"The Civil War ~ Wabasha Co. Minn. ~ First Regiment"

The Great Rebellion ~ The American Civil War
Accounts of Action and Rosters of the Men From
Wabasha County, Minnesota


Wabasha county was well represented in the war of the rebellion, and responded nobly to the call for men. Although so young prior to these stirring events (the grandest in the history of the world), it furnished its full quota of heroes, who fought and bled for their country, returning in honor to their homes, or laid down their lives as martyrs in a glorious cause. It would not have seemed strange if many beheld the approach of that terrible conflict with indifference, and felt a want of patriotic ardor, that characterized older and more favored sections. But if all the facts could be set forth of public and personal sacrifice, of heroic devotion and persistent efforts by the people of this country, it would not only compare favorably with the most loyal communities of the land, but make a valuable contribution to the history of the state; and a careful and just recognition of the claims of each locality reflects great honor upon each neighborhood. In the beginning of the war, when no bounties were offered, and patriotism was the sole incentive to enlistments, many volunteers went from their homes to the villages which received credit for the names enrolled, so that when it was found necessary to order a draft, the claims of such localities were ignored, consequently the draft fell upon some communities already decimated by voluntary contributions. Next to our religion, the claims of country should undoubtedly receive our ardent attention, and it was this interest that caused the American people, irrespective of party or party interests, to respond so promptly, and sacrifice so mush in such a cause. But as citizens of the world, caring nothing for country or locality, or the welfare and prosperity of one state or section more than another, men would cease to be regarded as patriotic; and no matter how philanthropic they might regard themselves, without some special consideration for the country of our birth or adoption, and of its success and happiness, we should scarcely be considered good citizens.

The 1st regt. Minn. Vols. was mustered into service April 29, 1861, and it is a noteworthy fact that it was the first one tendered to President Lincoln upon his calls for troops after the attack upon Fort Sumter, April 19, 1861.

It was ordered to Washington, June 14, and participated in the battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861. In that memorable battle the regiment lost one hundred and eighty-nine men. The bravery of its officers and men in that engagement filled the whole country with admiration. Charge after charge was made, and still the Minnesota First stood its ground, every man proving himself a hero. The regiment participated also in the skirmish at Edward's Ferry, Maryland, October 22, 1861, guarding six miles of the Potomac in the battle of Yorktown, May 7, 1862; was in two engagements at Fair Oaks, May 31 and June 1; in battles of White Oak Swamp and Nelson's Farm, June 30, 1862; in the battle of Malvern Hill, July 31, 1862. In these last engagements the regiment lost, in killed, wounded and missing, ninety-one men. October 7, 1862, it took part in a heavy reconnaissance to Malvern Hill, also several severe skirmishes. August 30, 1862, it reached Centreville, Virginia, and acted as rear guard of Gen. Pope's retreat from Fairfax Court House to Chain Bridge; had several severe skirmishes; participated in battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862; the first siege of Fredericksburg, December 11, 12, and 13, 1862; the second Fredericksburg, May 3, 1863; also the fearful struggle of Gettysburg, July 2 and 3, 1863, and was at Bristow Station, October 14, 1863. There is probably no regiment of the whole war that shows a better record than that of the heroic Minnesota First.

The following is a list of the men from this county enrolled in that regiment:

First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry and First Battalion Infantry

List compiled by Jerry Anderson

Parentheses are around alternate spellings and initials found in the book.
Names in red are linked to their biographies which are from
"Biographies & Historical Sketches of Wabasha County, Minnesota"

