"The Ender Family, Wabasha County, Minnesota"

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Frank Herbert Passe and his wife, Rose Anna Flies.
They married 30 Sep 1931 in St. Agnes, Kellogg, Wabasha Co., Minnesota.
Frank was the son of Johann Herman "Herman" Passe, Sr. and Maria Anna "Annie" Schuth.
He was born 09 Feb 1903 and died 24 Jun 1995.

Wedding of Herman C. Passe (b: 09 Feb 1903 in MN; d: 08 Dec 1988 in Olmsted Co., Minnesota)
and Mae Amelia Ahrens (b: 27 Nov 1908 in MN; d: 15 Aug 1987 in Wabasha Co., MN)
on 03 Apr 1929 in St. Felix Catholic Church, Wabasha, Wabasha Co., Minnesota.
Herman and Mae had two children, LeRoy and Dennis.

Wedding photo of Elmer Henry Passe and Margarey June Danckwart.
Elmer and Margarey were married 05 Oct 1943 in Lake City, Wabasha Co., Minnesota
and they raised 7 children (1 deceased).
The couple resides in Wabasha, Minnesota.

Wedding photo of Lawrence Henry Passe (b: 10 Dec 1914; d: 09 Jan 1994 in Wabasha Co., MN)
and Regina Susanne Hoffman (b: 14 May 1911; d: 20 Mar 1991 in Wabasha Co., MN).
Regina and Lawrence were married in 22 Jun 1939 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Theilman,
Wabasha Co., Minnesota and raised 7 children.
Lawrence is the son of George B. Passe and Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" Angelbeck.

Wedding photo of Walter Passe and Mary Ellen McNallan.
Walter and Mary Ellen were married 11 Aug 1941 in St. Felix Catholic Church, Wabasha,
Wabasha Co., Minnesota.

Wedding photo of John Charles Ahlers who married Marcella Marie Passe 10 Jun 1941
in the St Felix Catholic Church, Wabasha, Wabasha Co., Minnesota.
Marcella is the daughter of William Anton Passe and Theresa M. Angelbeck.
John and Marcella had three children Mary Jean Ahlers (Marking),
Kathleen Theresa Ahlers (died in infancy) and Carol Margaret Ahlers (Tentis).

Wedding Photo of Robert Vincent Sexton and Margaret Louise Passe.
Robert (b: 10 Apr 1921 Oakwood Twp. Wabasha Co., MN)
and Margaret (b: 06 Oct 1928 Zumbro Twp., Wabasha Co., MN;
d: 10 Apr 2005 St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Wabasha, Wabasha Co., MN)
were married 08 Oct 1946 at St Felix Catholic Church Wabasha, Wabasha Co., MN

Wedding photo of Vincent William Passe and Delores Margaret Sexton.
Vincent (b: 01 Mar 1930 Zumbro Twp., Wabasha Co., MN; d: 31 Jul 1953 Rochester, Olmsted Co., MN)
and Delores married 05 Sep 1951 at St Patrick's Church, West Albany Twp., Wabasha Co., MN.
Vincent and Delores had two children: Kenneth and Vincent.
Vincent died before the death of his second son.
Delores then married Walter Reuben Books and had six additional children.
Because Kenneth and Vincent were raised by Walter, they were adopted and took the name Brooks.

Marriage photo of William Anton Passe (b: 22 Jan 1888 Pepin Twp., Wabasha Co., MN;
d: 21 Dec 1961 Wabasha Co., MN) and Theresa M. Angelbeck (b: 14 Jan 1892 Glasgow Twp., Wabasha Co., MN; d: 21 Dec 1961 Wabasha Co., MN).
William and Theresa were married 21 Oct 1917 at St. Jochiams Church, Plainview, MN.
The couple raised five children.
William was the son of Johann Herman "Herman" Passe, Sr. and Maria Anna "Annie" Schuth;
and Theresa the daughter of John Henry "Henry" Angelbeck and Lousie Anna Carolina Evers.

Photo of John Henry "Henry" Angelbeck
(b: ABT Dec 1845 Koblenz, (Hanover) Germany; d: 30 Aug 1925 Hammond, Wabasha Co., MN)
and his wife Louise Anna Carolina Evers (b: 18 May 1850 Lengerich, Kreis Lingen, Hanover, Germany; d: 12 Apr 1928 Hammond, Wabasha Co., MN)
were married 06 May 1879. They raised six children in rural Wabasha County.

John Bernard "Ben" Passe (b: 08 Apr 1890 Wabasha, MN; d: 20 Oct 1970 Wabahsa, MN)
shown with his wife, Mary Agnes "Dolly" Ender (b: 28 Aug 1897 in Wabasha, MN;
d: 14 Dec 1965 in Wabasha Co., MN)
and their first child, Harold H. Passe (b: 28 Oct 1918 om Waverly, MN; d:
09 Jan 1975 in Hillcrest Nursing Hom, Plainview, Wabasha Co., Minnesota).
John was the son of Johann Herman "Herman" and Maria Anna "Annie" Schuth Passe, Sr.
Mary was the daughter of Jacob "Jake" Ender, Jr. and Jessie Viola Smith.
John "Ben" was a veteran of World War I and is wearing his army uniform.
Photo taken in 1919 in Wabasha, MN.

The John Bernard George Passe family.
Front row: daughter, Katherine; parents: George and Elizabeth; and son, George B. Passe, Jr.
Back row: sons Walter and Lawrence Henry; daughters, Loretta and Lorraine.
George (b: 26 Feb 1886; d: 14 Mar 1997) and Elizabeth (b: 18 Jul 1886; d: 10 Feb 1967)
married about 1911 and raised their family in Wabasha Co., Minnesota. Taken about 1940 in Wabasha, MN.

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