co. N.Y. late 1860's. I have information that there are obits for TILTON'S in ROTHSAY.Would anyone be willing to look up this information for me?Thank you Virginia
Dallas McColley Sat Apr 25 13:21:28 1998
Seeking information / relatives of David McCAULEY. The town of McCauleyville was named after him. He was born 27 Jul 1825 in Hillsborough Co, NH, and was the son of Daniel and Mary (NOYES) McCAULEY. Have biographical sketch of David McCAULEY that appears in "Album of Biography of the famous Valley of the Red River of the North and the Park Regions", 1889. Mentions sister, Mrs Mary A. BENNETT and a daughter, Ethel Noyes McCAULEY. Desire to learn more of this family. Doing extensive research of the McCAULEY / McCOLLEY family. Thankyou.

Rose S Wed May 6 21:31:30 1998
I am looking for information on my grandmother, Sarah Russell who was married on June 10, 1860 to PETER RUSSELL at FT. ABERCROMBIE. I would like to find her maiden name . The ceremony was performed on the Steamer Selkirk. They occupied the first homestead filed about 12 miles north of McCauleyville. My father, also Peter Russell was born Dec 25, 1869. I hope you can find some information for me. If the dates sound far fetched, my father was old enough to be my grandfather. My father was the oldest of 7 boys and one girl who died in infancy. Hope you can find something. Thanks.


Priscilla Gillani Wed May 13 14:15:52 1998
I am looking for information on Eli and Eliza (Elizabeth) Rueben who lived in Foxhome, MN sometime in the mid to late 1800's. Noteworthy, Eli and his sons (7 sons, 1 daughter) got the contract to put in poles and string the wire for the first telephone system to Foxhome.


Heather Mecham Mon Jul 13 20:21:39 1998
I am looking for information about Ralph Edmund ACKERT or NELSON and Edna Cindia MARTIN, who we believe were married in Wilkin County, MN. Their oldest child, Lowell Barton NELSON (ACKERT) was born 20 Jan. 1923 in Foxhome, Wilkin, MN.


Lynda Venne Sun Aug 2 09:48:55 1998
It is my understanding that my maternal grandparents came from Wilkin County, in the Nashua and Tintah area. I am looking for information on Louis Enderle and Helen or Helena Schuster and their parents. They moved to the Sandstone area and then to the McGregor area where they are buried. I have been told that their families remained in the Wilkin County area. They came from Germany. Thank you for any information you can provide.


Alice C. Johns Sun Aug 2 22:08:38 1998
I am interested in any and all information about the Niles family in Wilkin Co. Mn. My grandfather was born in Breckenridge, Mn. about 1875. He later moved to Virginia. His parents were Palmer Wells Niles and Juliet Berdsong Moore. Any information is welcome such as birth records, marriages, deaths, burials, baptisms. Any Niles information even about other Niles family members might be a link to mine. Please send along anything you might be able to locate on this family in this area. Also the town of Merryfield, Mn. was where one of my Uncles was born but I'm not sure where that town is located. His name was Herbert Niles.


Janet Tue Aug 4 20:54:42 1998
Looking for record of marriage of Samuel Andreasen Bronken to Nilsine Sætre on 29 December 1883 by J. of Peace Robert Newberry in Breckenridge, Wilkin Co., Minn.


Matt Bien Sat Aug 22 14:18:39 1998
Mari Olsdtr/Olsen. and son Ole Elefson BUØEN traveled from Norway via Boston in 1887. Came through Rothsay on their way to northeastern South Dakota to homestead near Hillhead/Veblen area. They came from the Flaa parish of Buskerud and the farms bearing the above surnames. Am curious as to who they stayed with in Rothsay as no known relatives there. Mari's daughter Gunhild Olsdtr WETTEREN and granddaughter Ingeborg came in 1888. The entire family changed their name to BIEN somewhere in the naturalization process as none left Norway with that spelling. Thanks.


