Metis 1741 - 1742


1741 - 1742

The French continue in secret their genocide war against the Fox Indians.

The Hudson Bay Company establish a policy of only securing
Orkney's as servants in their posts.

The English, Irish and Scots are considered not up to the rigors of the work.


Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan)? birth, (IV)-Jacques Campeau, birth date and location not listed but most likely this year son (III)-Nicolas Campeau (1710-1756) and (II)-Agathe Casse (1716-1808).

Jean Cardinal (about 1729-1780) and Marie Sauvagesse, a Omaha slave (Panis MaHa) had the following Metis children Genevieve, Ursule (Charlotte), Margueritte, Susanna, Catherine born 1772, Felicite, Jean Marie Jr. born 1771 died about 1823 and married Elisabeth Antaya Peltier and Paul.

Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Louis Joseph Chaboillez son (II)-Charles Chaboillez (1706-1757) and Marie Anne Chevalier.

(I)-Alexi Chirikov of Russia is in Alaska, Alexander Archipelago.

Jean Baptiste Dagarneau born 1741 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), region died after 1782.

Father Godefroe Coquart (1706-1765) served at Fort La Reine, Lake of the Woods,(Ontario) departing in 1744.

(II)-Louis Cesaire Dagneau, sieur de Quindre (1704-1767) and wife Marie Anne Picote de Belestre (1714-1756) traveled to Post of River St. Joseph where his wife's brother Francois Picote de Belestre was stationed. The parents of the Picote are Francois Marie Picote and Marie Catherine Trottier de Beaubien.

James Duffield arrived Moose Factory, Hudson Bay, and reported that he found there, a nest of free and accepted Masons - a scandalous society. He is likely referring to the Home Indians and Metis offspring of the factory men. They said he wanted to govern with an iron rod, bringing the factory to near rebellion.

Michel Gamelin dit Mangras/Maugras/Gaucher b-1700 is hiring for Fort Detroit et aux 8yastanons.

Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Josette Gamelin daughter (III)-Laurent Eustache (Ustache) Gamelin born 1695, negociant, died March 11, 1774, others suggest death 1771 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), son (II)-Pierre Gamelin; married Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), 1740 (III)-Marie Josephe Dudevoir et Bonvouloir dit Lachene.

Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), or further west, birth Jean Baptiste Hamelin son Louis Hamelin (1681-1693) and Catherine Neveu. Two other children are Catherine and Marie Louise- no birth date given.

(IV)-Philippe Louis Denies (Denys) sieur de LaRonde (born 1714) son of (III)-Louis Denis (Denys), Monsieur de LaRonde (1675-1741) succeeded his father as Captain of the Indies Company at Fort La Pointe, Ojibwa Country (Wisconsin) until 1743. It would appear that (III)-Oliver Garao, alias Perrin de Louarget, spent 1741 and 1742 in Bout de I'lle, Montreal, Quebec, attending to his sick father and pregnant wife. LaRonde hosted a peace council between the Ojibwa and Dakota at Fort La Pointe, Ojibwa Country.

La Verendrye sent his sons on a return visit to the Mandan tribe on the Missouri, to explore the area west and south of there. This is likely a reference to his orders of April 9, 1742 and their trip in 1743. Much confusion exists this year as (II)-Pierre Gauthier de Varennes et de La Verendrye (1685-1749), some say, arrived back in the west this year with plans to build forts at Lakes Bourbon and Dauphin, (Manitoba), when he had promised to explore the route to the Western Sea. It's possible the pressure he is under caused some confusion.

A La Verendrye son brought horses from the Missouri to Fort La Reine on the Assiniboine River. His father claimed the Mandan had no horses? The Metis established a trading post at Lake Bourbon on Fort Island, on the lower course of the Saskatchewan River; at a point where it enters Cedar Lake. Verendrye called Cedar Lake and Lake Winnipeg, Lake Bourbon. Fort Dauphin is established at the portage to Lake Winnipegosis, on the northwest shore of Lake Winnipeg. It is also called Lac des Prairies.

Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth Jean Baptiste Reaume (1741-about1807) son Hyacinthe Reaume (1704-1774) and Agathe Lacelle (1709-1778): married 1763 Agatha Lootman Barrois.

Rocambole, an apostat slave, a savage of Chikag8, recorded this year most likely at Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan).

Louisiana, marriage, Joseph Roy (1709-1761) son Edmond Roy dit Chatellereau de Ste Anne b-1665/75 and Marie Anne Janvier; married 1st 1736 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), Magdeleine Perthuis, 2nd 1741 Pte Coupee, Louisiana and 3rd Marie Magelaine Lejeune.

(I)-Vitus Bering, a Dane, sailing for Russia, is at the Aleutian Islands, Kodiak Islands and the Gulf of Alaska.

The Ababco a sub-tribe of the Algonquian nation are recorded on the south bank of the Choptank River in Maryland. It is noteworthy that by 1837, only their mixed blood decedents remained.

It is reported that the Foxes have killed some Frenchmen in the Illinois Country. Marquis De Beauharnois, Baron De Longeuil, La Corne, De Lignery and others reported to King Louis XV that they are determined to exterminate the Fox Nation. The French decide to wage war in secret rather than to openly declare war. This will further infuriate the Western Peoples.

(I)-Vitus Bering and (I)-Alexi Chirikov, Russians from Kamchatka, landed Sitka, Oregon Territory. They sent a small boat ashore, but never heard from these men again and assume they were captured by the Indians, or that they deserted.

The practice of giving credit was prohibited by the London Office but is largely ignored in the Northern Bay.

January: Paul Martin held council with the Dakota at the mouth of the Wisconsin River.

January 6: Kamouraska, Quebec, birth, (II)-Marie Gagnon Metis daughter (I)-Pierre Gagnon, savage (Metis) (1709-1773) and Marie Anne Sauvagesse.

January 15: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), marriage, (II)-Charles Casse dit St. Aubin son (I)-Jean Casse; married (II)-Therese Esteve dit Lajeunesse born 1724, died April 17, 1748 daughter (I)-Pierre Esteve; Charles 2nd marriage October 5, 1750 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), (II)-Marie Joseph Mettay (1729-1759).

February 14: Detoit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Louise Caron daughter (III)-Vital Caron (1702-1747) and (II)-Madeleine Pruneau veuve de Jean Baptiste Casse.

March 6: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Joseph Campeau, daughter (III)-Antoine Campeau and (V)-Marie Anne Pelletier; married January 10, 1754, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), Guillaume Bernard.

April 10: Ste Foye, Quebec, marriage, (III)-Phillippe Dubeau, Metis, died December 20, 1759, Ste Foye, Quebec, son, (II)-Laurent Dubeau, Metis, (1672- 1731) and (II)- Francoise Paule Campagna (1683-1717); married April 10, 1759 Ste Foye, Quebec Marie Therese Gaboury..

April 23: Cahokia, (Illinois), baptism (IV)-Marie Louis Picard, Metis, born 1741, died January 25, 1743, Cahokia, (Illinois) daughter (III)-Louis Picard b-1692 and Marie Anne Padoka des Ricaras, a Cahokia savage. See 1734 must be an error. sotrce Tanguay.

May 13: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Hypolite Campeau son (III)-Jean Baptiste Campeau (1711-1783) and (III)-Catherine Perthus (1718-1763); married April 11, 1768, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), Marie Anne Pepin-DesCardonnets.

May 20: Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, Marie Madeleine Gautier born 1735, slave of C. Gautier.

May 20: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Louis Douaire de Bondy died November 2, 1755, Vercheres son (III)- Joseph Douaire de Bondy ( 1700-1760) and (III)-Marie Anne Campeau born 1707.

