Metis 1791 - 1792


1791 - 1792

The Spanish discover the Frazer River while charting the Strait of Georgia

The British Americans, living in Ontario by Order in Council,
proclaim all lands, to the Rocky (Stony) Mountains,
as part of Upper Canada.

These ignorant American rejects have gone completely mad.

The Hudson Bay Company, for the first time, visits
Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabasca.

The essence of the report suggests that earlier reports of exploration may be based on second hand reports, rather than actual exploration by Englishmen.
This has been a constant French and English characteristic.

The Indians considered lying as the greatest of evils, as it's the vary foundation of civilization.


(I)-Count Andreani of Milan visited Chagouamigon and Grand Portage Lake Superior.

Harley Aslin b-1791, living 1870 Newberry, Michigan.

Theodora Aslin b-1791, living 1870 Newberry, Michigan.

William Aslin b-1791, living 1870 Newberry, Michigan

Jean Baptiste Braconnier b-1791 Canada married Elise Beauchemin Metis b-1790 U.S.A. daughter Andre Beauchemin b-1778 and Madeleine Doucharme Metis b-1801 Red River Settlement.

Benjamin Bruce born October 10, 1770 Parish of Walls, Island of Flotta, Orkney, Scotland died April 19, 1823 Isle a la Crosse, North West Territories, buried Landsman's Point, Saskatchewan married about 1791 Matilda most likely Metis or Indian (* likely Benjamin Bruce b-1775 ID # 552 married Mathilda b-1778). Recorded Metis children are William Bruce b-1791, Nancy Anne Bruce b-about 1794, James Bruce b- about 1801, Margaret Bruce b- about 1802, Matilda Bruce b-unknown, Jane Bruce b- about 1808 (she may be Jane Prince daughter Chief Pequis that was adopted by Benjamin and Matilda) source Catherine Davis Collins and * Genealogy First Metis Nations.

Nemaha Territory, Missouri, birth Marie Dorion Metis born about 1791 daughter Pierre Dorion (1740-1810) and Yankton woman (Holy Rainbow). It is noteworthy that Pierre was a polygamist also married to a Iowa woman. See 1780.

Francisco Eliza, with two Spanish navy ships, explored the Strait of Georgia; the body of water separating Vancouver Island and Mainland British Columbia.

Toussaint Faille b-1791 Lower Canada married Marie Wilkey Metis b-1805 Red River Settlement.

Jean Baptiste Frederick b-1791 married Josephite Bouret Metis b-1800 likely North West.

Joseph Gauthier born 1791 likely Lake Superior died February 9, 1843 La Pointe, Wisconsin.

Robert Grant built Fort Riviere Tremblante; alias Grant's House, Upper Fort and Aspin House for the North West Company, on the upper Assiniboine River (Saskatchewan).

Edward Guiboche b-1791 married Marie Larocque Metis b-1795 North West Territories.

Alexander Henry the younger (1764-1814), nephew of Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824), joined the North West Company, serving the company, until his death, at posts from Lake Superior to the Pacific Ocean.

Julia Ikwesehchich (Big Girl) born 1791 died February 5, 1836 La Pointe, Wisconsin

Margaret Kawwongedosaw b-1791, living 1870 census, Gills Pier, Michigan.

(I)-John Lewis b-1791 England 1st married Jane Ballendine Metis b-1802 North West Territories daughter John Ballendine b-1780 and Ann b-1781, 2nd marriage Margaret Metis b-1792 most likely North West..

John Richard McKay Metis b-1791 North West Territories 1st married Catherine White Metis b-1833 North West Territories, 2nd married Harriet Ballendine Metis b-1800 most likely North West.

Alejandro Malispina of Spain with two painters Jose Cardeno and Thomas Suria explore the Pacific Coast and contact the Nootka, Chumash and Tlingits People (1791 to 1792).

Louison Matchion b-1791 married Marie Leblanc Metis b-1795 most likely North West.

Sophia Moses b-1791, living 1870 census Cross Village, Michigan.

(I)-Ormand Norquay arrived in the service of the Hudson Bay Company.

Francois Paul b-1791 Canada married Marguerite Grant Metis b-1790 most likely North West.

Antoine Pepin b-1791 Canada married Marguerite Davis Metis b-1819 U.S.A. daughter David Davis b-1795 and Josette Indian b-1797.

Francois Sayer b-1791 married Marguerite Indian b-1795 most likely North West.

Jeremie Sulvan born 1791 likely Lake Superior died March 12, 1856 LaPointe, Wisconsin.

Joseph Tchetchigwais born 1791 likely La Pointe, Wisconsin married January 3, 1836 La Pointe, Wisconsin Maria Tatchiga born 1806 likely La Pointe, Wisconsin.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Jean Baptiste Guillet Tourandeau to (IV)-Marie Louise Reaume daughter (III)- Pierre Reaume dit Thamur (Themus) (1709-1766) and Suzanne Hubert Lacroix b-1709; 1st married 1770 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Alexis Cuillerier Beaubien and 2nd marriage 1791 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Jean Baptiste Guillet Tourandeau.

Red River Settlement (Pembina), birth Andre Trottier Trotchie Metis died April 24, 1874 son Andre Trottier b-1757 Montreal and Louise Chippewa Indian; married 1824 Red River (White Horse Plains) Marguerite Paquette St Denis.

