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The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


The 6th regt. Minn. Inf. Was organized in August, 1862, and was ordered immediately upon the Indian expedition on the frontier. A detachment of two hundred men were engaged in the battle of Wood Lake, September 22, 1862.

The regiment garrisoned frontier posts from November, 1862, until May, 1863, when ordered on the Indian expedition and engaged with Indians, July 24, 26 and 28, 1863. Again stationed at frontier forts from September 18, 1863, to June 5, 1864, when it was ordered to Helena, Arkansas. Ordered to St. Louis, Missouri, in 1864, and then to New Orleans in January, 1865. Assigned to the 16th Army Corps, and participated in engagements of Spanich Fort and Fort Blakely in April, 1865. This regiment was discharged at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, August 19, 1865.

The volunteers from this county for this regiment are as follows:

6th Regiment Volunteer Infantry

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.
Names in red are linked to their biographies which are from
"Biographies & Historical Sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota"

John T AverillLt Colonel-Lake Citypromo Colonel brevet brigadier general
Frank D BurdettPrivateALake Citydsch dsbl 12/16/64
Daniel ChapmanPrivateALake Citydsch 8/19/65
James CrandallPrivateALake Citydsch dsbl 2/24/65
David GardnerPrivateALake Citydsch 8/19/65
James HarrisonPrivateALake Citydsch 8/19/65
Edwin McDonoughPrivateALake Citydsch with regiment
Henry Sumner PrivateAW Albanydsch dsbl 1/28/1865
Benjamin F YoungPrivateAMazeppadsch with regiment also served in 1st Cav
William FlemmingPrivateBPlainviewdied 12/23/64 at Adrian Michigan
Wm HawkPrivateBPlainviewpromo corp sgt reduced to ranks dsch dsbl 3/1/65
Darius KeyesPrivateBPlainviewdsch with regiment
Theo A NorrisPrivateBPlainviewdsch with regiment
John B RobinsonPrivate B Wabasha died 8/30/1864 at Helen, AK
James ShiminPrivateBElgindsch with regiment
John SmithsonPrivateBMazeppadsch 8/19/65
Andrew ThompsonPrivateBPlainviewpromo corp dsch with regiment
Ephraim Whitney Private B Plainview dsch dsbl 2/1/1863 reenlisted Bracketts Cav dsch 5/24/66
Edwin (C) EatonPrivateCLake Citypromo Wagoner disch with regiment
Russell (Rupel) A JohnsonPrivateCLake Citypromo corp sgnt disch with regiment
Gustaf SandbergPrivateCLake Citydsch with regiment
Charles WilsonPrivateCLake Citypromo corp dsch with regiment
James AllenPrivateDMazeppadsch 9/16/65
George Collins Private D Lake City died 5/14/65 at New Orleans LA
George BellPrivateEPepindsch with regiment
Michael BoazPrivateEWabashadsch with regiment
James ArdinsPrivateFHighlanddsch 6/30/64 per ord
Robert K BoydPrivateFPlainview badly wnd in fight with Indians at Birch Coolie led to dsch dsbl 3/20/63
David GeilPrivate F Mazeppa dsch dsbl 9/15/64
James HalloranPrivateFWabashadsch 8/19/65
Arnold Holman (Hollman)PrivateFWab Codsch 8/19/65
John S HuntleyPrivateFChesterdsch dsbl 2/16/64
Nathan (W) TupperPrivateFMt Pleasantdsch with regiment
Joshua (A) TupperPrivateFMt Pleasantdsch with regiment
Franklin Sylvester (Sylvester Franklin)CorporalHPlainviewpromo sgt died 10/31/64 at Milton WI on furlough
James H AdamsPrivateHPlainviewdied 11/4/62 at Ft Ripley MN
Andrew SimmonsPrivateHHighlandpromo corp dsch 8/19/1865
Jonas SpaulsburgPrivateHChesterpromo corp dsch dsbl 4/4/1863
Job WestoverPrivateHPlainviewdsch dsbl 7/9/63
Joseph N WoodsPrivateHPlainviewpromo corp dsch with regiment
John YetterPrivateHPlainviewdsch dsbl 7/11/63
Ira Beldin (Belden)PrivateIMazeppadsch 8/19/65
Alan ParsonsPrivateIWab Codsch 8/19/65

The Sixth Minnesota Infantry Regiment
A tribute to the soldiers and families of Minnesota's 6th
This site concerns the members of the regiment from the entire state

Biography of Ira W. Belden

Mr. Belden, a blacksmith, is a grandson of Emanuel Belden, of English descent. Erastus, son of Emanuel Belden, was born in New York, and became a successful medical practitioner. He married Julia A. Lines, a native of the same state. On June 11, 1837, they dwelt at Elyria, Ohio, at which time and place was ushered into existence the subject of this sketch. They soon returned to Steuben county, New York, where Ira Belden was reared, attending the common schools till sixteen years of age. He then began a three years' apprenticeship at his trade, and after it was finished set off for the west. After a short time spent in Iowa, he settled at Frankford, Fillmore county, this state, and brought his parents there. His father died there in 1866, and his mother a year later, at Rochester. He was eight years constable at Frankford, and one term deputy-sheriff. On the outbreak of the Sioux war in 1862, he enlisted in the Minnesota Rangers, and served fourteen months on the frontier, taking part in several encounters. He then joined the 6th Minn. Inf., at Lake Ponchatrain, and was with this regiment till its discharge, in November, 1865. The only severe engagements were those required in reducing the forts about Mobile harbor. Immediately after the close of the war he settled in Wabasha county, and has been in this neighborhood ever since. For one year he tilled a farm in Bear valley. He is now in the employ of A. J. Taft, at Mazeppa. He has always been a democrat, but has not voted for ten years. In regard to theology, is a Universalist. He was married in 1857, to Amanda Raymond, a native of Green county, Wisconsin, and is the father of seven children, all of whom are at home. Their names are: Scott E., Ralph O., Otho, Iris and Ira (twins), Clyde and Lois.

(The next sketch appears on a different page and appears to be the same person even though some dates are different.)

Ira W. Belden, a son of Erastus Belden, a physician of Fillmore county, Minnesota, was born in 1837. He received a common school education, after which he learned his trade of blacksmithing. In the fall of 1862 he enlisted in the war against the Indians, and served fourteen months as farrier in his regiment. He then enlisted in the war of the rebellion and served one year, when, his health failing, he returned to make his home on the banks of the Zumbro. He is a resident of Zumbro Falls, living on the sourth side of the river, but his shop is situated on the north side. Mr. Belden was married in 1860, to Amanda Raymond. Their family consists of seven children. The eldest son, aged nineteen, holds a good position on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad.