"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ Fifth Regiment"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


Was organized in May, 1862, and was ordered to Pittsburgh Landing May 9, 1862. A detachment of three companies remained in Minnesota to garrison some of the frontier posts, and were engaged with the Indians at Redwood, Minnesota, August 18, 1862. Were at the siege of Fort Ridgely, August 20, 21, and 22, 1862; also at Fort Abercrombie, Dakota Territory, the last of August, 1862. The regiment was assigned to the 16th Army Corps; participated in the battles of Iuka, September 18, 1862; Corinth, October 3 and 4, 1862; Jackson, May 14, 1863, and siege of Vicksburg; took part in the assault of Vicksburg, May 22, 1863; was at Mechanicsburg, June 3, 1863; was at Richmond, June 15, 1863; at Fort DeRussey, Louisiana, March 14, 1864; participated in the Red River expedition, March, April and May, 1864; was at Lake Chicot, June 6, 1864; at Tupelo, June, 1864, and was veteranized in July, 1864; was at Abbeyville, August 23, 1864, and marched in September, 1864, from Brownsville, Arkansas, to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and from thence by boat to Jefferson City, thence to Kansas line, and from thence to St. Louis, Missouri. Was ordered to Nashville in November, 1864, and participated in the battles of Nashville, December 15 and 16, 1864; was at Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely in April, 1865, and was mustered out of service at Demopolis, Alabama, September 6, 1965. This regiment, next to the noble First, saw greater service and more hardships, and lost more men, than any of the other Minnesota regiments. The following is a list of the men from Wabasha county:

5th Regiment Volunteer Infantry

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.
Names in red are linked to their biographies which are from
"Biographies & Historical Sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota"

