Our church Family Past and Present

Our Church Family Past and Present

Christy Kay Ahern

Born: Feb. 20, 1956. Parents: Frank Allen & Helen Irene (Spears) Josephson. Christy grew up at St. Paul's; when she married Michael Ahern she transferred her membership to St. Edward's in Minneota. Christy worked as a beautician before her marriage, and for several years after. She works with Michael on their farm near Taunton. Children: Michaela, William, and Keegan. (The older two attended St. Paul's Sunday School until classes were available for them at St. Edward's.)

John Stuart Allen

Parents: Leonard & Carolyn (Johannson). Sister: Barbara Mary (Balkman). John was a member of Rev. Guttormsson's last confirmation class in 1956. While in high school, he was active in basketball. His parents were married in 1936 at Brainerd, Minnesota. They had met when Leonard came to Minneota to teach in the Commercial Department in 1934; Carolyn was also a teacher locally. John's parents have died, and are buried in St. Paul's Cemetery (they were not members). Since moving from Minneota, John has traveled and worked in many places in America; one of his trips was a walking journey through the Rocky Mountains.

Anna Anderson

Born: May 12, 1880. Parents: Vigfus & Sigridur (Johannsdottir) Anderson. Anna was confirmed in 1894 by Rev. B.B. Jonsson, and remained a member of St. Paul's all her life. She worked in 0G. Anderson & Company's "Cash Store" until it closed in 1972. At St. Paul's, she was active in the YLU and taught Sunday School. Anna died in April 1975.

Bjarni Anderson

Parents: O.G. & Sigurbjorg (Sigurdson) Anderson. Bjarni was a 1905 graduate of Minneota High School, and a member of St. Paul's. He died of tuberculosis on July 9, 1912 at 24 years old.

Carl E. Anderson

Parents: O.G. & Sigurbjorg (Sigurdson) Anderson. Carl was a member of St. Paul's until his marriage. He was employed at The Big Store, where he served as treasurer, and retired in 1964. For a few years, he was a partner of G. Jaeger in a confectionery and restaurant they bought from J.H. Frost in 1907.

Christine Anderson

Christine was a member of the first confirmation class in the new church. She returned to Floodwood, Minnesota after her confirmation to live with her family there. Nothing else is known of her.

Douglas Anderson

Parents: Ole Sigthor/Sigtriggur & Gudrun (Johnson) Anderson. Douglas was raised at St. Paul's. He and his wife, Lavonne, have lived in Rapid City, South Dakota for many years. They have three children: Christine, Jennifer and Karen. Christine was baptized at St. Paul's.

Elizabeth Anderson

Born: Jan. 19, 1919. Parents: Ole Sigthor/Sigtriggur & Gudrun/Runa (Johnson) Anderson. Elizabeth has been a life-long member of St. Paul's, active as a Sunday School teacher and Superintendent, in the LCW and on the Centennial History Committee. She left Minneota to attend beautician school in Minneapolis. In 1941, she bought the beauty shop owned by Eleanor Finnegan, and first worked behind Ken Jones' barbershop on First Street; in 1944 she moved her business into her home, where she still works.

Eugene Anderson

Parents: Lawrence & Ellanora Anderson. Eugene's hometown is Rush City, Minnesota. His wife, Lora, daughter of Oliver and Mildred Hagglund, graduated from high school in St. Peter, Minnesota. The Andersons were members from 1973 until 1977. Eugene served on the church council, and Lora taught Sunday School. They have two sons, Zachary and Dietrich. Eugene was the Ag. Teacher at Minneota High School, and he is now employed by the University of Minnesota. They have lived in St. Paul since they left Minneota.

Gudrun/Gunna Anderson

See: Mrs. 0G. Anderson

Gustaf A. Anderson

Born: Jan. 1882. Parents: O.G. & Sigurbjorg (Sigurdson) Anderson. As a teenager, Gustaf worked for Dalmann and Stephenson as a clerk; later, he was employed at The Big Store. His 16th birthday party was held in the Good Templar Hall, attended by about 35 of his friends. On Sept. 2, 1908 he married Elm G. Eastman. Their children were Marjorie (McDonald) (b. Apr. 1909), Lorraine (Mar. 1911), and Arloine (Mar. 1915). Gustaf served on the church council (Rose's History) in 1912. Elm's parents were Thoroddur S. & Anna Eastman.

Herbert Anderson

Born: Apr. 27, 1899. Parents: 0G. & Gudrun (Jokull) Anderson. Herbert served on the church council (treasurer and secretary). On July 31, 1928 he married Mabel Monge in Cottonwood, Minnesota. Mabel served as a Sunday School teacher at St. Paul's. Children: Susan (Burns) (b. Sept. 1941), Harold, Marjean (Lowe-dec.). Herbert worked in The Big Store for many years; the family moved to DeKaIb, Illinois in 1954, where he was employed at the Wurlitzer Company until his retirement. Herbert died in Mar. 1984; Mabel survives him and lives in DeKalb.

J. Sigurjon Anderson

J.S. was a brother of 0G. Stefania (Jones), Einar M., and Sigurbjorg (Johnson) Anderson. His wife, Sigridur (Runolfsdottir) Johnson, was a cousin of H.G. Johnson. J.S. and Sigridur had one child born in Minneota - William -on May 6, 1894. William died of croup in Feb. 1897. In 1893, J.S. was employed for A.R. Foster & Co. of Winona and Chicago; the next year, he was working for Park & Grant, grocers, of Watertown, South Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson gave 400 elm trees to Minneota in 1900; the first Dutch elm disease was found in trees belonging to his nephew, Carl Anderson, in 1968. Prior to moving west, J.S. worked in real estate and as a partner with his brother, O.G. Anderson. In 1915, the family moved to Seattle, Washington, then on to Vancouver, British Columbia, where J.S. died; his family remained in the West. In June 1898, the lumber for the new Anderson home arrived; P.P. Jokull was the builder, assisted by a Marshall firm. When J.S. moved West, Bjarni and Stefania Jones lived in the house for a time.

Rev. L. Jerome Anderson

Rev. Anderson served St. Paul's from 1963 to 1966. He was a native of Strandquist, Minnesota. His wife, Ann (also an Anderson before her marriage) was a native of Hoffman, Minnesota. Prior to entering the seminary, "Pastor Jerry" was a mortician. When asked by one of his confirmation students why he decided to be a pastor, he replied that he felt more good could be accomplished by reaching people for Christ before they died, and not just with their friends and family at a sad time. Pastor Anderson graduated from the seminary in Rock Island, Illinois, and interned in Seattle, Washington before coming to serve St. Paul's and Lincoln County Church. During his time in Minneota, the church membership experienced growth, the Luther League was very active again, and the Sunday School was enlivened by the music encouraged by the pastor and his wife, who participated in the opening exercises as well as during the worship services with solos and duets.

In 1966, Pastor Anderson left to begin a mission church in Osseo, Minnesota and has been pastor of that church -Advent Lutheran - since its founding.

Their children are Lon. Kim and Jana, Lon and his wife, Becky, live in Westbrook, Minnesota where Lon is a teacher. Kim is married to Rev. Tom Jacobson, and teaches music in the Osseo Junior High. Jana lives at home and travels frequently in her profession of singer-entertainer.

Lilja Anderson

Born: Aug. 15, 1876. Parents: Vigfus & Mrs. Anderson. Lilja died of tuberculosis on Aug. 15, 1894 - her 18th birthday. She is buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.

Louise Anderson

Born: Aug.18, 1905. Parents: Otto & Christine (Johnson). Louise has been a member of St. Paul's all her life. She taught school in Hendricks, and for many years in Cloquet, Minnesota. Louise now lives in Minneapolis.

Marvin Anderson

Marvin's parents were Arngrimur Arngrimsson (AKA Josephson) and Margaret (Baldwin). He was a member of St. Paul's for many years, and employed at the Minneota Mascot. Ellen Arborg (Bjorgford), his sister, lives in Canada. Marvin died of diabetes complications some years ago.

Olafur Gudjon Arngrimsson -

O.G. Anderson

O.G. was born in Iceland in 1859, immigrating to America in 1879. He was a charter member of St. Paul's, and served on the council. His first job here was as a section hand on the Tracy Huron Railroad branch. He quit to attend school in Marshall for three months - his only formal education. For a few years, he homesteaded in Lincoln County. In 1889, he became a clerk in the Verzlunarfelag Islendinga - the Icelandic Cooperative and later for J.D. Griffing's Clothing Store, the Minneota Clothing Store (owner: Frank Johnson), and as a traveling salesman.

O.G. married Sigurbjorg Sigurdson in 1881; their children were Carl, Gustaf, Bjarni Stefan, Sigrun (Olafson) and Marja Gudrun. Shortly after Marja's birth in 1886, Sigurbjorg died, and Marja was adopted by her aunt and uncle, Stefania and Bjarni Jones. In December 1894, O.G. married Gudrun Peterson/Jokull, daughter of P.P. Jokull. The Minneota Cornet Band escorted them to the train station after the ceremony for their honeymoon trip to Minneapolis. Children born to this marriage were Olof Sigurbjorg (Sept. 1895), Petur Sigurdur (Nov., 1897), Herbert William (Apr., 1899), and Theodore Lafayette (Dec., 1901).

In March, 18% the Mascot announced that O.G. Anderson s Cash Store was open with bargains in dry goods, shoes, notions, "Boston' or "Trilby" bicycles, French kid shoes, dresses in exchange for eggs, and cashmeres for 25c. In Sept. 1896 he bought the Thomas McClusky building on Jefferson Street for $1300, which was then occupied by D.W. Griffing's General Merchandise. O.G. died of tuberculosis in Sept. 1903. Gudrun died in July 1956.

Olof Anderson

Olof, daughter of O.G. and Gudrun (Jokull), died on Sept. 18, 1916 of mercury poisoning. She was twenty years old when she died, and had been a member of St. Paul's all her life.

Ole Sigthor

Sigtriggur Anderson

Born: Apr. 18, 1883. Parents: Vigfus & Sigridur (Johannsdottir) Anderson. Ole married Gudrun/Runa Johnson in June 1917. For a few years, they lived in Coleharbor, North Dakota where he worked in the farm implement business, and Taylor, North Dakota and Intake, Montana as an elevator manager. From 1914 to 1936, he was manager of the Atlas Elevator Co. in Minneota. That elevator was torn down in 1957 to make room for the new elevator. Ole was an invalid after a 1936 spinal surgery until his death due to cerebral hemorrhage in Apr. 1945. Runa, daughter of Albert & Thorun Agusta Johnson was born in Lincoln County. After her marriage, she was a member of St. Paul's until her death on July 25, 1971. Ole and Runa had three children: Elizabeth Sigridur (Jan. 1919), William Ole (June 1921), and Douglas Albert (Aug. 1929). Elizabeth lives in Minneota and the two sons in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Oddur/Otto Anderson

Born: 1879. Parents: Vigfus & Olof Anna (Jonsdottir) Anderson. Otto served on the church council at St. Paul's, where he was a member all his life. In Jan. 1898 he began working as a salesman at the O.G. Anderson Cash Store, and continued to work there throughout his working years. His wife, Christine Johnson, was a sister of Mrs. Ole Anderson. Otto and Christine had four children: Louise (Aug. 1905), Eunice (Apr. 1907), Otto S. (Apr. 1910), Anna (Eckley) (Apr. 1912). Otto died in Mar. 1950 and Christine in Jan. 1967.

Otto Sigurdur Anderson

Otto died in March 1946. A member of St. Paul's since birth, he was on the church council when he died. He and his wife, Kay, had one child, May Lou Anders, living in Sausilito, CA. Kay is now the wife of Jon Metusalem and lives in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

Peter Anderson

Parents: O.G. & Gudrun (Jokull) Anderson. Peter grew up in Minneota, and moved to the western part of the United States, living there the rest of his life.

Sigurdur Arni Anderson

Parents: Vigfus & Olof Anna (Jonsdottir) Anderson. S.A. managed The Big Store after 0G. Anderson's death, served as a director with the Minneota Telephone Company, and was involved in the Minneota Milling Company (makers of "Pride of Minneota" flour) with A.B. and B.B. Gislason. He first married Dorthea Thompson, born April 9, 1876 to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thompson of Tracy, Minnesota. Their only child, Theodore William, was born January 7,1897. Dorthea died the next day. On November 28, 1901 S.A. married the daughter of a dentist who had moved to Minneota in early 1898. Clara Van Tassel was born September 10, 1874. S.A. and Clara's child was born May 3, 1903, and died May 5th; Clara also died several days later. Mother and daughter are buried together in St. Paul's Cemetery.

During these few years, S.A. remained active at The Big Store and served as a Trustee of Minneota from 1898 to 1906. S.A. married Lillian DahI, a sister-in-law of N.W.L. Jager; their daughter Sharlotte was born July 2, 1912. S.A. and Lillian were members of Hope Lutheran, and are buried in that cemetery.

Theodore Lafayette Anderson

"Ted" was the youngest son of O.G. and Gudrun Anderson, and a member until he moved "out west". He now lives in Oregon.

Theodore William Anderson

"Bill" was a lifelong member of St. Paul's, and served on the Council after the deaths of Otto Anderson, Jr. (in 1946) and Otto Anderson, Sr. (in 1951). He never married; he made his home with his aunt, Anna Anderson, in the house on the corner of Grant and East Lyon Streets. As a young man, he was a member of Minneota's first Boy Scout Troop in 1917. Bill took over the management of The Big Store following his father's death. Bill died in 1975.

Vigfus Andresson/Anderson

Vigfus was born in March 1845 in Iceland, and came to Minneota in 1881. His mother, Una Jonsdottir, also came to America. His first business was a dray line, which he sold in October 1894 to "Gunder" S. Holm. Vigfus was a charter member of St. Paul's, and served on the Council. His first wife, Olof Anna Jonsdottir, died in Iceland. They were married in 1872, and the children were Sigurdur A., Otto (born in 1879) and Lilja (born Aug. 1876, died on her birthday in 1894 of tuberculosis). When Vigfus and his children first arrived, they lived in Lincoln County through the hard winter of 1880-1881, then moved to town. In 1881, he married Sigridur Johannsdottir, a sister of Rikkardur Johannson (AKA Richards). Their children were Anna, Ole S., and Una Hildr Johanna (April, 1888; died of tuberculosis about 1913).

Vigfus died in June 1921; Sigridur died of gall trouble in 1903. Vigfus' siblings were Jardprudur Gudmundsson, Sesselja Bjarnason, Ingebjorg, Jens, Solvan, Helga Johann-son and Stephan.

William Ole Anderson

William's parents were Ole S. & Gudrun/Runa (Johnson) Anderson; he grew up at St. Paul's, and was a member until he and his family moved to Rapid City, South Dakota where they still live. On October 28, 1951 he married Joan Shirley Gudmundson. Their children are Wendy (Oct. 1951), Connie (Mar. 1954), Debra, Patricia, Jeanine, and William (the two older children were baptized at St. Paul's). While living in Minneota, he owned a cabinet shop and the Minneota Cement Products (one partner was Norman Olafson, who married J.A. Josefson's sister). He is also a veteran of World War II.

