Pennington County Surnames

Pennington County SURNAMES

Below is a list of Pennington County-related surnames and the e-mail address or home page URL for those who have information on that surname that they are willing to share with others. If you have a surname you would like to have listed please send an e-mail to [email protected] Place "Pennington County Surname" in the Subject line. If you change your email address please let me know so I can update the page.

BAARLIE ([email protected]) Arlen Voldness
BAARLIE ([email protected]) Jule Assercq  
BERTELSEN / BERTHELSEN / BARTELSON ([email protected]) Bob Bartelson
BLOMBERG   ([email protected]) Shirley Weberg LaRoche  
BOOREN   ([email protected]) Lynn Brandvold    My Genealogy Pages
CORK   ([email protected]) Frances Moore
DIMMEN ([email protected]) Arlen Voldness
DURHEIM   ([email protected]) Tracy Skinner
ERICKSON   ([email protected]) Linda Young
FOSELSBERGER / FASSELPERGER   ([email protected]) Hap Anderson
GREIBROK / GRIEBROK ([email protected]) Jule Griebrok-Assercq
GULRUD (1920-1960) ([email protected]) Michael Singer
HOFSTAD ([email protected]) Arlan Hofstad
HOVIE  ([email protected]) Kelley Biskey
KNUTSETH  ([email protected]) Tracy Skinner
LAMPORTER ([email protected]) Arlan Hofstad
LARSON (1920-1960) ([email protected]) Michael Singer
MADUNICH  ([email protected]) Tracy Skinner
MEYER   ([email protected]) Lynn Brandvold    My Genealogy Pages
MOSTROM ([email protected]) Arlan Hofstad
NELSON ([email protected]) Arlen Voldness
NELSON ([email protected]) Jule Griebrok-Assercq
NESBY   ([email protected]) Michael Singer
OLSEN ([email protected]) Arlen Voldness
OLSON   ([email protected]) Kelley Biskey
POPPENHAGEN ([email protected]) Arlan Hofstad
ROBBECKE   ([email protected]) Lynn Brandvold    My Genealogy Pages
ROGERS  ([email protected]) Kerry Walker Evans
SCHALZ   ([email protected]) Jason Dittmer    The Dittmer Family
SJOLSVOLD ([email protected]) Jule Griebrok-Assercq
SKAAR  ([email protected]) Tracy Skinner
SWENSEN ([email protected]) Michael Singer
TERRIAN  ([email protected]) Tracy Skinner
THORSEN ([email protected]) Arlen Voldness
THORSEN  ([email protected]) Jule Assercq  
THUNE  ([email protected]) Jason Dittmer    The Dittmer Family
VOLDNESS ([email protected]) Arlen Voldness
WALKER  ([email protected]) Kerry Walker Evans
WEBERG  ([email protected]) Shirley Weberg LaRoche  
WILLIAMS  ([email protected]) Jule Assercq  

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Updated: 12 October 2014