Andre Trottier Metis b-1791 Red River Settlement married Marguerite Pacquet Metis b-1787 Red River Settlement.

George Vancouver (1757-1798), an Englishman, charts the Pacific Coast; Vancouver Island to Alaska from 1791 to 1793.

Port Alberni, B.C. is named after Don Pedro Alberni, a Spanish commander of the Nootka Garrison during the Spanish occupation.

Pierre Versailles Metis b-1791 North West Territories married Josephte Letendre Metis b-1798 most likely North West.

One report suggests that 900 of the 1,400 Voyagers of the North West Company owed the Company more than the amount of 10-15 years salary. If true, this is staggering and suggests they are indentured slaves to the Montreal merchants. It is known that 400 men are working the Montreal to Grande Portage. Some suggest the calculations in support of this claim are in error.

Furs collected at the Lake Superior Posts this season are valued at 40 pounds sterling per bundle and are numbered as follows:

15 bundles Bay of Guivindu (Keweenaw)

20 bundles Fond Du Lac

20 bundles La Pointe

24 bundles Alamoicon (Nepigon)

30 bundles Pic

40 bundles Michipicoton

1,400 bundles Grande Portage.


Isaac Batt, a free trader, is killed by the Blackfoot while hunting buffalo, but his companion John Thompson was not harmed.

The H.B.C. built Lac La Pluie (Rainy Lake) Post with traders from Osnaburgh.

The Canada or Constitutional Act created Upper Canada, mostly to satisfy the displaced English speaking Americans living in Canada. They didn't like the French seignior land system of narrow ribbons vs. their rectangular or square system. They didn't like the supreme authority of the Church, even the Catholic Highlanders, and wanted an assembly to govern their affairs. Quebec became part of lower Canada and began closing in upon itself, as if in a hostile continent. Canada is off to a bumbling start. By order in council, the limit of Ontario should extend to what is known as the western limit of Canada under the French, namely the Rocky (Stony) Mountains. Ninety one men are issued travel permits out of Montreal for Grand Portage and the Western Sea.

Andrew Todd of Mackinac outfitted Jean Baptiste Perrault (Perrot) to trade Fond du Lac to Red River. John Sayer of Sault Ste Marie (possible son John Sayer b-1750 and Obemauunoqua) has also established himself as a free trade outfitter and has made two winterings to Fond du Lac. Jean Baptiste Nolin of Sault Ste Marie has wintered at Sandy Lake. Jean Baptiste and Joseph Reaume, being goaded by Alexander Henry (1739-1824), enter the country to take the savages from the Lac de la Sence to the Prairies. Joseph Reaume wintered at Leef River. Cadotte has proposed taking the Leech Lake band of Ojibwa into the valley of the Red River to work beaver there. Jean Baptiste Cadotte and Michel Cadotte left their women at Fond du Lac, considering the expedition too dangerous for women and children.

Ojibwa Chief Shewequenap, a long time Hudson Bay trader of a large band, told Robert Goodwin that they will not trade when they can get a better deal with the Canadian Pedlars. The Pedlars also carried a larger variety of trinkets and fine gartering.

Hudson Bay Company reported reaching the Athabasca to see for themselves the resources of the region and the extent of the North Western Company activities. They are in awe when they reached Fort Chipewyan on Lake Athabasca. They discovered that the Fort had supplies of trade goods to last two seasons. The essence of this report appears to support the contention that earlier reports of Hudson Bay Company exploration may be based on second hand Native reports and not first hand English reports. The Hudson Bay Company also reported that 900 employees of the North West Company owed the Company more than the wages of 10-15 years employment. This could be propaganda used to discourage Hudson Bay men from entering the field.

General Arthur Saint Claire, claimed as Governor of the North West Territories, replaces Brigadier General Josiah Harmar after his humiliating defeat by the Indian Nation. This unprovoked invasion of a friendly neighbor Nation resulted in over 600 of his troops being killed in battle and nearly half again as many wounded. The infamous George Washington was determined to invade the Free Indian Nation and not to have a third embarrassing defeat. He, therefore, turned the command over to General "Mad" Anthony Wayne; their revolutionary hero.

John McDonald, clerk of the North West Company, recorded that at the Sault, Jean Baptiste Nolin and (I)-John Johnson (1762?-1828) or (1742-1830?), are the principle persons here. This is poor judgment by McDonald, as Johnson had just arrived on his way to La Pointe and would return to Montreal by 1792. Johnson knew nothing about the west or the fur trade so he couldn't possibly be a principle person.

(I)-John Johnson (1762?-1828) or (1742-1830?), an Irishman, arrived Fort La Pointe (Madeleine Island, Wisconsin) with a commission. The French Canadian Metis traders are hostile and lured his voyagers from his service. He lost his supplies and much trade good. Even the Ojibwa denied him a wife, claiming the English usually abandon their wives, and he would have to wait seven years to prove his worthiness. This is noteworthy as the Ojibwa are using the scriptures against the English.

La Pointe (Wisconsin) marriage 1793/1797 (I)- John Johnson (1762?-1828) or (1742-1830?), son William Johnson and Jane Mussenden married Susan or Angelice Oshawousgodaywaygua (Oshahgushkadawaquay) Woman of the Great Meadow the died 1843 daughter of Chippewa (Ojibwa) Chief Waubjeeg (white Fisher). Their Metis children are George, who married Wassidjeewinoquay, William, Jane Obahbahmwawagezhegoquay, who married 1823 Henry R. Schoolcraft, Anna Maria Omiskabugoquay, who married James L. Schoolcraft, Charlotte Ogenabugoquay, who married Reverand William McMurray, Louis Saurin, John McDowall and Elizabeth Wahbamungoquay.

