"Elgin Album, Wabasha County, Minnesota"

Photographs provided by Kevin Keilholtz
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Elgin School - Built 1884

Downtown Elgin - After 1899

Downtown Elgin - After 1899

Eureka House and Ordway's Dwelling House, School Street Looking NE, 1883

Elgin Cheese Days - Clem Soufal and Alton Schroeder

"Royalty, Cheese Mark Elgin Fesival"

Cloudy skies and rain showers didn't seem to dampen the spirits at the first annual Cheese Days Saturday. Above, Clem Soufal, left, and Alton Schroeder display some the 300 pounds of cheddar cheese which were given out as samples of Elgin's newest try, the Elgin Cooperative Creamery cheese division. Several hundred people toured the new facilities during the day-long cheese festivities. At right, Jeanine Shea, 17, wears the crown as Elgin's first cheese queen, selected Saturday evening. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Shea of Elgin. Her attendants are Betty Sawyer, 19, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Sawyer and Claire Ellis, 19, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Ellis. They were chosen from among 16 candidates. (Rochester Post Bulletin)

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