Arni Arnason

Arni was confirmed at St. Paul's on April 10, 1898; no other information is known about him.

Clark Arnason

Clark was born in Selkirk, Manitoba in October 1895, to Ingjaldur and Maria Arnason. He was a member of Westerheim Church until 1955, and served faithfully (both there and at St. Paul's) as "Keeper of the furnace" in the winter. He served St. Paul's on the Council. He worked for John Isfeld in Lincoln County for many years and in the Minneota area all his life. Until his parents died, Clark cared for them, living with them. Clark was a quiet man, and always had a pleasant nod and smile for those he met.

Kristjan W. Arnason

"C.W." was born in 1891 in Canada, and died in December 1941. His parents were Ingjaldur and Maria Arnason. He married Margaret Isfeld; their children were Leola (Josefson) (Nov. 1918), Arle Mae (Mogren) (Nov. 1922), Charles and Allan (AKA Lennie).

C.W. was a field representative for Metropolitan Life, and later assistant manager of their farm loan division for Minnesota. Maria's parents were Gudjon and Adalbjorg Isfeld. She was known for the poetry she wrote for special occasions as well as for special people in Minneota. Maria was active in the American Legion Auxiliary in Minneota.

Jon Arngrimson

Jon was born in 1821 and died in April 1918. His wife, Thorun, lived from 1828 until 1877. Their son was Arngrimur Johnson; they are the great-grandparents of John E. Josephson, and were early members of St. Paul's. Both Jon and Thorun are buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.

Perry David Askdal

Born: Sept. 1943. Parents: Jonas E. & Bertha (Hanson) Askdal. David has been a member of St. Paul's all his life, and has served on the church council. Married to Susan Jo Weber (on Oct. 22, 1971), they have two children: Stephanie (Oct. 1973) and Jeffrey (Jan. 1976). David is a farmer north of Minneota on land owned by his family for many years. David's two sisters, Leatrice Joan Patterson and Frances Faye McIntyre, were members of Hope Lutheran until their marriage.

Haraldur Magnus Snorri Askdal

Born: July 23, 1897. Parents: S.M.S. & Gudfinna (Gunnlagusdottir) Askdal. "Harold" was active in the Masonic Lodge, and maintained an active interest in his heritage. He was well versed in Icelandic - the language, the literature and the country, as well as his own family's history - and traveled several times to the area of Iceland his family had lived in. Harold was a farmer all his life, and active in township government. He died June 4, 1982.

Johas Sighvatur Eysteinn Askdal

Jonas was born on March 11, 1908 to S.M.S. & Gudfinna Askdal. He farmed and operated a poultry hatchery with his brother Harold from 1942 -45, and also sold Pioneer Seed Corn. In 1945, he became district sales supervisor for Pioneer. He moved to town the next year, and lived in town until his death. He was councilman in Minneota from

1947-50, and in 1952 was elected mayor (served three terms). Jonas was also active in the MBA, the PTA and the Masonic Lodge. On Dec. 28, 1936, he married Bertha Hanson (daughter of Olaus and Ragnhild (Alleckson) Hanson); they had three children (see P. David Askdal). Jonas died December 10, 1984.

Kristjan Sigurbjornsson Askdal

K.S. arrived in Minneota in 1893, after a long journey from Iceland to Glasgow to Liverpool to Quebec and then by train to Chicago and Minneota. He had borrowed his passage money from his father. His daughter, Dora Harvey, remembers the journey -cold, tiring - and that her mother's first purchases on arriving in Minneota were chickens and a cow. K.S. found work on the railroad, sometimes traveling far during the week, but almost always returning home on Friday night to be with his family. Even in the winter he came home, though he usually had to walk the track to Minneota if it was too late.

K.S. was able to build a two-room house in Spring, 1894. It was built into the hill near the Dalmann mill, where highway 68 now runs just south of the Lyon Street intersection. In 1898, he built a four-room house with a cellar, and one room of the old house became a shanty-entry. For winter fuel, he used railroad ties and coal.

K.S. married Salvor Neilsdottir Sigurdson in Iceland, and their two oldest children were born there: Halldora (June 1890), and Elm (Josephson) (Aug. 1891). Elm's twin brother died at birth. Oddny (Borchert) (Feb. 1901) and Emil (Apr. 1903) were born in America.

K.S. 's parents were Sigurbjorn Kristjansson and Oddny Sigurdardottir (who died in 1867 in Iceland); S.M.S. Askdal was his brother.

Sigurdur Matusalem

Sigurbjornsson Askdal

S.M.S. was born Nov. 7, 1860 in Iceland, and immigrated to America in 1882 with his father (who later returned to Iceland to accompany his other son and family to America). On Oct. 14, 1892, a Justice married him and Gudfinna Gunnlaugsdottir in Granite Falls. Prior to his marriage, he worked as a carpenter, and then farmed until his retirement. Their children were Sigurdur Marz (July 1893), Haroldur Magnus Snorri (July 1897), and Oddny Lillie Sigurbjorg (Larson) (Sept. 1903), Jonas SE (Mar. 1908).

In 1903, S.M.S. suggested the farmers form a cooperative creamery; in 1914 this became a reality. He homesteaded land in Sec. 5, Westerheim -160 acres of virgin prairie -paying the railroad $11.00. Education was very important to him, as it was also to his brother, and they both strongly encouraged their children to get a good education. During the school year, this family lived in town so that the children wouldn't miss school. S.M.S. also enjoyed debating, and welcomed any opportunity to match wits in a public "argument." He was a student of history and literature of his homeland, and wrote for various Icelandic periodicals and papers, arguing with his pen on occasion. G.B. Bjornson remembered him as a man with black hair and a mustache who carried himself like a soldier, with a challenge in piercing eyes and an atmosphere of independence, and judged him a loyal friend, fair to those he disagreed with, not a complainer - but who found it difficult to "give in.'' S.M.S. died in Oct., 1918 of a brain tumor; Gudfinna, born Oct., 1866 to Gunnlaugur Magnusson & Gudfinna Vilhalmsdottir, died in August, 1955. Gudfinna immigrated to America in 1878, settling in Swede Prairie Township with her parents. She was an aunt of John Gunlogson.

Sigurbjorn Emil Askdal

Emil's parents were K.S. and Salvor Askdal. He grew up at St. Paul's, and in 1917 was a member of Minneota's first Boy Scout Troop. Emil served in World War II, stationed in England, and while there, was able to spend a few short times with two of his nephews, Robert and Frank Josephson, who were also in England. Memories of their meeting bring smiles and headshakes to both Robert and Frank.

After the war, Emil made his home with Dora Harvey, his sister, until his death on March 1, 1957 in Hackensack, Minnesota, where Dora was teaching.

Sigurdur Marz Askdal

"Sigurd" graduated from Minneota High School in 1913, and the Sweeney Automotive and Electrical School in Kansas City, Missouri in 1916. Until he joined the Army, he owned the Globe Motor Company in Powell, Wyoming, and returned there after the service. He served in the 8th Mobile Ordinance Corps and in World War II as a government inspector at the Chrysler Corporation in Chicago. From 1945 until 1950, he was the Case Implement dealer in Minneota, with a shop just south of the A.B. Tracy building.

On June 6, 1917, he married Alta Chaflin. Sigurd died in June 1959.

Stefan Jonsson Ausmann

Stefan was born in July 1830 to Jon Einarsson and Sigridur Magnusdottir. He immigrated to America in 1884 with his wife, Rosa Kristjansdottir, and their children. (There were thirteen; some died in Iceland, and one shortly after their arrival in 1884.) Stefan and Rosa were married Sept. 13, 1862. John, Arni and Ivar "Ousman" came with their parents; Helga had remained in Iceland, expecting to be married. When her fiancée died, she came to America. Other children: Johanna (1887-1980) married Clyde Duncan, and Sigurdur (1873-1957) married a Hennessy; both settled out of this area.

Rosa made a trip to Iceland in 1908 to visit her brother who was a doctor. Rosa died in March 1941; Stefan died in April, 1907.Rosa's parents were Kristjan Jonasson and Sigurlaug Simonsdottir.

Stefan's surname went through various changes: from Jonsson to Asmann to Austmann to Ausmann to its current spelling - Ousman.

Barbara Balkman

Parents: Leonard & Carolyn (Johannson) Allen. Barbara was confirmed at St. Paul's in June 1952. On Jan. 29, 1961 she was married to Roger Balkman (now divorced). Barbara lives in the Minneapolis area and works for the Minnesota North Stars. She transferred her membership away in1966.

Paulina Sigurbjorg Bardal

Born: Sept. 7, 1895. Parents: Fridgeir Joakimsson & Gudlaug (Jonsdottir) Bardal. ''Pauline was a member of Lincoln County Church until it closed, and served that church as organist for many years, as well as St. Paul's.

Pauline was one who cared for others when they were sick or old or in any need. She cared for her mother and her sister Rose and brother Gunnar until their deaths. The Isfeld and Peterson families remember her caring hands in cooking, medical remedies, music, kind words, compassion. She loved music, and selected the organ for Lincoln County Church in 1925, and played it for 50 years. After the church closed, she went out to dust the organ and put out bait to keep the rats from the bellows. When she "retired", she continued to help people with gifts of food, rides, bingo games, and coffee, someone to talk to invaluable kindnesses. Pauline was Minneota's Senior Citizen of the Year in 1977.

When Pauline could no longer care for herself at home, she entered the Minneota Manor, and had her home and its contents sold. It was a house full of books in two or three languages, papers, crates of music, musical instruments (one large organ was in her living room), and classical recordings. She was a woman of great intelligence and curiosity. Pauline died on May 5, 1981, and is buried in the Lincoln County Cemetery with the rest of her family.

Kristen Benjaminsdottir

Kristin was born Dec. 3, 1838, and died Dec. 27, 1920. She was a charter member of St. Paul's who immigrated to America in 1876 with her four-year-old son, Gunnar B. Bjornsson.

Bjorn Melvin Benson

Born: June 20, 1898. Parents: Hall & Ingibjorg (Johnson) Benson. Melvin was married to Alta Virginia Appleby on Oct. 14, 1919 in a double wedding with his sister, Caroline, who married Rudolph Hanson. Melvin farmed for 25 years in Nordland Township. He drowned in the 1957 flood when his car dropped into a cut caused by floodwaters in the township road east of Minneota.

Melvin and "Virgie" had five children: Margaret (Nord) (1921), Alice (Glasser) Aug. 1924), Willard (Oct. 1928), Harold Hall (June 1932), and Ruth (Fry) (Feb. 1936).

Margaret married Charles Nord; they lived in Red Wing and Austin, Minnesota until 1981. They are now retired and living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Alice married Forrest Glasser in June 1942; Forrest was confirmed at St. Paul's in 1937; they were members until Dec. 1965. Willard lived in Minneota until his death in 1972, and drove truck for Sam Severson. Ruth married Virgil Fry; they have two children and now live in Austin, Minnesota.

Virgie was born Dec. 19, 18% to Lovell and Leona Appleby, of English and Scottish descent. The family moved in 1916 to a farm west of Minneota. Dora and Elm Askdal invited her to a coffee party to meet friends in the YLU. In the Fall of 1916, she taught school in Lincoln County. Virgie now lives in Austin, near her daughter Ruth.

Carl Berg

Carl and his wife, Sigurbjorg ("Sarah") Josephson, lived in Minneota for several years after their marriage. Their children, Harvey (Mar., 1909) and Marion (Hart) (Nov.

1910) were both baptized at St. Paul's; other children were George and Henry.

Sarah's parents were Asbjorn and Matthildur (Sigurdardottir).

Rev. Wallace Bergman

Rev. Bergman came to St. Paul's in 1958, a newly ordained minister, and served until July 1960.

He and his wife, Helen, remember St. Paul's and Minneota fondly, and think often of their two years here in their first church as a young married couple, far from their home in Canada. They left because their visa had expired, and would like to come back to visit some time. The Bergman's extend greetings to all their friends at St. Paul's and best wishes for a wonderful celebration.

The Bergman's now live in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their children are grown, and there are also grandchildren.

Jonas Bergson

Jonas was born in Iceland in 1816. His wife, Arndis Magnusdottir, was also born there, in 1813. They are both buried in St. Paul's Cemetery. A daughter, Sigurlog, married Einar Sigurdson. Jonas died in 1914 and Arndis in 1906.

Dr. Mary Bird-Swan

Dr. Bird-Swan was born in Rochester, New York. She attended college at Cornell College in Iowa and the University of Rochester in New York. She moved to Minneota in 1982 from Illinois.

Benedikt Bjarnarson

Benedikt Songur - the Singer - came to America with the Jon Westdal family, but left Minneota fairly early to join relatives in Canada or North Dakota. He was unusually gifted in addition to his fine singing voice. In the many years when there was no permanent pastor among the Icelanders near Minneota, a layman read from a book of sermons by Bishop Jon Vidalin. Benedikt felt everyone must have been tired of the same sermons repeated, so he would read from published sermons written in Danish, translating into Icelandic as he read.

Benedikt was a charter member of St. Paul's. His children were Sigridur (Westdal), Thuridur (Sigurdson). His father was Bjorn of Vikingavatni in Iceland.

Sesselja Bjarnason

Sesselja was born in 1847 and died in Minneota on Jan 2, 1918. She was a sister of Vigfus Anderson and Jardprudur Gudmundsson.

Adalbjorn Bjornson

"Abo" was born Feb. 3, 1888; his parents were Eyjolfur & Gudrun (Gundmundsdottir) Bjornsson. He farmed north of Minneota. In July 1919, he married Gudrun Hallgrimson, daughter of Jon and Sigridur Hallgrimson. She died in 1920 in childbirth. Abo never remarried. He was a member of Westerheim Church until it closed then a member of St. Paul's until his death in Feb. 1968.

Gunnar Bjorn Bjornson

Born: June 1908. Parents: Gunnar B. & Ingibjorg Augustina (Hordal) Bjornsson. On July 23, 1945 he married Birgit Jacobson; their children are Gunnar, Eileen, Bryan, Kevin and Bruce. A daughter, Sylvia, died in 1967.

Bjorn grew up in Minneota, and was a member of St. Paul's until he moved in 1939. With his brothers, he "took his turn" as editor of The Minneota Mascot, beginning when Valdimar left Minneota in the mid-1930's. Bjorn accepted a position in the Journalism Department at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks in 1939, and moved there with his family. He served on the church council at St. Paul's while still a member there.

Edvard Hjalmar Bjornson

Hjalmar, son of Gunnar B. and Ingibjorg (Hordal) Bjornsson, grew up in Minneota. He served on the Council at St. Paul's, and worked in the newspaper business all his life, first at The Minneota Mascot taking his turn as editor, then for a time as editorial page columnist for the Minneapolis Tribune, where he worked at the time of his death in Oct., 1958. Hjalmar left Minneota in 1931, the same year he won a national editorial contest. On July 16, 1934, he married Elm Kristjansdottir. They had a son, Hjalmar Kristjan.