(IV)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Jr. (1761-1818) and Joseph Reaume (Reyaulm), being equipped by free trader Alexander Henry the younger (1764-1814), nephew of Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824), are at Leech Lake, charged with leading a group of Leech Lake Ojibwa to the prairies and Red River. Alexander Henry the younger (1764-1814) says the Ojibwa are very officious in wishing to provide me with a wife. It is the Ojibwa custom that after marriage, the groom lived with his wife's family for at least a season hunting, trapping and trading, and providing goods for the in-laws. Henry provided ammunition and goods to avenge the murder of his wife's parents. (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Jr. (1761-1818) and (IV)-Michel Cadotte (1764-1837) wintered at LaPointe and are probably the unpleasant neighbors mentioned of by (I)-John Johnson (1762?-1828) or (1742-1830?) this year. James Perlier of Montreal arrived Green Bay.

Cossack Ivan Kobelev landed on little Diomede Island, between Siberia and Alaska. He found 100 people; 45 males and 55 females, healthy, daring and cheerful. This Island has been continuously occupied for the past 2,000 years.

The Hudson Bay Osnaburgh Post on Lake St. Joseph, reported trading 3,600 beaver for the 1790-91 season, despite much competition from the Canadians.

(I)-William Tomison in the field (1760-1811), an Orkney and Factor, constructed Buckingham House a short distance from the earlier constructed Canadian House, Fort George, approximately 100 miles downstream from the later Edmonton House (13 km southeast of Elk Point). The following spring it is nearly lost by fire. (I)-William Tomison claimed it was ordered set by Angus Shaw, the trader in charge of Fort George. These Forts remained side by side until 1800.

Duncan Cameron of the HBC noted that the North West Company dressed the country wives in scarlot, callicos and silk ribbons.

The North West Company built Fort Chesterfield 12 miles below present Empress, Alberta, on the north bank of the South Saskatchewan River.

Jose Maria Narvaez b-1768, of Spain charted the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Strait of Georgia. He explored the Pugent Sound and anchored Point Grey. He named it Islas de Langara. He discovered the Frazer River trading with the natives. The landed Howe Sound to take on fresh water. They sailed as far north as Texada Island. A year later Captain Vancouver was mortified to discover Narvaez had discovered Vancouver.

January 17: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Joseph Morand died May 4, 1793 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), married (IV)-Catherine Boyer born 1767 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (III)-Ignace Boyer (1721-1784) and (IV)-Angelique Pepin dit Descardonnets.

January 24: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Louis Chapoton son (III)-Louis Alexis Chapoton born 1764 and (IV)-Catherine Meloche born 1765.

January 24: Kamouraska, marriage Nicolet Michel Martin to (III)-Marie Rose Laur et Lor daughter (II)-Pierre Benjamin Laur et Lor and (II)-Marie Blanchard.

January 27: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Charles Cabassier born October 24, 1763 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (III)-Joseph Cabassier (1722-1773) and (II)-Angelique Bienvenu dit Delisle born 1721; Charles married Jeanne Milmenne 2nd marriage (III)-Angelique Moran veuve de Paschal Viger daughter (II)-Vincent Moran.

January 31: Fredericksburgh Town, Ontario, marriage, Elias Huffman and Nancy Reed of Richmond Town, Ontario.

February 6: Fredericksbourg Town, Ontario, marriage, Timothy Thompson and Elizabeth Fraser.

February 16: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Francois Belan to (IV)-Archange Jeannes daughter (III)-Robert Jeannes et Jeanne b-1730, died April 3, 1793 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), and (IV)-Catherine Reaume b-1740.

February 21: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Francois DeMarsac son (III)-Francois DeMarsac sieur de L'Homme Trou and (IV)-Marie Charlotte Bourassa; married (V)-Cecile Saucier born 1773 daughter (IV)-Joseph Saucier.

February 22: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, Alexander Askin son John Askin to Archange Barthel.

February 21: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Jean Baptiste Prudhomme to (IV)-Archange DeMarsac daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste (also called Benjamin) DeMarsac (1742- 1793) and (IV)-Genevieve Seguin.

March 7: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Pierre Doucet son (II)-Jean Baptiste Doucet (1717-1792) and (III)-Marie Louise Delage born 1725; married Elisabeth Fontaine daughter Charles Fontaine.

April 7: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, Jane Macomb daughter William Macomb and Sarah Drinor (Dring).

May: (IV)-Charles Chaboiller (1772-1812) is hired by Joseph Frobisher under a four year contract as a North West Company clerk. He was assigned to NWC Cumberland House and Ile a la Crosse NWC post until 1796.

May 5: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Francois Dubois, arpenteur il etait au Detroit, source Tanguay.

May 9: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (II)-Louis Billiau dit L'Esperance son (I)-Jean Baptiste Billiau and (III)-Marie Francoise Mesnie, see parent birth 1758; married (IV)-Therese Chauvin born May 9, 1771 daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Chauvin born 1740 and (IV)-Therese Seguin.

