Wicklund, Nels Solomon
E: They immigrated form Ongermanland, Sweden prior to 1900.
D: Before 1910
M: Sarah Johnson d. from an accident in Park Rapids


Children of Nels Solomon Wicklund and Sarah Johnson:

John Wicklund

Andrew O. Wicklund
B: Sweden
M: Martha Unknown, raised a family in California

Children of Andrew Wicklund and Martha Unknown:

Marvin Wicklund:
M: Martha Martinson

Dorothea Wicklund
M: Cliff Fernstrom

Margaret Wicklund
M: Adolf Gilbert

Jonas Wicklund

Tilda Wicklund
D: soon after they were married, no children
M: Peter Elliason

Selma Margaret Wicklund
M: Nels Andrew Englund, raised a family just south of Karlstad

Frank Wicklund

Sarah Wicklund

The source said that someone was married to Gust Johnson with their home in Norway Township south of the lake. Ada married Robert Green and Ada died at the age of 29.

Robert and his family moved to Spokan, WA

Victoria went to Minneapolis and married Charles McKinley.

A Betty Wiklund m. Gust Johnson.