"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ Eleventh Regiment"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


List compiled by Jerry Anderson

John J Beatty2nd LieutenantELake Citydsch with regiment
Henry Neal1st LieutenantCElgindsch 6/26/65
Wm Clapshaw Corporal C Elgin dsch 6/26/65
Niels AndersonPrivate A Lake City dsch 6/26/1865
Peter BrickPrivate A Oakwood dsch 6/20/1865
Conrad BristlerPrivateA Oakwood died 5/20/65 at Chatanooga, TN
John ReibePrivateAPepinprom corp dsch 6/26/65
Belanie BolducPrivateBGreenfield deserted 9/21/64 at St Paul
Thomas BrennanPrivateBPepindsch 6/17/1865
Phillip BurgessPrivateCElgindsch 6/26/65
John ChasePrivateCElgindsch 6/26/65
George FrandlePrivateCOakwooddsch 6/26/1865
Edgar HenryPrivateC Lake City dsch 6/26/65
Wm LinsleyPrivateCElgindsch 6/26/65
Henry RobertsonPrivateC Hyde Park promo sgt trans to co E dsch 9/26/1865
Patrick RutledgePrivateCElgindsch 6/26/65
Luther CanfieldPrivate D Plainview dsch 6/26/65
James HendersonPrivate D Hyde Park dsch 6/26/1865
Henry RobertsonSergeantEHyde Parkdsch 6/26/65
Joseph AllenCorporalEMazeppadsch 6/26/65
Isreal WilsonCorporalEMt Pleasantdsch 6/26/65
Silas BrooksPrivateE Lake Citydsch 6/26/65
Egbert ClarkPrivateEMt Pleasantdsch 6/26/65
Orrin Corwin PrivateE Lake Citydsch 6/26/65
Warren CorwinPrivateELake Citydsch 6/26/65
Edwin CulverPrivateEHyde Parkdsch 6/26/65
John DisneyPrivateEHyde Parkdsch 6/26/65
Wm DisneyPrivateEHyde Parkdsch 6/26/65
Albert ElletsonPrivateEHyde Parkdsch 6/26/65
Robert FlynnPrivateELake Citydsch 6/26/65
Joseph GebsonPrivateEMinneiskadsch 6/26/65
Erastus LambPrivateEGillford dsch 6/26/65
Wm MabrayPrivateEChester dsch 6/26/65
Peter Nelson PrivateEOakwooddsch 6/26/65
Peter Osman PrivateEGillforddsch 6/26/65
Jason M TarbellPrivateEChesterdied 1/2/1865 at Gallatin TN
Walter VilasPrivateELake Citypromo corp dsch 6/26/65
Cornelius WarringPrivate E Gillford dsch 6/26/1865
Vulkert WarringPrivateELake Citydsch 6/26/65
John Wood JrPrivateE Mt Pleasant dsch 6/26/1865
Frederick ZwickeyPrivateE Lake City dsch 6/26/1865
James FinneganPrivate F Plainview dsch 5/31/1865
Charles D MillerPrivate F Lake City dsch 6/26/1865
Henry BrandesPrivateGGillforddsch 6/26/1865
Charles JohnsonPrivate G Greenfield promo corp dsch 6/26/1865
Nathan VanmeterPrivateGMinneiskadsch 6/26/65
Joshua KirkhamPrivateHZumbrodsch 6/26/65
George LambertPrivateHZumbrodsch 6/26/65
George PerryPrivate H Pepin dsch 6/26/1865
Ezra SheldonPrivateHMazeppadsch 6/26/65
Fletcher SheldonPrivateHMazeppadsch 6/26/65
Ferdinand WeitzPrivateHZumbrodsch 6/26/65
Thomas ThorpPrivateI Chester dsch 6/26/1865