Orlando EddyCaptGWabashawnd Corinth 5/28/62 promo major 1st Mn Heavy Attillery
Alexis P Bailey (Bailly)1st LtGWabasharesigned 7/22/63
Chas J Stauff1st LtGGreenfield dsch with regiment also served in 1st Batallion Inf
Marcus (M) Ingram (Ingraham)2nd LtHZumbroresigned 12/11/62 reenlisted in 1st Heavy Artillery
Patrick KillmartinPrivateAMt Pleasantdsch 9/6/1865 veteran
Ambrose GardnerPrivateBLake Citydsch 9/6/65
John GardnerPrivateBLake City killed 8/18/62 at Redwood MN fighting Indians
Augustus CharleyPrivateDGlasgowdsch 9/6/65
Phillip FrankPrivate D Watopa wnd Nashville 12/16/64 dsch 9/16/65
Ferdinand RhodePrivateDW Albanydsch 6/15/65
Adeline LefebvePrivateFGillford wnd 12/16/64 at Nashville died 1/8/65
Enoch YoungPrivate F Mazeppa promo sgt wounded by guerrillas in TX dsch for dsbl 11/27/1862 died of wounds 1864
Robt (M) Piner1st SgtGWabashadsch dsbl 3/4/63
Timothy FullerSergeantGWabashadsch disability
James W VanceSergeantGWabashadsch dsbl 9/22/63
Lyman T Paine (Payne)CorporalGHighlandpromo sgt dsch 3/63
Dewitt (C) CollierCorporalGWabashadsch dsbl 10/10/62 reenlisted 1st Heavy Art dsch 9/27/65
Jacob RushCorporalGWabashapromo sgt dsch with regiment
Jonas SnyderCorporalGPlainviewdied 7/7/63 at Millikens Bend LA
Benjamin YoungCorporalGLake Citywnd Nashville 12/16/65 dsch with regiment veteran
Henry T JohnsonCorporalGWabashapromo sgt dsch with regiment
Henry G RisingMusicianGWabashadsch with regiment
Maitland (H) WilcoxMusicianGWabasharetained by civilian authorities at Ft Snelling 5/13/62
Thomas MillsWagonerGWabashadsch exp term 4/65
Oliver Babeau (Bebeau)PrivateGWabashadsch with regiment
Andrew BenjaminPrivateGWabashawnd Corinth 10/4/62 trans to Miss Marine Brigade
Horace Brown PrivateG Wabasha veteran died 6/1/1865 at Camp Douglas, Ill
Bennet BuddePrivateGWabashadsch 9/6/65
Henry Bruisson (Buisson)PrivateGWabashadsch with regiment
Jacob BushPrivateGWabasha promo corp sgt wnd at Nashville dsch 9/6/65 involved in 32 battles
George CampbellPrivateGWabasha died 7/10/63 at Millikens Bend LA
Nathaniel CrandallPrivateGMazeppadsch dsbl 9/18/63
Wm J DickeyPrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 11/26/62
James W DrewPrivateGPlainviewcorp dsch with regiment
Michael FuryPrivateGWabashatrans to invalid corps 12/12/1963
Thompson Gale Private G Wabasha vet promo corp died at Demopolis Ala 1865
Daniel P Glen Private G Lake City died 7/8/65 of wnds rcvd at Nashville 12/16/65
Fred Grammals (Frederick L. Grammets)PrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 3/26/63
John HigginsPrivateGWabashadsch 9/6/65
James C Huddleston Private G Wabasha dsch 3/6/1863 illegally mustered also served in 1st MO Cavalry
John HuddlestonPrivateGGlasgow wnd Nashville 12/16/63 promo wagoner dsch 9/6/65
George KelloggPrivate G Wabasha promo corp, sgt wnd 12/16/65 Nashville dsch with regiment
Dennis KellyPrivateGWabashadsch with regiment
Daniel KeyesPrivate G Gillford dsch 9/6/1865
Hercules (P) LaChapelle (Lachapelle)PrivateGWabashadsch 9/6/65
George LansingPrivateGGlasgowpromo corp sgt dsch with regiment
Jerome LansingPrivateGGlasgowdsch 6/10/65
Francis LaPoint (Le Point)PrivateGWabashadsch 9/6/65
Thomas LeBlancPrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 3/4/63
Franklin S Mason (Meason)PrivateGW Albanydsch 4/3/65
George MatselderPrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 3/18/63
Oliver MonettePrivateGGreenfielddsch with regiment
Joseph MyersPrivateGWabashadied in prison at Andersonville 8/3/64
Tinkey (Finkey) C MyersPrivateGWabashapromo corp dsch with regiment
Seth W PainePrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 10/4/62
Eli S PickettPrivateGGlasgowdsch dsbl 12/31/62
John RobsonPrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 1/15/63
Baptiste (Q) RocquePrivateGWabashadied 8/14/62 Camp Clear Creek Miss
George W ScottPrivateGWabashawnd Corinth 4/28/62 dsch dsbl 5/9/65
Daniel SmithPrivateGWabashadied 7/9/62 Camp Clear Creek Miss
David SpringsteadPrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 9/20/62
Andrew StewartPrivateGGlasgowpromo corp dsch with regiment
Mike St Jacque (Jake)PrivateGWabashadeserted 3/14/63 at Germantown TN
Henry C Walker Private G Wabasha promo corp veteran dsch 9/6/1865
Edmund (F) WestonPrivateGWabashadied at Youngs Pt LA 7/10/63
Andrew J WildsPrivateGWabashadsch dsbl 9/2/62 reenlisted in 1st Battalion promo corp dsch 7/14/1865
Lyman Stoddard SergeantHMazeppadied 12/28/62 at Jackson TN
Chas G StrongCorporalHGillforddsch 3/22/65 for wnds recvd at Nashville
Isaac R Bryan CorporalHMazeppadsch with regiment
James Bailey Private H Chester died 11/5/1862 at Jackson, TN
Amos C BarberPrivateHGillford dsch with regiment
Nathan BuckinghamPrivateHMazeppakilled 9/18/62 at Corinth Miss
Thomas CarlonPrivateHMazeppadsch dsbl 3/14/63
George Chamberlain (Chamberlin)PrivateHLake Citydsch exp term 4/65
Louis ChasePrivateHGreenfielddied 3/18/65 at New Orleans LA
Clark CongdonPrivateHGillfordpromo corp dsch with regiment
Henry E CongdonPrivateHGillfordpromo corp dsch with regiment
Zara Cornisle PrivateHMazeppadsch dsbl 3/14/63
Philetus Crandall PrivateHMazeppakilled 10/4/62 at Corinth MS
Jacob A CutshallPrivateHMazeppapromo corp dsch with regiment
Henry DavisPrivateHChesterdied 12/20/62 at St Louis Mo
Daniel ElletsonPrivateHGillforddsch dsbl 11/29/62
Francis ElletsonPrivateHMazeppawnd Richmond LA 6/15/63 dsch 4/3/65
John EmmonsPrivateHMazeppawnd Nashville 12/16/64 in hosp when dsch
Charles A EricksonPrivateHHighlandwnd Nashville 12/16/64 dsch from hospital
Samuel EversonPrivateHMazeppatrans to invalid corp 7/1/64
George F HatchPrivate H Lake City promo sgt 1st Lt veteran dsch 9/6/65
Henry C JeffreyPrivateHMazeppadsch dsbl 10/5/63
Barzil (Barzie) Jerry (Bazil on father Francis Jerry's biography)PrivateHChesterwnd Corinth 5/28/62 trans to 3rd Mich Batt
Edwin (W) MaxwellPrivateHMazeppawnd Corinth 10/4/62 dsch exp term 4/65
Patrick McDonoughPrivateHMazeppadsch 9/6/1865 veteran
James R PrattPrivateHWabasha dsch 9/6/65
Henry PutnamPrivate H Mazeppa dsch with regiment
Chas H SibleyPrivateHMazeppawnd Corinth dsch dsbl 12/11/62 reenlisted in 1st Mn Heavy Artillery
Monroe StevensPrivateHMazeppadsch with regiment
Geo H SuitsPrivateHMazeppadsch dsbl 8/65
James (M) WaskeyPrivateHMazeppapromo corp dsch dsbl 2/7/63
Cornelius Warring Private H Gillford dsch dsbl 5/4/1863 reenlisted in 11th MN Inf promo corp dsch 6/26/1865
John ParkerPrivate I Pepin dsch 9/6/1865
John HamlinPrivateKHighland dsch with regiment