Jon Henrik Bjornson

Jon, another son of Gunnar B. and Ingibjorg Bjornsson, lives in Minneapolis. He married Matthildur Ragnarsdottir Kvaran; their children are Jon Ragnar, Henrik Thor and Edda (Biering). Jon's parents moved to Minneapolis when he was young, and he graduated from high school there and has lived there since the move.

Jon's daughter, Edda, married Gunnar Biering (AKA Bjering); their daughter Hulda was baptized at St. Paul's in 1956.

Kristjan Valdimar Bjornson

"Valdi", son of Gunnar B. and Ingibjorg Bjornson grew up in Minneota. In high school, he was active and successful in oratorical contests through the schools - the beginning of a career in words, both spoken and written. After his schooling, he also served as an editor at The Minneota Mascot in rotation with his brothers, and was sole editor from about 1931 to 1939. At St. Paul's, he served on the Council and also as a Sunday School teacher. During World War II, he served in the Navy, and was discharged as a Lt. commander. 'Valdi" or "Val", moved to St. Paul, where he worked as associate editor for the St. Paul Dispatch and Pioneer Press. In November 1950, he was elected State Treasurer, and served in that position through the election of 1966. He retired and lived in Minneapolis. In January 1987 he was named the Consul of Iceland in Minnesota.

On Feb. 20, 1946 he married Gudrun Jonsdottir. Their children: Kristin Rannveig (Apr., 1948), Helga (June, 1946), Jon Gunnar (June, 1949), Valdimar Halldor (Aug., 1952), and Maria Ingibjorg ("Mia") (Sept., 1955). Val died in Minneapolis on March 10, 1987.

Gunnar B. Bjornsson

Came to America with his mother, Kristin Benjaminsdottir, in 1877. They lived on farms in the area until 1885, then moved into Minneota. Gunnar tended the town herd for two years, attending school in the winter, also doing carpenter and clerking work as he grew up. In 1893, he worked as head clerk at Seals' store. In 1895, Gunnar bought half of the Mascot, then sold his half to Stefan Westdal, taking another clerking job - this time with Gislason and Leeland, lawyers. In December, 1895, he placed an ad in the paper stating that he repaired boots, shoes and rubbers; clients were to leave the repair work at Ole S. Peterson's. From January-June, 18%, Gunnar was in Quincy, Illinois with B.C. Schram at the Gem City Business College, and returned to Minneota to work again for the lawyers. He was in charge at the General Merchandise Store (owned by D.W. Griffing) in 1897. The next spring found him "hustling" machinery for W.A. Crowe, and by September he was the new night marshal, successor to Mr. Hougejorde, and handling collections for C.M. Gislason and studying law. He spent 2½ years working for Gislason - his longest employment until this time!

In 1900, Gunnar bought The Minneota Mascot from Stefan Westdal, and found his "niche" - journalism. In addition to the newspaper, he served as editor and/or publisher of various periodicals and newspapers in the Icelandic language, none of them lasting very long. He also served as a postmaster in Minneota, as president of the Minneota Telephone Company, on the Board of Education, as a member of the Council at St. Paul's and a Sunday School teacher. Gunnar was also very active in the political arena, serving several terms as representative of Lyon County to the State Legislature, and as state chairman of the Republican party. In the journalism field, he served as president of the Minnesota Editorial Association.

Gunnar's father was Bjorn Bjornsson, who died in 1885 in Iceland. Bjorn and Kristin were never married, and Kristin undertook her task of raising Gunnar and the uncertainty of immigrating to a foreign land with determination.

Gunnar married Ingibjorg Augustina Hordal, daughter of Jon Jonssonar Hordal and Halldoru Baldvinsdottir Arasonar, who had come to America in 1883. Ingibjorg was born in Aug. 1878 and died in Aug. 1949 in Minneapolis.

Gunnar and Ingibjorg's children were Edvard Hjalmar (mar. 1904), Kristjan Valdimar (Aug., 19%), Gunnar Bjorn (June 1908), Halldora (Aug., 1910-Jan., 1911), Helga (Brugger) (Jan., 1912), Stefania (Denbow), and Jon Henrik (Feb., 1919).

Gunnar "retired" - but continued working anyway. In the spring of 1945, he was serving as a news commentator with the Ninth Army in Europe. He died in Minneapolis in September 1957.

HalIur Bjornsson

"Hall Benson" was born in1869 to Bjorn and Sigubjorg (Sigurdardottir) Hallasson.

His father died, and his mother brought Hall and George (his brother) to America.

Hall married Ingibjorg Johnson on July 14, 1897. Their children are Bjorn Melvin (June 1898), Karolina (Hanson) (Nov. 1899), George (Mar. 1901), Vivian (Cunningham) (Feb. 1903), Harold (Dec. 1904), Harold A. (19%), Joseph (Nov. 1908), Dorothy (Cruse) (Feb. 1911), and Eugene (July 1914). While the children were young, the family belonged to the Lincoln County Church, then transferred later to St. Paul's. Hall served on the Council at St. Paul's, and was on the first board of directors of M-G-T Coop. in Minneota.

Bjorn Melvin, "Caroline", George, Harold S. (as an infant), and Joseph have died. Harold A. lives in Marshall, Vivian in Minneapolis, Dorothy is in Jefferson City, Missouri (she, her husband Kenneth and their children were members of St. Paul's until the l930's), and Eugene lives in Palisade, Minnesota.

In later years, Hall made his home with his daughter, Caroline Hanson. He died in 1968. Ingibjorg was born in 1873 and died in 1956.

Sveinn Bjornsson

Sveinn arrived from Iceland on July 14, 1892 after a journey of 24 days, saying that the harbor from which he sailed was so full of polar ice that even a small steamer took 18 hours to make 5 miles. He learned English quickly -enough, anyway, so that he could enter St. Cloud Normal School as a student in September 1898. On February 2, 1901 he married Ingibjorn Elizabeth Josephson.

Oddny Borchert

Oddny was the daughter of Kristjan S. & Salvor Askdal, and sister of Dora, Elm and Emil. She grew up in Minneota, and became a schoolteacher, as were her sisters. She married Max Herbert Borchert, a hardware merchant in Mapleton and a World War I veteran. Max died in August 1934, 37 years old. They had two sons: James, who lives in Rapid City, and Louis, who lives in Morningside, New Jersey.

Oddny taught school for many years in Austin, Minnesota before her retirement. For her sons, summer vacations meant many good times with their cousins, Frank, Robert, Fred and David Josephson. Oddny died in January 1979.

Monica Bothun

Monica grew up at St. Paul's, and is the daughter of Orlando and Irene Johnson. She graduated from Minneota High School, Willmar AVTI in Sales and Marketing, and 916 AVTI-White Bear Lake in Fashion Merchandising. Monica has been employed in clothing stores, currently in Jim's Clothing-Sporting Goods in Dawson, Minnesota. She and her husband, Kevin, have three children: Cheri, Billy J0, and Dustin.

Thordis Boyle

Thordis is the daughter of John A. and Bjorg S. Johnson. She was a member of St. Paul's through 1930, when she left Minnesota and teaching, and went into business until her retirement. Thordis is a cousin of John E. Josephson. Her first church memories are of Lincoln County Church and then St. Paul's after 1918. Thordis now lives in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Lillian Brown

Lillian is a daughter of Gudmundur and Adalbjorg Rafnson. She grew up at St. Paul's, and worked for an oil firm in Minneapolis until her marriage in 1937 to Rollins Brown. They moved to his home in Wakefield, New Hampshire, where she lives now. Lillian has one son, Peter, and four stepchildren. One of her many hobbies are painting on tin; she is also active in her church choir and has been the village librarian for many years.

Esther Burette

Esther was born on Aug. 30, 1900 in Swede Prairie to Olof and Mary Anderson. Her siblings are Ann (Brekke), Edith (Hovland), and Oscar. (Edith and Oscar live in Minneota). Her husband was John, son of Albert Buretta. John was an avid golfer in this area, and a frequent contestant in tournaments. Their children: Richard (Nov. 1940) and Mary (Meyer) (Dec. 1937).

Esther and John were married in Oct. 1935; they lived next door to St. Paul's. Esther's gift every Sunday was a bouquet of flowers for the altar. Esther felt she didn't have much, but she had enough to buy seeds for flowers and to plant bulbs, so whatever grew she would give to the church. Her garden was always beautiful.

John and Esther were foster parents for their grandson, Todd Buretta. John died in 1970 and Esther in March 1980.

Richard John Burette

Richard was confirmed in June 1955 at St. Paul's, and his wife, Nancy, in November, 1964. They were married in September 1964. Jeffrey (Aug. 1967) and Stacy (July 1969) their children were baptized at St. Paul's. They have since moved to the Minneapolis area and are no longer members.

Todd Lee Burette

Todd was born Sept. 28, 1955; his mother is Anita Meyer (dec.). Todd was cared for by his grandparents, and grew up at St. Paul's. He lives in the Marshall area.

Mary Eva Buysse

Mary is the daughter of Anna Belle (Jacobs) and Cecil Hofteig. She was a member of Westerheim, then transferred to St. Paul's in 1955. On Feb. 18, 1966, she married Gary Buysse. Their children are Tim, now in college at Univ. of Minnesota-Morris, Kristen and Rustin.

Mary worked for several years in Minneapolis before her marriage. After Dora Harvey's retirement in Jan. 1984, Mary became Minneota's librarian. She also writes the "Minneota Locals" column in the Mascot. Mary has been part of small singing groups in St. Paul's and in Minneota. Her husband is a member of St. Edward's in Minneota and is in the insurance business.

Carol Catton

Carol is the daughter of Carl and Irene Swanson, and was a member of Westerheim before transferring to St. Paul's. On Dec. 24, 1958 she married Darrell Catton; their children are Kelly, Julie, Michael, Lori, and Kara. She and her family now live in Minneapolis; Carol is still a member of St. Paul's.

Lois Chiebecek

Lois is a daughter of Wayne and Maria Pesch. She grew up at St. Paul's, and was a member from about 1924 to 1943.

On Jan. 20, 1943, Lois married Clarence Gorecki. They had five children: Joan (Sides) of Athens, Texas, Robert of Ghent, Dean of Minneota, Don of Taunton and Jean (Diede) of Mabank, Texas. Clarence died in July 1972. Lois is now married to Ed Chlebecek.

Jennie Frost playing the organ and the Christmas Eve programs by the Sunday School children are memories that have remained with her over the years.

Arni Christianson

Arni was born in Iceland in 1891. His mother sent him to America with Kristine Josephson (his aunt who was second wife of Hermann Josephson), as she was no longer able to care for him. Both his parents were dead before he reached 12 years.

On Mar. 30, 1916 in Winnipeg, he married Adalbjorg/Ethel Thordardottir Stephanson. Her parents were Thorarin and Olena; she died in Dec. 1984, 93 years old.

Arni and "Olla" had five children: Robert Thorarin (May 1919), Lloyd Phillip (June 1921), Vivian (Taylor) (Nov. 1924), Ronald Lee (Apr. 1928), and Grace (Gislason Hoy).

Arni was a treasurer at St. Paul's for a few years. The family left Minneota in 1947. Vivian died in 1982; Grace and her husband live in Moreland, Idaho; Lloyd and his wife, Yvonne, live in Winnipeg (he is retired with two children); Robert and Yvette live in Golden Vall, where he works for Duffy Paper (they have four children). Ronald and Adelia Nelson were married at St. Paul's in July 1947.

Josephine Cockrell

"Joey" is the daughter of Sigurdur Bjorn and Ella (Ross) Erickson. She grew up in Minneota and at St. Paul's. On July 6,1940, she married Wayne Cockrell at St. Paul's. Her husband is now retired and they travel a lot together, living in San Leandro, California. Their son, Gary, is a Lutheran pastor in Kalispell, Montana, and son Ronald lives with his family in San Mateo, California.

Rev. Marcus Cordes

Pastor Cordes served St. Paul's as a student pastor for a year after Rev. Anderson left St. Paul's. He attended classes at Northwestern Theological Seminary during the week, and served as our pastor in the evenings and on weekend -truly two full-time jobs!

He grew up in Comstock, Wisconsin. His wife, Twyla, grew up in the Cosmos, Minnesota area. (We knew his wife as "Alice" while they were in Minneota. She had been adopted as a child, and after some searching found she had been named Twyla at birth. She wished to have her first name again, so legally changed it.)

Pastor Cordes now serves a church in Litchfield, and as president of the board for Augustana Homes, and on the board for nursing homes owned by the LCA. Twyla's mother is still living, and Pastor Cordes also serves as administrator for her home and farmland. He is as busy as he was while they were in Minneota!

One of his most enjoyable work-relaxation times is with his sons and son-in-law. Most of the children live near him and they all heat their homes with wood, and "The men" spend time together cutting wood for the winter.

Marianne (Decko) lives in Blame, Minnesota and works as a loan officer at a bank there. She is divorced, with no children. Carol married David Johnson, and they have a daughter, Sara, and live in Litchfield. David is a salesman for a grain bin company, and Carol works at the Veteran's Office in Litchfield. Susan, her husband Robert Green, and their children, Carrie and Robbie, live in Fargo, North Dakota where Susan has a practice as a clinical psychologist. Randy married Patti Nelson. They live in Mayer, Minnesota with their children, Marcus and Emalyn. Randy is an executive at Electrocraft in Hopkins, and travels extensively in their contract sales division. David and Pamela (Dengerud) live in Grove City with their son, Kristopher. David owns a business that cleans chimneys and installs heating systems. Jon, a son adopted after the Cordes' left Minneota, is a senior in High School now, and is considering a career as a disc jockey. He is a talented speaker and singer, and very interested in music.

Kay Curwick

Kay's parents are Harvey and Evalyn (Thostenson) Rafnson. She grew up in Minneota, and was confirmed in 1956 at St. Paul's. On Mar. 21, 1964 she married LeRoy Cur-wick, and then transferred her membership. During her high school years, she was active in the Luther League at St. Paul's, sharing activities with the Hope League on special occasions.

Kay and her family now live in Upland, California with their children: Timothy, Ann, Richard and William.

Gudmundur A. Dalmann

Born in Iceland on Sept. 19, 1856, Gudmundur came to America in 1877. In April 1883, he married Sigurveg Jonatansdottir/Peterson (1855-May, 1933), a sister of Jonathan Peterson. Their children were Thora Rose (Jan. 1884), Baldr Jonathan (Oct. 1888), Kristin Vilborg (Sept. 1890), and Thorvaldur (Dec. 1893).

Gudmundur was the youngest of five children; all deceased by 1912 except him; his parents, Grimur and Rose (Davidson) Dalmann, died before he was 12 years old.

After working a year on the railroad and a year as a clerk for T.D. Seals and Coats & Davidson, he operated a feed mill in Minneota, which stood on a hill where Lyon Street intersects Highway 68. By 1886, he was in another business; a fruit and confectionery store and restaurant; groceries were added 21/2 years later. In the early 1890's, Stephenson became a partner in the grocery business.

Gudmundur served as Trustee of Minneota in the late 1880's, and as Chief of the Fire Company in 1891. He served on the committee, which chose the site of Minneota's new school in 1893 and also as village assessor that year. In 1897, he received a letter from Dr. Thordarson concerning a medical practice in Minneota.