June 2: Michilimackinac, baptism, Louis Amiot, Metis, born November 3, 1740, son Jean Baptiste Amiot

July 4: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Angelique Chiquot daughter (III)-Zacharie Chiquot (1708-1775) and (III)-Marie Angelique Godfroy (1720-1791); married, May 4, 1767 British Fort Detroit, (Michigan), Medard Gamelin..

July 6: Makinac, New France (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Francois Louis Cardin (Cardinal), soldier da la Garnison, notaire en 1756 son (II)-Maurice Cardin; married Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), (III)-Marie Constance Chevalier (b-1719) died January 4, 1746, Cahokia, (Illinois), daughter (II)-Jean Baptiste Chevalier (1677-1752) and (II)-Francois Alavoine (1690-1756); 1st marriage August 30, 1741 Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), (II)- Joseph Hins (Hains, Hines) alias Ainse born,1717, died January 4, 1746, Cahokia, (Illinois).

July 8, Cahokia, (Illinois), birth, Louis Cadeau, Metis, son Charles Cadeau de Beauport, Metis, (a child slave child of Dion, the voyager), and Marie Catherine Peorias

July 15: Jean Gourau, a native of Dompierre, diocese de LaRochelle, a sailor on the ship 'Le Saint Francois' drown. This report is taken from the register of Levis.

July 22: Illinois Country, birth, (IV)-Antoine Faucher dit Chateauvert, baptised July 17, 1748, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), son (III)-Jean Baptiste Faucher dit Chateauvert born January 26, 1704, Pte Aux Trembles and 1st marriage (III)-Francoise Delise born 1701 daughter (II)-Antoine Delisle.

July 23: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (Some suggest birth was 1743) (IV)-Marie Joseph Gamelin daughter (III)-Laurent Eust Gamelin, negociant, died March 11, 1774, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), and (III)-Marie Joseph Dudevoir et Bonvouloir dit Lachene daughter (II)-Claude Dudevoir; married August 7, 1758, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), Joseph Douaire.

July 28: 1741, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Jeanne Campeau died August 5, 1741, daughter (III)-Michel Campeau (1706-1764) and (II)-Marie Joseph Buteau

August 13: Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), marriage, Jean Baptiste Gendron to Marie Judith (record incomplete).

August 27: Baptism (IV)-Jean Baptiste Hamelin (Gueniere), Metis, son (III)-Charles Hamelin La Gueniere (1714-1760) and Marie Athanase, a Sauteux woman born about 1708, died 1744, Pte St. Ignace. Athanase was listed as the slave woman of Charles.

August 27: Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Hamelin (Gueniere), Metis, son (III)-Charles Francois Hamelin dit LaGunnier also La Gueniere, Gueniere and LaGuenier born July 8, 1714 Grondines died 1760, called an ancient voyager and his slave woman Marie Athanase a Sauteux woman, born about 1708, baptised November 27, 1738, Michillimackinac, New France (Michigan), died March 19, 1745 or 1744 Pte St. Ignace.

August 30: Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), church marriage, (II)-Joseph Hins (Hains, Hines) alias Ainse born April 25, 1717, died January 4, 1746, Cahokia, (Illinois), son (I)-Joseph Hins (1689-1756) and Marguerite Maroist (1687-1717; married (III)- Marie Coussante (Constance) Chevalier born 1719, epouse July 6, 1751

Michillimackinac, New France (Michigan), Francois Louis Cardin daughter (II)-Jean Baptiste Chevalier (1677-1752) and (II)-Francois Alavoine (1690-1756); Coussante is mother of Joseph Louis Ainse; and her 2nd marriage 1751 Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), Francois Louis Cardin.

October 14: St. Thomas, Quebec, marriage, (I)-Martin Guignard (aka Dinhargue) Allele Martin, of the Basque Nation, married (III)-Marie Barbe Harbour daughter (II)-Michel Harbour.

October 24: Michilimackinac, baptism, Louis Joseph Chaboyer son Charles Chaboiller and Marianne Chevalier.