May 16: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Jean Baptiste Leclair to Therese Catin daughter Antoine Catin died before 1791 and was married about 1767 to Marie Anne Martin living south west of La Cote.

May 3: Fredericksburgh Town, Ontario, marriage, Gilbert Harris and Mary MacDougall.

June 5: Robert Gray (1755-1806), an American arrived Clayoquot, Vancouver Island. Gray wintered 1791-92 on Meares Island, Oregon where he built Fort Defiance.

July 31: Adolphus Town, Ontario, marriage, Conrad Van Dusen, widower, and Milleson Hoover of Fredericksburgh, Ontario.

August 10: Fredericksburgh Town, Ontario, marriage, Frederick Kellar and Elizabeth Peters.

August 16: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, Louis Campeau son Louis Campeau and (IV)-Therese Moran daughter (III)-Claude Charles Moran.

August 18: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (V)-Basile Campeau died October 20, 1791 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (IV)-Francois Basile Campeau (1743-1795) and (IV)-Suzanne Moran born 1760.

August 25: Alured Clarke, acting governor Canada to September 4, 1793.

August 30: Sophiasburgh Town, Ontario, marriage, Henry Young and Nancy Dyre.

September 5: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Francois Bernard to (V)-Madeleine Crete born June 18, 1768 Bout de I'IIe, Montreal daughter (IV)-Jean Baptiste Crete born 1736 and (II)-Marie Joseph Atmond born 1741.

September 6: River St. Clair, Western District of Canada birth David Laughton son Peter Laughton and Catharine Harson.

October 22: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (IV)-Louis Chartier born 1747.

November 15: Michilimackinac, marriage James M. Hamilton to Louisa Mitchell daughter David Mitchell, esquire.

November 21: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, John Van Skiver of Adolphustown, Ontario and Isabel Brock of Adolphustown, Ontario.

December 13: Jean Louis Carignant, Superintendent of Navigation of Lake Michigan, drowned at Michilimackinac. He was married to Felicite unknown.

December 27: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, Samel McCay Ernest Town, Ontario and Amarilla of Ernest Town, Ontario.


Dakota, marriage (I)-James Aird (born Ayrshire, Scotland died 1819 Prairie du Chien) about 1792 Grey Cloud daughter Dakota Chief Wabasha, and one daughter is recorded Margaret Mahkpiyahotowin/Gray Cloud II, Metis (1793-1850) epouse 1805 Thomas G. Anderson and later Hazen Mooers.

Charlotte Agosa b-1792, living 1870 Northport, Michigan

Thomas Asham b-1792 married Nancy Indian b-1790 North West Territories.

Sophia Assinaway b-1792, living 1870 Goodheart, Michigan.

Pierre Bernard b-1792 married Marie Fortin Metis b-1820 Red River Settlement.

(II)-George Bird Metis born 1792 North West (York Factory?) son (I)-James Bird of England, 1838 census Red River.

(II)-James Curtis Bird born 1773 son (I)-James Bird and Elizabeth Curtis married Cumberland House Elizabeth Oo-menahomisk. It is noteworthy he gave the surname Curtis to his children. Some suggest this James Bird is same man as (I)-James Bird Sr., a.k.a. James Curtis (d-1856), who is at Cumberland house this year.

Pierre Blondin b-1792 married to Marie Gray, Metis b-1795 likely North West. Possible daughter Robert Gray (1755-1806) of west coast expeditions??

John Bourke b-1792 Ireland married Nancy Campbell Metis b-1794 U.S.A. daughter John Campbell b-1775 and Catherine Demontigny Indian b-1778.

(I)-Henry Buxton b-1792 England married Francise Thomas b-1795 likely North West.

(I)-John Archibald Campbell, born 1775 Londonderry, Muff Co. Ireland died 1808, first entered the trade, and by 1794 is trading Little Rapids with the Wahpetons. 1st married Catherine Demontigny, 2nd marriage a Dakota woman who died 1801. Their children included John born about 1790, Jeremiah, Duncan, Colin, Scott, Margaret Pelagia who married 1st Edward Pizanne and 2nd Hercules, and finally Nancy born 1790's died 1887 who married John Palmer Bourke. Most, if not all of the children, are likely Metis. Some claim John, who married Marguerite Ainse, daughter of Joseph Ainse and Marie Therese Bondy, is a son of the first wife. The balance of the kids are from the Dakota woman.

Ontario, New Johnstown, birth, Catherine Campbell daughter Alexander Campbell (1734-1800); Catherine married James Stanley Godard and also Henry Francois Oriel. Brothers John Duncan Campbell (1773-1835) and Colin Campbell (1787-1853) were involved in the western fur trade.

(II)-Joseph Cook, Metis (1792-1848) North West Territories son (I)-William Cook b-1766 England and Mary Metis likely North West; married October 27, 1824 Catherine Sinclair Metis b-1795 likely North West daughter (I)-William Sinclair (1760-1818) and Nahovway Swampy Cree, Metis.

Joseph joined the Hudson Bay Company in 1803, working mostly inland..

Jacob Daniel Metis b-1792 Red River Settlement married Marguerite Goodwin Metis b-1795 Red River Settlement.

Catherine Dufaut born 1792 most likely Lake Superior died July 20, 1866 La Pointe, Wisconsin.

Dionisio Galiano, a Spanish navy commander, explored the B.C.'s Gulf Islands; Galiano Island is named after him.