Thora Rose married R.C. Donehower, a railroad man; they lived in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Their daughter was Marian, Mrs. Elwood Johnson. Baldur graduated in 1906 from Minneota High School; he married Zelpha Hall from Smith Mill, Minnesota in 1911. Baldur worked as a traveling salesman for a tobacco company. Kristin, or Stena, was a 1907 Minneota graduate, and worked for her father at the store. She never married and died in Minneapolis in 1957. Thorvaldur moved to Edmunds, Washington, and in 1921 was found murdered there.

Carolyn Davis

"Carrie" was born on Nov. 10, 1946 to Genediede and Duane Bennett, and grew up on a farm near Mythland, Iowa (near Sioux City). Her father has died; she has a brother in Texas, another in Iowa, and a sister in Iowa.

Carrie and her husband, Bernie, moved to Minneota when he accepted the position as policeman for the city. Bernie has two children, Denise (in Iowa) and Brett (in Colorado Springs). Carrie worked at "The Other Place" for several years, and since it's closing has not worked outside the home. She became a member of St. Paul's in 1981.

John Byron Doyle

John and his wife, Bonny, joined St. Paul's in April 1965. They were both employed for the Minneota Schools:

John was a history teacher, and Bonny was librarian. At St. Paul's, they were the advisors for the Luther League, and during their time at St. Paul's the young people were very active. The Santa Lucia Festival was held during their time at St. Paul's. The Doyle's currently live in Marshall, and are active in their church there, in school activities, and 4-H activities with their children, Sean-David and Karlyn.

Mary Ann Driemeyer

Mary Ann is a Minneota native; she joined St. Paul's in 1981. She and her husband, Robert, have one son, Richard, currently a student at Mankato State. "Dick" was active in school activities (a member of the National Honor Society and Homecoming King), and in the Luther League at St. Paul's.

Albert Eastman

Albert grew up at St. Paul's. On Mar. 5, 1902 he married Olina Casperson. Their children were Theodore

Earl (April 1906) and Vivian Evangeline (May. 1904): both were baptized at St. Paul's.

Albert moved from Minneota and settled in Southeastern Minnesota. Thoroddur S. and Anna Eastman were his parents.

S.G. Eastmann

"Sig" and his wife, Oddny Jonsdottir, were charter members of St. Paul's. Oddny died on Sept. 26, 1897 of tumors, 50 years old; her husband survived her. In May 1898 Sig remarried Emma Johnson.

Thoroddur S. Eastmann

Thoroddur, a brother of was born in Iceland. He and his wife, Anna, were the parents of Margret Lillian (Bang) (Oct., 1895), Anna Luella (Arntson) (Apr., 1898), Bjorn (Apr., 1889), Karl Julius (July, 1881), Cora (Gislason), Ella/Elm (Anderson), and Albert. Bjorn died ten days after his birth; Karl died in May 1896 of a lung fever (perhaps tuberculosis). Margret married Clarence Bang in Aug. 1922; she was one of the organists at St. Paul's. Luella and her husband, Arthur, moved away after their marriage.

In August 1894, during a storm, lightning struck the Eastmann home in Section 30, Swede Prairie. The house caught fire and burned to the ground; nothing was saved. The family, awakened by a loud crash, was able to escape. In November 18% Thoroddur was building a barn at First and Jackson, and a house would follow. The next fall, he advertised in the Mascot that he would do plowing for hire, and was working as the miller at the old Dalmann mill, which he had purchased. In later years, Thoroddur served as the rural route mailman north and northeast of Minneota.

Anna Genevieve Eckley

Genevieve, the daughter of Otto and Christine (Johnson) Anderson grew up at St. Paul's. She married William H. Eckley, their daughter, Claire Genevieve, was born in December 1941 and baptized at St. Paul's. Genevieve died of cancer in St. Paul in 1980, and her husband died in February 1980. A son, Bill, Jr., lives in St. Paul.

Kjartan Fridrik Edvardsson

"Charlie Edwards" was born in Iceland, and baptized at Hof Parish on June 25, 1870. His parents were Ed-yard Thorleifson and Sesselja Jonsdottir. The family immigrated to America about 1879, and settled in Swede Prairie Township. Charlie was confirmed at Westerheim in 1888 by Rev. Thorlakson, and he was a member of that church until it closed in January 1955.

Charlie married Gudrun Paulson from Duluth, and brought her back to Minneota in December 1897. Their children were all raised at Westerheim: Isabella (Linthacum), Chrystle, Pauline, Clarence, Estella (Gunlogson) and Edvard. Chrystle lives in Minneapolis, and Estella is now a member of St. Paul's, as is her husband, John. Isabella died in 1939, Pauline in 1908, and Edvard in 1909; Clarence has also died.

Charlie had six sisters. Lara married Jon Sigvaldson, a charter member of St. Paul's, and later a Mr. Fuller. Another sister, Electa, married J.B. Gislason, and was the only sister who stayed in this area. Ellen married Hugh Lampman; Amelia married George Forbes. After Amelia died, another sister, Christine married George.

Charlie died in August 1955. He and his wife are buried in Westerheim Cemetery.

Oddur Eiriksson

The son of Eirikur Sigurdson and Sigridur Torfadottir, Oddur was born in Iceland in 1844. His wife, Elm Sigurdardottir, was a sister of Oddny, first wife of Sigbjorn Kristjansson (grandparents of Dora Harvey), and a sister of Sigurbjorg, wife of Bjorn Hallason (grandparents of Caroline Hanson), and two other sisters. A brother stayed in Iceland.

Oddur and Elm were the parents of Walter (Oct., 1880), Elm (died in Iceland), Sigurdur Bjorn (Sept., 1885), Ellen (Daley) (1888), Sigfinnur (Aug., 1889), and Eirikur Karvel Sigurbjorn (July, 1892). Walter died on his 13th birthday and Sigfinnur the next month, both of typhoid fever. Ellen was deathly ill with typhoid at the same time, and Sigurdur Bjorn broke his leg then. There was no doctor in Minneota then, so it healed imperfectly, causing a limp. "Carvel" died in 1975 and Sigurdur in 1959.

Oddur died in 1929 in Gimli, Manitoba. He was born at Thorvaldsstadir in Skriddal, probably an only child (he may have had a half-brother). He was a member of St. Paul's since 1888, according to Josephine Cockrell, his granddaughter.

Eirikur Karvel Sigurbjorn


"Carvel" grew up at St. Paul's, and remained a member until his marriage to Nance Ahern (an aunt of Michael Ahern, husband of Christy Josephson), when he joined St. Edwards. Their children: Carvel, Catherine (Wesolowski), George, Robert, Patricia (Roske), and Mary (Hogan). Carvel and Nance (1886-1945) are both buried at St. Edward's Cemetery.

Sigurdur Bjorgvin Erickson

S.B. grew up at St. Paul's, and served on the Council for a time. This son of Oddur and

Elm Eiriksson/Erickson was active in banking in Minneota. In 1916, he was assistant cashier when the bank moved to its new building, still employed there when the Farmer's & Merchants took over First National Bank. In 1936, he left Minneota for a banking position in Glen Ulin, North Dakota.

On Aug. 24, 1911 he married Ella Rose Ross, daughter of Fredrick James Ross (born in Ireland) and Hilda Sophia Erickson (born in Sweden). She grew up in Jacksonville, Illinois, and was valedictorian of both her high school and college graduating classes, majoring in Greek and Latin. A school teacher, in 1909 she joined an agency that sent teachers "West", and accepted the principal's position at Minneota. At St. Paul's, she was active in the Sunday School (responsible for the cradle roll) and in the Ladies' Aid Society - one of the first members who could not understand Icelandic.

She and her husband were the parents of Elizabeth Francis (July 1913), Josephine (Cockrell) (Sept. 1917), and Sigurd Ross (Oct. 1925). The children grew up at St. Paul's. Elizabeth died in 1985; "Joey" lives in California, and Sigurd lives in Whitehall, Montana.

Ella moved to California after Sigurd's death to be near her daughters. She died in 1967. Sigurd died in Jackson, Minnesota in 1959.

CarI L. Ersted

Carl and Marie S. Sigurdson were married Oct. 16, 1902 at St. Paul's. Their daughters, Ruth (Oct. 1904) and Dance (June 1906) were baptized at St. Paul's. Marie's parents were G.S. and Sigridur (Jonason) Sigurdson, and she grew up at St. Paul's.

Carl and Marie moved to Minneapolis, where she was active in the Hekla Club

(President at the time the group celebrated Rosa Ousman's 90th birthday). Their daughter, Ruth, worked as supervisor of school libraries for the state education department.

Jon Eyolfson

Jon was also known as John E. Johnson, His first wife, Maria Jonsdottir, had died in Lincoln County in 1887, leaving four children: John W., Einar (both using Johnson as their surname), Margaret (Mrs. A.H. Rafnson) and Belle (Mrs. Albert W. Johnson).

Jon then married Sigurbjorg Magnuson, widow of Arni Magnuson with four children. Jon and Sigurbjorg were the parents of Stephen, Maria (Roberts), and Jennie (Roberts). (Maria married Earl, and Jennie married Floyd.)

Sigurbjorg's grandchildren at St. Paul's are Herbert and Iva Magnuson.

Gudrun Eymundsdottir

Gudrun was born in Iceland in 1828, and died in Minneota on October 31, 1906. She was a member of St. Paul's, and an aunt of Mrs. Bjarni Jones, whom she lived with at the time of her death.

Clara Falasca

Clara was born and raised in the Minneota area, the daughter of Olafur J. and Sigurjona (Gudmundson) Rafnson. She first married Glenroy Avery) their sons are Darrel Gene (Sept. 1937) and Robert Clyde (June 1941). After Mr. Avery died, she married Mr. Falasca, who has also died.

Clara lived in Chicago many years, where she owned a beauty shop. She moved back to Minneota in 1985, and is now (January 1987) serving as president of the LCW at St. Paul's.

Darrel lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with his wife, son and daughter. He is an electronics technician. Robert lives in Chicago Heights and works for Volvo White. He has one son.

Leslie Sue Fier

Leslie, the daughter of Odell Van Hyfte and Mary (Stone Van Hyfte) Gorski, grew up at St. Paul's. After graduating from Minneota High School, she attended the Granite Falls AVTI. On Aug. 8, 1981 she married Gary Fier of Taunton, Minnesota. They have one son, Lance, born September 3, 1983. Leslie has transferred her membership to Sts. Cyril & Methodius in Taunton.

Rev. Dean S. Finke

Rev. Finke served St. Paul's his first parish - from July 1, 1967 until the spring of 1970. He went to a mission church in Prior Lake, and later moved back into the Tyler District. Rev. Finke is now the pastor of a church in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Rev. Finke was born June 12, 1941. His wife, Marita, was born Jan. 5, 1943. They were married on June 1, 1963. During most of their three years in Minneota, Marita worked in the accounting department of the Lyon County Welfare Department.

Albert Fjeldsted

Albert was a son of Eggert and Sigridur (Einarsdottir) Fjeldsted. His wife, Rose, was the daughter of P.V. Peterson/Jokull. Albert was confirmed at St. Paul's in 1898. Albert and

Rose's daughter, Donna (Feb. 1931) was baptized at St. Paul's.

Albert owned a garage in Minneota for many years.

James Flood

"Jim", born Mar. 13, 1928 to Robert and Lillie (Fillman) Flood, is a Minneota native. His parents, Illinois natives of Irish and German background, married there and moved to farmland north of Minneota owned by Robert's mother. Jim's parents have died. His brothers are Robert (of Hanley Falls), David (near The Cities), and Frank (deceased); his sisters are Dorothy (Mrs. Hazen Abels of Minneota) and Jeanne (first wife of Roseville Josephson, now deceased). Jim farmed for most of his life, and is now a truckdriver.

Jim's children from his first marriage are Jeff (in Porter), Gina (Bernardy - lives in California), Nick (deceased), James, Jr. (in the Army, Washington, D.C.), William (in Ghent), Ruth (Sik) near Ghent, and Judy (Timm) in Georgia. On Aug. 27, 1985 he married Darlene (Berg); they live in Taunton. Darlene's children are Natalie (Speakman), Brenda (Willander), and Richard, Timothy and Scott Berg.

Kevin Arthur Flood

Kevin was born in Clark field, Minnesota on Dec. 28, 1956 to Frank Charles and Marilyn (Johnson) Flood. (Frank was a brother of James Flood). Frank died in December, 1968 after a car accident; Marilyn has remarried and lives in Dallas, Texas. Kevin s brother, Daniel, lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee; his sister, Kimberly, in Knoxville, Tennessee; another brother, Robert, is in the Air Force at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kevin joined St. Paul's the day after his marriage to Cathy Josephson (daughter of Frank and Helen Josephson) on July 24, 1976. They moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin in August 1976, and transferred their membership to a church there. Kevin has worked in various places as an aviation mechanic, and now is employed by Service Merchandise, Inc. to maintain the company's aircraft. Kevin and Cathy now live in Smyrna, Tennessee. They have no children.

Cathy grew up at St. Paul's, and was active in the Luther League when the Doyles were members. She also taught Sunday School and helped out at the organ and the piano when needed. Cathy has worked as a secretary for welfare offices, an insurance company, a school superintendent, a dentist, in a hospital, and for pastors of the churches she and Kevin have been members of. Her interests in books, history and writing continue, she has participated in several readings in the Minneota area, and as a special guest at the high school in Smyrna for the English department.

Solveig Josephson Foss

Solveig and her husband, Magnus, were members of the Lincoln County Church. After the church closed, Solveig transferred to St. Paul's (Magnus had died). Their children are: Salin Sigurbjorg (Halvorson) (May, 1905), Laura (Hanson) (Aug., 1907), Magnus E. (Feb., 1900), Kristjan P. (Apr. 23, 1913), August A. (May, 1916), Magnus M. (Oct., 1918), and Clarence. Salin, or Sally, is now a member of St. Paul's.

Kristjan Petur and his wife Clara's children, Robert and Janice were baptized at St. Paul's; Janice died as a baby and is buried in the Lincoln County Cemetery.

Magnus' parents were Magnus Sigeborg Mikaelsson.

Clair W. Frakes

Clair, born in June 1911, is the son of R.V. and Bertha Frakes. He moved to Minneota after his marriage to Eunice Anderson in August 1940. His brother, Walter, lives in California, and his sister, Pearl Schemmele died in June 1985. His sister, Jane Brown, died in 1975, another sister, Marion Gunderson, died in 1975. She is buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.

During World War II, Clair served in the Army, stationed in Georgia. Clair and "Sis" returned in 1946, and Clair started the Minneota Cabinet Shop in a building behind the Big Store. He has now retired from carpentry work, and sold his business to the Haugen brothers in 1979. Mrs. Frakes has also retired from many years of teaching in the Minneota Public Schools. She is the daughter of Otto and Christine Anderson, and grew up in Minneota.

