"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ 1st Regiment Minnesota Heavy Artillary Infantry"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


Was organized in April, 1865, and was ordered to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where it remained until mustered out of service in September, 1865, and was discharged at Fort Snelling.

Men from other counties who served in this regiment
Searching for men from other counties who served in this regiment

First Regiment Heavy Artillery Minnesota Volunteers

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.

Clinton N Sterry CaptainAMt Pleasantdsch 7/7/1865
Elisha Randle1st LieutenantAMt Pleasantresigned 6/22/65
William Colter2nd LieutenantAOakwooddsch 7/1/1865
Harlan AllenPrivateAMazeppapromo corp sgt dsch with company
Stephen BarnettPrivate A Oakwood dsch 6/20/1865
George BartlettPrivateAChesterpromo corp died at Nashville of Disease
Gerhard BerndgenPrivate A Oakwood promo corp dsch 6/20/1865
Josephus BlevinPrivate A W Albany dsch 6/20/1865
Jacob BlumPrivate A W Albany dsch 6/17/1865
Frederick BlumePrivate A Oakwood dsch 6/20/1865
Chas F ChurchPrivateALake Citypromo corp dsch with company
George W ColbyPrivateALake Citypromo corp dsch company
John ConwayPrivateAZumbrodsch 5/16/1865 at Chatanooga TN
Hiram CooleyPrivate A Mt Pleasant transferred to Co L dsch 7/7/1865
John CunrathPrivate A Minneiska trans to Co L dsch7/7/1865
Charles DicksonPrivate A W Albany dsch 6/20/1865
John D DunhamPrivateALake Citydsch with company
John DunhamPrivate A Lake City dsch with company
William ElliottPrivate A W Albany dsch 6/20/1865
Adolph EngelPrivate A Oakwood dsch 8/5/1865 absent
Richard FitzsimondsPrivate A Mt Pleasant trans to co L dsch 7/7/1865
James W FossPrivate A Mt Pleasant trans to Co F dsch 7/7/1865
Wm J FultonPrivateAMazeppadsch with company
Orlando GaylordPrivateAChester dsch with company
Franklin GillottPrivateALake Citydsch with company
John W HillPrivate A Wabasha dsch with company
Gordon JackinsPrivate A W Albany dsch 6/20/1865
David JagersPrivateAZumbrodsch with company
Frank KramerPrivate A Oakwood dsch 6/20/1865
James LewisPrivateAZumbrodsch with company
Chas A McKeanPrivateAHighlandpromo corp dsch with company
Andrew MislemPrivate A Oakwood dsch 6/20/1865
Thomas NazeyPrivate A W Albany dsch 6/20/1865
A M L RadabaughPrivateAChesterdied at Ft Snelling
Alexander SeloverPrivateAZumbro dsch with company
Chas H SibleyPrivateALake Citydsch with company
John StrangPrivate A Oakwood dsch 6/26/1865
Wm SullivanPrivateAPlainviewdsch with company
Peter TheisPrivate A Oakwood dsch 6/26/1865
Christian UmbreitPrivateAPlainview dsch 9/27/65 trans to company M
John S WalesPrivate A W Albany dsch while absent
Marshall WierPrivateAGreenfieldpromo corp dsch with company
Martin S AndersonPrivateBHighlanddsch with company
Peter AndersonPrivateBHighlandtrans to co D
Martin CronanPrivate B Pepin dsch 6/17/1865
Patrick DohenyPrivate B Glasgow dsch 6/17/1865
Peter JohnsonPrivateBHighlanddsch with company
Christian KrausePrivate B Mt Pleasant promo sgt dsch 6/17/1865
Francis OsbornePrivate B Pepin promo corp dsch 6/17/1865
Blake PtersonPrivate B Pepin dsch 6/17/1865
Sylvester TollifsonPrivateBHighlanddsch with company
Tolif TollifsonPrivateBHighlandtrans to co K
Roderick WeagantPrivate B Glasgow dsch 6/17/1865
Perry WillardPrivateBZumbrodsch with company
Lafayette ChipmanPrivateCGreenfielddsch 6/17/65
John L FisherPrivate C Highland dsch 8/10/1865
Wm F FisherPrivate C Highland trans to co D dsch 7/7/1865
Wm GardnerPrivateCGreenfielddsch 6/17/65
John GoodmanPrivateCElgin dsch with company