DANIEL R. BAUMGART Sat Sep 5 14:46:19 1998
I'm looking for information on my Great Grandfather August Reinke. He was married to my Great Grandmother Agnes( Ulrich) Reinke who later marred Joseph Wanek after August's Death. Agnes was my Grandmother's (Margaret Sophia Reinke) mother. Margaret was the only child from the first marriage and nothing is known about her father August. Margaret was married to Ludvick Palmer Johnson and later Peter Jacobs. I would also like to find any information on Ludvick Johnson (my mother' Luella Mae Johnson) father. All we know of his background is he was raised by his mother and never had a father around;Margaret Sophia Reinke my moms mother. Margaret married Ludvick Palmer Johnson and later divorced Ludvick and Married Peter Jacobs. My Mother Luella Mae Johnson Baumgart lives with my dad Ray Baumgart in Detroit Lakes. For my mothers entire life she and the rest of the family has wondered about both of her parents background. My mother is 69 years old and I would like to find something while she is still living to give her some roots. Thank you for any information you can provide. Most sincerely, Daniel R. Baumgart
P.S. The Reinkes, Johnson, Waneks have lived in Breckenridge, Wahpeton, Doran, Kent, Dwight, ND and Lisbon, ND. My Grandfather Ludvick was born near Lisbon. The Reinkes and Waneks probably lived mostly around Doran or Kent not sure though.


Rena Thu Sep 10 20:27:18 1998
I have traced my family back to Ole Honrud I. He was born in Norway in 1821. He married Olea and had a 4 sons, Lars O., Anton, Lauritz, and 1 more. Lars O. married Maren, she died in childbirth, then he married Anna Martha, she died in 1887, he then married Oline. Lars O. and Oline had Louise, Carl, Anna, Lena and Haakon. Lena was my grandmother. She was born July 11, 1903 in Rothsay, Mn. I would appreciate any information I can get. I do have a copy of a reunion book that is dated June 1980 that has given me quite a bit of information. I will be glad to share any information I have.


Leigh Fri Sep 11 15:36:56 1998
I am researching the PAZDERNIK surname and through searching the Social Security Death Index, I found quite a few PAZDERNIKs have been in Breckinridge, Wilkin County, MN. I wonder if they are related to my line:
Joseph PAZDERNIK of Zolldorf (Brezovice), Bohemia (Czech Republic), m. Elizabeth ZAHAR of Vtelno (country unknown). They had: Felix PAZDERNIK of Zolldorf, m. Elizabeth NOVAK They had:
Mrs. E.B. MENZEL of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as of 1921 Wenzel (James) George PAZDERNIK, b. 10/14/1842 in Zolldorf, m. Anna SCHRAMEL They had:
Josephine PAZDERNIK, b. 3/17/1871,
Mary PAZDERNIK, b. 9/20/1875 or 76,
Emma PAZDERNIK, 1/18/1878,
Frank PAZDERNIK, b. 12/27/1886 or 87,
George PAZDERNIK, b. 5/20/1892,
John J. PAZDERNIK, b. 9/20/1873 or 74, d. 1947 or 1948,
Edward PAZDERNIK, b. 8/1/1888 or 1890,
Anna Lucille PAZDERNIK, b. 7/27/1884, d. 7/3/1977.
My PAZDERNIKs are from Dorchester, Clark County, Wisconsin. I have fairly extensive information regarding descendants. If you have a match or think you could--even if it seems like a very, very slim chance, please e-mail me! It's worth a shot! Thanks!


Martha Miller Thu Sep 24 11:32:07 1998
I am looking for information on my g-grandparents, Edward C. "Edwin" DOWNEY (born in Litzenburg, Lehigh Co., PA) and Anna "Annie" COLLINS (born in WI) married in Wahpeton, MN in 1883. He was the son of John Downey and she was the daughter of Dennis and Elizabeth Collins. I want to find out the name of John Downey's wife and also his birthplace. I would also like to know more about Dennis and Elizabeth Collins who homesteaded in Champion Township.