Moses Hamlin b-1792, living 1870 census, Sutton's Bay, Michigan.

James England b-1792 married Margaret, Metis b-1797 likely North West.

Joseph Flammand Metis b-1792 Canada married Marguerite Moreau Metis b-1797 likely North West.

John Forbisher b-1792 Orkney married Catherine Robertson b-1805 Red River Settlement.

(II)-Simon Fraser born May 20, 1776 New York, died August 18, 1862 Ontario son (I)-Simon Fraser and Isabel Grant joined the North West Company this year.

Robert Haswell is in the Oregon Territory

Thomas Heddington (1775-1860) made a sketch of a Kwakiutl village at the entrance to Bute's Inlet, South Kwakiutl or Salish. He was part of the Vancouver Expedition of 1791-1795.

Henry Humphrys (d-1799) made a sketch of the Spanish Fort, San Miguel, and the colony of about eleven houses with fenced in gardens at Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island. The settlement appears well established at this time.

Thomas Humphable b-1792 married Anne Turner Metis b-1797 most likely North West.

Keywaycushcum Jackson b-1792, living 1870 census, Glen Haven, Michigan.

Thomas Kippling Metis b-1782 Red River Settlement married Nancy Indian b-1800 U.S.A.

Michel Lambert Metis b-1792 Red River Settlement married Marguerite Favel Metis b-1803 North West Territories.

Louis Laplante Metis b-1792 married Josephte Lapierre Metis b-1809 Canada

Jean Baptiste Lepine b-1792 Canada married Charlotte Saulteaux Indian b-1794 North West Territories.

Jean Baptiste Lepine b-1792 Lower Canada married Julie Henry Metis b-1805 U.S.A.

Frederick Paul b-1792 Canada married Josephte Brunet Metis b-1795 most likely North West.

John Richards McKay, Metis grandson John Favel Jr, Metis and Titameg a Swampy Cree; married Harriet Ballenden daughter John Ballenden, Metis and Jane Indian Woman. One of their sons, Edward McKay, established a trading post at Cyprus Hills in 1872.

Simon McGillivray b-1792 married Therese Raefe Metis b-1819 most likely North West.

Angeline McGulphin b-1792, living 1870 census Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Elizabeth McGulphin b-1792, living 1870 census Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Mrs Benjamin McGulphin b-1792, living 1870 census Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Paul Mamogona b-1792, living 1870 census Michigan, living San Francisco, California.

Peter Mark b-1792, living 1870 census Kewadin, Michigan.

Mwaykewenaw b-1792, living 1870 census Northport, Michigan.

Zachary Mudge (1770-1852) made a sketch of the ship Discovery, stuck on the rocks, with the ship Catham in the background and the Haida in the foreground at Queen Charlotte Sound, British Columbia. He is part of the Vancouver Expedition of (1791-1795).

Nawwegozhego b-1792, living 1870 census Kewadin, Michigan.

Okewash b-1792, living 1870 census Stonington, Michigan.

Charlotte Pelletier, Metis b-1792 Red River married about 1835 Red River to Antoine Azure, Metis, b-1794 Red River. 1850 census. Genealogy First Metis Nation suggest Charlotte birth date is 1815.

Charles Reaume (1752-1822/23), wife Sanguenette and four children moved to Green Bay. Charles, however, wintered 1792/93 at his post on the Saint Croix River with James Porlier and Laurent Barth.

Joseph Reaume wintered at the mouth of the Pembina; others suggest he wintered near Red River (Pembina).

Marriage likely St. Louis, Missouri, Antoine Roy to (II)-Felicite Vasquez b-1775 St. Louis, Missouri daughter (I)-Benito Vasquez (1738-1810) and Marie Julie Papin.

John Sanssway b-1792, living 1870 census Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Peter Shaywawdayse b-1792, living 1870 census Northport, Michigan.

John Spence, Indian b-1792 Red River Settlement married Jane Tait Indian b-1795 Red River Settlement.

James Spence, Metis born 1792 North West, census 1831 Red River, census 1834 lists birth as 1787 and 1835 census as 1779 probably a different person. Census 1834 lists a John Spence born this date. Likely two or more similar names. A James Spence of the Hudson Bay Company married a country Woman (Cree) in the early 1790's, this could be their son.

Angeline Stonge b-1792, living 1870 census Mackinac Island, Michigan.

John Sykes (1770-1858) is at Port Townsend, Washington with the Vancouver Expedition of 1791-1795. He also made a sketch of a Kwakiutl Village in Johnson Strait, Vancouver Island.

William Tait Metis b-1792 North West Territories married Marry Bear Indian b-1815 most likely North West.

Margaret Tardiff b-1792 Canada, living 1850 census Sault Ste. Marie, Wisconsin,

Toussaint Le Sieur built Fort Alexander on the Winnipeg River, two leagues from the French fort.

St. Louis, Missouri, birth (II)-Hypolyte Vasquez (1792-1837) son (I)-Benito Vasquez (1738-1810) and Marie Julie Papin; married 1817 Marie Therese Lajeunesse.

Some suggest there are 28 ships trading the Pacific Northwest Coast this year.