The name Lewis Butterson appears in the book but not on Jerry's list.

Biography of Marcus Morton Ingraham

Marcus, a carpenter, Lake City, was born in Savoy,Berkshire county, Massachusetts, June 24, 1828. His parents, Obediah and Abigail (Smith) Ingraham, were also natives of Massachusetts. The father operated saw and grist mills, and Marcus was his assistant till he was twenty-three years old. His education was furnished by the village school, and was but rudimentary. On his removal to Ashippun, Dodge county, Wisconsin (in 1851), he taught school two terms in the winter intervals of his farming operations. He became a resident of Minnesota in 1857, and built a home at Center Point. Two years later he moved the building to Lake City, and has made this place his home ever since. Many buildings in and near the city are monuments of his skill. On January 19, 1862, Mr. Ingraham's name was enrolled as a defender of his country. He was made second lieutenant of Co. H, 5th Minn. Vols. in Gov. Hubbard's regiment. Our subject served in the western army, commanding his company part of the time. He participated in the battles at Farmington, first and second Corinth, and the campaigns in Mississippi and Tennessee. He was obliged to resign on account of the jealousy of his captain, and was enrolled in the 1st Heavy Art. with the same rank. This regiment was stationed at Chattanooga during Mr. Ingraham's connection with it. It is almost needless to say he is republican. During his residence at Center Point he served as town clerk, assessor and justice of the peace. October 18, 1848, dates the marriage of M. M. Ingraham to Miss Lucinda L. Fuller, both born and reared in the same town. Mrs. Ingraham's parents, Ira Fuller and Keziah Leonard, were also born in Massachusetts. To Mr. and Mrs. Ingraham seven children have been given, resident as below noted: John M. keeps hotel at Menomonee, Wisconsin; Abby H. (Mrs. Luther M. Follett), Appleton, Wisconsin; Julia A. (wife of P. A. Rockwell) , St. Paul; Francis L., with elder brother; Gellette R., with eldest sister; Charles H. and Bessie P., at home.

