Moose Lake Fire Article, Part 2

This article comes from The Askov American, printed October 17, 1918.

Many Farm Homes Lost Near Kerrick, Bruno, Askov.

Following is a list of some of the farm homes wiped out by the forest fire in the region of Bruno and Kerrick: Peter Snyder, Domning, McCoy, Wm. Schraeder, Frank Pavelka, G. Gage, Cleugh and Ray Fairchild; and fellows who lost all their buildings except house, and much live stock, hay and machinery in the same vicinity: Jap Hill, Churchill, John Lohner, Earl Howey, Krohn, Fred Rupp, John Nelson, Wm. Lepeer and Chas G. Lindstrom.
Those who burned out completely in the vicinity of Askov are: Julius Slott, Andrew J. Larsen, Mrs. Mary Swanson, J. R. Buck and Niels Gade.
In the vicinity of Duxbury the Wheeler brothers and Ables have burned out completely.

Much Hay Lost.

Aside from the many buildings which have burned in the northern and eastern part of Pine County there are hundreds and hundreds of tons of hay gone up in flames and a big loss of live stock.
As we go to press this morning they are still fighting fire in the vicinity of Cloverton and undoubtedly much property has also been lost over there. With about 40 cases of Spanish influenza that community is in a sad state of affairs.
With the excitement of the past few days and part of the American force assisting in the fire fighting it is impossible to give complete details. Undoubtedly, there are some in Pine County who have burned out of whom we have not heard, but we are just attempting to give out readers a brief outline of what has transpired the past few days. The home guards of Rock Creek, Pine City and Hinckley, about 200 in all, were all called out Saturday night and have remained on duty since. Citizens of Hinckley cared for 257 refugees from along the N.P. that night.
While our material loss in Pine County is great let us not become discouraged. Think of our neighbors in Carlton and other counties, and we are indeed fortunate. The state will aid those in need.


Don't dispose of your live-stock because you lost your hay and grain thru fire! The state government is urging farmers to hold onto their live-stock and not sell. A commission has been appointed for this purpose, and a temporary sum of $100,000 has been set aside with which to purchase feed and deliver it free of charge to farmers who need it.
County Commissioner Edin and County Attorney Ervin of Sandston, in company with L.C. Pedersen and Carl Miller, Askov, and Floyd E. Cook, Bruno, drove over to Moose Lake yesterday to confer with Adjutant General Rhinow and State Treasurer Rhines, members of the calamity commission, on the matter of securing feed for farmers who burned out along the Great Northern. The General said: "You shall have feed ther either Thursday or Friday."
Kerrick, Bruno, and Askov will each receive a carload of hay and a carload of oats will be shipped to Buno and from there distributed to farmers from each town, it being the most central location. Commissioner Edin and Attorney Ervin especially are to be commended for their interest in behalf of the farmers up this way and for securing immediate action. L.C. Pedersen has been apointed to look after the distribution of feed along the Great Northern.
In the meantime a more thoro survey is being made in order to find out how much feed will be needed later on after the temporary relief is exhausted. Please notify L.C. Pedersen how much you will need in case he should miss you. But remember, don't sell your live-stock, which ought to stay here.


People are asked not to set an back fires before conferring with proper authorities. Be sure that enough people are on hand to control same. L.C. Pedersen, Louis Olsen, Carl Miller and Martin Johnson constitute the fire safety board at Askov.

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