George Vancouver (1757-1798) explored Puget Sound, finding a vast charnel house of human remains promiscuously scattered about the beach in great numbers, as smallpox had preceded them. Peter Puget noted that most were terribly pitted, indeed, many have lost their eyes. George Vancouver said "I experienced no small degree of mortification" when he discovered from Captain Bodega had charted the Straits of Juan de Fuca, Straits of Georgia and discovered the Frazer River. Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra (1743-1794), Spanish commander of the Northwest Coast, took charge of the Noothka Post and negotiated with Captain George Vancouver, but remained firm in defending Spanish sovereignty over Vancouver Island. It is noteworth that Juan Josef Perez Hemandez (1725-1775) had first discovered Vancouver Island in 1774. Bodega had been the second expedition to visit Vancouver Island in 1775.

Sophia Williams b-1792, living 1870 census Stonington, Michigan.

Forsyth, Richardson and Company; Todd, McGill and Company; Grant and Company, and Alexander Henry, the elder (1739-1824) joined the North West Company by accepting small shares of the Company. Henry is one of the first English traders; known as the peddlers from Quebec. He was, however, from New Jersey. Their objective is to restrict free trade into Fond du Lac, specifically Red River.

It is reported that 25% of the Chickasaw Nation in Tennessee is composed of white, Metis English men.

The Hudson Bay Company built a trading post on Lake Nipigon, being supplied from Fort Albany, James Bay.

The North West Company established a trading post at the mouth of the Winnipeg River in the 1792-1793 season.

(I)-Philip Turnor (1751-1799), Hudson Bay Company surveyor, claimed to have trained (I)-David Thompson (1770-1857). (I)-Peter Fidler (1769-1822) became Chief Surveyor this year. He retired permanently to Britain. Thompson was assigned to find a more direct route from Hudson Bay to Lake Athabasca but was frustrated by faltering support for his surveys.

(I)-Peter Fidler (1769-1822) believed it was impolite to help out the Indians in any way. He believed that the more a European does work, the worse he is respected by the natives. This English beliefs and values are in direct conflict with Native, Metis and French values in the North West.

The first comprehensive map of Canada by Aron Arrowsmith relied heavily upon three Indian maps to delineate the area north of Fort Churchill.

The North West Company acquired Fort St. Joseph at the outlet of Sault Ste Marie; opposite the southern end of St. Joseph Island. This site is used as a center where canoes are built for interior service. Fort St. Joseph was built by the British troops in 1765.

The North West Company established five departments:

Fond Du Lac, including the St. Louis and Mississippi River systems.

Folle Avoine, including the St. Croix River system.

Lac Couterville, covering the water ways of the Chippeway.

Lac Du Flambeau and waters of the Wisconsin.

Grande Portage, to cover the North West including the Assineboines and Red River system.


Michel Cadotte (1764-1837) and his brother (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Jr. (1761-1818), with 60 men, traded the headwaters of the Mississippi.

Included in the party are voyageurs, Coureurs des Bois, engages, servants and traders Reyaulm, Pickette, Roberts and Bell. They wintered at the mouth of the Leaf River where it joins the Crow Wing. They traded with the Dakotahs and returned by way of Winnipeg Lake to Grande Portage, loaded with furs. As a result of this expedition, the North West Company opened up the Fond du Lac Department where (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Jr. (1761-1818) served for the next two years. Equassway, the Mixed Blood wife of (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803), wintered at Fond du Lac near Duluth with their children.

Chief Wa-won-je-gwon of the Red Lake Band marks the Expedition of Jean Baptiste Cadotte this year, as the start of the permanent settlement of Red Lake. Prior to this time, he said that the people came and went with the seasons. Wa-won-je-gwon, an aged and intellectual Chief of Red Lake in 1850, stated that, using the date of the expedition of Jean Baptiste Cadotte in 1792 or 1793, the settlement of Red Lakecan be dated permanently by the Ojibwa. This is not correct, but maybe he was referring to his own family or tribe?

Warren (Cadotte?) wintered on the Leaf River of the upper Mississippi with his older brother. They worked the Thief River, Leech Lake, Winnipeg Lake, Cass Lake, Pokaguma Falls and Oak Point. There is no indication that the Warren's are in the region until 1818. This must be a reference to the Cadotte brothers.

(IV)-Michael Cadotte (1763-1837) is believed settled at La Pointe village, Madelaine Island about this time, frequently wintering at Lac du Flambeau and Lac Court Oreille where he had posts. The Ojibwa called him Kichemashane (Great Michel). (IV)-Michael Cadotte (1763-1837) at Makinac married Madeleine Equay-say-way, daughter of Waubijejauk, Chippewa Chief, White Crane of the Bayfield area of Wisconsin. They married in Sault Ste Marie, as no priest served at La Pointe (Madeleine Island, Wisconsin). Her baptism name is Madeleine. Chief White Cane named the largest of the Apostle Islands, Madeleine, (Wisconsin) in her honor. Henry Rowe Schoolcraft would try in the future to rename it Virginia Island, but the residents rejected the name. Michael Cadotte is in charge of La Pointe (Wisconsin) and would make it his home until his death. It would appear that Monsieur Garneau (Gaunaux), the stray of Ste Pierre de Montmagny, born about 1769, has abandoned his La Pointe (Wisconsin) wife for another at Red Lake (Minnesota).

The Russian Orthodox, Russian Fur Company moved its headquarters to Kodiak city, Alaska and soon dominated all of Alaska. Alexander Baranov, a Russian, is fur trading Alaska, British Columbia and California among the Aleuts, Tlingits, and Pomos.

