"Births and Deaths, Wabasha County, Minnesota"

Wabasha County, Minnesota

Ahrens, Leonard W.3/20/1897
Mazeppa, MN
Mazeppa, MN
-Sheri Sexton
Albers/Prigge, Hulda1/14/1896
Zumbrota Twp.
Mazeppa, MN
-Sheri Sexton
Apple, Mary Louise1/23/18762/11/1961St. Joachims Cemetery Plainview, Mn.Bill Wisen
Berg, Anna7/29/18577/7/1939St Patricks Cemetery West Albany, MnBill Wisen
Berg, Joseph Mathew12/27/18788/30/1961St Patricks Cemetery West Albany, MnBill Wisen
Berg, Nick William12/13/18823/16/1923St Patricks Cemetery West Albany, MnBill Wisen
Christinson/Carpenter, Adeline8/23/1897
Detroit Lakes, MN
Wabasha MN
-Sheri Sexton
Eggenberger, Henry John6/5/18968/28/1897Theilman Lutheran CemeteryBill Wisen
Eggenberger, John5/01/18535/18/1930Theilman Lutheran CemeteryBill Wisen
Eggenberger, William Henry5/14/18772/17/1918Theilman Lutheran CemeteryBill Wisen
Eggenberger, Lewis Ludwig5/31/18829/28/1883Theilman Lutheran CemeteryBill Wisen
Eggenberger, John Hans12/18/18897/1/1963Theilman Lutheran CemeteryBill Wisen
Eggenberger, Freddie5/4/18946/6/1912Theilman Lutheran CemeteryBill Wisen
Belvidere Twp.
Bear Valley
-Sheri Sexton
Kuehn, Matilda10/8/188810/14/1970Lakewood Cemetery Lake City, Mn.Bill Wisen
Laqua, Annie10/26/18861973-Bill Wisen
Laqua, James A.5/10/1929
Lake City, MN
Rochester MN
-Sheri Sexton
Maiwald, Caroline3/13/188312/21/1946Oakwood Cemetery Lake City, Mn.Bill Wisen
Prigge, Henry D.11/28/1887
Zumbrota, MN
Mazeppa MN
-Sheri Sexton
Prigge/Klein, Frieda7/3/1911
Chester Twp.
Pine Island MN
-Sheri Sexton
Raasch, Edward1895
Wabasha Co.
St. Paul Park,MN
-Sheri Sexton
Riesbesell, Elizabeth6/16/1893
Wabasha Co.
Pine Island MN
-Sheri Sexton
Russell, Bertha8/12/18921/21/1991Lincoln Cemetery Wabasha Co. Mn.Bill Wisen
Scott, William9/28/1907
West Albany, MN
Mazeppa MN
-Sheri Sexton
VonHelmst, Gusta9/2/1893
Mt.Pleasant Twp
Lake City, MN
-Sheri Sexton
Wisen, Nicholas9/4/18712/23/1957Oakwood Cemetery Lake City, Mn.Bill Wisen
Wisen, Mathilda9/5/18773/26/1965Oakwood Cemetery Lake City, Mn.Bill Wisen
Wisen, Edmund1/18/18996/30/1989Oakwood Cemetery Lake City, Mn.Bill Wisen

This information was contributed by Linda Noll

ANNAND, daughter July 11, 1895Mr. & Mrs. J. G. Annand
ABRAHAMSON, son January 30, 1896 Mr. & Mrs. L. Anderson
ALBERTSON, son May 25, 1893 Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Albertson
ALLENBACH, son January 21, 1897 Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Allenbach
ANDREWS, son December 14, 1893 Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Andrews
BAAB, son February 24, 1898Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Baab
BRINDE, son September 7, 1881 Mr. & Mrs. John Brinde
BRINDEL, son August 30, 1894 Mr. & Mrs. John Brindel
BRINDLE, twin daughters March 30, 1893 Mr. & Mrs. John Brindle
BRAUN, son May 6, 1897Mr. & Mrs. Simon Braun
BROWN, son May 10, 1894 Mr. & Mrs. George Brown
BROWN, daughter June 21, 1894 Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Brown
BROWN, daughter October 31, 1895 Mr. & Mrs. Sindal Brown
BROWN, daughter November 25, 1897 Mr. & Mrs. George Brown
BRYANT, son April 9, 1896 Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Bryant
BUCKINGHAM, son October 1, 1896 Mr. & Mrs. Cress Buckingham
BUDDE, daughter July 13, 1893 Mr. & Mrs. George Budde
BUDDE, daughter April 27, 1899 Mr. & Mrs. George Budde
BUELL, daughter September 23, 1897 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Buell
BURKHARDT, daughter August 31, 1899 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Burkhardt Jr.
BURRICHTER, twin sons June 13, 1895 Mr. & Mrs. Anton Burrichter
BURKHARDT, son July 27, 1893 Mr. & Mrs. Otto Burkhardt
BURKHARDT, daughter April 18, 1895 Mr. & Mrs. Otto Burkhardt
BURKHARDT, daughter August 1, 1895 Mr. & Mrs. Bottleib Burkhardt
BURKHARDT, daughter August 5, 1897 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Burkhardt
CAMBELL, son March 23, 1893 Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Cambell
CAMPBELL, son September 7, 1881 Mr. & Mrs. Andy Campbell
CAPON, son May 7, 1896 Mr. & Mrs. Julius Capon
CAPON, son September 24, 1896 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Capon
LaCHAPELLE, son February 18, 1897Mr. & Mrs. Joseph LaChapelle
LACQUA, son May 20, 1897 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lacqua
LARNEY, son June 10, 1897 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Larney
KOELMEL, daughter April 1, 1897Mr. & Mrs. Charles Koelmel
KUEHN, daughter March 9, 1899Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Kuehn, Jr.
KUEHN, son July 15, 1897Mr. & Mrs. Lucas Keuhn, Jr.

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