Clair has been active on the church council at St. Paul's; he has served Minneota as its Civil Defense director. In 1982, he and his wife were honored as Minneota's Outstanding Senior Citizens for their volunteer work in the community.

Kristi Fredricks

Kristi is the daughter of Hiller and Elizabeth (Burns) Holien. She was a Child Member of St. Paul's after her parents joined, and grew up in Minneota.

Kristi married Jim Fredricks of Taunton, and now lives in North Mankato with Jim and their children, Jana Lee and Jacob James.

Rev. Keith Friese

Pastor Friese served St. Paul's for about 11/2 years,

1974-75. He and his wife, Leota, both grew up in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and now serve Mt. Olivet Lutheran in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Their son, Michael, graduated from Minneota High School and now lives in Elk River. Steven is married with two sons, and lives in Ramsey. Paula is also married, and her first child is due in March/April, 1987. Michael and Steven visit Minneota occasionally to "keep up with" the friends they made here.

Pastor Friese is a "local history buff", and while he was here, he provided transportation for S. Frank Josephson, who was taking cancer treatments in Sioux Falls at the time. On their way, they would take the "back roads' through Lincoln County, and sometimes would get out and walk around the grounds and cemetery at Lincoln County Church, Frank telling old stories and the history of the area from an Icelandic perspective, and Pastor Friese listening to every word. They became close friends in that short time.

Charles Alexander Frost

Charles was the son of J.H. and Borghildur Frost, born in -1879 in Minneota. When Charles was about 16 years old, he had a position as assistant station agent at Minneota's railroad depot.

He married Grace Risk, born in 1886 in LaMoure, North Dakota. She died in Sarasota, Florida in Nov. 1951; her father, John, survived her and made the burial arrangements. Charles died in 1935; both are buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.

Johannes Halldorsson Frost

"Jack" came to America in the early 1870's, and lived for about five years in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area before coming to Minneota. It was in Wisconsin that he earned the nickname "Frost" because he was a native of Iceland. In 1879, he served as the translator and guide for the largest group of Icelandic immigrants. Jack first worked for Coats and Davidson; also for the Guion Steamship line as agent for tickets and drafts to points in Europe.

In the 1880's, he began an active participation in Minneota's government; in 1881 he was elected Minneota's first treasurer, and served in that position and in others into the 1890's. He was also instrumental in the early years of the Sunday School at St. Paul's, and served on the first Council elected in 1887.

Frost, "The Minneota Grocer", placed ads in the Mascot with a "bite" to them, one beginning, "I DON'T CARE whether you read this or not, if you know that I handle..." and ending with the statement that he did not give his goods away, but sold them for cash. In 1898 during the Spanish-American War, his ads reminded the customers that "War or No War", you must have something wholesome to eat.

Jack was fond of fishing with W.B. Gislason and Bjarni Jones. Two of them went to Lake Hendricks on one trip, and the third followed a few days later with more food. On another trip, they went north of Minneota to the Yellow Medicine, and returned with two large trout strings - with plans to go back the next week for the fish.

Jack and his wife, Borghildur (1850-1932), were the parents of Charles Alexander (1879), Jennie M. (May 3, 1886), Kristin Sigridur (Oct., 1888), and Ella Regina (Benson) (July, 1881).

In 1907, "The Minneota Grocer" sold his confectionery and restaurant to Bjarni Anderson and G. Jaeger, and retired from active business. He died in Sept. 1935.

Jennie M. Frost

Jennie was born in Minneota. Since there was no church or pastor available in Minneota for some early years, she was baptized in Canby by Pastor Hoel.

Jennie graduated from Minneota High School, and was a schoolteacher and County Superintendent in Lyon County all her working life. Her high school graduation speech was titled "Man s Invasion of Woman's Sphere".

An avid baseball fan, Jennie rarely missed listening to the Minnesota Twins on the radio.

Jennie was very active in church - taught Sunday School, sang in the choir, played the organ for many years, and was active in the Young Ladies' Union. Through her generosity, the YLU Education Scholarship is given each year to a member of our church who is graduating from high school.

Jennie never married, and lived with her sister "Sigga" in their home along Highway 68 in Minneota. Jennie died in 1975.

Kristin Stigridur Frost

"Sigga" grew up in Minneota, and was employed in The Big Store most of her life, serving as the bookkeeper until the store closed in 1972. At St. Paul's, she sang in the church choir for many years, and was very active in the YLU. During World War II, she received an American Red Cross award for her donation of over 200 hours of work. Sigga died in February 1980.

Charles F. Gaffney

"Chuck" was born April 29, 1940 to Rolland and Adeline Gaffney, and grew up near Renville, Minnesota. He served in the Air Force in the states and in Morocco. On April 28, 1962, he married Sharon Johnson in Shelby, Montana. In 1964, they moved to the Boyd area and began farming.

Chuck and Sharon joined St. Paul's in 1977, and have served us loyally and with willing hands. Chuck has been president of the Council, Sharon has been president of the LCW, and their sons have been active in the Luther League.

Sharon was born at Spooner, Wisconsin, and grew up in Montana. She attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and the College of Great Falls in Montana. Before her marriage to Chuck, she worked as head of the Legal Department of Montana Credits in Great Falls.

Rodney graduated from Minneota in 1984 and is currently at South Dakota State University in Brookings, majoring in agriculture. Randy graduated in 1986 and is a student at St. Cloud State majoring in Business.

Dennis Frank Gawarecki

Dennis was born in August 1936 to Frank and Lucy (Van De Viere) Gawarecki. He has two brothers, Vince and Lonny. On Jan. 15, 1965, he married Chrystal Peterson, daughter of Joseph and Arlene (Larson) Peterson. Their children are Chadwick Joseph (Nov. 29, 1966) and Caren Ann (Nov. 28, 1969).

In the 1880's, Dennis' grandfather, "Ignacy" or Ignatious Gawarecki, received a title to land homesteaded in Section 30 in Westerheim, and later moved to the area around Taunton and Wilno. The bell for Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Taunton was donated by Ignatious Gawarecki.

Dennis joined St. Paul's in 1964. He has served on the Council, and with his wife has served as the Sunday School Superintendent. Chrystal has also taught Sunday School. Chad and Caren have been active in the Luther League.

Chrystal is trained as a nurse, and worked in the Marshall hospital for many years. Dennis works in Ivanhoe at Ivanhoe Auto. They live north of Minneota with Chrystal's mother. Chad is presently a student at Southwest State University in Marshall; Caren is still in high school.

As a family hobby, they have been active members of the Silver Spur Saddle Club for many years.

Esther Gilbertson

Esther is the daughter of Rudolph and Caroline (Benson) Hanson. She grew up at St. Paul's, and in 1944 married Jervin ("Gil") Gilbert-son. Her husband worked for the Minnesota State Department of Natural Resources, Division of Game and Fish. They lived in Lanesboro, St. Paul and Buffalo.

Their children are Douglas, Donald, Allan (died of injuries received in Viet Nam), Judy and Gary (died as a baby).

Gil died on Easter Sunday in 1985; Esther lives in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Gilbert S. Gulbertson

G.S. was a son of Sturlaugur and Aslaug Gilbertson. He grew up in Minneota, and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. G.S. was the first Vice-President of the Luther League at St. Paul's.

In December 1896, he was transferred as railroad agent to Smith's Mill, Minnesota and six months later was back at the depot in Marshall. G.S. was later employed at Hayes Brothers and Cutler Pharmaceuticals in Minneapolis.

Sturlaugur Gudbrandsson


Born in Iceland in December 1850 to Gulbrand and Sigridur Gilbertson, Sturlaugur came to America in 1878 with his wife, Aslaug Gudmundsdottir. They were married in November 1877.

The family spent the winter of 1880-81 in a small shack in Section 6, Nordland Township. That year they had been unable to thresh the wheat crop, so no straw was available for fuel - they borrowed from a neighbor. There was also no flour, so they ground what wheat they had in the coffee mill. Sturlauger kept two oxen and a cow in a dugout on a ravine that winter, and had to dig them out many times in a constant struggle to keep them alive. They "stuck it out" and were still farming in 1883, and lived in Nordland Township for seven years before deciding to move into town in 1886. That year, Sturlaugur began his job at the lumberyard in Minneota, and worked there for over forty-five years before retiring on his 80th birthday in 1930.

Sturlaugur served Minneota as mayor for five years and as town recorder for eight years. At St. Paul's, he was a member of the Council. His wife was an original signer of St. Paul's charter.

Sturlaugur and Aslaug's children were: Gilbert Gudlogur Holme (lived in North Dakota), Holmfridur ("Frieda" married Franklin Leland), and Sigfridur.

Aslaug was born in Iceland in August 1850, and died in Minneota in December 1921. Sturlaugur died in May 1939.

Arni B. Gislason

Born August 6, 1877, Arni was the son of Bjorn and Adalbjorg (Jonsdottir) Gislason. He graduated from Marshall High School in 1897, then in 1898 went into the hardware business with Walter B., as the Gislason Brothers Hardware. For a time, he was associated with S.A. Anderson and B.B. Gislason in the Minneota Milling Company. In 1923, he was named a district judge, but resigned after four months to return to private practice.

In Minneota, he was once secretary of the Minneota Telephone Company, a secretary of the Board of Education, mayor for two years, and a member of the Scout Council when the Boy Scouts were formed in 1917.

On Sept. 30, 1906, he married Cora Eastman, daughter of Thoroddur and Anna Eastman. Their children were all baptized at St. Paul's: Arlon (Mar. 1908), Anna (Jan. 1910), and Raymond (Aug. 1911). After Cora died, Arni married Solveig Thorardson. They have one son, Robert.

Bjorn B. Gislason

Bjorn, brother of Arni, was born in May 1873 in Iceland. He married Jonina Jonatansdottir Peterson of Iceland on Oct. 7, 1904 in Minneapolis. Their children: Rose, Harry Sydney Payson, Bjorn and James.

Bjorn was a veteran of the Spanish-American War era, serving in Company A, 13th Minnesota Infantry. He enlisted in April 1898 in response to a call for aid for Cuba, and promised to report on his experiences there. However, he was assigned to the Philippines - and the promise remained for reports from Honolulu and Manila with the Second Manila Expedition.

Prior to his military service, he taught school in Dist. 3 for the 1895 term, and in the spring of 1896 went to Business College in Minneapolis. In 1901, he organized the Globe Land and Loan, and bought the C.M. Gislason law firm. He was elected County Attorney in 1902, and again in 1904. By 1919, the Globe Land and Loan advertised branches in Elbow Lake, Twin Valley, Badger, and in Winnipeg. That year, he and C.M. Gislason (apparently they became partners again) sold the law practice to A.L. Bromen and kept the real estate business.

Bjorn was the first secretary when the Eastern Star formed in April 1916, and also served as assistant Scoutmaster when the Boy Scouts formed in 1917.

Bjorn died in 1929. His children have moved from this area.

Christian M. Gislason

C.M. graduated from Marshall High School in 1889. He was born in Iceland about 1866, so determined to complete his education after coming to this country. C.M. was also a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School, and began his practice in Sept., 1894 in an office over the Verzlunarfelag Islendinga - the Icelandic Coop. Similar to many businessmen in those days, he offered several options to his clients: loans, real estate sales, confections (very likely made by his wife to earn a little extra money).

His friends noticed in 1895 that he had been courting in the Town of Burton, and when they pressed him about it, he announced that it was all settled, and that the plaintiff had come out victorious. C.M. and Johanna Johannsdottir Peterson were married September 9, 1896. Their children: Clarence, Conrad, Carl, Christopher, Chrysanthea, Anna, Christian, Christopher, Fridrik and Victor. The four oldest were baptized at St. Paul's. The family then moved out to Lincoln County Church, where the rest of the children were baptized. C.M.'s work with the Globe kept him working in the Lake Benton area for a time; they lived in Ivanhoe.

C.M. was president of the school board in Minneota when the schools were formed into an independent district, and was also the first resident lawyer in Minneota.

C.M. has died; Johann died in June 1952 and is buried in Lincoln County's Cemetery.

Daren Kent Gislason

Daren was born Dec. 9, 1931 to William and Cora (Johnson) Gislason, and grew up in Westerheim. He transferred his membership to St. Paul's in 1955. Daren was on the Council at St. Paul's in 1955.

Daren is the "reading teacher" for Minneota's schools, and is active as a representative to other schools and the state, explaining and advocating the curriculum in Minneota's excellent reading program.

Daren also has a love for things that grow, and his yard on Lyon Street, the small flower patches on corners in Minneota and at the Minneota Manor, and the beautiful, secluded ''Daren's Place'' north of Minneota along the Yellow Medicine River all provide a clear witness to his green thumb.

Daren was instrumental in organizing the first annual Poetry in the Park held in Minneota in 1974, and which has been held most years since then. He is also a charter member of the Society for the Preservation of Minneota's Heritage, and active in their work to restore to use the O.G. Anderson & Company building in Minneota.

David John Gislason

David was born Jan. 5,1955 to Julian and Viola (Andersen Ozmun) Gislason. He grew up at St. Paul's, and was active in the Luther League and served as Sunday School Superintendent. On Sept. 11, 1982 he married Mary Van Overbeke. They live in Marshall, where David works for the Marshall Police Department.

David has three brothers: Dennis Ozmun in Cottonwood, and Warren and Duane Ozmun living in Nebraska.

George Allen Gislason

George is a son of John B. and Electra (Edwards) Gislason, and now lives in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. He was married to Grace Christianson, daughter of Arni and Adalbjorg Stephanson. Their children were baptized at St. Paul's and are: Lyall Duane, Neva Lavonne, Robert Phillip, Vivian Lorraine, Allen Wayne, Julian Brent and Francis Neil.

Grace taught Sunday School while the family lived in Minneota. They moved to Biwabik, Minnesota in 1957, and transferred their membership.

Robert Phillip died on Nov. 30, 1982 after heart surgery; the rest of the family lives away from this area. Grace married Joseph Hoy in 1967, and lives in Moreland, Idaho.

Glen Gislason

Glen is the son of Josef H. and Rachel (Larson) Gislason, and was born Nov. 8, 1941. He was confirmed at St. Paul's in 1955, and remained a member until October 1980. He is married to Daurine Allison; they have a son, Jason, and live in Clearwater, Florida.

Jay B Gislason

Jay is the son of Josef H. and Helen (Krohling) Gislason. He was confirmed at St. Paul's. Jay lives in Marshall and works as an aviation mechanic for Schwan's Enterprises on their aircraft.

Jay first married Barb Buysse; their children are Thomas and Karen. Jay is now married to Crystal Jensen; they have a son, Justin.

John B. Gislason

"J.B." was born Dec. 6, 1872 to Bjorn and Adalbjorg (Jonsdottir) Gislason, and came to America in 1879 with his parents. He and his wife, Electa Edwards, were the parents of Harold (Nov., 1896), Byron (Dec., 1898), Julian (Oct., 1900), Francis (1902-1907), Cecilia (Furgeson) (Aug., 1904), William (Sept., 1906), Francis A. (Aug., 1908), John (Nov., 1910), Joe (1913), George (1917), and Lucille (Gudmundson) (Apr., 1915).

