Country stud farm Labes 1911. Postcard of Trudy Hawley.
Wir hatten sehr frohe Weihnachten, sind alle munter und wohlauf.
Mussten nachher vortfaren den erst nach Bircow? - Herliche
Schlittbahn. Die Schwester meines Mann kommt jetzt für drei Wochen?
machen zu und sie verloren im Dez. ihren Mann."

We had an enjoyable Christmas -- [we] are all cheerful and in good
shape/health. The first [I] must travel to Bircow. [There is] a
wonderful skating rink/ice/lane. The sister of my husband came
already [or will come] for three weeks? to us. She lost her husband
in December.

Photos from Larry Marquardt.

A military parade by the old cemetery. General Field Marshall von
Mackensen with adjutant major. Further back is Reverend Kiekebusch, around 1930.

The unveiling of the Kaiser Wilhelm I monument on July 9th 1911, in
the presence of Prince Oskar of Prussia. (Prince Oskar was the
5th son of Kaiser Wilhelm II and lived until 1958).

A postcard of Labes

The intersection of two streets, possibly at the market square.

Two views of the post office

Beutler Street

The market with town hall

The promenade to the Hainholz (Restaurant/Cafe) with the city hospital

The Rega Mill

Restaurant and Cafe Heinholz (Grove-wood) in Labes, owner Carl Mundt

Mainstreet or Hindenburg Street with park, 1968.

Two views of the starch factory after the war

The starch factory after 1945

The factory in 1972

Inside the starch factory

About Labes from Meyers Grosses Konversations Lexikon:

Labes, the capital of County Regenwalde in Prussian Governmental
District Stettin, on the Rega (River), knotpoint of the State
trainline from Stettin to Belgard, and the small train from Daber to
Labes. It has an evangelical church, synagogue, Court of Law, horse
stud farm, fabrication of parquet flooring, leather, maccaroni,
farming machinery, spirits distillery, dairy and (in 1900) 5069
mostly evangelical inhabitants. Labes belonged earlier to the von
Borcke Family.

Kirchenstrasse - Churches Street from the book: Heimatbuch des Kreises Regenwalde 1970

Postcards from Wolfgang Pautz

Town hall 1908.

The trainstation

The Evangelical church interior 1917. Postcard of Wolfgang Pautz.

Labes harvest festival 2007. Photos by Gary and Louise Thompson.

Labes harvest festival 2007. The booth of Ruhnow.

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