Michael McMahonPrivate C Pepin dsch with company
Joseph PaulPrivate C Pepin trans to co F dsch with company
Henry H RosePrivate C Pepin dsch 6/17/1865
Wm H ThorpPrivateCMinneiskadsch with company
Joseph ChristensonPrivateDWab Codsch with company
Charles DevinePrivate D Highland dsch 9/27/1865
John FullerPrivate D Highland promo corp, sgt dsch 9/27/1865
Amos KenterPrivateDWab Codsch 9/27/65
George A MartinPrivateDElgindsch 9/27/1865
Alanson MitchellPrivateDHighlandpromo corp dsch 9/27/1865
Orson ReedPrivateDLake City dsch with company
Benjamin Evans Cook(colored) E Lake City dsch 9/27/1865
Peter Hoffman Private E Lake City dsch 9/27/1865
Hiram IngallsPrivate E Lake City dsch 9/27/1865
James IngallsPrivate E Lake Citydsch 9/27/1865
Andrew ClarkCaptainGPlainviewdsch with company
Orville D Ford Sr 1st Lieutenant G Chester dsch 9/27/65
James Hankinson1st LieutenantGWabashadsch with company
Lamont GilbertSr 2nd LieutenantGMt Pleasantdsch with company
Henry Hamilton2nd LieutenantGGillforddsch 9/27/1865
Geo AckermanPrivateGMazeppadied 3/25/65 at Chatanooga TN
Chauncey AllenPrivate G Zumbro dsch 9/27/1865
Robert P AndrewsPrivateGWabashadsch with company
Chas G AustinPrivateGPlainviewdsch with company
William BallardPrivate G Mazeppa dsch 5/16/1865
Ulric BeebePrivateGWabashadsch with company
Chas C BidwellPrivateGPlainviewdsch with regiment
David BoycePrivate G Gillford dsch 8/9/1865
Edwin BrownPrivateGPlainviewdsch with regiment
Walter BrownPrivateGMt Pleasantdsch with company
Gottlieb Burkhardt PrivateGPepindsch with company
Rudolph BurkhardtPrivateGPepindsch with company
James C BurnesPrivateGPepindsch with company
Wm C CarpenterPrivateGPlainviewdsch 7/24/65
Joshua ClarksonPrivateGWabashadsch with company
Geo H ColbyPrivateGPlainviewdsch with company
Dewitt (C) CollierPrivateGWabashapromo corp dsch with company
Alonzo DarrowPrivateGPlainviewdsch with company
Hiram DieterlePrivateGWabashadsch with company
Ira EpersonPrivateGChesterdsch with company
Ebenezer (F) FarnsworthPrivateGPlainviewdsch 1865 absent
Peter (H) FentonPrivateGWabashadsch with company
Ira (A) Fieffield (Fiefield) PrivateGMazeppadsch with company
Lorenzo (J) Fieffield (Fiefield) PrivateGMazeppadsch 7/15/65
Wilbur F Fisk PrivateG Gillford dsch 9/27/1865
Orton D Ford PrivateGMazeppapromo sgt dsch with company
Orville (D) FordPrivateGMazeppa dsch 9/27/65
Geo B FranklinPrivateGChesterpromo corp dsch with company
John GasleyPrivateGLake Citydsch 8/5/65
Joseph Ginthner (Guthner)PrivateGWabashadsch with company
Hermon Grainer (Graner)PrivateGWabashadsch with company
Frederick Grammels (Gramonds)PrivateGGillforddsch with company
Isaac N GreenPrivateGWabashacorp reduced to ranks 8/26/1865
William HayesPrivateGMinneiskadsch with company
Samuel HittPrivateGWabashadsch 6/15/65
Henry HortonPrivateGPlainviewpromo corp dsch 1865
Elijah HumesPrivateGWabashadsch 9/27/1865 absent
Wallace HutchinsPrivateGMazeppadsch 1865 absent
Bendedict JaniPrivate G W Albany dsch 9/27/1865
Edward JohnsonPrivateGPlainviewdsch 8/25/1865
James Kennedy (Kenedy)PrivateGWabashadsch with company
Oscar KestnerPrivateGWabashadsch with company
August KirchnerPrivateGMinnieskadsch with company
Herman LawsonPrivateGWabashapromo corp sgt dsch 5/15/65
Dewitt (Dwight) Leach PrivateGPlainviewpromo sgt dsch while sick on furlough
Geo S LeachPrivateGWabashadied 3/22/65 at Chatanooga TN
John H LewisPrivateGPepinpromo Chief Musician trans to non com staff
Charles LindtPrivateGPlainviewdsch with company
Stephen LoutPrivateGMazeppadischarged absent
Wm (H) MathewsPrivateGMt Pleasantpromo Qmstr Sgt trans to noncom staff 5/15/65