J.B. served on the Lyon County Fair Board for many years before World War I, and served for ten years in the state legislature. He rented a farm from his father in 1893, and bought it in 1900.

This family belonged to Westerheim Church for many years. In 1955, J.B. and Electa transferred to St. Paul's, and lived in town on Lyon Street (the house is now owned by Robert Nelson). J.B. died in December 1960. Electa, born in February 1875 to Edward and Cecilia (Johnson) Thorleifsson, died in 1972. Of the children, William and Lucille are still members.

Josef H. Gislason

Josef's parents were John B. and Electa (Edwards) Gislason. "Joe" farmed and a few years, ran a restaurant in the location of the old Dairy lunch in Minneota. He was also active on the board M-G-T Cooperative in Minneota.

He married Rachel Larson, a sister of Arlene Peterson and their children are

(Kurtz) (Mar., 1936), Donna (Biel) (Jan., 1938), Olive (Evanson) (Oct., 1939), Glen Roger (Nov., 1941) and Nyla Mae (Nov., 1943). The family belonged to Westerheim Church, and transferred Paul's in 1955. Rachel died in 1948. She was the daughter of Pontus and Bessie (Roberts) Larson.

Joe married Helen Krohling, daughter of Rex and Louise Krohling. Jay B, born in 1952, is their son. Helen's parents built the first movie theater in Minneota, "The Rex"; they also owned the Minneota Bakery, where Helen worked, and the Pacific Hotel.

Joe died in August 1982. Helen is now a resident of the Minneota Manor.

Julian Gislason

Julian was born Oct. 9 to John B. & Electa Gislason He farmed for some and later served as the Westerheim ditch viewer at assessor, and the Lyon County Assessor until his retirement. In 1977, he was chosen Minneota's Outstanding Senior Citizen.

Julian grew up at Westerheim, and transferred Paul's in 1955. On June 5, 1953 he married Viola (Andersen) Ozmun, of Danish background and from the Tyler area. Their son, David John, was born Jan. 5, 1955.

After his retirement, Julian kept up his garden along the Yellow Medicine River north of Minneota for some years, then gardened in his back yard in town, particularly enjoying "test-growing" various types of tomatoes.

"Vi" was born Apr. 5,1910. She enjoyed sewing and handcrafts; in the early 1970's, she and Dorys Richards owned a fabric store in Minneota in the building where Halli and Grace Rafnson had their Red Owl store, and where "The Round-Up Office" is now. One of her sales clerks was Christy Ahern. After a fire destroyed the contents, the store remained closed.

In 1974, Vi organized the first Minneota Community Fund for the Minneota Businessmen's Association, netting $3,073 in contributions considered a great success.

Vi died on Oct. 30, 1980. Julian died in 1985.

Nyla Gislason

Nyla was confirmed at Westerheim, and transferred to St. Paul's in 1955. Her parents are Josef H. and Rachel (Larson) Gislason. While in high school in Minneota, she was active in the Luther League, and was a Sunday School teacher. She transferred her membership from St. Paul's in 1965. Nyla currently lives in Newtonville, Massachusetts.

Olaf Gislason

Olof's parents were Bjorn and Adalbjorg (Jonsdottir) Gislason. Olof was an original member of St. Paul's.

Olaf was in charge of the millinery department at Frost's store in 1892 and for several years following. In 1893, she made a trip to Minneapolis to purchase spring stock, staying several days. Several years later, she attended the Minnesota State Fair before traveling on to Chicago for vocal music instruction.

Olaf died on Jan. 3, 1919.

Sigridur Gislason

Sigridur was a charter member of St. Paul's. She was the wife of Magnus Gislason and the mother of Christian M. Gislason. She died in 1895.

V.V. Gislason, Sr.

Virgil Voltaire, born Feb. 21, 1900, was the son of Walter B. and Effie Cordelia (Griffing) Gislason. He was the owner of V.V. Gislason & Son Hardware in Minneota until his retirement, a business in which both his father and maternal grandfather were active in earlier years.

He and his wife, Mary Helen, were the parents of Yvonne Margaret (May 1928); Virgil Voltaire, Jr. (Apr. 1930), and Walter Bjorn (Apr. 1935). The family became members of St. Paul's in 1948, when Virgil and Mary were confirmed.

Virgil Voltaire Gislason, Jr.

Virg was also involved in the Gislason Hardware, and returned to Minneota to run it full-time when his father retired in 1976. The store closed (as far as it's independent status) in 1986, and Virg has now opened the Hardware Hank in Minneota.

On May 7, 1960 he married Marian ("Marney") Clapp, daughter of Roger Williams Clapp and Harietta Spafford Clapp of Winterhave, Florida. They have two children. Barbara Lynn (Nov. 14, 1961) is now married to Donald Rye; Jr. Brian Lee (Nov. 26, 1966) was born in Canada, and adopted by Virg and Marney. He is now a student at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota.

Walter Bjorn Gislason

Walter was the son of Bjorn and Adalbjorg (Jonsdottir) Gislason. He and his wife, Effie had four children. Virgil Voltaire (1900), Valdeen (Mar. 13, 1898), Wilbur Waldo and Leonard Valdeen worked in Cleveland, Ohio as supervisor in a detention home for delinquent and dependent children. Virgil remained in Minneota and worked in the hardware store owned by the family. Effie was the daughter of Effie D.W. Griffing, of Griffing's General Merchandise (dry goods, clothing, hats, caps, mittens, gloves, millinery, ladies' cloaks, groceries, boots, shoes, etc.) and was in charge of the millinery department at "Jefferson Street, at the Front" in 1895.

In May 1895, Walter became head clerk at Griffing's. In July, he took a position with Winona Produce, but by October he was working at Griffing's again, selling men's and boys' clothing. In August 1896 Griffing announced that he was closing out, and being evicted from his place of business. The building he rented was sold to O.G. Anderson. Griffing sold his stock to F.R. Johnson and went to work for him, but was back in business again in Sept., 1898, advertising that "We Remember the Maine", and asking, "May we not C.U.B.A. customer of ours?"

Walter and his brother, Arni B., bought out the hardware stock of G.S. Sigurdson in early 1898. He left Minneota in 1906; Crowe and Melby took over the hardware store. In 1917, he returned from Badger, Minnesota and reentered the hardware business with his son, Virgil.

There were two weddings at St. Paul's on Oct. 7, 1896. After attending both services, Walter "kidnapped" Rev. Jonsson and took him over to the Linden Hotel, where he married Effie Griffing in the parlor, with G.B. Bjornson and Bertha Paine as witnesses. Then, according to the Mascot, both Walter and Effie returned to their own homes, until news of the marriage "leaked out" a few days later. (Bertha was Effie's partner in the millinery department located at the "first door north of O.G. Anderson's".)

In 1901, Effie organized the "News and Arts Club" and served as its first vice-president. This is the club that eventually formed the library in Minneota, and is still active today.

Walter served on the town council, and was the first manager of the municipal liquor store when it was established. He also operated Minneota's first bowling alley, which was in the old Haas bakery building, and for a short time served as Minneota's postmaster.

William Bjorn Gislason

"Bill" is the son of John B. and Electa (Edwards) Gislason. On Dec. 20, 1930 he married Cora Johnson; they have two children, Daren Kent (Dec. 1931) and Connie Lee (June 1937). The family belonged to Westerheim until it closed, and they transferred to St. Paul's.

Bill was a farmer all his life; he is now retired, and lives in town with his wife in a home on Lyon Street, next to their son, Daren. Cora's parents were Bernard and Annie Johnson. She was baptized in Streeter, North Dakota and confirmed at Hope Lutheran in Minneota.

John Good

John and his wife, Edith Mae (Cole), became members of St. Paul's in February 1961. They had three daughters: Cathy Lynn (Jan. 1958), Michelle Renee (Mar. 1959) and Lori Ann (Mar. 1963). John served on the Council while the family belonged to St. Paul's. He was baptized at the English Lutheran Church in Walnut Grove. Edie was born in March 1936 in Coolville, Ohio, daughter of Fred and Cordelia (Bailey) Cole. She was a Sunday School teacher at St. Paul's.

John worked in the lumberyard in Minneota, and is now in the Robo Carwash business in the Fergus Falls area. Edie has died.

Mary Alice Gorski

Mary was born in June 1938 to Theodore Peter and Bernice (Buethe) Stone. She grew up at Westerheim, and transferred to Minneota in 1955. By her marriage to Odell Van Hyfte, she has a daughter, Leslie (Fier), born in September 1960. She married Carl Gorski on Feb. 8, 1983, and they are members of St. Edward's in Minneota.

Arni Jakob Johannes Gottskalkson

"Jake" was born July 19, 1912 to G. Hallgrimur & Ingibjorg Gottskalkson, and was raised at Lincoln County Church. On Oct. 19, 1934 he married Eleanor O'Connor, daughter of Edward and Mary (Wigdale) O'Connor. She has a brother, William, living; six other brothers have died.

Jake and Eleanor belonged to the Lincoln County Church until 1962. Their children are Mary was organist for a few years in the late 1960's-early 1970's. Carl has a brother in Springfield, Minnesota. Carl and Mary live at the apartments in Minneota.

Fredrick J. Gottskalkson

"Fred" was born Nov. 16, 1936 to Jake and Eleanor (O'Connor) Gottskalkson, and grew up at the Lincoln County Church. On May 10, 1958 he married Marlene Schlesener:

Their children are Gregory Alan (Sept. 1959), Jeffrey John (Feb. 1961), Randy Gene (Nov. 1962) and Daniel Lee (Apr. 1964).

Marlene was born in Aug. 1939 at Hope, Kansas to Ted and Marie (Gruber) Schlesener. She has a brother and two sisters. Marlene and Fred transferred from the Lincoln County Church to St. Paul's in 1962, and have been members since then.

Frederick (Nov. 1936), Douglas (1938), Patricia (dec.), Ingrid (Jan. 1948), Maureen ("Mary") (Grengs) (Nov. 1952) and John (Dec. 1957). Fred and Douglas are in farming near Porter and Taunton; Ingrid lives in Canby, Minnesota; Mary is married to Ronald Grengs of Taunton and owns a cafe in St. Leo, Minnesota. John was very active in St. Paul's Luther League, and a willing substitute during pastoral absences.

He has been interested in theater and acting - consistent with his enjoyment of public speaking. John currently lives in Minneapolis.

Jake was a farmer and a shearer of sheep until his retirement.

Jeffrey John Gottskalkson

Jeffrey and his wife, Barbara, are members of St. Paul's. (Jeffrey is the son of Fred and Marlene Gottskalkson, and grew up at St. Paul's.) They live in Marshall, and are the parents of Jody, Bradley and Justina.

George Gravhaugh

George married Sigridur Asbjornsdottir Josephson, daughter of Asbjorn and Sigurlog (Eymundsdottir) Josephson, and a member of St. Paul's. Their daughter, Ruby Irene, was baptized at St. Paul's. (She married a Goldenstedt.) Their other children were Herbert and Joseph. The family moved away many years ago.

Oil Knutson/Gravhaugh

Ole's wife, Octavia, was a sister of Sigridur (Josephson) Gravhaugh. Ole and Octavia's daughter, Beulah Sigrun, was baptized at St. Paul's. They had other children after they moved away: Bernard, Carl, John, Ann (McGurdy), Olena (Helmke), and Joseph.

Leland B. Green

Leland married Gertrude Johnson on June 9, 1920. Frank Josephson and Elm Askdal were married that same day and the two couples were sponsors for each other.

Gertrude's mother was a sister of Bjorg Jonasdottir, second wife of Arni Josephson. Gertrude lived with Bjorg and Arni. (Arni was the father of S. Frank.)

Sigtryggur Adaijon Gudjonsson

Sigtryggur was confirmed on April 10, 1898 at St. Paul's. Nothing else is known of him.

Gudrun Gudmundsdottir

Gudrun was born May 14, 1838 in Iceland, and died June 13, 1901 in Minneota. She was an original member of St. Paul's. Mrs. Sturlaugur Gilbertson was her sister; Gudmundur Henry Jonsson was her brother and the grandfather of Merlin Johnson.

Adalsteinn Lilliandahi


"Staney" and his brother, Peter, have farmed together on the land bought by their father in about 1904, and their sister, Anna, has kept the home they have lived in. They retired in 1985. Staney has been a member of the Brotherhood in past years.

Staney was born Oct. 24, 1899 to Hinrik and Stefania (Asbjornson) Gudmundson. The family lived in Lincoln County for a few years before moving north of Minneota and becoming members of St. Paul's.

Anna Gudmundson

Anna was born in December 1901 to Hinrik and Stefania (Asbjornson) Gudmundson. Since she was very young, the family has lived on the farm just north of Minneota. Sera (Rev.) Fridrik Fridriksson confirmed her in 1915. Anna belonged to the YLU from the time she was 15 years old until that group disbanded. She then joined the LCW. Anna was a church organist at St. Paul's for some years, and a Sunday School teacher.

Anna enjoys reading, and is well-informed on current events. She has traveled extensively in the United States.

Hinrik Thorkelsson Gudmundson

Hinrik came to America with his parents, Thorkel and Anna Gudmundson, and his

brothers Skuli, Peter, Walter and Steve, from Skarfjordur, Iceland in the 1880's. They all settled first in Lincoln County, and farmed. Hinrik farmed for eleven years there, and was hailed out every other year.

Hinrik and his wife, Stefania Sigbjornsdottir Asbjornson, were the parents of Lilja (born in Sept. 1894 and died in 1898), Petur Sigbjorn, Adalsteinn Lilliandahl, and Anna Ingveldur.

Hinrik bought a small farm one-mile northeast of Minneota in 1903, where the children still live and farmed through 1985.

Stefania was the daughter of Sigbjorn and Sigridur Asbjornson. Her family came to America in the 1870's and settled first in Marshall. She died in 1937, 76 years old; Hinrik had died in 1923 at age56.

Kristin Jona Gudmundson

Kristin was born Nov. 9, 1889 and baptized at Westerheim. Her parents were Una Thorkelsdottir and Sigurdur Jonsson. Her mother later married Albert Gudmundson. Kristin transferred to St. Paul's in 1955. She was a resident of the Minneota Manor at the time of her death in 1982.

Karl Thorkell Gudmundur Gudmundson

Karl, the son of Albert and Una (Thorkelsdottir) Gudmundson, was born Jan. 20, 1898. He farmed north of Minneota until his retirement, then moved into town and lived in the house in which Mrs. Jorrun Jonathan had lived.

"Carl" transferred to St. Paul's from Westerheim in 1955. He is currently a resident of the Ivanhoe Nursing Home.

Frederick Byron Peter Gudmundson

Born Dec. 18, 1907, Frederick was the son of Peter and Vilborg (Gudmundson) Gudmundson, and was a farmer all his life. On June 17, 1935 he married Lucille Gislason, daughter of John B. and Electa (Edwards) Gislason. They were members of Westerheim Church until it closed, and they transferred to St Paul's.