John H Pell (see paragraph below)CaptainI ElginCaptured Antietem resigned 3/28/1863 for disability
Joseph Harley1st LieutenantIHyde ParkResigned 7/21/1862 for wounds Bull Run reenlisted 11th Mn capt of co E
Chas B Halsey2nd LieutenantIMinneiskaResigned 11/15/1861
C Edward DavisSergeant MajorIPlainview promo 2nd Lt Co I, 1st Lt Co A, Capt Co E, also served Mex Am war
Waldo Ferrar1st SergeantIElginPromo 2nd Lt killed 7/2/64 Gettysburg
George BoydSergeantIPlainviewpromo 1st sgt 2nd Lt 1st Lt wnd in leg at Gettysburg dsch with regiment
Richard L GormanSergeantIGreenfieldtrans to 34th NY Inf
Wm WorthingtonSergeantIWabashawnd Gettysburg 7/2/63 dsch with reg
Edward B PriceSergeantIHyde Parkwnd Gettysburg 7/2/63 dschd 5/5/64
Oliver KnightSergeantIPepinwnd in arm 7/2/63 at Gettysburg dsch for promo 10/2/63 to prov marshall 1 Div
Wm J Roe (Rowe)CorporalIWabashapromo sgt died 7/15/63 of wounds rcvd at Gettysburg
Francis Fornerod CorporalIGreenfieldwnd Bull Run 7/21/61 dscg with Regiment
James O'NeillCorporalIGreenfield wnd Bull Run 7/21/61 and Gettysburg 7/2/63 promo sgt 1st sgt
John ChurchillCorporalIPepindsch with regiment
Carl S (M) CarlsonMusicianIWab Codsch with Regiment 5/5/1864
Augustis EllisonMusicianIWabashawnd at Bull Run 7/21/61 killed near Fair Oaks VA 6/14/1862
Byron WelchWagonerIPepin killed 7/2/1863 at Gettysburg
James KirkmanHospital StewardI Wabashano further record
Theodore Bennett PrivateA Lake Citymissing at Hatchers Run, also served in the 1st Battalion
John HallerPrivateALake Citydsch 7/29/61
James MarshallPrivateALake Citytrans to 1st Battalion, died 6/28/64 of wnds recvd at Petersburg
John J MarshallPrivateAWabashatrans to invalid corps November 1863
Wm F BatesPrivateBLake Citykilled Gettysburg 7/2/63
Edward TalbyPrivateBPepindied of wounds rcvd at Petersburrg VA 6/27/1864 1st Battalion
Turner PribblePrivateCMazeppacapt 6/22/64 trans to 1st Battalion dsch 7/24/65
Henry Thalenhorst PrivateCChesterdsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Henry Ellingson Private C Hyde Park dsch 5/5/1864
Elihu Cole Private D Plainview dsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
Theodore F Hoffman Private D Lake City dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Edwin M Hosmer Private D Mt Pleasant dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
William Howe Private D W Albany dsch 5/5/1864
Patrick Hurley Private D Lake City dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
John MorrisPrivateDElgindsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
Swan Peterson Private D Greenfield dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
John Thompson Private D Lake City dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Oscar ThompsonPrivateDLake Citypromo corp died near Munson Hill VA 6/2/65 1st Battalion
Thomas Wheeler PrivateDWabashawnd right ankle dsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
Eben ChurchillPrivateEPlainviewpromo corp sgt dsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
George Dye Private E Gillford dsch in hospital 8/8/65 1st Battalion
Wm D Bennett Private F Lake City promo corp dsch dsbl 2/4/1863
Alfred Collard Private F Pepin dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Eldric FraryPrivateFLake Citywounded Brisow Station trans to First Battalion Inf dsch with regiment
John Jacobson Private F Wabasha dsch 7/14/1865 First Battalion
Ole Johnson Private F Oakwood dsch 7/14/1865 trans to 1st Battalion
John Linvig Private F W Albany dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Halver OlesonPrivateFWab Codsch 7/14/65 First Battalion
Hans PetersonPrivateFLake CityWnd Bristow Station trns to 1st Battalion
Josiah H SmithPrivate F Lake City trans to 1st Battalion dsch 7/14/1865
Merritt StandishPrivate F Chester Corp trans to 4th US Cavalry
John WilliamsPrivateFElginwounded at Antietem dsch from general hospital
Chas A CoombsPrivate G Lake City wounded Gettysburg trans to 1st Batt Co A dsch 5/20/1865
Horace EatonPrivateGPlainviewpromo sgt dsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
Edwin KnightPrivateG Lake Citywnd at Gettysburg 7/2/63 dsch dsbl 1/14/1864
