Thomson, William
M: Martha Maxwell

The great-great-grandfather of William Thomson came from Scotland and married Mary Glendenen. They had 5 children and lived on a farm where part of the city of Toronto, Canada now stands. One of their children, Albert, had 12 children, the youngest of whom was Seneca who was the father of William Thomson.


Children of William Thomson and Martha Maxwell:

Cora Thomson
M: Severt Spilde, they had 1 son and 3 girls

Elsie Thomson
M: Rueben Dexter, they had 4 boys one of whom was Lyle Dexter who m. Jane and had 1 girl and 3 boys.

Dave Thomson
M: Mable Lund,

Children of Dave Thomson and Mable Lund:

Unknown daughter
M: Jack Israelson, they had 6 children. Their son, William, lives with his wife, Judy, and their 3 children in Alaska.

George Thomson

Charley Thomson

Albert Thomson