1918 Minnesota Alien Registration

1918 Alien Registration

Ordered by the short lived Commission of Public Safety, all resident aliens age 14 and older were to register and declare property holdings during the Alien Registration Days (February 25 - March 1, 1918). German males were excluded from this registration as they had already been required to register with the Federal Justice Department. From a genealogical research standpoint, these records are invaluable, as they provide detailed information about many individuals including birthplace, childrens names, and date and place of immigration. They are also remarkable as they provide information about many women immigrants, who up until 1920 received their citizenship along with their husbands.

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Alien Registration and Declaration of Holdings

This registration blank to be forwarded to J.A.O. Preus, State Auditor, Saint Paul, Minnesota

________________ County __________________ Town/Village/City _____ Serial Number
1. Full name of Alien Registrant
2. Street Address, Postoffice Box or R.F.D. Route
3. Village, City, or Town
4. Length of residence at the foregoing place
5. Give Age Last Birthday
6. To what country do you claim allegiance?
7. Where Born
8. Date of Birth
9. Port of entry to United States
10. Date of Arrival in United States
11. Married?
12. Is Wife living?
13. Residence of wife, if living
14. Do you speak and write English?
15. Have you a trade or profession, and what?
16. In exactly what line of work are you at present engaged?
17. Give names and ages of all living children, and state which are attending public schools
18. Have any of your male relatives taken part in present war either for or against the United States and its allies?
19. Did you register under selective draft, and if so, where?
20. What is your serial number?
21. Did you claim exemption from military service and why?
22. Have you ever taken out first papers of naturalization in the United States? If so, state where and date
23. If you have taken out first papers of naturalization why have you not taken out second papers?

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24. If you have never taken out the first papers of naturalization, why have you not done so?
25. Do you own of have interest in any farm lands in any County of Minnesota? If so give legal description, approximate value of your equity, and state whether you are resident thereon.
26. When did you acquire interest in above described lands?
27. Do you own or have interest in any city lots or other real estate in State of Minnesota? If so give legal description and approximate value of your equity therein.
28. When did you acquire interest in above described property?
29. Do you own or have equity in any farm or city property outside of State of Minnesota? If so give legal description and approximate value of such equity.
30. Do you own any stocks, bonds, or other securities? If so give name of corporation and amount owned.
31. Is any person holding in trust for you any Minnesota farm or city property? If so give name of person, description, value of such property, and how long held in trust.
32. Give legal description of all real and personal property held by minors for which you may be guardian, stating when property acquired and relationship of minor?
33. Do you own any personal property such as cattle, sheep, horses, autos, farm machinery, etc? If so, what, and approximate value?
34. Have you sold or transferred any property since the United States declared the existence of a state of war with Germany? If so, give description and to whom sold or transferred?
35. Have you a safe deposit vault and if so, where is it located?
Miscellaneous remarks

I do solemnly swear that the answers to Questions Nos. 1 to __ inclusive as above recorded are complete and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
______________________ Signature of Registrant

Date - Feb. ___ 1918

Enrollment Taken and Card Issued ________________________ Agent, Minnesota Commission of Public Safety

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