James McGrathPrivateGOakwooddsch with company
H H B McMastersPrivateGPepinpromo sgt major trans to noncom staff 8/23/1865
John MontgomeryPrivateGMt Pleasantdsch with company
Charles MyersPrivateGPepindsch with company
Wm P Nelson PrivateGZumbrodsch with company
Wm M PerkinsPrivateGZumbrodsch at St Paul
Charles PiersPrivateGGlasgowdsch with company
Robt H PinerPrivateGWabashapromo corp sgt dsch with company
George (Georg) PorterPrivateGWabashadsch 1865 absent
Wm M PorterPrivateGWabashadsch with company
Turner Prebel (Preble) JrPrivateGMazeppadsch with company
Caleb ReynoldsPrivateGMt Pleasantdsch with company
John RitterPrivateGPlainviewdsch 1865 absent
Henry C RobertsonPrivate G Gillford dsch 9/27/1865
Albert R RossPrivateGPlainviewpromo corp dsch with company
M N RossPrivateGMazeppapromo sgt major trans to noncom staff 5/4/1865
John N Ross PrivateGWabashadsch with company
Chas W SargeantPrivateGPlainviewdsch in hosp1865
John Sattory (Satory)PrivateGWabashadsch with company
Anton (Antoin) Schutzler Private G Wabasha dsch with company
Miles SherinPrivateGLake Cityabsent sick
Oscar SlocumPrivate G Zumbro dsch 9/27/1865
Hiram SmallPrivateGMt Pleasantdsch with company
Sidney H SmithPrivateGPepinpromo corp dsch with company
Frank St ClarePrivateGWabashadsch with company
Ira StonePrivateGWabashadsch with company
Jerome J StonePrivateGWabashapromo sgt 1st Sgt
Augustus (W) StowmanPrivateGWabashadsch with company
Francis StowellPrivateGMazeppapromo sgt 2/16/65 reduced 8/26/65
Sylvester SummersPrivateGZumbrodsch 9/27/65
Andrew Taft Private G Lake City dsch 9/27/1865
Wm P Tenney JrPrivateGWabashadsch with company
Wm P Tenney SrPrivateGWabashadsch with company
Thomas ThorpPrivateGChesterdsch with company
Geo W TysonPrivateGPlainviewdsch with company
Elon WharrenPrivateGPlainviewdsch with company
Henry WashburnePrivate G Zumbro dsch 8/3/1865
James H WhaleyPrivateGLake City dsch with company
Henry WherenbergPrivateG Wabashadsch with company
Charles WhitePrivateGPlainviewpromo corp sgt dsbl in hosp 1865
Isaac YorkPrivateGMt Pleasantdsch with company
Wm Youke (Yonke)PrivateGMt Pleasantdsch with company
James A Foote Sr 1st Lieutenant H Mt Pleasant dsch 9/27/65
Charles Chase Private H Elgin dsch 9/27/65
H Ellis Private H Mt Pleasant dsch 5/15/1865
Mortimer Hallett Private H Elgin promo sgt dsch 9/27/1865
Solomon Hallett Private H Elgin dsch absent from co.
Thomas Holverson Private H Elgin dsch 9/27/1865
Ralph Phillips Private H Mazeppa dsch 9/27/1865
Harry Smith Private H Elgin deserted from Mill Prison at Chatanooga August 1865
Franklin Wilbright Private H Glasgow promo musician dsch 9/27/1865
Ole WilsonPrivate H Glasgow dsch 9/27/1865
Andrew BakerPrivate I Lake City dsch 9/27/65
Thomas HopePrivate I Highland dsch 9/27/1865
Wm PlumbPrivateIGreenfielddsch 9/27/65
Peter CarrollPrivate K Chester dsch 9/27/65
Robert CochranPrivate K Glasgow died 5/13/65 at Chatanooga, TN
Cyrus ErsleyPrivateKWab Codsch 8/25/65
Samuel HallPrivate K Hyde Parkdsch 9/27/65
John P HendricksPrivate L Greenfield dsch 9/27/1865
Daniel NoblePrivate L Zumbro dsch 9/27/1865
Carl SchultzPrivate L Zumbro dsch 9/27/1865
Peter ShaleenPrivate L Lake City promo corp, sgt dsch9/27/1865
Christian BachPrivate M Minnieska dsch 9/27/65
O H Carpenter PrivateMMinneiska died 3/26/65 at Kingston TN
Wm F Ellis Private M Mt Pleasant dsch 9/27/1865
Hubert B Meyer Private M Minnieska promo sgt dsch 9/27/1865
Hiram Miller Private M Elgin dsch 9/27/1865
Albert W Mills Private M Elgin dsch 9/27/1865
John Peterson Private M Lake City dsch 9/27/1865
Osborne J RolphPrivateMMinneiskadsch with company
John WhitneyPrivateMPlainviewdsch 9/27/65