Samuel McLaughlin PrivateGPlainviewdsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
Joseph Stouff PrivateGPepin dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Henry Welles (Wells)PrivateGWabashacorp wnd Savage Station dsch dsbl 11/28/62
Benjamin BakerPrivateHPlainviewpromo corp dsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
John BoiePrivateHPlainviewdsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
James BurkinsPrivateHWabashadsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
Gotfried BurkhardtPrivateHPepindsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
John Caniff Private H Mt Pleasant promo corp trans to 1st Battalion dsch 7/14/1865
Andrew ChasePrivateHLake Citydsch dsbl 11/18/62
William Dee Private H Chester dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Albert KimberPrivateHMinneiskadsch in hosp 1865 1st Battalion
J B Laplount Private H Plainview dsch 5/16/1865 per order
Wesley LawtonMusicianHPlainviewdsch with regiment
Charles NiehartPrivate H Pepin dsch 4/4/1865 1st Battalion
Peter PetersonPrivateHLake Citytrans to 1st Battalion died as POW at Salisbury NC 12/16/1964
George Thompson Private H Plainview promo corp, sgt dsch 7/14/65 1st Battalion
Belains Tritsher Private H Pepin dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Henry AbbottPrivateIWatopadsch with Regiment wnd in leg at Gettysburg 7/2/63
Erwin Alexander (Alexander Erwin)PrivateILake Citydsch dsbl 1/27/63 for wnds rcvd Bull Run
Nahum BakerPrivateIElgindsch dsbl 8/1/61
Ransom BartlettPrivate I Lake City dsch dsbl 10/7/62
Nathan S BledinPrivateIChestertrans to 4th US Cav 10/23/1862
Jehai (Jehial) W BoydPrivateIPlainviewdeserted 6/61 at Fort Snelling
Frank BrownPrivateIWabashadsch dsbl 12/16/61
Rollins BurnhamPrivateIHighlanddeserted 2/11/62 at Poolsville MA
Amos (Amose) CanfieldPrivateIGreenfielddsch dsbl 2/15/63
Wm O CanfieldPrivateIGillfordpromo corp dsch with regiment
James CannonPrivateIElginwnd capt 7/21/61 at Bull Run and Fair Oaks dsch for disability reenlisted as 2nd Lt in 11th Mn 9/4/65 dsch wt rgt
Bart (Bartholomew) CaraquetPrivateIReeds Lndwnd Gettysburg trans to co B
Thomas CarrollPrivateIGreenfielddsch 12/15/1863
Levi ClarkPrivateILake Citywnd 6/18/64 near Petersburg VA trans to 1st Battalion dsch 9/21/64
James ColemanPrivateIHighlandtrans to 4th US Cav
Thomas ConnerPrivateIGreenfieldtrans to 4th US Cav
Andrew H ColyerPrivateIMazeppakilled 7/21/1861 at Bull Run
Dennis CrandallPrivateIMazeppadsch dsbl 2/14/63 wnd Bull Run
Patrick S CureneffPrivateIMt Pleasantkilled 7/21/61 at Bull Run
Albert S DavisPrivateIPlainviewwnd Bull Run 7/21/63 trans to co B promo corp sgt 1st Lt Co A
Alfred DechanettePrivateIWabashawnd in hand picket duty dsch for dsbl 2/16/63
Stephan B Dilly"ILake Citypromo sgt dsch dsbl 3/5/63
Jeremiah DonevanPrivateIWab Copromo sgt wnd Bull Run & Gettysburg in wrist 7/2/63 dsch 5/5/1864
Thomas M (L) DwellePrivateILake Citydsch dsbl 2/7/63 for wnds recvd at Edwards Ferry
Phillander EllisPrivateIMinneiskawnd Bull Run killed 7/2/1863 at Gettysburg
Levi Emery (Enery)PrivateIPlainviewdsch 4/18/1862 for wound to hand rcvd at Bull Run reenlisted 3rd Mn dsch 9/2/65
Myron I Ferris (Faries)PrivateIWab Cotrans to 4th US Cav
Charles K FisherPrivateIGreenfieldtrans to 4th US Cav
Van H FiskPrivateIElgindsch dsbl 2/16/63
John Fox Private I Minneiska dsch with regiment
Jacob F FreesePrivateIWabashadied 8/2/1863 of wnd rcvd at Gettysburg 7/2/1863
Joseph FreyPrivateIWab Cownd Bull Run killed 7/2/1863 at Gettysburg
J W GreenPrivateIWab Codsch dsbl 6/20/63
Edward P HalePrivateIMinneiskadied 9/12/63 of wounds rcvd at Gettyburg 7/2/63
Allen H HancockPrivateIGreenfieldwnd Bull Run capt died at Libby Prison of his wounds at Bull Run
Thomas Harris Private I Glasgow dsch 7/14/1865 1st Battalion
Wesley HarrisPrivateIPlainviewdied 4/64 lung fever
Anson R HaydenPrivateIGreenfieldpromo corp sgt wnd Bull Run and in the hand 7/2/63 at Gettysburg also capt there he took the gun away from his captor and captured 11 prisoners singlehandedly
James W HeatheringtonPrivateIWab Codeserted 6/9/61 at Ft Snelling