Steve Booth Fri Oct 9 15:42:27 1998
We are looking for information of the Luhdorff family originally from Germany, and the Sommer family most likely from Austria around 1870's--Walter Luhdorff and Hilda Sommer were married about 1916. We are looking information which wil help us trace our lineage either direction, Thanks in advance for your help


Peggy Sedivy Nielsen Fri Oct 16 10:56:03 1998
Looking for information on Constance SEDIVY b.10/06/1885-d.Feb.1983. Was this the wife of Joseph SEDIVY b.1882? Last residence listed is Breckenridge,Wilken, Mn. I have pictures of (I think) Joseph, Sr. and Jr. Need to verify these and also to find out what Contance' maiden name was. Also would like to find out if there were any other children, etc. Thanks!


Gloria Schroeder Tue Oct 20 18:46:16 1998
My grandparents, Frank and Mary ZIEGLER, moved from Holland, MN to Fox Home (Wilkin County) about 1909. My mother and three other children were born in Fox Home (Alice, Louis, Muriel and Lloyd). My grandfather had a threshing crew and a picture of the threshing machine and crew is in the museum at Fergus Falls - picture was taken in 1913. Any information would be appreciated. My e-mail address is [email protected] Thank you.


L Sexton Mon Nov 2 08:55:21 1998
Martin BARTZ, born abt.1857 in Germany, and his wife Margaretha HOPPE, born abt.July 8th, 1852 in Chojna, Germany (now Poland), came to Wilkin County between 1887-1892. They brought with them their children Andrew (1877), Annie (1879), Marie (1883), Helen (1887), who were all born in Chojna. In Wilkin County they added Martha (1892), Gertrud Regina (?), Julia Elizabeth (1894), Rose Francis (April 27, 1895). Sometime around 1895 they moved to Saskatchewan, Canada. Andrew married and had Bernard, Donald, Geraldine & Roy. Helen married John Lucas. Julia married Douglas Manley. Rose married Norman Claude Sexton. I am looking for any relatives of these people to share info with. Thanks!


Ralph W. Golden Thu Nov 5 15:40:46 1998
Trying to determine Godfried CLOUTIER's first wife, parents, and birth place and date. Born around 1863 died 1929 in St Louis, MO. Brother of Lois CLOUTIER Thanks


Deb Hoskins Wed Nov 18 11:59:15 1998
Seeking descendents of Nancy and Almon COATS (COATES). Nancy Homesteaded in Wilkes Co. in 1883. She later moved to NE to live with son, Clark Allen COATS. Her obituary lists 8 children. I'm seeking information on those children. Names unknown at this time. Would love to make contact with other relatives. Please contact me with any infomation on this family. Thanks!


Les Johnston Thu Nov 19 11:46:08 1998
Searching for any info about a one David S Mollison, awarded a land grant in Wilkin county in 1898. I'm a granddaughter of Lawrence Molison, born about 1900, probably in northwest Iowa. A David S Mollison was awarded two prior (recorded) land grants in southern Minnesota, Mower county, in 1873/74. I would be interested in any information regarding David S and his family, descendents. Thank you.


Donavon J. McConn Sat Nov 21 16:08:06 1998
I am looking for information on Michael McConn who lived in or near Ayr North Dakota and possibly died around 1900. It appears that he may have owned land in Wilkin County. Any information on other McConns would be appreciated. Thank You


G Gulland Tue Nov 24 11:59:49 1998
Seeking information re: Joseph L. LA VALLEY, who filed a land patent on land described as a part of Section 34, Township 135 North, Range 48 West of the 5th PM, 170.7 acres in Wilkin County, Minnesota.
Would like to know anything about him....dates of filing, and/or sale of land.
A lookup in the census would be great!!


dorothy bylund Sun Dec 13 09:59:01 1998
The names belong to my wife's family. Her Father's name was Robert BYLUND and her Mother's was Dorothy LEHMAN. Grandparents were Bernard and Regina BYLUND, PHILIP and GLADYS LEHMAN. No other info could be found through on-line searches. This is not an urgent request. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance, CHARLES and KRIS LEMIRE

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