Gerrior, Stewart Jerome

Genealogy of Stewart Jerome Gerrior

Name: Phillipe MIUS

NSFX: d'AZY <#s1>

Sex: M

Birth: ABT 1660 <#s2>

Census: 1671 Pobomcoup, Cape Sable, Nova Scotia. <#s2>

Census: 1686 Cape Sable, Nova Scotia. <#s2>

Census: 1708 La Hève, Nova Scotia. <#s2>

Father: Phillipe MIUS b: ABT 1609

Mother: Madeleine HÉLIE b: ABT 1626

Marriage: Marie Amerindienne (MiKmaq)

Married: ABT 1678 <#s3>


1. Joseph MIUS

2. Marie MIUS

3. Maurice MIUS

4. Mathieu MIUS

5. Francoise MIUS

Marriage 2: Marie Amerindienne (MiKmaq)

Married: ABT 1687


1. Jacques MIUS

2. Marie MIUS

3. Pierre MIUS

4. Madeleine MIUS

5. Jean-Baptiste MIUS

6. Francoise MIUS

7. Francois MIUS

8. Philippe MIUS

9. Anne-Marie MIUS

NOTE: Phillipe MIUS dit d'Azy is the ancestor of the Indian Branch of the Mius (Muse,Miuse, Meuse). Family.

Name: Marie AUBOIS

Surname: Aubois

Given Name: Marie

RACE: Amerindian

AKA: Marie Christine, DUBOIS

Sex: F

Birth: ABT 1665


Marie (Christine) AUBOIS (DUBOIS), born around 1665, married around 1686 to Jean ROY dit LALIBERTE'. According to the act of rehabilitation of the marriage of her daughter Anne, inscribed in the Register of Port Royal dated 3 Mar 1706, Marie AUBOIS was an Amerindian.

NAME: AUBOIS or "Of the woods" designated some native Amerindians.

!CENSUS: 1693, Cap-Sable, Acadia. Christine, age 35 years (sic).

!CENSUS: 1698, Port Royal, Acadia. Marie, age 33 years.

!CENSUS: 1701, age 36 years.

PARENTS: Who were they? She may be related to Julien AUBOIS, born in 1641, who married around 1685 to a "sauvagesse." They have children born from 1686 [another Marie] to 1706. But this Marie married around 1684.

Marriage 1: Jean ROY (DIT LALIBERTE) b: ABT 1651 in St. Malo, , Ille-et-Vilaine, France

Married: ABT 1686 in Nova Scotia Marie (Indian) AUBOIS


1.Charles ROY b: ABT 1698 in Annaplois Royal, Nova Scotia

Name: Marie-Thérèse Amerindian
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1668 in the Mi'Kmaq Indian Nation Nova Scotia
Death: bef 1717
NATI: Amerindian

Marriage 1 Claude PETITPAS b: ABT 1663 in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Married: aft 1686 census in Acadia


1. Francoise PETITPAS b:ABT 1706 in Nova Scotia.

Name: Anne Ouestnorouest

Given Name: Anne

Surname: Ouestnorouest dit Petitous

Sex: F

RACE: Amerindian

Birth: 1644, Indian Nation, Nova Scotia.

Marriage 1 Pierre Martin b: 5 OCT 1632 in Nova Scotia.

Married: 1660


1. Pierre Martin b: 1662 in Indian Nation, Nova Scotia.

Name: First Nation AMERINDIENNE Women of the Mi'Kmaq Nation, Nova Scotia

Sex: F

Marriage 1 Pierre dit GALLANT HACHE


1. Michel dit GALLANT HACHE b: ABT 1662 in Tr-Riv, Quebec.

Name: Francois JOSEPH

Surname: Joseph

Race: First Nations Mi'Kmaq

Sex: M

Birth: ABT 1655 in Mi'Kmaq Nation, Nova Scotia

Note: Bona Arcenault "Histoire et Genealogie des Acadien" Volume #2 Says that both he and his wife were Indian

Marriage 1 Jeanne LEJEUNE b: ABT 1659 in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Married: ABT 1674 in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia


1. Agnes JOSEPH b:abt 1674 in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia


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