Biography of Jacob Bush

Jacob, a mason, Wabasha, was born at Moscow, in the District of Montreal, Canada, February 1, 1830. His great-grandfather came from France, and settled in Canada. His father, Zabattias, was born and reared in the same locality as himself. His name has been changed since he came here, and as he had no education, he is unable to give the original French spelling. His early life was spent on a Canadian farm. For some years he was employed in ironworks on Lake Champlain, and he found various employments in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. In 1852 he came west, and spent a year on a farm at Columbus, Wisconsin. He came to Wabasha in 1853, and found employment with the fur traders. He claimed land, and afterward sold out. In 1861 he enlisted in the U. S. Vols., Co. G, 5th Minn. regt. Served in the western army; in the siege of Corinth, Buell's expedition, battles of Tuscumbia, Chattanooga, second Corinth, Iuka, siege of Vicksburg, battle Guntown, Red River expedition, battle Nashville, siege and capture of forts about Mobile. At. Nashville he received a flesh-wound from a piece of an exploding shell. In all he was an actor in thirty-two battles, besides several skirmishes, and was discharged from service in September, 1865. He returned to Wabasha, and has chiefly been employed in mason-work since. He was a member of the G.A.R., while a lodge existed here. He was reared in the Catholic church, and adheres to the democratic party. In 1855 he married Susan Montraill, who was born in Mendota, this state, and died in November, 1880. Of her twelve children ten survive her. Josephine, the eldest, now wife of David Pugh, resides in Greenfield; Isabel (Mrs. William Edwards), Oliver, Lucy (Frank Hoffer) and Emily reside in Wabasha. The rest are at home, christened as follows: Jacob, James, Gracie, Susan, Addie and Frank.

Biography of Francis Jerry
(This is the father, but the son's military career is also mentioned here.)

Francis Jerry, (deceased) settled in Chester August 18, 1855, taking a claim on section 28. He opened up three farms, and left his widow eighty acres on section 33, where he died July 24, 1874. Mr. Jerry was a native of New York, born July 6, 1814. He was reared on a farm in Canada by an uncle, his parents having died when he was an infant. He served in the United States forces during the Black Hawk war, and afterward settled near Galena, Illinois. He was married there May 2, 1838, to Elizabeth Grishaber, who was born in Hoffwehr, Baden, Germany, November 15, 1819. After farming on rented land in Illinois he came to Minnesota, as above related. He was deranged by a sunstroke in June, 1867, and was entirely helpless during the last three years of his life. Besides his widow, five children were left to mourn him, now located as follows: Francis M., Barron county, Wisconsin; Basil, Missouri; Mary (Mrs. William Evans), Plum City, Wisconsin; Joseph (rendered totally deaf by measles while serving in the 3d Minn. Inf.) with his mother; Augustus, Winfield, Montana; Isadore, Washington Territory. Basil served through the war of the rebellion, and Francis three years in the same struggle. Mr. Jerry was reared a Catholic, but did not adhere to that faith.

Notes on Baptiste Rocque

Dale Ebersold says, "I believe him to be Jean Baptiste Laframboise Rocque, born February 1828 at Dubuque, IA. He and his uncle Jean Baptiste Rocque (b. 1805) are the only two possible Rocque's named Baptiste. And I think the uncle would have been too old for conscription.

The younger Baptiste, married Mary Frazer, daughter of Jack Fraizer and a Mdewakanton woman, probably the daughter of Grey Iron. His children were Antoine (b. 1854) and Augustin/Samuel (b. 1856)."

(There is a "Baptiste Rogue" listed with Brackett's Battalion. I wonder if his name might be "Rocque" instead. ~ Barbara)

The following information is provided by Kevin Frye. It can be found on his website
"Andersonville Civil War Prison" and is taken from these records:

"List of Union Soldiers Buried at Andersonville" by Dorence Atwater, 1865 and
"Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars, 1861-65" Board of Commissioners, Volume I; State of Minnesota, 1891.

Myers, Joseph, Private, Company G, Regiment 5, Minnesota Infantry, captured ? on ?, died August 13, 1864 at Andersonville of diarrhea, no more information available, Code No. 15460, Grave No. 5460.