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"Scotch Settlement Cemetery, West Albany, Wabasha County, Minnesota"


West Albany Township, MN


This cemetery is located adjacent to highway 60, in West Albany Township, Section 13. Many of the people buried here are from the early Scotch descendants that settled and lived in this vicinity. Many were Presbyterian, but some were Baptist and possibly some other denominations too. The Presbyterian church was located over in West Albany, township, Section 2 near Wabasha County Road #4. I don't believe the Baptists had a church building, but met at different homes and school houses.

You will notice in the picture on the right a concrete pillar and pipe fencing around the monuments.
This I believe is a family plot within the cemetery.

Information and photos provided by Delmar Becker

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Thanks to Bill (researching Berg and Eggenberger) for sending this information provided by Patricia at the Lake City Public Library.

Searchable Surnames List:
Budde, Chilback, Corry, Fetzer, Glashun, Gray, Hasse, Howatt, Johnson, Lange, Laurence, Link, Lowe, McFarland, Meshia, Miller, Owens, Rahrmann, Roberson, Scott, Wilson
Don't take this list as perfect. Some of the entries are hard to read.

Chapter 23
Pages 777-787

From the book about Wabasha Co. Minnesota
Compiled by Dr. L. H. Bunnell
Published Chicago by H. H. Hill, Publishers, 1884
Republished Currently by Higginson Books

In the spring of 1857, Lawrence Tracy, of Irish nativity, who had previously settled in what is now Oakwood, moved to West Albany. In the same year came Sylvester and William Applegarth, of Canada; Henry Schmuser, of Holstien; Wm. Funk, and some others. In 1858 began the establishment of the Scotch settlement in the northeastern part of the township. In this year came George and William Wilson, William Duffus, Henry Glashen, Geo. And William Perry, Charles Forest, Alexander Thoirs, William Sterling, David Munro, and William Corry; these have since been followed by many others from Scotland and Racine county, Wisconsin, some also from Canada. Many of these came here poor, but all are now successful farmers, and the Scotch settlement will be found a Christian, hospitable community where peace and prosperity reigns.

Thus we see the early establishment of three nationalities in this township, German, Irish and Scotch, and to these three the population still mainly belongs, but very few being of American descent.