Munro, John

Munro, John
B: 14 Aug 1848 / 1849, N. Wiltshire, Queens, PEI, Canada
D: 04 Aug 1932, St. Vincent, Kittson County, Minnesota. Died of organic heart disease and asthma at age 82 years 11 months and 20 days.
Bur: St. Vincent, Minnesota
M: 19 Jun 1880, Flora Cummings b. 04 Feb 1847 d. 21 Jul 1898 Bur: Humboldt, MN. Flora died at age 51 years 5 months and 17 days. Bur: Clow Cemetery.

Marriage data: Rev. Isaac Murray; Bondsman, Alex Cummings

Lived in Two Rivers, Minnesota and in Dominion City, Manitoba, Canada.

FN: John A. Munro
MN: Anne McLeod

Children of John Munro and Flora Cummings:

1. John A. Munro
B: 26 Sep 1880, PEI
D: 18 May 1964
Bur: St. Vincent, Minnesota
M: Olina Ottem

2. Mary Ann Munro
B: 23 Oct 1882, PEI
D: 21 Mar 1916, Lancaster, Kittson County, Minnesota. Died at age 33.
M: Edward Reese
Children: Herbert, Daniel, Allan, Roy, Florence, Susan, Marie. All born in St. Vincent, MN

3. Elizabeth Munro
B: 08 Jan 1884, PEI (birth date also given as Feb 1888)
D: 1973
M: Loren Johnson
Moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

4. James Munro
B: 15 Jan 1886, PEI
D: 21 Oct 1959
Bur: St. Vincent, Minnesota
Farmer in Dominion City, Manitoba. Never married.