"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ Brackett's Battalion Minn Vol Cav"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


Consisted originally of companies 1,2 and 3, and was organized in November, 1861. It was ordered to Benton Barracks, Missouri, in December, 1862. In April, 1862, the name of this regiment was changed to the 5th Iowa Cav.; was veteranized in 1864 and ordered to the department of the Northwest; was mustered out by companies between May and June, 1866. The men who engaged in this battalion from Wabasha county were:

Brackett's Battalion Cavalry Minnesota Volunteers

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Gerard GessellPrivateAPepindsch with company
Jacob GrossPrivateAPepindsch with company
Isaac N HubbardPrivateAGillforddsch 10/28/1864
Herman KemperPrivateAPepindsch with company
Peter MannPrivateAPepindsch with company
Wm MeyerPrivateAPepinpromo sgt reduced to ranks dsch with co
Joseph MorsePrivateAReeds Landingdeserted 4/64 at Ft Snelling
George PhelpsPrivateAMazeppacapt 5/5/62 returned dsch 9/17/62 for wnds rcvd at Obion river TN 5/5/62 reenlisted 2/29/65 dsch with reg
Baptiste RoguePrivateAReeds Landingdsch with company
Jason D RowePrivateAElgin deserted 6/5/63 at Ft Donaldson TN with horse, arms & equip
William HendricksPrivate B Plainview dsch 11/27/1864
Ephraim WhitneyPrivateBPlainviewdsch 5/24/1866
Charles H Osgood2nd LieutenantCPlainviewdsch with company
Robert Alden2nd LieutenantCPlainviewdsch 5/24/1866
Wm T Bain2nd LieutenantCWabasha (none given)
Robert H Davis2nd LieutenantCWabashadsch 5/24/1866
Geo W EmeighPrivateCWabashadsch with company
Edward W HuntPrivateCChesterdsch 3/29/66
Nelson NiskernPrivateCPlainviewdsch 5/16/1865
Henry SlaymakerPrivateCChesterdsch with company
Reuben SlaymakerPrivateCChesterdsch with company
Wm Van EmanPrivateCPlainviewdsch 5/24/1866
Marvin BrownPrivateDPlainviewdsch 6/1/66
Edward WheelerPrivateDLake Citydsch with company
William BrooksPrivateEGlasgowdsch 11/22/1865
Orson CutlerPrivateLWabashaveteran, was in regimental band
Theodore FreemanPrivateMLake Citypromo Corp dsch 12/14/65

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