Robert Gray (1755-1806) and William R. Broughton, Americans, are on the Northwest coast, Gray's Harbor and the Columbia River, Oregon Territory. Gray sailed up the mouth of the Columbia River. This expedition on the northwest coast lasted from 1790 to 1793.

January 1: Michilimackinac, marriage Jean Baptiste La Borde (Laborde) dit Sansregret married Marguerite Marchard Chevalier.

January 1: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Timothee Dagneau died June 22, 1837 Detroit, Michigan, son (IV)-Antoine DaGneau alias DeQuinore (1751-1814) and Catherine DesRivieres alias LaMorandiere (1757-1817); married November 18, 1823 Assumption, Ontario Jeanne Godet Marenette.

January 16: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Joseph Bourdeau dit L'Lle Ronde son (III)-Joseph Bourdeau dit L'Lle-Ronde, habitant de la Cote Nord-est, born 1730, died 1793 married 1760 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (III)-Marie Louise Clermont et Dvbord born 1645 daughter Louis Clermont; Joseph married (V)-Agathe Reaume born 1749 daughter (IV)-Jean Baptiste Reaume.

January 29: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, Elisha Miller of Sophias, Ontario, and Jennet Campbell of Adolphus, Ontario.

February 2: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, John McGregor son Gregor McGregor and Susan Robert.

February 2: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, John Sager, Richmond, Ontario and Elizabeth Van De Burgh.

February 2: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, David Brown, of Adolphus, Ontario and Catherine Van Dusen of Adolphus, Ontario.

February 12: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, George Smith, of Sidney, Ontario and Gerdrant Friend of Amelias, Ontario.

February 13: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (VI)-Rene Cloutier son (V)-Rene Cloutier; married Elisabeth Robidoux daughter Louis Robidoux.

February 13: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (VI)-Rene Cloutier son (V)-Rene Cloutier born 1734 and (IV)-Marie Joseph Campeau born 1745; married Elisabeth Robidoux.

February 13: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Antoine Davignon son (II)-Alexis Davignon died 1780 and Marie Louise Crete; married (VI)-Therese Cloutier daughter (V)-Rene Cloutier born 1734 and (IV)-Marie Joseph Campeau born 1745.

February 13: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, Elijah Williams of Earnest, Ontario and Roby Jenckes of Sophias, Ontario.

February 28: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, Mathew Clark and Anna McKay, Earnest Town, Ontario.

February 28: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, Daniel Hicks of Marysburgh, Ontario and Susanah Dawson of Marysburgh, Ontario.

March: Robert Goodwin at Osnaburgh sent all the Indians to hunt for more provisions- "or else we must starve."

March 13: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, Jehiel Hawley of Fredericks, Ontario Amanda Cass of Ernest, Ontario.

March 19: Michilimackinac, marriage Alexis (Alexander) FaFard dit LaFramboise, horseman, born Three Rivers, Quebec son Jean Baptiste Laframboise and Genevieve LaBissonniere; married Josette Adhemar daughter Antoine Adhemar and Genevieve Blondeau of Detroit. See July 29, 1796.

March 25: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, Joseph Gervais b-1723, a voyageur.

April 2: Robert Gray (1755-1806), in the ship Columbia, encountered George Vancouver (1757-1798) off the coast of Oregon Territory. George Vancouver wrote that if any river should be found it must be a very intricate one and inaccessible to vessels of our burden. This was in reference to the Columbia River mouth, discovery by Gray.

April 23: Detroit, marriage (V)-Charles Lauzon born February 13, 1763 Detroit son (IV)-Jacques Lauzon b-1737 and (IV)-Marie Anne Casse; married April 23, 1792 Angelique Raymond dit Toulouse b-1775 daughter Jean Baptiste Raymond dit Toulouse.

April 29: George Vancouver (1757-1798) circumnavigated Vancouver Island and charted the British Columbia coast to counter the Spanish exploration of these regions in 1774-1775. He failed to secure the release of ships captured by the Spanish at Nootka Sound and the Spanish maintained control of the region. The matter would be referred to Madrid.

May 7: Robert Gray (1755-1806), in the ship Columbia, anchored in the Columbia River harbor and traded with the Indians. He named the river Columbia after his ship.

May 11: Robert Gray (1755-1806) sailed up the Columbia River about 20 miles where he traded with a vast number of natives and obtained fresh water.

May 18: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, James Sparkman son John Sparkman to Susannah Stedman.

May 19: Mount Saint Helens in the Oregon Territory (Washington) erupted and is noted by the fur traders. It is the most active volcano in the Pacific Northwest.

June 14: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Angelique Chapoton daughter (III)-Louis Alexis Chapoton born 1764 and (IV)-Catherine Meloche born 1765.

June 25: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Pierre Solo married (VI)-Catherine Cloutier daughter (V)-Rene Cloutier born 1734 and (IV)-Marie Joseph Campeau born 1745;

July 1: Michilimackinac, marrage Charles Chandonnet son Andre Chandonnet and Charles Fichot; married Charlotte Marcot died January 2, 1806.

July 1: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, David Lockwood, of Ernesttown, Ontario and Hannah Fraser of Earnesttown, Ontario.

July 9: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, John McNabb son Colin McNabb and Elizabeth.

July 13: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Frederick Augustus Scram son Frederick Scram and Angelica.

July 13: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Isaac Crumb son Benoni Crumb and Sarah.