Their children are: Norma Jean (Laurier) (Feb., 1936), Paula Karen (Thorson) (Apr., 1940), Electa Beth (Johnson) (May, 1943), Lois Ann (Olson) (Jan., 1949), and Peter Frederick (July, 1953). They were all baptized at Westerheim. The daughters transferred their memberships elsewhere after their marriages; Peter is still a member of St. Paul's, and lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

"Fred" was on the Council at St. Paul's; Lucille has been a member of the LCW. After her husband's death in June 1974, Lucille moved into town and now lives on Lyon Street near Hope Lutheran Church.

Fridrik Gudmundson

Fridrik was born in 1836 in Iceland, as was his wife, Gudny Sofia Thorkelsdottir, in 1856. Their children were Vilborg (1878-1961) and Johann Sigfinnur (Oct. 1889). Vilborg ("Bertha") married Peter Gudmundson (not related); they were the parents of Frederick Gudmundson.

Fridrik died in December 1929 - three months after his wife died of cancer.

Halfdan Gudmundsson

Halfdan's wife was Jardthrudur Anderson, a sister of Vigfus Anderson and Sesselja Bjarnason. Halfdan, born in 1836, died in March 1908. His wife was born about 1842, and died in January 1928. Both are buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.

Petur Sigbjorn Gudmundson

"Pete" was born July 29, 1897 to Hinrik Thorkelson Gudmundson and Stefania Asbjornson in Lincoln County. He has lived north of Minneota on the farm bought by his father about 1904, since that time, and has farmed the land with his brother, "Staney". In 1985, Pete retired, and still lives on the farm with his brother and sister, Anna.

Petur Thorkelsson Gudmundson

Petur, son of Thorkel and Anna, was born in 1872 and died in February. 1951. He married Vilborg Gudmundson on December 14, 1896. The ceremony was held at "Bertha's" home in Yellow Medicine County with Rev. B.B. Jonsson officiating. Their children are: Anna Sophia (Jan., 1900), Frederick Byron Peter (Dec., 1907), Vilborg Marjoe (Gunlogson) (June, 1910), and Floyd Julian (July, 1914). The older children were recorded in the Westerheim Baptismal records.

Petur was a brother of Skuli, Hinrik (father of Anna, Pete and Staney), Walter and Steve Gudmundson; they all came together from Iceland in the mid-1880's. Bertha's parents were Fridrik and Gudny (Thorkelsdottir) Gudmundson; she died in December 1961.

Of their children, "Sophie" lives in Minneota, Fred has died, Marjoe married Stephen Gunlogson and lives on the farm near Clarkfield, and Floyd lives in northern Minnesota.

Stephen Gudmundson

Stephen was born in 1899, the son of Albert and Una (Thorkelsdottir) Gudmundson, and farmed north of Minneota until his retirement. He transferred from Westerheim in 1955, and was a member until his death in September 1982.

Johann Gunlogson

"John" was born June 8, 1903 to Johann and Gudridur (Hofteig) Gunnlaugsson. On June 19, 1931 he married Estelle Edwards. They were members of Westerheim until it closed, and have been members of St. Paul's since then. John farmed near Clark-field. He has retired, and they still live on the farm.

There are four children: John married Janice Mikelson and they live in Rochester, MN. John and Janice were members of St. Paul's for a time; three of their four children were baptized in our church.

Michael farms near Clark-field, and is married to Gloria Torke; they have three children. Michael transferred to St. Paul's with his parents, and was a member until his marriage.

Richard and his wife, Janice Krause, live in Alaska with their two children. He has a flying service. Richard also was a member of St. Paul's, until 1960.

Isabel married Robert Freer. Isabel belonged to St. Paul's until 1962. She and Robert have three children. Estelle Olivia was born Dec. 21, 1903 to Kjartan Fridrik and Gudrun (Paulson) Edwards.

Stephen Gunlogson

Stephen was born July 7, 1901 to Johann and Gudridux (Hofteig) Gunnlaugsson. He was a farmer all his life. "Steve" and his wife, Marjoe Gudmundson, were the parents of Peter (Oct. 1933), Neil (Sept. 1937), Elm (Oct. 1940), Mark (Dec. 1949), Irene and Eric (Aug 1943). Peter now lives in Marshall, and Irene in Guthrie, Minnesota. Neil and Elm live with Marjoe. Mark died in May 1951. Eric lives in Minneapolis.

"Steve" enjoyed playing the violin. In 1926 he entered a fiddler's contest in the Opera Hall in Minneota. He died in 1976, and is buried at Westerheim.

Marjoe is the daughter of Peter and Vilborg Gudmundson.

William Gunlogson

"Bill" was born in March 1894 to Johann & Gudridur Gunnlaugsson. He farmed near Clarkfield until his retirement; the last years he lived were spent in the Brookside Manor in Montevideo. Bill was confirmed at Westerheim, and transferred to St. Paul's in 1955. He died September 3, 1986.

After Westerheim closed, Kristjana transferred her membership to St. Paul's, and belonged until her death. She and Sam were the parents of Joan, Halldora, Christine, Fridrik, Frances and Grace. None of them were members of St. Paul's.

Sam's nephew is John Gunlogson, and Kristjana's nephew is Cecil Hofteig, both now members of St. Paul's.

Johann Gunnlaugsson

Johann was born in 1856 in Iceland to Gunnlaugur Magnusson and Gudfinna Vilhjalmsdottir. The family belonged to Westerheim all their years in America. Johann was a member of that church until his death in January 1942. Johann's wife, Gudridur Hofteig, was a member of Westerheim until 1955, when she transferred to St. Paul's. She was born in 1874 in Iceland and died in 1962.

Their children were Vilhjlamur (Mar. 1894), Jonina (Christensen) (Sept. 1895), Stefan (July 1901), Johann (June 1903), and Alice (Mar. 1917). "Nina" married Carl Christensen, and transferred to Spring Creek Lutheran. Alice lives in Minneapolis and is active in the Hekkla Club there. John is retired and lives north of Minneota. Vilhjalmur, Jonina and Stefan have died.

Johann's sister, Gudfinna, married S.M.S. Askdal. Gudridur's parents were Sigbjorn Sigurdsson and Steinun (Magnusdottir) Hofteig (grandparents of Cecil Hofteig).

Sigurdur Gunnlaugsson

"Sam", son of Gunnlaugur and Gudfinna (Vilhjalmsdottir) Magnusson, was a member of Westerheim. He married Kristjana Hofteig; their children were all baptized at Westerheim. Sam died in February 1943.

Guttormur Guttormsson

Rev. Guttormsson was born December 10, 1880 at Krossavik farm in the Vopnafjordur district, Iceland, and came with his parents to "New Iceland" - the Gimli, Manitoba area - in 1893. His parents were Guttormur Thorsteinsson and Birgitta Josefsdottir.

He graduated from the Univ. of Manitoba (Summa Cum Laude) in 1907, from Chicago's Maywood Lutheran Seminary in 1909, and was ordained in Winnipeg that year. From 1909 to 1911, he served as a Mission Pastor in the Icelandic Synod in Canada, and from 1912 to 1916 at Churchbridge Parish, Saskatchewan. In 1916, he and his family moved to Minneota, where he served as our pastor until his death in 1956.

Their children were: Gisli Ragnar (Oct., 1910), Fjola Maria (Schule) (May, 1913),

Jon Larus (Apr., 1915), Helga Gudlaug (Hoag) (June, 1917), Elm Thora (Rhyne) (Jan., 1920), Anna Sigrun (Needham) (Oct., 1922) and Stefan Thorsteinn (June, 1925).

Rev. Guttormsson served a poor congregation, which couldn't afford much salary. At one time, they pooled resources and bought him a 1926 Model T four-door Ford with a Ruxtell shift (high and low gear), enabling him to cover the miles of his parish in much less time. He is remembered as a man submitted to God's will; he was humble, warm, of kindly manner. His steadfast efforts over the long hard years left favorable marks on the characters of his parishioners.

Rev. Guttormsson also was a regular contributor to the publications of the Icelandic Synod of North America. He served on the editorial staff of the Sameiningen for over forty years. He was also active in other Synod affairs, and was serving as the chairman of the annual convention when he died.

Rev. Guttormsson and his wife, Rannveig, were universally esteemed by everyone -not only their parishioners. At the 35th anniversary celebration of Rev. Guttormsson's ordination, the Hon. J.B. Gislason addressed the assembly, summing his remarks by saying, "I could not have been privileged to know this good man intimately over these many years without being a little better man for it." His gentle manner with others was attested to by Joseph Peterson: "Rev. Guttormsson is as fine a man as ever came down the pike but he'd do better if sometimes when he met you on the street he'd ask why you weren't in church last Sunday."

Rannveig Gisladottir Egilsson was born January 9, 1888 at Hallson, North Dakota to Gisli Egilsson and Ragnheidur Hallsdottir (daughter of Johann P. Hallson, a charter member of the Hallson Icelandic Church, which celebrated its centennial in 1986). She married Rev. Guttormsson on December 10, 1909.

Rev. Guttormsson died suddenly in Spokane, Washington on July 25, 1956 after attending the annual Icelandic Synod convention. Mrs. Guttormsson lived in Minneota for a few years after his death, then moved to Duluth, Minnesota where she died on June 29, 1970.

Jon Larus Guttormsson

Jon, son of Rev, and Mrs. Guttormsson, was born at Churchbridge, Saskatchewan. His family moved to Minneota when he was about a year old. Jon entered the service in World War II, and served as a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army Air Corps. He was a flight engineer on a B24 bomber, which went down in the Atlantic Ocean off Ascension Island on Oct. 15, 1943. His body was not recovered.

Jon, Ellsworth Magnuson and Julian P. Gudmundson were special friends, and whenever Julian visited his grandfather (P.P. Jokull) in Minneota, there was also time for ''scientific experiments" with friends. They were all about five years old when they heard that gasoline would explode, so they decided to try to explode some. They rounded up a gallon pail and filled it about three-quarters full of gasoline from Guttormsson 's garage, then got some matches. Taking the pail of gasoline to the church steps, they sat lighting matches and dropping them into the pail. Fortunately, the gasoline never ignited, and someone came and removed the danger before any damage was done.

Ragnar Guttormsson

Ragnar was also born at Churchbridge, and grew up in Minneota. In 1943, he purchased the Mascot, and was publisher/editor until he retired (his son, Jon, has owned the paper since that time). He continued to contribute to the paper until his death in March 1978.

Ragnar married Ada DeSutter of Marshall. Their children are Janet, Jon and Thomas. Ada died in August 1984. Ada's parents were August and Christine DeSutter. She was born January 9, 1910 in Ghent, Minnesota. Ada and Ragnar were married August 21, 1936. She worked at the Mascot as a bookkeeper until retiring in 1982.

Ragnar belonged to St. Paul's all his life. He served on the Council at one time.

Stefan Guttormsson

"Steve" was born in Minneota. He served in the U.S. Navy (1943-1946) in World War II. In 1949, he graduated from St. Olaf College, and in 1952 from Northwestern Lutheran Theological Seminary.

This second Rev. Guttormsson was ordained at St. Paul's on June 29, 1952. He has served parishes in Cavalier and Bath-gate, North Dakota; in Bloomington, Minnesota, and since 1961 at English Lutheran Church in Lacrosse, Wisconsin.

Steve married Mary Louise, daughter of Ken and Pearl Jones of Minneota, on March 10, 1945. Their children are Stefan, Mary, Susan, Elizabeth, Christopher and Paul. The oldest three were baptized at St. Paul's.

Carl Adolph Hall

Carl and his wife, Margaret, were married June 30, 1925; they transferred their membership to St. Paul's in January 1962. They are the parents of three children.

Dianne married Alvin Walter Sternke at St. Paul's on Oct. 29, 1967. Corinne married George Harvey Peterson on Oct. 16, 1965. Both daughters have transferred their memberships elsewhere. Merlyn and his wife, Sheryl, and their sons, Tyrone, Brent, Adam and Todd, are members of St. Paul's.

Margaret Hall was born on Apr. 3, 1907; she was a Broughton.

Einar Oddur Jonsson Hallgrimson

Einar, the son of Jon and Sigridur (Gudvaldadottir) Hallgrimson, was born Aug. 24, 1891 in Iceland. He came to America with his parents in 1903 and to Minneota in 1926. Einar served as mayor of Minneota from 1945 until 1950. He was a carpenter by profession, and a lover of books. Much repair and remodeling work on St. Paul's was done by Einar, and those who knew him personally found him to be highly intelligent and well informed - an excellent instructor. Einar died on August 10, 1959.

Johanna Hallgrimson

Johanna was a sister of Jon Hallgrimson, Sigurborg Jokull and Arnthrudur Jonsson. Her life work was as a deaconess -a Sister of Charity - for the Lutheran Church. She spent her vacations in Minneota, and served in various places during her lifetime - Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Rochester, Pennsylvania among them. "Sister Johanna" died on August 23, 1949.

Jon Hallgrimson

Jon was born Oct. 25, 1857 in Iceland; his wife, Sigridur Gudvaldadottir, was born there in Nov. 1868. They came to America in 1903, settling first in Canada. In 1917 the family moved to the Minneota area - all except Einar, who came in 1926.

Their children are Jon G., Dora (Wombill), Gudrun (Bjornson), Margaret, Elizabeth, Christine and Einar 0.

Jon G. died in July 1929 of a stroke at 41 years old. Dora married George Wombill at St. Paul's in 1927. Gudrun married Adalbjorn Bjornson in 1919 and died a year or so later. Margaret, Elizabeth and Christine did not marry, and moved to the Twin Cities (Christine died in 1981; the other daughters survive).

Jon died of stomach cancer in June 1920; Sigridur died in February 1950.

Clarence Edwin Halvorson

Clarence was born Sept. 23, 1902 in Nordland Township to Sam and Betsey (Helgeson) Halvorson. On Oct. 7, 1923, he married Salina S. Foss, daughter of Magnus and Solveig Foss. Their son, Clarence Burnell, was born July 22, 1932 and lives in the Marshall area.

Clarence farmed until 1944, then moved to town. He worked for the Minneota Creamery, Buysse Garage and Geiwitz and Company, and was a musician as a hobby.

Clarence died May 29, 1986. "Sally" has now moved to Marshall and lives in an apartment there.

Harvey Hanson

Harvey's parents were Rudolph and Caroline (Benson) Hanson; he was born Oct. 17, 1920. Harvey married Ethel Larson on July 4, 1942, while he was in the service. He spent three years in the Air Force in World War II. Harvey's father died while he was overseas, so after his discharge he and Ethel returned to operate the family farm. After a few years, they moved to Montana, where for some years they operated a lodge at the north gate to Yellowstone Park. Harvey and Ethel now live in Columbus, Montana. They have two children: Gerald (Mar. 1945), and Nancy (Hanni) (Oct. 1948).

Ethel's parents were Alfred and Luella Larson of Scobey, Montana. She has two sisters and three brothers.

Melvin Hanson

Melvin was born Aug. 26, 1924. On March 29, 1944 he married Delores Sillman in Marshall. Delores was born Dec. 8, 1926 to Leo and Palma (Johnson) Sillman near Can-by.

