Fritz, Victor
B: 22 Oct 1888, Worthington, MN
D: 1970
M: (1) Jessie Harper d. early
M: (2) Ida Harper (Jessie's sister) d. 1941
M: (3) Nettie Pritchard, a widow lady with 4 children: Billy, Shirley, and twins, Wallace and Walter. They moved to Bemidji where they separated and divorced.

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Fritz, John William
M: Rose Marie Monette


Children of John William Fritz and Rose Marie Monette:

Adrian Fritz
B: 24 Apr 1926, Joliette Township, Pembina County
D: 01 Apr 2001, Altru Hospital, Grand Forks, ND
M: 18 Sep 1948, Thelma Hills