October 17-27: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth/death, (II)-Sazanne Casse dit St. Aubin born 17th died 27st of October daughter (I)-Jean Casse and (II)-Suzanne Esteve dit Lajeunesse born 1721.

December 10: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, Pierre Louis de Noyan son Pierre Jacques Payan/Payen de Noyen Desnoyer, sieur de Chavois/Chavoy and Louise Catherine d'Aillebout/d'Ailleboust.


(I)-Charles de Beauharnois de La Boische (1671-1749, Governor New France (1726-1747), finally realized that the French policy of encouraging the Dakota Sioux to war on the Assiniboine and Cree was a major strategic error. The French were horrified to discover the Ojibwa Nation had joined the the Assiniboine and Cree in completely driving the Dakota Sioux out of Rainy Lake and the Rainy River area (Ontario). Some estimate that over 6,000 People died because of this French sustained war. Prior to the incursion of the French, these people lived in relative peace and intermarried. The Dakota would remember this divide and conquer French strategy well into the next century.

(I)-Francois Celier, married, 1742 Rimouski Marguerite Sauvagesse.

(II)-Louis Cesaire Dagneau, sieur de Quindre (1704-1767) began trading near Fort St. John this year and he remained in this area until 1747.

Fort St. Joseph (Niles, Michigan), birth, Marie Catherine Dagneau de Quindre died December 4, 1826, Quebec, Quebec.

(II)-Mathieu Garao alias Gavahau and Perrin de Louarget (1664-1742) died July 27, 1742 at Bout de I'lle, Montreal, Quebec.

Summer: Green Bay, New France (Wisconsin), Joachim Desaceppe, sieur Gonnincourt de Voipreux b-1704 (Sacquspee) married to Louise Catherine Trottier Labissoniere

(1705-1731) daughter Noel Trottier Labissoniere (1674-1720) and Marguerite Therese Fafard Longval; Joachim is an ensign under command of Paul Marin at Green Bay, New France (Wisconsin).

Joseph Hamelin (b-1727), a trader, is baptized May 12, 1742, at Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), and is living at Sault Ste Marie, New France (Michigan/Ontario), recorded as a slave of Monsieur Charles Hamelin (1714-1760), trader, called Lagueniere or Laguenier, an ancient voyager who is married to Marie Athanase, his Saulteaux slave. Children of a slave become a slave of the slave owner.

Christopher Middleton of England is on the west coast of Hudson Bay.

Claude Pierre Pecaudy, sieur de Contrecoeur (1706-1775) is stationed at St. Denis.

Francoise Rochereau (1717-1742), baptized, January 5, 1737, Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), legitimate wife du sieur Rocheveau, died January 1742, at Sault Ste Marie, New France (Michigan/Ontario).

John Peter Salley, an Englishman, from Alleghenies, Virginia, is captured by the Cherokees and lives with them for three years.

(III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte (1723-1803) departed Montreal, Quebec, June 23, 1742, under contract with Jean Baptiste Roch de Ramesay for Nipigon north of Lake Superior (Ontario), for a three year term. Some researchers contend he never returned to Montreal, Quebec, and became a Coureurs des Bois.

A typical Ojibwa woman's dress.

Joseph la France, the son of a French fur trader, and an Ojibwa woman became the first recorded 'Assinipoval Metis' Freeman to trade with the Hudson Bay Company trading post at York Factory (Manitoba). He arrived in June with a large band of Natives and a cargo of furs. He had set out from Quebec, Quebec, in 1739 after the French had denied him a trading permit. This effectively made him a Coureurs des Bois. He explored and traded Lac Ouinipigon (Lake Winnipeg), Lac Des Prairies (Lake Manitoba and Winnipegosis) and lower Paskoyac (The Pas). Joseph's group of 'Assinipoval Metis' would appreciate the potential of Red River as a significant commercial center. They would understand that pemmican is the fuel of the North West fur trade.

Rice and corn mixed with fat is the current standard.

