Olen, Louis
B: 23 Oct 1859, Backa, Dalby, Varmland, Sweden
E: 03 Feb 1888 and came to Hallock, MN
D: 24 Aug 1925
M: 06 Jan 1891, Marit Olson b. 1861 d. 30 Apr 1922


Children of Louis Olen and Marit Olson:

Hildur Olen
D: As a child

Herman Olen
D: 1918

William Olen
D: 1942
M: Unknown

Children of William Olen and Unknown:

Milton Olen

Walton Olen

Clara Olen
M: Erhard Blide

Children of Erhard Blide and Clara Olen:

Mary Joan Blide
M: Milton Craigmile