Spence, Andrew
M: Robing Unknown

FN: Unknown Spence
MN: Unknown

Children of Andrew Spence and Robing Unknown:

Andrew Spence (Veterinarian Doctor)
B: 13 February 1860, Isle of Birsay, Orkney, Scotland
D: 12 Jan 1943
M: 06, Feb 1902, Minnie Pearson, in Hallock, MN d. 02 Oct 1954

Andrew graduated from Ontario Veterinary College, Toronto, in 1892 with degree of Veterinary Surgeon and Farrier.

Children of Andrew Spence and Minnie Pearson:

Aileen Spence
B: 02 Jan 1903
M: 22 Oct 1932, Simon Ellefson

Sonny (A. Melvin) Spence
B: 18 Feb 1906
D: 01 Nov 1954

Bernice Spence
B: 31 May 1908
M: 17 Oct 1931, Sheldon Winter

John Spence
B: 17 Aug 1913
M: 07 Oct 1937, Lillian Bremseth


Dr. Andrew Spence: Veterinarian - Essay by Loann Bergh