In 1906 a special Market Day was held in Brewster, with the bank furnishing music during the day and for a dance at night in the Auditorium.  The proceeds were to go toward a bandshell in the park.  $25 was cleared.  Mrs. Ed STARNER entertained the members and their wives at a sumptuous meal after which band practice was held.  In November of 1906 J. GIESSEL rejoined the band to play the bass horn of Ed STARNER, who had retired.

            The ladies of the band served a supper in the Woodman Hall (over the Drug store) in conjunction with a masquerade ball.  $50 was cleared at this event.  In 1906 the band officers were: Otto KNUTH, Pres.; Clyde MCCONKEY, Sec.; Nick KAUFMAN, Treas., and J.F. STIBAL, Director.

            In 1907 the first band stand was built by Dennis SILVER and DUBA.  It was octagonal in shape, 20 feet across and 9 feet high, reached by an inside stairway.  The lower part was enclosed for a refreshment stand.  The roof was conical, projecting over the sides.  The stand was painted red, white and blue by Dennis SILVER.  A flag pole was mounted on the top.

            Band Director in 1911, Mr. L.A. GREGORY and Mr. SCOTT; 1913, Mr. HUGHES from Mt. Lake.

            In 1911 Ed MANUEL, Anton and John EBERT and Rudolph MEIER, attended Heron Lake Band practice.  In 1913 the Brewster band played at the Nobles County Fair.  The businessmen donated $20 per month to have concerts each Saturday night.

            In 1921 the director was Prof. BOUGHTON.  Otto KNUTH purchased a new horn and the bandstand was overhauled.  An eventful year.  Mr. ABBOTT was director about 1922.

            In 1930 we had a band of 20 members and Vic MOELLER of Worthington directed.  The officers of this band were:  Pres., Chas. WING; Treas., W.G. QUARNSTROM and Sec., F.J. BARTEN.

            In 1931 Mayor FREY, and crew, screened the band stand and painted it.  A movie screen was erected.  Mr. MOELLER directed thru 1934.  In 1935, Mr. MOELANEN was our director.  Our next director was W.J. MURPHY.  The band gave concerts on Sunday afternoons.  The organization grew to such an extent that the old band stand would not hold it and the platform had to be built in the park.

            In 1938 Mr. MURPHY met with parents and the School Board, there was a fifty-piece band and they had to decide on uniforms.

            In 1941, for the first time in our school’s history, the band received a superior rating and entered the state competition.  49 members went to the University of Minnesota in May.  Ted LUECK drove the bus and chaperones were: Mrs. H. NUSSER, Mrs. Ed BAUMAN and Mr. and Mrs. Glen TOWE.  The band received a “B” rating.

            In 1941, all organizations put forth an effort to raise money for a new band shell, proposed by Mr. MURPHY, and plans drawn by the Industrial Arts class in 1940.  Money was raised in various ways.  A banquet given by the Band Mothers, donations were given and the Band Shell became a reality.  The Council voted $350 in the Park Fund for this improvement.

            At the dedication, 3,000 people were present.  James MCNAB was Master of Ceremonies.  Judge Chas. A. FLYNN was the speaker of the day.  Music was provided on the Hammond Organ.  Among the many taking part in the celebration were bands of Brewster, Heron Lake, Worthington, Lakefield and Westbrook; the Okabena, Worthington and Brewster Drum Corps and the 4-H Clubs of Nobles and Jackson counties.

            A carnival added extra entertainment.  At the close of the day only $50.92 debt was remaining.  Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON donated a mangle they had won at an earlier date, to be disposed of, so the payment was a thing of certainty.

            In 1943 the summer concerts were directed by Mr. MURPHY and Theora MILBRATH, in 1944 by Theora MILBRATH, in 1947 by N.G. NELSON and at present by Vic MOELLER.