Moe, John Bernhard
B: 24 Sep 1880, Norway
D: Oct 1968
M: 03 Jun 1916, Helen Marie Anonby, at St. Paul. b. 15 Jul 1888.


Children of John Bernhard Moe and Helen Marie Anonby:

Margaret Moe
M: John Karol

Elmer Peder Moe
B: 30 Sep 1919, Lancaster, MN
D: 19 Mar 2008, Altru Hospital, Grand Forks, ND.
M: 30 Sep 1952, Vera Eleanor Gatheridge Laude, dau of Elvira Maria Albertina Grahnquist and William Henry Gatheridge

Children of Donald Laude and Vera Gatheridge: (they were married from July 1944 to March 1950 when an accident made her a widow)

Terry Donald Laude Moe (adopted in 1953 by Elmer Moe and changed his name to Moe)
B: 10 Jan 1947
M: Suzane Clare Hagen, dau of Sigrid Hanson Hagen and Clarence Hagen, of Kennedy

Children of Terry Donald Moe and Suzanne Hagen:

Taunja Marie Moe

Children of Elmer Moe and Vera Gatheridge Laude:

Robert Elmer Moe
B: 01 Nov 1954
M: Jul 1974, Nancy Ann Anderson, dau of Charles and Marilyn Anderson of Hallock

Children of Robert Moe and Nancy Ann Anderson:

Christopher Robert Moe


Josephine Moe
D: 1942

Marlowe Moe
B: 29 Jan 1923,
D: 21 Apr 2009, Altru Hosptal, Grand Forks, ND
M: 13 Jun 1948, Katherine Joyce Bedard, b. 30 Jun 1929, dau of Charles and Alice Bedard.

Children of Marlowe Moe and Katherine Bedard:

James Moe
B: 07 May 1950, Grand Forks, ND
M: Jill

Cynthia Moe
B: 09 Dec 1953, Grand Forks, ND

Kenneth Moe
B: 11 Jun 1959, Hallock, MN

Katherine Moe
M: Ellsworth Foss