"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ Eighth Regiment"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


The 8th regt. Minn. Inf. Was organized August 1, 1862, and was stationed at frontier posts until May, 1864, when is was ordered upon the Indian expedition, and participated in the following skirmishes, battles and marches: At Tah-cha-oku-tu, on July 28, 1864, battle of the Cedars, Overall's Creek; ordered thence to Clifton, Tennessee, and thence to Washington; from Washington to Wilmington, North Carolina, and thence to Newbern; was in the battles of Kingston, March 8, 9 and 10, 1865. This regiment was mustered out at Charlotte, North Carolina, July 11, 1865, and was discharged at Fort Snelling.

Names of enlisted men from Wabasha county in this regiment are as follows:

Eighth Regiment Volunteer Infantry

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.
Names in red are linked to their biographies which are from
"Biographies & Historical Sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota"

Geo Butterfield Adjutant --promo Capt and Asst Adj General
Geo L FiskQmaster-Mazeppadsch 5/15/65
George AtkinsonCaptainGLake City dsch with regiment
Wesley Kinney 1st LtGMazeppadsch with regiment
Nate. (Nathaniel F) Randolph2nd LtGMt Pleasant resigned 11/12/64
Henry Selover1st SgtGLake City promo 1st Lt dsch with regiment
Julius AustinPrivateAChesterdsch 7/11/65
Geo J SecoyPrivateAChesterdsch with reiment
Henry H Wiley PrivateAChesterpromo corp dsch with regiment
William Hall Private D Wab. Co. dsch 7/11/1865
George Carpenter PrivateEPlainviewdsch at Ft Snelling with regiment at the hospital 1865
Wm H PonsfordPrivateELake Citywnd Murfreesboro 12/15/64 dsch 5/26/65
Lyman E Thorp SergeantGMazeppapromo 1st Sgt dsch with regiment
James ArmstrongSergeantGChesterdsch with regiment
Samuel D WelchSergeantGGillforddsch 5/12/65
Samuel V CarrSergeantGLake Citydsch with regiment
Benjamin RawaltCorporalGChesterdsch with regiment
Stanley M VeederCorporalGMt Pleasant killed 12/7/64 at the battle of the Cedars
Moses B WhitneyCorporalGLake Citypromo sgt dsch with the regiment
Enos WayCorporalGMazeppa promo sgt dsch with the regiment
Sanford WoodworthCorporalGGillforddsch with regiment
Joseph E FarrowCorporalGLake Citydsch with regiment
Albert H TaiseyCorporalGLake City dsch for promo 4/17/64 to 1st Lt in 68th Colored Inf
Geo C EverettCorporalGMazeppadsch with regiment
James A OliverWagonerGGillforddsch with regiment
Allen AllisonPrivateGMt Pleasant dsch with regiment
Thomas BaldwinPrivateGLake Citydsch dsbl 2/10/63
Clark (B) BartlettPrivateGChester dsch 7/11/65
Lewellyn Bartlett PrivateGChesterdsch 7/11/65 in the hospital
Philander (O) BartlettPrivateG Lake Citydsch in hosp 6/65
Gilbert BeardsleyPrivateGMazeppa dsch with regiment
John BodyPrivateGHyde Parkdsch with regiment
Daniel L BurdictPrivateGChesterdsch with regiment
James E Cady PrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
Augustin CarpenterPrivateGLake Citymissing 9/20/64 supposed murdered by Indians
Patrick CarrollPrivateGW Albanydsch with regiment
Joseph F (S) CollinsPrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
Alonzo CongdonPrivateGGillforddsch in hosp 7/7/65
Joseph CrawshawPrivateGW Albanydsch 7/6/65 at Ft Snelling
David Cronin PrivateGLake City died 5/1/63 at Fort Abercrombie NoDak
David C CrowPrivateGWab Codsch from hospital
Geo H DavisPrivateGMazeppadsch with regiment
Jas A DensmorePrivateGLake Cityleft sick at Coon Cr Mn 9/1/62 never returned to regiment VA lists as died of disease
John DessoPrivateGLake Cityabsent on furlough when discharged
John S (J) DilleyPrivateGLake Citydsch 7/11/65
Stephen W DowningPrivateGGreenfielddsch with regiment
Pratt DrinkwalterPrivateGMazeppadsch in hosp 7/26/65
Henry C EatonPrivateGChesterdsch with regiment
W B EmmonsPrivateGMazeppadsch in hosp 7/26/65
Albert J FieldPrivateGGillforddsch with regiment
George ForbesPrivateGGillforddsch 11/15/64
Onicomusm (Onecannes N) FrinkPrivateGMazeppadsch dsbl 7/19/63
James B GloverPrivateGGillforddsch 6/13/65
Rufus R Goodell PrivateGMazeppadsch with regiment
John (R) GoodenoughPrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
Richard HammondPrivateG Lake Citywnd in arm at Murfreesboro dsch in hosp 7/26/65
