Our Museum


Marshall County Historical Society
Settlers Square Museum
808 East Johnson, Warren, MN. 56762
Phone: (218) 745-4803

Discovering, Preserving and Sharing
The Story of Marshall County and Its People

Red River Ox Cart Replica – Recreated the trip from Pembina, ND to St. Paul, MN over the historic “Pembina Trail” in 1958.
The Main Building – Machinery, tools and equipment used by Minnesota pioneer farmers to help feed a growing nation.
General Store –  From apples to zippers you can find what ever you need; just step up to the counter and place your order
Hotel – A trip back to yesteryear into the lobby of an early American hotel.
Millinery – Where grandma placed her order for the latest fashions of her day.
UFO Car – Hear the story of Deputy Johnson’s brush with “visitors from outer space.
Cattail Baler – During the war used to bail Typha (cattail fluff) as a substitute for Kapok in military life preservers.
Soo Line Railroad Depot – Turn-of-the century depot formerly located at the town of Warren.
Alma Lutheran Church – The church altar was hand carved by local craftsman, John Franzman, in the late 1920’s.
Cook School - One teacher in the early one-room schools taught children of all ages.
Landreville Cabin – An early  “little house on the prairie, this was home to a Minnesota pioneer family.

Hours of Operation
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday Memorial Day to Labor Day
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday by Appointment only
Admission is Free

Donations are gratefully accepted.

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