The following names appear in the book but not on Jerry's list:

Caleb C. Emery's biography states that he served in this unit, but he is neither on the book's list nor on Jerry's list.

Men From Other Towns Who Served In This Regiment

August Fenske--New UlmContributed by Susan Palmatier, August's gggranddaughter
Susan writes: "My grandfather rode to the fort when the town of New Ulm was under siege of the Indians."
Frederick Fenske--New UlmContributed by Susan Palmatier, Frederick's gggrandniece

Searching For Men From Other Towns Who Served In This Regiment

I am looking for my ggGrandfather Charles R. Hurd who was from Winona Co., Minn. He volunteered in February, 1865 and was a private in G Company, 1st Minn. Heavy Artillary. It was said that he died 5/24/1865 of disentery and is buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery at plot G-8711. Philip Hurd

John Ritter
12/30/1823 ~ 04/14/1907
(This was transcribed from a copy of a newspaper article given to me by my mother, Marian Russell Koska Elgin, who was his great-granddaughter.)

John Ritter died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. L. Taylor, in River Falls, Wis. at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon after a six months' illness. Though he was a great sufferer he bore his afflictions with great patience and was ready to go when the summons came, being tenderly cared for by his children and friends.

John Ritter was born near Frankfort, Germany, December 30, 1823. When 14 years of age he came to this country and located near Cumberland where a few years later he was united in marriage to Ellen J. Jordan who was faithful* until about four years ago. His children who survive him are Mrs. Inez Vincent of Fairmont, Mrs. Louise Taylor of River Falls Wis., Mrs. Ella Jukes of Cannon City Colo., Mrs. Lizzie Jukes of Salina Kan., J.T.Ritter of Farmington and C.H. Ritter of this place.

Mr. Ritter came to Minnesota in the spring of 1855 and settled on a homestead in Hyde Park, where he resided until 1898, and has always been a resident of Wabasha county except for about seven years spent in Kansas and one year in River Falls where he died. He had been an Odd Fellow for over fifty years and at the time of his death was a member of hyde Park Lodge No 66 I.O.O.F. located at Zumbro Falls. He enlisted in CoG. 1st Minnesota Regiment and served about a year to the close of the war. He has been a member of the Christian church of Plainview about ten years.