John C Haradon PrivateGGillforddsch 7/11/65
Wm H HayesPrivateGLake Citydsch 6/2/65
Baker HarrisonPrivateGLake Citydsch 7/11/65
James HendrenPrivateG Hyde Parkdsch 7/11/65
Clarence Hubbard" GLake Citydsch 7/5/65 on detached duty at dsch
Wilson HutchinsPrivateGMazeppadsch with regiment
Albert JonesPrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
Oliver JonesPrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
Lewis C JuddPrivateGChesterdsch with regiment
Henry (C) KeelerPrivateG Lake Citydsch with regiment
Thomas KinneyPrivateGHyde Parkdsch with regiment
Wm C KnappPrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
Nicholas LippertPrivateGMazeppadsch with regiment
Manley B LowePrivateGGillforddsch with regiment
Fred Mack PrivateG Lake City dsch for promotion
Eugene Manning PrivateGGillforddied 11/16/63 at Ft Abercrombie No Dak
Wm McDonough PrivateGZumbrodsch with regiment at Ft Snelling
Daniel MonroePrivateGW Albanypromo corp dsch with regiment
Thomas Nesdell PrivateGLake City dsch with regiment
Wm H NortonPrivateGLake City dsch with regiment
Wm H ParsonsPrivateGLake Citydsch 7/11/65
Lewis C PaxonPrivateGLake Citypromo sgt major 3/1/65 trans to NCS
Barna B PowersPrivateGLake City dsch with regiment
James ReevesPrivateGLake City dsch with regiment
William ReevesPrivateGLake City dsch with regiment
Henry (C) RigbyPrivateGLake city dsch with regiment
John J RossPrivateGLake city deserted 10/1/62 at St Cloud MN
James Saunders (Sanders)PrivateG Mt Pleasantdsch with regiment
George SeloverPrivateGLake Citypromo corp dsch with regiment
Daniel Shaeffer (Schaeffer)PrivateGMt Pleasantdsch with regiment
Frank ShepardPrivateGMazeppadsch 4/1/63 at Ft Abercrombie
Henry (K) ShermanPrivateGLake Citydeserted 6/4/64 at Ft Ridgely
Collin Sinclair PrivateGGillforddsch with regiment
Isaiah SmithPrivateGLake Citydied 9/4/63 at Ft Abercrombie
James O SmithPrivateGChesterdsch with regiment
Samuel B SmithPrivateGLake Citydsch 5/25/65
John SoulesPrivateGWab Codsch with regiment
Benjamin (L) StarrPrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
John J StearnsPrivateGGillforddsch while on extra service
Leander W StearnsPrivateGGillforddsch 5/8/65
Miles H SweenyPrivateGHyde Park dsch with regiment
Riley C TaborPrivateGMt Pleasantpromo corp dsch with regiment
Chas F TaylorPrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
Howard (G) ThompsonPrivateGLake Citydsch with regiment
Edwin WaltersPrivateGGillford dsch 7/11/65
Reuben WarrenPrivateGMt Pleasantdsch with regiment
John R S WarringPrivateGGillforddsch 5/26/65
John T WebsterPrivateGLake Citydsch 6/28/65 at St Paul
Thomas J WebsterPrivateGW Albanydsch 6/6/65
Samuel WelchPrivate G Gillford dsch 5/12/65
James H WhitePrivateGLake Citydsch 7/11/65
James L WhitePrivateGMazeppadsch with regiment
Chauncy WoodworthPrivateGGillforddsch 5/8/65
Edwin WoodworthPrivateGGillforddsch 7/11/65
Horace (M) WorkmanPrivateGLake Citypromo corp dsch with regiment
Alexander YoungPrivateGHyde Parkdsch with regiment
Henry C BrantPrivateHGillford dsch dsbl 2/24/65
John L ColePrivateHGreenfielddsch 5/10/65
James DawsonPrivateHChesterdsch 7/11/65
William D DowPrivateHChesterdsch 7/11/1865
John GoodmanPrivateHMazeppadsch with regiment
Thomas HallowayPrivateHMazeppadsch with regiment
John S HuntleyPrivateHWabashadeserted 2/28/63
Jacob I JacksonPrivateHLake Citydsch with regiment
Dennis LarryPrivateHLake Citydsch with regiment
Lafayette McManusPrivateHMazeppadsch 6/5/65 while in the hospital
Chas T SuttonPrivateHLake Citydsch 7/11/65
James WhaleyPrivateHGillford promo corp dsch 7/11/65
Uriah WhaleyPrivateHZumbrodsch 7/11/65
Charles BeerPrivateIElgindsch with regiment
John K DavisPrivateIMazeppadsch with regiment
James KanePrivate I Mt Pleasant promo corp dsch 8/11/1865
King Smith PrivateILake City promo corp dsch 7/11/65
Henry DuerreCorporalKPepindsch for promo 9/15/64
Peter (G) DickmanPrivateKOakwood dsch with regiment
Jacob IdePrivateKPepindsch with regiment
Martin KratzPrivateKPepindsch with regiment
Thomas MiltonPrivateKPepindsch with regiment
Wm H MiltonPrivateKPepindsch with regiment
Joseph NetzerPrivateKPepindsch with regiment
Frederick NiehardtPrivateKPepintrans to invalid corp 4/11/1964
Julius NiehardtPrivateKPepin dsch with regiment
Nicholas WebberPrivateKPepindsch with regiment