The Chief Factors at Moose and Albany protested the appointment of a Captain of a supply ship to positions on the posts governing councils, as this was an infringement of their independence. The London Committee rebuked the factors, telling them to devote their limited talents to fostering the fur trade and to leave policy matters to London.

The exclusive trading rights awarded to the Indies Company expired this year. As a result of growing resentment against the French, all licenses for western trade are suspended by a Royal edict which also orders all Posts to be auctioned to the highest bidder.

January 1: (III)-Pierre and (III)-Louis Joseph Gautier of Verendrye (1717-1761) and brother (III)-Francois Gaultier Du Tremblay departed Fort La Reine following the Souris River to the Missouri River. In May they reached the Mandan Village. They traveled the Badlands of North Dakota, sighting what the Mandan called the Mountain of the Horse People. On the way to the Stony Mountains they met the 'Handsome Men Horse', and the 'Men of the Bow'. They reached the Stony Mountains, January 12, 1743, probably the Big Horn range. Some contend they also met the Cheyenne. They finally proved to themselves that the passage to the Western Sea did not lay in that region. Others suggest they only reached the upper Missouri River as far as the Yellowstone River and never sighted the Stony Mountains. This trip took two years.

(II)-Pierre Gauthier de Varennes et de La Verendrye (1685-1749) continued to trade in the Red River region (Manitoba). Bishop Emile Tardiff, in his writings, suggests La Verendrye, with his two sons and two other Frenchmen, reached the Rocky mountains. (II)-Pierre Gauthier de Varennes et de La Verendrye (1685-1749) departed the west for trade goods, but resigned and died December 5, 1749.

Father Godefroy Coquart, wintering at Fort Kaministikwia, wrote on May 26 that La Colle, Monsoni, war chief of Rainy Lake, and 200 men of Cree and Assiniboin had attacked the Sioux, killing 70- not counting women and children. He reported a large number of slaves is taken. He reports that there will be more slaves transported to Montreal, Quebec than fur packages this season.

The main active French posts in the West this year are:

Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan) established 1688 as a mission

La Baye, (Green Bay), New France (Wisconsin)

Kaministikwia aka Kamninistiquia & Camanokisg8a (Fort William) now Thunder Bay, Ontario established 1678, rebuilt 1717

La Reine on Lake of the Woods (Ontario) or (Portage La Prairie?) established 1738

Miamis, Illinois River established 1678



Fort Chartres on the Mississippi, established 1717


The Ojibwa are reported living at Grande Portage, Ojibwa Country and the Ojibwa of Chagouamigon La Pointe Lake Superior are making peace with the Dakota Sioux.

January 8: Sault au Recollet, marriage, (IV)-Pierre Choret to Marie Lemay born 1723 daughter (II)-Inglace Lemay, epouse February 9, 1756 Charles Cadote.

January 13: (III)-Claude Gouin (1710-1776) dit Montendre married Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), a (IV)-Marie Joseph Cuillerier dit Beaubien daughter (III)-Antoine Cuillerier dit Beaubien (1697-1793) and (II)-Marie Angelique Girard (1690-1783). They had thirteen children born 1742 to 1767 at Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan).

January 17: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Marie Jeanne Catignon died February 3, 1742, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), daughter (II)-Francois Catignon dit Duchesne born 1700 and (III)-Marie Joseph David.

January 22: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Claude Campeau born August 25, 1715, Montreal, Quebec, son (II)-Jacques Campeau (1677-1751) and Jeanne Cecile Catin (1681-1715); married (II)-Catherine Casse dit St Aubin born 1720 daughter (I)-Jean Casse dit Aubin and Marie Louise Gautier.

January 26: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Jean Baptiste Cuillerier born 1709, died August 31, 1793, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), son (II)-Jean Cuillerier born 1670 and (III)-Marie Catherine Trotier, elle epouse May 27, 1714, Francois Picote-Belestre of Montreal, Quebec; Married (III)-Marie Anne Barrois born 1726 daughter (II)-Francois Barrois.

