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Roseau County Deaths

Searchable Database

The Minnesota Historical Society has an online searchable database of deaths occurring in Minnesota between 1908 and 1955. Copies of death certificates can be requested directly from the Minnesota Historical Society. Note that these are copies printed from microfilm and are not certified copies. To obtain certified copies of death certificates, see State Vital Records below.

To search the database or request certificate copies, click here.

State Vital Records

The Minnesota Department of Health maintains records for all deaths occurring in the state since 1908. Deaths occurring prior to 1908 are recorded at the county level. Death certificates are available via mail or fax.

For more information about ordering state vital records, click here.

County Vital Records

Roseau County records of deaths occurring prior to 1908 may be requested by contacting the Court Administrator at the address below: 

Court Administrator
Roseau County
606 Fifth Avenue Southwest, Room 20
Roseau, MN 56751-1477

Submitted Information

The following is information submitted by other researchers regarding individuals in Roseau County, MN, and as such is not complete. 

To submit information to this list, click here.


AASE, Elling Anderson 11 Oct 1917 Dieter Twp. Co. courthouse
AASE, Emma 12 Jan 1915 ND archives
AASE, Emma B. (Johnson) 25 Nov 1922 Dieter Twp. Co. courthouse
AASE, Lawrence 11 Oct 1917 Dieter Twp. Co. courthouse
ANDERSON, Ella Mathilda 03 Sep 1933 Enstrom Twp. Wendy Kay
BLAZEK, Jerrie E. 14 Mar 1992 Roseau, burried Greenbush
BRIST, Claud 16 Jan 1971 near Strathcona, MN death certificate
BRIST, Lemuel Elmer Riley 09 Feb 1955     Roseau B. Brist
DAVIDSON, Mabel Edna (Lohre) 06 Sep 1934 Roseau Co. Deb Knutson
FEALY, Hannah 08 Apr 1944 Roseau
FEALY, Baby (Geralds) 29 May 1955 Warroad
FEALY, Gerald 26 Mar 1971 Fargo, ND
FEALY, Gerald Jr. 01 Mar 1980 Minneapolis, MN
FEALY, John, Jr. 29 Jan 1982 Warroad
FEALY, John, Sr. 11 Jul 1944 Warroad
FEALY, Julia 23 Aug 1949   Roseau
FEALY, Lavernia 22 May 1927 Warroad
FEALY, Minnie 02 Jul 1982 Warroad
FEALY, Newell 16 Jan 1931 Warroad
FEALY, Thomas 05 Mar 1972 Warroad
FISH, Art 23 Jun 1968 Warroad
GRAFF, Clarence 13 Mar 1936 Havre E. Korczak
GRAFF, Julius 03 Feb 1939 Soler E. Korczak
HANSON, Gunhild (Vold) 02 Jul 1920 Badger Rev. C. Vold Forde
HILSHER, Maria Anne (Lohre) 30 Jun 1934 Roseau Co. Deb Knutson
HUDSON, Richard 14 Jul 1990 Ellensberg E. Korczak
JOHNSON, Anna (Olson) 24 Mar 1922 Warroad J. Hufschmid
JOHNSON, Hazel (Johnson) 26 Oct 1985 Warroad J. Hufschmid
JOHNSON, John William 09 Oct 1900 Ross Co. courthouse
JOHNSON, Karl Oscar 07 May 1972 Warroad J. Hufschmid
JOHNSON, Kjesti 15 Oct 1948 Dieter Twp. Co. courthouse
JOHNSON, Loraine Ann 25 Jun 1934 Roseau Deb Knutson
JOHNSON, Tennis (aka Berent) 21 Dec 1912 Dieter Twp. Co. courthouse
LOHRE, John Henry 22 Nov 1951 Roseau Co. Deb Knutson
LOHRE, Joseph Estin 16 Jun 1922 Roseau Co. Deb Knutson
LOHRE, Ostine Marie 19 Jun 1942 Roseau Co. Deb Knutson
LINDBERG, Jacob Enock 3 May 1914 Roseau Township, Roseau County Debbie Semple
OSELL, Harvey R. 15 Sep 1946 Duluth, MN Wendy Kay
OSELL, Isreal Elis 21 Jul 1941 Roseau Co. Wendy Kay
OTT, Alta 22 Dec 1984 Roseau
24 Mar 1923 Jadis Township, Roseau County Debbie Semple
PARKER,  Dr. Laurence 16 Mar 1956 Warroad J. Hufschmid
QUINN, Robert (Bobby) John 28 Jul 1986 Roseau Co. A. Quinn
ROSSLAND, Ben Richard 13 Dec 1947 Warroad
SNYDER, Ellen   07 Jun 1916   Greenbush
STROMSTEDT, Margaretta 29 Jan 1926 Warroad Cert. of Death

2002 by Minnesota Historical Research Associates.