F M HendricksPrivateIGreenfielddied 7/22/62 disease
Marcus (Marquis) L HendricksPrivateIWabashatrans to 4th US Cav wnd at Fredericksburg in arm and neck he was a general's courier and had two horses shot from under him in that battle
John HickeyPrivateIGreenfielddeserted 9/6/63 in NY
Thadeus N HittPrivateIGreenfielddsch dsbl 5/16/63
Wm D HowellPrivateIWab Cownd Gettysburg 7/2/63 in hand
Daniel HutchinsPrivateIMazeppawnd at Gettsyburg 7/02/1863
Benjamin JacksonPrivateILake Citywnd in leg 7/2/63 at Gettysburg trans to 1st Battalion
Andrew JohnsonPrivateIElginwnd in hand trans to co H
John A JohnsonPrivateIWatopatrans to 4th US Cav
Nelson JohnsonPrivateIWatopatrans to 4th US Cav
Ambrose JonesPrivateIWabashadsch 9/27/65
George S KeellerPrivateILake Citydsch with regiment
Daniel Keyes (Deaniel Keis)PrivateIPlainviewdsch with regiment
Mark KenneyPrivateIHyde Parkwnd capt Bull Run 7/21/61 dsch 5/5/64
Edwin Kerrott (Edward M Keriott)PrivateIWab Cownd Bull Run 7/21/61 dsch with regiment reenlisted in 2nd Battry Light Artillery
George (W) KetchumPrivateIElgin wnd at Antietem capt at Reams Station dsch 6/30/65 trans 1st Battalion
George KlinePrivateIPlainview wnd 7/21/61 Bull Run dsch for dsbl 2/7/63
Herman LawsonPrivateIReads Lnd promo corp severly wnd Bull Run wnd in hand 7/2/63 at Gettysburg dsch with regiment also served in 1st Heavy Artillery
Benjamin LentPrivateIChesterwnd picket duty dsch 11/16/63
Ferdinand LessingPrivateIWabashaabsent on det serv at dsch of regiment
Chas F MasonPrivateIPlainviewwnd Bull Run Gettysburg dsch with regiment
John H McKeyPrivateIHighlanddsch with regiment
Ernst (Ernest L F) MillerPrivateILake Citywnd 7/2/63 at Gettysburg
George MillerPrivateI Wabashatrans to 4th US Cav
Frederick MillerPrivateILake Citydsch per order 12/28/1863 wnd in leg at Gettysburg 7/63
George A MillikenPrivateIPepinwnd Gettysburg foot amputated dsch dsbl 12/15/63
Lewis F MitchellPrivateIWabashakilled 10/22/61 at Edwards Ferry bayonetted in breast
John W MurrayPrivateIHighlandwnd Bull Run dsch for dsbl 12/6/61
Charles NassigPrivateIWab Codsch for dsbl 1/30/63 for wnds recieved at Antietem
Patrick NoonanPrivateIHighlanddied 10/29/64 at Salisbury NC prison
Henry ParsonsPrivateILake Citytrans to 4th US Cav
Edwin PaulPrivateIWab Codied 7/14/63 of wnds rcvd at Gettysburg
William L PaulPrivateIWab Cotrans to 4th US Cav
William (N) PeckPrivateIZumbrodied 7/21/63 of wnds rcvd at Gettysburg
Lloyd G PendergastPrivateIPlainviewtrans to 4th US Cav
William B PhillbrookPrivateIMazeppadsch with regiment wnd in thigh 7/2/63 at Gettysburg
Corwin PickettPrivateIGlasgowdied 6/13/1862
Thomas G PickettPrivateIGlasgowdied 6/22/62 disease
James Q PittengerPrivateIElgindied 11/14/62 at Harpers Ferry from wnds at Bull Run
William A PutnamPrivateIMinneiskadsch dsbl 3/27/63
Herman RabacaPrivateIWab Cownd Gettysburg White Oak Swamp dsch with regiment
Wm K RichardsPrivateIReads Lndpromo corp, sgt wnd in leg 7/2/63 at Gettysburg
Michael SchweizerPrivateIWab Cownd dsch with regiment
James ScurryPrivateIWab Cokilled 8/27/64 at Deep Bottom Va
Samuel E SeymourPrivateIPlainview wnd in arm at Bull Run also wnd Gettysburg dsch with regiment
George M SmithPrivateIWab Codeserted 11/8/62 at Paris VA
Sivert StrandtPrivateIWab Codsch dsbl 2/10/63
William Stull Private I Mazeppa trans to 4th US Cav
John SullivanPrivateIPlainviewdsch with regiment
Omar H SutliffPrivateIWabashawnd Gettysburg dsch with regiment
John SullivanPrivateIPlainviewdsch with regiment
Edmund VeonPrivateIPlainviewwnd Jerrusalem Plank Rd 6/21/64 dsch 9/21/64
Daniel S WeaverPrivateIMinneiskapromo corp wnd in leg at Gettysburg dsch with regiment
William F WellmanPrivateIWabasha died 8/27/63 of wnds rcvd at Gettysburg
Milo S WhitcombPrivateILake Citydsch dsbl 2/14/63 for wnds recieved at Antietem reenlisted in 6th MN Inf Co C 2/20/64 again dsch for dsbl 5/24/65
Henry WidgerPrivateIPlainviewwnd in hip 7/2/63 at Gettysburg dsch for dsbl 1/29/64
Oscar WoodardPrivateIElginkilled 7/2/1863 at Gettysburg
Malcom KennedyPrivateKWabashadsch per order 11/13/62
Samuel Tenny PrivateKWabashawnd Gettysburg trans to 1st Battalion promo comm sgt dsch 7/1/65