February 5: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Paul Alexandre Campeau born 1709 son (II)-Michel Campeau; married (III)-Marie Charlotte Pineau daughter (II)-Mathurin Pineau.

February 5: Montreal, Quebec, marriage, Guillaume Dagneau, sieur de la Motte (Lamothe) born May 7, 1706, Sorel, Quebec; Louise Lefournier dit Duviviers b-1721, died March 16, 1761, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan). Engaheur ouest 1726, 1728, 1750.

February 11: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (II)-Marie Louise Gloria Dufour daughter (I)-Pierre Dufour dit Bonvivant born 1714 and (III)-Marie Charlotte Gloria (1721-1766); married October 24, 1757, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), Antoine Boyer.

March 22: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Jean Baptiste DeMarsac, died July 20, 1793, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), son (II)-Francois DeMarsac (1706-1777) and Therese Cecile Campeau (1714-1746): married June 28, 1773, British Fort Detroit, (Michigan), Genevieve Seguin daughter (III)-Joseph Seguin.

March 24: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), baptism, (III)-Antoine Cesaire Dagneau de Quindre, born September 1, 1740, Fort St. Joseph (Niles, Michigan), died April 18, 1784 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), son (II)-Louis-Cesaire Dagneau (1704-1767) squire, who died British Fort Detroit, (Michigan), and (Lady Catherine Bellestre) (III)-Marie Anne Picote de Belestre (1714-1756).

April: French licenses to trade in the west were withdrawn and all trading posts are to be auctioned and leased as a monopoly. The Green Bay, New France (Wisconsin) lease was given to a Montreal, Quebec, firm for 8,100 livres until 1746, which included much of the Midwest.

April 4/6: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth/death, (III)-Joseph Marie Gouyou son (II)-Jean Baptiste Gouyou born 1688 and (II)-Marie Deguire Larose (1700-1733)

April 9: (II)-Pierre Gauthier de Varennes et de La Verendrye (1685-1749) orders his sons to travel as far west as possible.

April 13: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Therese Casse born/died 3rd and 13th April daughter (II)-Charles Casse and (II)-Therese Esteve (1724-1748).

April 6-18: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), Birth/death, (IV)-Catherine Trotier daughter (III)-Alexis Trotier (1688-1769) and (III)-Catherine Godfroy DeMaubeuf (1716-1777).

April 10: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), death, (III)-Joseph Bienvenu son (II)-Alexis Bienvenu (1701-1763) and (III)-Elisabeth Bouron died 1763, see parent marriage 1740

May 10: Michilimackinac, baptism, Marie Gautier, boen May 9, 1742 at Manistic, daughter Sieur Gautier and Therese Villeneuve, god father was Sieur Guyori , (Antoine Guillory), voyageur

May 12: Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, Joseph Hamelin born 1727 slave Sieur Hamelin

May 12: Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, Jean Baptiste Francois Blainville born 1730 slave Sieur de Blainville officer of this post.

May 12: Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, Charles Hamelin slave of M. Hamelin. This is likely Charles Hamelin (Gueniere), Metis, born March 1737 son Charles Hamelin La Gueniere (1714-1760) and Marie Athanase, a Sauteux woman born about 1708, died 1744, Pte St. Ignace. Athanase was listed the slave woman of Charles, and the offspring are automatically the slaves of the slave owner.

May 19: Sieur Guyori, voyager is recorded at Mackinac, New France (Michigan).

May 20: Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Marie Constance Hins, died August 10, 1743, Michillimackinac, New France (Michigan), daughter (II)-Joseph Hins (Hains, Hines) alias Ainse (1717-1746) and (III)- Marie Coussante (Constance) Chevalier born 1719.

June 4: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), death, (II)-Nicolas Laboissiere b-1701, died June 4, 1742, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), son, (I)-Nicolas Laboissuere; married October 11, 1723, Boucherville, Quebec, (III)-Genevieve Garout (Garaut), b-1698 daughter (I)-Jean Garaut.

June 13: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Uldephonse Antoine Chesne son (II)-Charles Chesne born 1694 and (II)-Catherine Sauvage (1695-1778).

July: Joachim Sacquespee, sieur Gonnincourt de Voipreux b-1704 is acting commander of Green Bay, New France (Wisconsin), as Paul Martin goes to Montreal, Quebec, on a peace council with (I)-Charles de Beauharnois de La Boische (1671-1749, Governor New France (1726-1747) and the Mdewakanton Dakota, Sauk, Fox, Menominee, Ojibwa and Winnebago. (I)-Charles de Beauharnois de La Boische (1671-1749, Governor New France (1726-1747) noted that Chief LaColle, a Monsoni war chief of Rainy Lake,(Ontario), with the Nipigon, Kaministikwa, Tecamamiouen (Rainy Lake), the Monsoni, Cree and Assiniboine, are all to fall on the Sioux and create as much carnage as they can. The peace is short lived, and the Alliance of the Cree/Assiniboin and Ojibwa pressured the Dakota/Nakota migration to the south and west.

July 20: Michilimackinac, baptism, Anne Catherine Parent, born July 18, 1742 daughter Pierre Parent and Marianne Chaboyere.

July 26: Montreal, Quebec, marriage, (III)-Philippe Dagneau dit Laprise, born March 26, 1710, son (II)-Jacques Dagneau (1672-1751) and (II)-Louise Destroismaisons dit Picard. 2nd marriage (III)-Marie Anne Picard born 1727 daughter (II)-Alexis Picard. First marriage, December 27, 1734, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), Marie Buteau.

August 15: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), marriage, (I)-Claude Esprit, a merchant died (drown), June 12, 1750; married (II)-Angelique Bienvenue born 1721 daughter (I)-Francois Bienvenu.

September 3: Green Bay, New France (Wisconsin), Paul Martin, commander, returns to Green Bay, New France (Wisconsin), to clear up his business dealings. He sold his trading rights to Joseph de Fleury, sieur de La Gorgeniere, and the command of Green Bay, New France (Wisconsin), is given to Paul Louis Dazenard, sieur de Lusignan.

Paul Martin is back in France by 1743.

September 10: Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, Charles Langlade born 1720, died Grande Rivere this next winter, slave M. Langlade.

September 17: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Angelique Campeau, died December 11, 1767, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), daughter (III)-Nicolas Campeau (1710-1756) and (II)-Agathe Casse (1716-1808); married February 26, 1759, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), Antoine Louis DesComps.

October 31: Sault Ste Marie, New France (MichiganOntario), birth (IV)-Paul DuLignon, Metis, is born Sault Ste Marie, New France (Michigan/Ontario), baptized

Michillimackinac, New France (Michigan), July 17, 1743, and died autumn 1743, son Sieur (III)-Jean DuLignon (d-1762), voyager, and Marie Josephte Angelique Lemaire, (1717-1748), (a Savage), baptized July 17, 1743, Michimac, New France (Michigan), godmother is Anne Villeneuve, wife of Sieur Guyori tanguay suggest death is 1762.

November 12: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (II)-Jean Baptiste Casse dit St. Aubin died January 27, 1777 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), son (I)-Jean Casse and (II)-Suzanne Esteve dit Lajeunesse born 1721; married October 8, 1770, British Fort Detroit, (Michigan), Therese Boyer.

November 25: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Zacharie Caron son (III)-Vital Caron (1702-1747) and (II)-Madeleine Pruneau veuve de Jean Baptiste Casse.

December 11: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Catherine Campeau daughter (III)-Antoine Campeau and (V)-Marie Anne Pelletier; married October 25, 1762 British Fort Detroit, (Michigan), Jean Baptiste Couture.

December 27: Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Catherine Campeau daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Campeau (1711-1783) and (III)-Catherine Perthus (1718-1763).