Steele County MN 1897 Plat map
Steele County, Minnesota 1897 Plat Map book

A special thanks to Joanne Hintz for scanning, indexing, and making this project possible.

Title page (164K) - title page of the MN atlas the plats are from.

Steele County page (177K) - Steele Co. layout showing the townships in relation to one another.

Aurora Township - index

Berlin Township (252K) - index

Blooming Prairie Township (219K) - index

Clinton Falls Township (143K) - index

Deerfield Township - index

Havana Township - index

Lemond Township - index

Medford Township (175K) - index

Meriden Township - index

Merton Township - index

Owatonna Township - index

Somerset Township - index

Summit Township - index

Patrons' List - page 1 : (214K)

Patrons' List - page 2 : (297K)

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