The following names appear in the book but not on Jerry's list:

Ransom A Bartlett, S. Brown, David A. Coffin, Frank Coleman, J. Cooper, H. J. Lavercombe, J. McClay, John O. Milne, P. Niman, Freeman Orcutt, Henry C. Orcutt, John A. Organ, William Schmeigert, Anton E. Shimeck, N. Shook, Edmund Soper, Palmer Soper, George Weaver, Henry Wells, Edward E. Winkleman

Battle Account, Continued From Above:

Upon the first call of President Lincoln for troops, impromptu meetings were held all over the county, which resulted in the formation of a company for this regiment, known as Co. I, Capt. J. H. Pell, of Elgin. As this regiment passed down the river to its sanguinary struggle, the boat landed at the Wabasha levee for the purpose of giving the enlisted men of the county the privilege of a last look, to many, at home and friends, and a final "good-bye." The ladies of Wabasha, in anticipation of this event, had purchased a beautiful silk flag, assisted by several patriotic ladies of Lake City, which was presented to the company at that time. Capt. Pell received it in behalf of the company with an assurance that its colors should never be surrendered. He kept his word, and after passing through the bloody struggles of Bull Run, Antietam and the Wilderness, all tattered and torn, it was returned to the state and is now treasured with other glorious relics of those times, among the archives of the State Historical Society.

Biography of Ewin Alexander

Ewin, carpenter and builder, Lake City, was born in Richmond, Maine, August 25, 1835. His parents, Ewin Alexander and Sarah Melcher, were born in Brunswick, same state. The early life of this subject was passed on the farm, and his education was supplied by the common school. At eighteen he began carpentrywork and has followed it nearly ever since. Many fine buildings in this county, including the county-house and the new Lake City schoolhouse, are of his construction. He became a resident of Lake City in 1856. Two years were subsequently spent in Mississippi and he returned in 1860. September 18, 1861, he entered the 1st Minn. regt. Vols., Co. I, and served in the army of the Potomac. He was a participant in the battles of Ball's Bluff, the Peninsula campaign, West Point, Fair Oaks, Savage Station, White Oak Swamp, Malvern Hill and Antietam. He was discharged in 1863, and soon went on board the merchant vessel General Grant as ship's carpenter. After sailing from Boston to San Francisco, he then went on the Seaman's Bride to Baker's Island where the vessel was wrecked in the spring of 1865, and the crew was left for fifty-five days on this barren coral island until picked up by the packet schooner Odd Fellow. Arriving at San Francisco Mr. Alexander set out for Boston in the Wild Hunter, which was out one hundred and forty-four days on the voyage around Cape Horn to Boston. In the fall of 1866 our subject returned to Lake City, which has been his home since. December 7, 1870, he espoused in marriage Miss Frances C., eldest daughter of F. G. Slocum, of this city. Their children are bright and promising, christened Helen, Kate, Sarah and Anna. Mr. Alexander is a member of the Masonic order and of the A.O.U.W. His religion is "Peace on earth, good will to man," and his voting has always been with the republican party.