July 15: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Peggy Slingerlandt daughter Richard Slingerlandt and Elizabeth.

July 15: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Mary Hodgkinson daughter William Hodgkinson and Mary.

July 15: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Andrew Haynes son Nathaniel Haynes and Lydia.

July 15: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Jacob Derby son George Derby and Margaret.

July 15: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Margaret Miller daughter William Miller and Margery.

July 16: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Deborah Butler daughter Thomas Butler and Ann.

July 22: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Thomas Silverthorn son John Silverthorn and Esther.

July 22: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Aaron Silverthorn son John Silverthorn and Esther.

July 22: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, John De Forest son Abraham De Forest and Elizabeth.

July 22: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, William Dayton son Asa Dayton and Sarah.

July 22: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Martha Lampman daughter Abraham Lampman and Hannah.

July 22: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, James Hamilton son the Honorable Robert Hamilton and Catherine.

July 30: Niagara on the Lake, death, Sara Rock, an infant; M. Fitzgerald, an infant; Elizabeth Sheehan daughter W.B. Sheehan;

August: George Vancouver (1757-1798) encountered Juan Francoisco de la Bodega Y Quadra (1743-1794) of Spain at Nootka, Vancouver Island. The Spanish had seized the British property for trespass at Nootka Sound, based on first possession by the Spanish of Vancouver Island.

August 5: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Mary Bark daughter Francois Bark and Jane.

August 5: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Deborah Barraws daughter Thomas Barraws and Mary.

August 9: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, John Clement son Joseph Clement and Margaret.

August 11: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Peter Mann Ball son Peter Ball and Elizabeth.

August 16: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, Philip Hartman, Addington, Ontario and Huldah Hough of Addington, Ontario.

August 19: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, John Scram son Jeremiah Scram and Mary.

August 22: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Jane Cassady daughter Samuel Cassady and Sarah.

August 23: Niagara on the Lake, marriage, Henry Warren and Catherine Aglor.

August 23: Niagara on the Lake, marriage, Michael Showers and Elenor Thorn.

August 24: Niagara on the Lake, marriage, James Hamilton and Louisa, were previously married by a commanding officer.

August 26: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Anna Isabella Sheehan daughter Walter Butler and Elizabeth, 2nd marriage?

August 26: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Elizabeth Sheehan daughter Walter Butler and Elizabeth 2nd marriage?

August 27: Niagara on the Lake, marriage, Corporal Crawford and widow Farewell

August 28: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, David Hofman of Ernest Town, Ontario and Elizabeth Moore of Ernest, Ontario.

August 29: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Basile Campeau son (IV)-Francois Basile Campeau (1743-1795) and (IV)-Suzanne Moran born 1760.

September 4: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Francois DeMarsac son (IV)-Francois DeMarsac born 1770 and (V)-Cecile Saucier born 1773.

September 12: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Chapoton son (III)-Benoit Chapoton and (IV)-Therese Meloche.

September 12: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Elizabeth Rees daughter Jacob Rees and Elizabeth.

September 17: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Susannah Henesy daughter James Henesy and Phebe.

September 17: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Sarah Henesy daughter James Henesy and Phebe.

September 21: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Sarah Dew daughter Jacob Dew and Elizabeth.

September 21: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Mary Springer daughter Richard Springer and Sarah.

September 24: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Catherine Gould daughter John Gould and Hannah.

September 25: Niagara on the Lake, death, Samual P. Jarvis, an infant of William Jarvis, esq.

September 29: Michilimackinac, baptism, Michel Bourassa born September 29, 1792 son Daniel Bourassa and Marguerite Bertrand, witness C. Gauthier.

September 30: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Clartie Hinner son Richard Hinner and Hannah.

October: George Vancouver (1758-1798), after seeing Robert Gray's charts at Nootka Sound, now believed Gray had discovered the Columbia River.

He immediately set sail for the Columbia River. He said he couldn't cross the sand bar, but William Robert, in the ship Chatham, did cross. He sailed to the Portland, Oregon area, nearly 100 miles up stream. He named this location Point, Vancouver, and he observed and named Mount Hood.

October 17: Niagara on the Lake, baptism, Harriet Secord daughter Licut. Sol. Secord and unknow.

October 21: William R. Broughton (1762-1821) sailed up the Columbia River and explored until November 10, and then claimed the Oregon Territory for Britain.

October 21: Michilimackinac, baptism, Therese Victoire Barthe daughter Jean Baptiste Barthe and Dame Genevieve Beaubien.

November 5: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Etienne Dubois to (III)-Marguerite Descomps daughter (III)-Alexis Descomps and (V)-Marie Francoise Robert born 1752.

November 8: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, William Curtis of Ernest, Ontario and Isabell Johnson of Ernest, Ontario.

November 10: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Amtoine Gamelin son (IV)-Francois Gamelin died 1774 and Joachine Faucher.

November 24: (III)-Rene Bourassa (1718-1792) died British Fort Detroit (Michigan).

November 25: British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, John James Roe son Walter Roe to Ann Laughton daughter John Laughton.

December 17: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, William Cook of Cambden, Ontario and Keziah Babcock of Cambden, Ontario.

December 20: Edward Vanderlip, of riper years.

December 27: Ernest Town, Ontario, marriage, James Morden of Sophias, Ontario and Margaret Parliament of Sophias, Ontario.