The following names appear in the book but not on Jerry's list:

Biography of Clarence A. Hubbard

Clarence A. Hubbard, cashier of Lake City Bank, Lake City, is a native of Ingham county, Michigan. He was born November 4, 1844, and is the son of John I. and Lucy L. (Smith) Hubbard, natives of the State of New York, and descendants of New England stock. His ancestors on his father's side figured prominently in the revolutionary war. Young Clarence removed to Winona, Minnesota, in June, 1853, with his parents, who were among the pioneer settlers of that now prosperous city. In 1858 he returned to his native state, and entered upon an academic course of study in the city of Lansing, which he vigorously pursued till 1860. He then entered the State Normal at Winona, from which he graduated into the army at the outbreak of the civil war, serving with his regiment, 8th Minn. Vol. Inf., on the frontier during the Sioux war, and later on the staffs of Gens. R. N. McLaren and H. H. Sibley. At the restoration of peace, and Mr. Hubbard had received an honorable discharge, he settled in Lake City, and embarked in the grain and commission business, from which he retired in 1869, and entered the banking house of C. W. Hackett & Co. (now the Lake City Bank), as cashier. This position he still holds, being also one of the board of directors. He is married and has one son, Will Adelbert, now sixteen years of age. Mr. Hubbard is a Mason and a Knight Templar, and is also a prominent member of the Congregational church, an active and conscientious business man, who is much appreciated by his fellow citizens.

Biography of Peter G. Dickman

P. G. Dickman (or Dickmann), farmer, was born in 1841, in Germany. He is the third son of George C. and Wiebke Dickman, natives of Germany. They came to Cook county, Illinois, when our subject was about twelve years old. In 1856 they came to Oakwood township. In 1861 Mr. Dickman served in the 8th Minn. Vols, for three years on the frontier, in the Bad Lands, and he was discharged, and, returning home, took charge of the old homestead, his father going to Winona. He now has four hundred acres, nearly all improved, of very fine land, with one of the finest residences in Oakwood. He is a member of the Masonic order. He is one of Oakwood's supervisors. He has been a democrat for the last few years. He is one of our most enterprising and intelligent citizens. He was married, in 1867, to Annie Schach, native of Germany. They have nine children.