Biography of Thomas L. Dwelle

Thomas, the fourth son of Abner Dwelle, was born in Michigan, September 12, 1840, and was therefore nearly fourteen years of age when he came with his father to the site of Lake City. Immediately after the attack on Fort Sumter he enlisted in the three months service of the United States. As soon as his time expired he was enrolled in Co. I, 1st Minn. Vols., and served in the army of the Potomac. At the battle of Ball's Bluff he received a bullet wound through the right shoulder, by which he was disabled, and was discharged in February, 1862. Returning to Lake City he has ever since been occupied in the management of his farm. He now has over two hundred acres, part of his farm being within the city limits, where he resides. He is now doing a profitable business in supplying the city with milk. In October, 1877, he married Laura M. Sears, who was born in Caledonia, Wisconsin. Mrs. D. is a daughter of William Sears, who was born in New York. One child, a daughter, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dwelle April 29, 1880, and christened Addie Pearl.

Biography of Marquis L. Hendricks

Marquis, a farmer, was born in Edwards County, Illinois, in 1840. Nearly all his life was passed on a farm, and part of his education was supplied by the schools of Wabasha. He was employed a short time on the river, and then engaged in farming in Greenfield Township, where he now resides. In religious faith he adheres to the teaching of his father, and has always been a firm supporter of the Republican party. In 1865 he married Miss Asenath Hilt, of Greenfield, who bore him six children. They have been christened Lillie, Charles, Gertie, Fred, Artie, and Clara. Mr. Hendricks was the sixth man who enlisted from Wabasha County in the country's service on the outbreak of the War of the Rebellion. He enlisted in April, 1861, in Co. I, First Minnesota regiment, and took part in thirty-two active engagements, beside skirmishes. The following reference to the services of this worthy patriot is taken from the Wabasha Herald of May, 1864: "Return Of A Veteran Marquis L. Hendricks, one of the original First Minnesota Volunteers, returned to his home in the town of Greenfield, this county, last Friday. We had the honor of crossing palms with this veteran of thirty-two engagements. He is a young man of unassuming manners and gentlemanly in his deportment. The stuff that patriots are made of is embodied largely in his composition. He served in the First Minnesota until November, 1862, at which time he was transferred to the First United States Regular Cavalry, in which regiment he fought in some fifteen successive engagements. On account of the daring valor he had displayed on former occasions, he was designated as a dispatch bearer at the battle of Fredericksburg. In which engagement he had two horses shot under him and received a wound in the arm a buckshot having passed through the fleshy part of his arm midway between the elbow and writs. In this same engagement a fragment of shell, weighing about half an ounce, struck him in the neck, yet he did not give up the field until nightfall put an end to the bloody strife. He was mustered out of the service a few days since at Culpepper, Virginia, with the few other survivors of the original gallant and glorious First having served three years with honor and credit to his country. It has been truly said, that it is more of an honor to boast of having belonged to the Minnesota First, than to command the finest regiment that was ever sent to the field from the Empire of Keystone States.

Information For James Kirkman

My husband's ancestor was James Kirkman of West Albany. He volunteered and was in Company I of the 1st Regiment Minnesota Infantry and served as a Hospital Steward. I applied for his War Records and they state that there was no information on him after April of 1862. Since then I have applied for and received his minor son's application for pension and on one of the affidavits it states James Kirkman died in 1866. His wife Janet (McKenzie) Kirkman had died in 1862 and I assume is buried in West Albany. Of the three children of James & Janet one stayed in Wabasha, namely Jacob J. Kirkman who married a Susan Paine July 11, 1877 in Wabasha. Isabella Kirkman married John Chilbeck who had been living in Glasgow Twp., March 18, 1875 in Lake City, Wabasha. The youngest son, John Kirkman, was sickly and placed under the guardianship of James Munroe and his aunt Margaret Kirkman, Corry, Munroe. In the late 1870s the Chilbecks and younger son John Kirkman applied for and were granted homesteads in Polk County, MN. In 1908 the Chilbecks applied for and were granted homesteads in Alberta, Canada. As far as I know John Kirkman did not come with them so he may have died in that period.

Pat Pasmore

Information For Freeman Orcutt and Henry C. Orcutt

Freeman and Henry C. (also seen as Henry M.) are sons of Moses & Mary (Mckay) Orcutt from Swanton VT. The family was in Allegany Co., NY in 1850 and by 1860 had removed to Dodge Co., Minn. A third brother, Nelson also served in the War from Minn. The Civil War records for Freeman and Henry are on my
Orcutt Family web site. Included is a link to a picture of Henry. Nelson is on the following page.

Tom Orcutt