"Biographies, Q, of Wabasha Co., MN, from the 1884 book"

BIOGRAPHIES: Surnames Beginning With "Q"

From the book about Wabasha Co. Minnesota
Compiled by Dr. L. H. Bunnell
Published Chicago by H. H. Hill, Publishers, 1884
Republished Currently by Higginson Books

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Quigley, Cornelius F., (page 1244), came to this county when eight years old and has dwelt here continuously since. He now occupies a fine stock farm of one hundred and sixty acres on section 14, Greenfield. For three years he owned and tilled a farm in Watopa, and then settled on his present location. He received a fair common-school education during the winter intervals of farm work, and is an intelligent and progressive citizen. In 1879 and 1880 he was elected a member of the town board. Like his brother, above sketched (Michael H. Quigley), he works in the interests of the democratic party in political contests. In August, 1870, he was united in marriage to Miss Ellen, daughter of Timothy Enright, one of the pioneers of this township. Mrs. Quigley was born at Norwich, New York, in 1850. They have lost four children, Edward, William and Neal dying with diphtheria in June, 1881, and Kitty died at two years of age. The living ones are christened Michael, John, Julia, Irene and Cornelius.

Quigley, Michael, (page 1243 ~ deceased) was an early resident of Greenfield, settling in 1856 on section 24, where he died seventeen years later, at the age of sixty-six. His wife died in 1873. This couple was born in the town of Nanagh, County Tipperary, Ireland, as were all their children, Mrs. Quigley's maiden name being Judith O'Donoghue. After his marriage, Mr. Quigley served J. J. Kilkelly as steward for his estate, near the city of Nanagh, twenty-two years. The family came to America in 1853, and lived in the State of New York until coming here. All were reared in and adhered to the Roman Catholic church. Following are the names and residence of the children in order of their birth: Ellen (Mrs. John Starr), Watopa; John, Idaho; Martin and Michael H., Greenfield; Philip, Cameron Junction, Missouri; Maria (Mrs. John Enright), Watopa; Jeremiah and Edward, Denver, Colorado; Cornelius J. see sketch below.

War of Rebellion (Civil War)
Quigley, Michael H., (page 1243) farmer, is now about forty-eight years of age, and was therefore twenty when he came to Greenfield. He now occupies his father's first claim, with some additions, his domain embracing three hundred and forty acres. About sixty acres are under the plow, and he is largely engaged in raising horses and grade cattle. In early life he was employed on the river, and spent a year in 1864-5 in Colorado. On February 22, 1860, he espoused for life Catharine, daughter of Thomas Ryan, now resident with Mr. Quigley. This lady is a native of the State of Illinois. Eight children have been given her, and christened as follows: Maria Teresa, Philip Henry, Thomas Edward, Katy, John, Michael, Ellen and Julia. Mr. Quigley is a believer in education, and four of his children are now in school at Wabasha. He was elected the first collector in the town, and was town clerk in 1860-1-2 and part of 1864; was several years chairman of the town board, and has served for the last ten years as assessor. During the war Mr. Quigley was elected captain of Co. E., 7th Minn. state militia, but did not go into active service.

War of Rebellion (Civil War)
Quigley, Philip, (page 1244) above mentioned, served through the war of the rebellion in Co. G, 3d Minn. Vols., entering as private, and rising to the rank of first lieutenant. His brother Edward also served three years in the same company.

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