Wallenberg, John
M: Mary

Homesteaded: 1897 moving from St. Louis, Missouri


Children of John Wallenberg and Mary:

John Wallenberg
M: 1923, Mary Sandal

Children of John Wallenberg and Mary Sandal:

Vincent Wallenberg

Raymond Wallenberg

Wallenberg, Joseph
E: Came from Germany with his parents and his brothers, Frank, Marion, John and a sister, Mary. They settled in St. Louis, MO.
D: Age 45
M: 1891, Barbara Lubinski, came from Germany with her parents, Anton & Magdalena, and a brother and sister: Verna and Ignatius, to St. Louis, MO.


Children of Joseph Wallenberg and Barbara Lubinski:

Frances Wallenberg
M: Frank Ogorek

Mike Wallenberg

Helen Wallenberg

Joseph Wallenberg (twin)

Mary Wallenberg (twin)

Stanley Wallenberg

Leo Wallenberg

Stella Wallenberg

Victoria Wallenberg




Another record:

Edward Joe Wallenberg
M: 23 Feb 1935, Pearl Zahara, b: 09 Nov 1916, Stuartburn, Manitoba, Canada
d. 19 Mar 2008, Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center, Hallock, MN

Children of Edward Wallenberg and Pearl Zahara:

Janes Wallenberg
M: Irene