Photo by Paul Sternberg.




Information about Kniephof from the book: Schloesser und Herrensitze
in Pommern nach alten Stichen und Vorlagen, by Helmut Sieber,
published in 1959 by Wolfgang Weidlich in Frankfurt am Main.
Translated into English.

Two views of Kniephof in 2009

Kniephof in 2010

Photos by Jerry Savage 2008.

The town sign

An avenue of trees

Two families in one home

An old barn

The distillery

The chimney of the distillery

A multiple family home

Possibly a home and barn combination

A two family home

The town sign in 2010

A barn with part of the roof missing

The roof is intact implying that this barn is still in use

A well maintained home

Leaving Kniephof