Funeral services were held at the Christian church Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 and the remains laid to rest in Greenwood Cemetary.

John was my gggrandfather. His biography does not appear in the 1884 book about Wabasha County, but I am including his obituary from my family genealogy site,
The Koska~Timm Family Rosebush."

*The term "who was faithful" may be confusing to 21st Century ears. It probably refers to an interpretation of Revelation 2:10: "Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life." Certainly, the Bible instructs us to be morally faithful within our marriages, but this verse is referring to faithfulness to Jesus, not to one's spouse.


This narrative was found at an untitled
Rootsweb site with no email address. Thus, I was could not ask permission or give credit. The webmaster's ancestor, Jabez Tuey, served in this regiment.

This regiment commenced its organization in the summer of 1864, and as fast as each company was organized was ordered to Chattanooga, Tenn. Sherman had begun his march to the sea, Hood was preparing to march northerly, and Chattanooga thus became a strategic point. General Thomas was in Nashville, overlooking the entire situation, and maintaining a large force of artillery at Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga.

The state at this time had an estimated population of 250,000 persons; 25,000 men had enlisted in the Union cause from Minnesota; the frontier had been depopulated by the Sioux outbreak; agriculture was the chief source of livelihood; and it will therefore be readily seen how great the strain upon our young commonwealth to take almost 1,700 men, its very bone and sinew, from families dependent for support upon their industry and labor. An extraordinary cause justified the demand, and to the last bugle call of their country's cause these men cheerfully responded. Children, families, homes, were left behind, and the South faced. That terrible South where so many had already met death. The cities had been depleted, and the gallant men composing the First Minnesota Heavy Artillery came mainly from the country districts. Intelligent and stalwart, healthy and rugged and inured to toil, they formed splendid material for soldiers. The regiment was composed of twelve companies, each company containing one hundred and forty men, officered by one captain, four lieutenants, and the usual non-commissioned officers. Great care was used by the governor in selecting such officers, old veteran soldiers being usually selected, sergeants from the veteran First Minnesota, and corporals from the Third, Fourth and Fifth being made captains and lieutenants.

When one of the great heroes of Gettysburg, Colonel William Colvill, consented to take charge of the new organization, and the veteran major of the Fourth, L. L. Baxter, his next in rank, was made lieutenant colonel, and Misner of the Third and Eddy of the Fifth, and that other gallant veteran from the First Minnesota, who had encountered Longstreet's charge at Gettysburg, C. P. Heffelfinger - when these follow as majors, who couldn't say that "Duty well performed, if not success and honor, must follow their regimental banner."

The command is ordered to Chattanooga to take charge of the heavy guns and forts of that place. Under the brow of Missionary Ridge, at the base of Lookout Mountain, and with the battlefields of Chickamauga and Atlanta beyond, what inspiring memories to lofty thoughts and patriotism! Rumor comes from time to time that Hood is about to march to Chattanooga and thence to Knoxville. The men are placed on half-rations, and the utmost vigilance exerted and anxiety prevails. There was reason for this anxiety. General Hood had reorganized the rebel forces of the South and Southwest, and it was a serious question as to what route he would take north. By attacking and capturing Chattanooga, thence on to Knoxville, he could have joined General Lee and delayed the final result.

The confidence displayed by Generals Thomas and Stedman, in placing the regiment in so responsible a post, was extremely complimentary. General Thomas Francis Meagher, fresh from the battlefields of Virginia, was given command of the district of Etawah, embracing our post, until the danger was over. The battle of Nashville has been fought and won; Sherman has reached the Carolinas; Lee has surrendered at Appomattox. The war practically over, the regiment in the summer and fall of 1865 is finally mustered out. Captain Harvey, Officer of St. Paul, was honored by being made acting assistant adjutant general of the district. Lieutenant Colonel Baxter became our colonel, and was, by order of General Thomas, chief of garrison artillery of Chattanooga from March, 1865, until the regiment left for home. Others, by reason of their activity and intelligence, were placed in places of trust and peril, and the regiment, with its career and duty well done and sacrifice endured, merits a name high on the monument that the record of Minnesota soldiers deserves.