"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ 1st Mounted Rangers Minn Vol Cav"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


Was organized in March, 1863. This cavalry was stationed among frontier outposts until May, 1863, when it was ordered upon Indian expedition, and participated in the engagement with the Indians on July 24, 26 and 28, 1863, and upon the return of the expedition was again stationed at frontier forts until mustered out. This regiment was mustered out by companies between October 1, 1863, and December 30, 1863.

List of men enrolled from this county as follows:

First Regiment Minnesota Mounted Rangers

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.

Newton WilliamsCom Sergeant-Lake Citydsch with regiment
Wm CampbellPrivateAWabashadsch with regiment reenlisted Bracketts Bat. Promo sgt
Frederick (E) VancePrivateAWabashapromo saddler dsch with company
John HigginsPrivate C Hyde Park dsch 10/31/1863
James DonnanPrivateFWabashadsch with company
George P HarrisPrivateFWabashatrans to 2nd Cav co D promo Com Sgt
John A HarrisPrivateFWabashatrans to 2nd Cav co D appt Saddler
Harrison KeeneyPrivateFHighlanddsch with company
Timothy (R) Bullis PrivateGPepinpromo sgt dsch with company
Jas R BurkePrivateGPepindsch with co 11/28/63
Geo W EmeighPrivateGPepindsch with company
Stephen R FieldPrivateGMazeppadsch with company
J S HarrisonPrivateGLake Citypromo corp dsch with company
Wm KilpatrickPrivateGPepindsch with company
Wm C PiersPrivateGReeds Landingdsch with company
Thomas SmithPrivateGPepindsch with company
Robert M WeakleyPrivateGPepindsch with company
Wm WoodenPrivateGPepindsch with company
William YoungPrivateGLake Citydsch 11/28/63
Benjamin F YoungsPrivateGMazeppadsch 11/28/63 also served in 6th MN Inf
Albert W BeanPrivateIPlainview dsch with company reenlisted 1st Heavy Artillery
George ClarkPrivateIElgin dsch with company reenlisted 3rd Mn Inf Co H dsch with regiment
Garrett DuryeaPrivate I Glasgow dsch 10/1/63 reenlisted Co B Hatchs Cav dsch 6/9/66
Milton Hatchaway PrivateIZumbrodsch with company
Jas O HattlestedPrivateIZumbrodsch with company
John HunterPrivateIWabashadsch dsbl 5/7/63
Jas H KinneyPrivateIZumbrodsch with company
Wm C SmithPrivateIGreenfielddsch with company
Joseph StoddardPrivateILake Citydsch 12/1/65
Peter SmithPrivateLPlainviewdsch with company
Hiram CulverPrivateMLake Citydsch with company

The following names appear in the book but not on Jerry's list: