Humboldt, Minnesota


Population 66

Humboldt is located along Hwy. 75, North of Hallock and Northcote. Currently, there is a gas station, elevator, post office, church and residential district in Humboldt.


Even though Humboldt wasn't officially incorporated as a village until September 29, 1919, it grew rapidly. With a farm family on every quarter section of land, business boomed, but as the small farm disappeared so did the business places.

In 1878, James J. Hill owned all the land along the tracks from Northcote to Humboldt . . . a total of about 40,000 acres. He soon found it advisable to sell his land to the settlers.

Local historians say that Charley Clow was the first settler. Nels Finney came by boat up the Red River and James Diamond had to get off the train just south of Humboldt because the tracks stopped at that point.

Even though Hill opened the area to the settlers, developed bonanza farming and brought in the railroad, it was Edward and James Florance who developed the village. Edward Florance who came in 1897 was instrumental in organizing a bank. By 1904, the First State Bank of Humboldt was incorporated.

James Florance spent most of his life in Humboldt as a merchant, postmaster, and community builder. He came with his brothers in 1898, but left shortly thereafter since he felt business was poor. But he returned in 1911 with a wife and two children, bought a store from Nels Finney and continued in it until 1949 when he sold out to Mayme Jury.

Business places developed cautiously. The Booker McFadden Store met the needs of everyone from 1878 to 1890.

After that the following came: The Florance and Nelson Store, Jack McCullum's Blacksmith Shop, George and Lynn Sylvester's Barber Shop and Livery Barn, Victor Clow's Repair Garage, and Wm. Sylvester's International Harvester Agency. A hotel, a restaurant and a local butcher also emerged.


The Humboldt United Methodist Church will celebrate its100th anniversary this summer. A big centennial celebration is planned for July 18-19 at the church.

There will also be an old fashioned ice cream social August12th at Humboldt United Methodist.

Source: Visitors Guide to Kittson County, Published May19, 1999 by the Kittson County Enterprise based on information compiled from Kittson County History Book.

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