Melvin and Delores moved to Minneota from Canby in 1964. Their children are Alice (Snyder), Linda (Jants), Ruth (Bradley), Judy (Johnson) and Richard. When they moved to Minneota, the children were grown, except for Judy and Richard. Judy was the first Santa Lucia Queen at St. Paul's, and she was very active in the Luther League while she lived in Minneota.

Delores worked for Gene's Sporting Goods in Minneota. She died following heart surgery on Feb. 25, '85. Melvin has worked for Dero's Chevrolet and now the M-G-T Coop. as an auto mechanic.

Richard Hanson

Richard is the son of Melvin and Delores (Sillman) Hanson, and was born on March 13, 1953. He was confirmed at St. Paul's, and is still a member. On June 27, 1981 he married Donna Johnson. Donna's children are Nathan and Melissa Johnson; they have also become members of St. Paul's.

Rudolph O. Hanson

Rudolph was born in 1894 to Hans R. and Matilda Hanson. On Oct. 14, 1919 he married Caroline Benson, daughter of Hallur & Ingibjorg (Johnson) Bjornson, in a double wedding with Caroline's brother, Melvin, and Virginia Appleby.

Rudolph died of aplastic anemia in 1945. After his death, Caroline lived with her parents in Minneota. Their children are Harvey Raymond (Oct. 1920), Carol Ruth (White) (June 1927), Esther (Gilbertson). Harvey lives in Columbus, Montana; Carol in Eugene, Oregon; and Esther in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Rudolph farmed until his death. After Caroline moved into town, she worked for over twenty-five years at The Big Store as a seamstress. She died in February 1984.

Halldora Kristjansdottir Askdal Harvey

"Dora" was born in Iceland, in the same house as S.M.S. Askdal (her uncle), on June 23, 1890. The family was from Skeggjastadur, and came to America in 1893 on the same ship as the Arni Josephson family. She is the daughter of Kristjan Sigurbjornsson Askdal and Salvor Neilsdottir Sigurdsson.

When she was 18 years old, she took a six-week qualifying course, then began teaching in a school northwest of Minneota. The first few years, she and her sister, Elm (Josephson) "traded" teaching, so that they could keep their shared teaching position, which provided the funds for the schooling they needed. One taught while the other attended classes, until they had earned their certificates through St. Cloud Normal School.

Dora was teaching in Minneota when she met Burette Harvey. They were married on March 26, 1937. Burette was born in 1885 in Iowa, and was working as a salesman when they met. He enjoyed hunting and fishing, and his nephews remember the "expeditions" he took them on when visiting the farm south of Minneota.

Door's contract in Minneota was not renewed because she was married. She and Burette then sold insurance and moved to Pipestone. After a short time, Dora was able to find substitute teaching work, but continued to sell insurance. Then, Lake Wilson had a half-year substitute position open; she was hired to fill out the year, then given a contract in 1940. They lived in Lake Wilson until Burette's death of respiratory failure in 1944.

Dora's brother, Emil, joined her there after his discharge from the service in 1945, and lived with her until his death in 1957 shortly after they had moved to Hackensack, Minnesota, where Dora had a teaching job. Other places where Dora has taught are Clark-field, Russell, Blue Earth, and for a short time in North Dakota. For about two years, she was employed at The Big Store.

After her retirement from teaching in the 1960's, Dora became Minneota's librarian and served until January 1984. All her life, education has been very important to her- both her own, strongly encouraged by her father, and that of her students, which has at times included her own nephews and great-nieces and nephews.

In August 1986 Dora moved to the Minneota Manor from her upstairs apartment in Lucille Gudmundson's home.

Avis Lavoie Hasert

Avis was born on June 12, 1955 and grew up in the Russell, Minnesota area. She and her husband, John, are the owners of John's Place in Minneota. John also works as a bricklayer in Marshall, and at Schwan's.

John is the son of Orvin and Elsie Hasert of Minneota, and was born Feb. 22, 1952. Avis and John are the parents of Noel (1972), Nathan (1975), and Narre (1977), and were married in 1972. Avis and the children joined St. Paul's in 1986, and John plans to join in the future.

Donald Hasert

Donald was born Aug. 7, 1949 to Orvin and Elsie Hasert. He is employed at Swift's in Marshall. His wife, Pauline, was born Aug. 29, 1953, and is a helper at John's Place in Minneota. Don and Pauline were married in 1973, and are the parents of Amy (Nov., 1973), Chad (July, 1975), LIsa (June, 1977), Tami (Oct., 1979), and Travis (Feb., 1981). This family joined St. Paul's in 1978.

Joan Hasert

Joan was born Feb. 20, 1957 to Orvin and Elsie Hasert. She lives in Minneota with her two children (by previous marriages): Troy King, now 11 years old, and Brandy Reyes, 8 years old. Joan and the children are members of St. Paul's.

Karoline Hasford

"Lena" Hasford was a member of St. Paul's from the time she arrived in Minneota from Iceland until her death in 1907 at 44 years of age of tuberculosis. She was the daughter of Sigurbjorg Kristjansson and his first wife, Oddny Sigurdardottir, and the sister of K.S. and S.M.S. Askdal.

Leverett P. Hoag

Leverett and Helga Gudlaug Guttormsson were married at St. Paul's in June 1940, and were members until they moved from Minneota in 1956-57. They now live in Duluth.

Their children were baptized at St. Paul's: Elm Elizabeth, Stephen Guttormur, David Leverett and Donald Ragnar.

"Lauga" was a teacher, and taught for a time in the Taunton Public Schools. She is the daughter of Rev. Guttormur and Rannveig Guttormsson and grew up in Minneota.

Bergvin J. Hoff

Mr. Hoff was a signer of the charter when St. Paul's was formed. He and his wife were foster parents for Valgardur Jonsson, who died at 131/2 years of age in 1895, of tubercular meningitis.

Jesse Hoff

Jesse was married to Agnes Lucretia Hofteig. Their children were Hubert (Apr. 1919), Joseph (Sept. 1923), Earl Brentwood (Mar. 1916) and Stella (Smith).

Agnes was adopted and raised by S.S. and Steinun Hofteig. Her grandparents were Joseph and Stefania (Hofteig) Johnson. Stefania and S.S. were siblings.

Jon Hoff

Jon came to the Minneota area about 1879 from Iceland, and homesteaded land in Nordland Township. He was the son of Bergvin Hoff. Jon and his wife, Sigurlog, were the parents of Bergvina Valet Thorbjorg, Kristinn Bergvin, Saun Kristin, Jon Larus, Sarah Scarlata Seselia (Nov. 16, 1897) and Ida Amely. Sarah was baptized at the Marshall Icelandic Church. Ida was born in 1898 and died in June the next year.

Stefan Jonsson Hoff

Stefan came to Minneota about 1879 with his parents. His father, Josef Jonsson Hoff, homesteaded land near Minneota, and died at 77 years old in 1908; he is buried in Lincoln County Church's cemetery.

Stefan married Petra Jensdottir Sigurdson in March 1892. Petra was the daughter of Jens Sigurdson, who came to this area in 1879 with his family of five children. The Sigurdsons lived one year in Westerheim, then moved to Limestone Township in Lincoln County. They lived for a time in a sod hut before a house could be built on their farm. Petra was confirmed at the Lincoln County Church.

Their son, Joseph Carlin James, was born in June 1914, and was baptized at St. Paul's by Rev. Fridriksson from Iceland who was temporary pastor here at that time. Rev. Guttormsson - the last class to be confirmed in Icelandic at St. Paul's confirmed Joseph in 1928.

Stefan died in 1925, and Petra in 1952. Joseph lives in St. Paul with his wife; they have no children.

Dorothy Hofteig

Dorothy is the daughter of Haldor and Kristjana (Gottskalksson) Hofteig, and was baptized and confirmed at Westerheim Church. She transferred to St. Paul's in 1955 when Westerheim closed, and is currently a member of St. Paul's. Dorothy worked for the University of Minnesota - Heart Hospital and is now retired, living in Minneapolis.

Haldor Benedikt Hofteig

H.B. was born in September 1878, one month after his parents, S.S. and Steinun Hofteig, arrived in the Minneota area. He was a farmer in Westerheim, and lived there all his life on land now owned by his son, Cecil. H.B. was a member of Westerheim Church until it closed and then a member of St. Paul's until his death in April 1956.

"Stjana" was born Feb. 9, 1897 and died Dec. 14, 1965, the daughter of Hallgrimur and Ingibjorg (Magnusdottir/Foss) Gottskalksson, and grew up in Lincoln County. After her marriage, she belonged to Westerheim until it closed and then St. Paul's until her death. In the early 1960's, she was active in the adult choir at St. Paul's, and would pick up Cathy Josephson (now Flood) on the way into town for practice. They had a good time sharing rides and conversations back and forth to town.

H.B. and Kristjana had two children: Haraldur Cecil (Dec. 13, 1916) and Dorothy (June 14, 1920).

Haraldur Cecil Hofteig

Cecil transferred to St Paul's in 1955. He has served on the Council and as a

Sunday School teacher, and is a member of the Centennial History Committee. Cecil was a farmer, and has been active in the Lyon County ASCS. He is now retired.

He married AnnaBelle Jacobs, daughter of John and Emily (Forrester) Jacobs of Walnut Grove on January 9, 1943. They have two children: Mary Eva (Buysse) (Oct. 13, 1943), and Todd Michael (May 15, 1945). Mary is a member of St. Paul's; Todd lives in Granite Falls.

AnnaBelle was a schoolteacher in the Cottonwood Public Schools for many years, and is now retired.

Todd Michael Hofteig

Todd, son of Cecil and AnnaBelle Hofteig, was confirmed at St. Paul's in 1960 and remained a member until his marriage to Diane Dotseth. They have two children, Michelle and Mark. MicheMichelle attended St. Cloud Univ. and is now attending school in Alexandria. Mark is attending Vo-Tech in Hutchinson. Todd and Diane reside in Granite Falls where Todd has a piano warehouse.

Johanna Hognason

Johanna was born in Minneota on Dec. 21, 1881 to Snorri and Vilborg Hognason. She was a member of the first class confirmed in the new church, on April 5, 1896. "Hannah" was also one of the earliest baptisms in Minneota: in 1881 by Rev. Haldor Briem, who came through town to perform services before there was a regular pastor.

In March 1896 she took her teacher's examination, scoring 71, but was not old enough to receive the certificate. During her high school years, she worked as a clerk for O.G. Anderson's Cash Store, after school and Saturdays. Hannah was a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter, Minnesota, and taught the science classes at Minneota High School. She also served on the board for the public library.

After her retirement, she lived with her sister, Martha, who was the wife of H.G. Johnson. She died in Clark-field in 1962.

Snorri Hognason

Snorri was born May 13, 1846 in Iceland, and grew up on a farm there. He came to America in 1873, first to Iowa and Green Counties in Wisconsin, where he worked on farms. In 1876, he moved to Goodhue County, Minnesota, and a year later to Westerheim Township, where he lived until 1885. He served as the director of School Dist. #54 (the school was across the road from Joseph Peterson's farm), and helped the appropriation of funds to build a 128-foot truss bridge over the Yellow Medicine River at that site. He homesteaded the land now owned by Frank A. Josephson; the family lived in a small hut just south of where the present house stands.

He moved to Clarkfield in 1885, and built the first hotel there, operating it until 1890, when he sold it and moved to Minneota.

Snorri was an active participant in Minneota's day-to-day life: he served as one of two Justices in town, was one of the first librarians and served later on the library board, and worked out of an office in the railroad land office and later above the Icelandic Coop.

Snorri and his wife, Vilborg Jonatansdottir/Peterson (born Jan., 1845/46 in Iceland) were married on May 18, 1879, and had five children: William (Aug. 1880), Johanna Thorunn (Dec., 1881), Christine Lilja (Peterson) (1883), Martha Lizette (Johnson) (Sept., 1884), and Frank Guy Byron (Nov., 1886). They were also foster parents for Margret Johnson, daughter of Alec R. and Sigridur Peterson, after Sigridur died.

The children were active in school, and did well in their learning. In 1904, Martha and Frank were members of the first graduating class in Minneota. Martha spoke on "Dux Femina Facti" and Frank on "Ornamental Legislation''. Frank went on to the University of Minnesota at Morris, and graduated from their Mining and Engineering School. Christine graduated from Marshall High School in 1902.

Snorri's parents were Hogni Gunlaugson and Kristin Snorradottir. He died in December 1926. Vilborg had died in January of that year.

William Hognason

William, son of Snorri and Vilborg, was a member of the first class confirmed in the new church - April 5,1896. He took the teacher's examination when his sister, Johanna did, with the same result: passed, but too young to receive the certificate. In 1897, he took a typesetter's position for the Canby News. He died at 22 years old of tuberculosis.

Hiller Holien

Hiller was born Oct. 23, 1932 to Elsie Emma (Wiedow) and Hiller G. Holien. He married Elizabeth ("Liz") Jane Burns on March 20, 1955. She was born June 28, 1936 to George and Bessie (Perry) Burns.

Hiller and his family moved to Minneota in 1964 when he bought the well-drilling business from Axel Peterson. They joined St. Paul's shortly after moving to town. Hiller has served on the Council at St. Paul's; Liz has been active in the LCW and assisted in the Vacation Bible School when their children were young.

They have four children: Kristi (Fredricks) (Oct. 1956), Scott (May 1957), Julie (Kuchinka) (Oct. 1959) and Marni Jeanne (Mar. 1966). Kristi and Julie live in North Mankato, Minnesota; Scott and his wife live in Minneota, and Marni is a student at the University of Missouri in St. Louis, in the medical field.

Scott Holien

Scott transferred to St. Paul's as a Child Member when his parents joined in November 1964, and has been a member since then. On July 25, 1981 he married Rita DesLauriers at St. Paul's. They live in Minneota. Scott works with his father in the well-drilling business, and is also employed by the City of Minneota. He is active on Minneota's Fire Department, as is his father.

Emilia Hollenbeck

"Emily" was born in Minneapolis in 1898 to Fritz and Margaret (Jonasson) Zeuthen. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to Minneota, where they lived until the rest of the children were grown.

Emily married Robert Hollenbeck on May 18, 1923 at St. Paul's. Their two children, Audrey and James, were baptized at St. Paul's and Lincoln County, respectively.

Emily now lives in Clark-field. Her husband has died.

Johann Bjorn Holm

Bjorn was the son of Sveinn and Ingibjorg (Gislason) Holm. He was baptized at Westerheim, but was a member of St. Paul's as a young man. He and his wife, Eileen, were the parents of John David, born in St. Paul and baptized at St. Paul's in Minneota.

Bjorn received his schooling in town, and classmates included Margaret Isfeld, Pete S. Jokull, and Arngrim Johnson.

Gunnar S. Holm

Gunnar and Jonina Rose Edwards were married July 16, 1898, in Swede Prairie at Jonina's brother's home (Kjartan Edvardsson/' 'Charlie Edwards"). "Gunder" was a businessman in Minneota, operating a dray line purchased from Vigfus Anderson in 1894. After the new high school was built, he and H. Thorlakson purchased the old school and lot for $700.

In 1897, he was a performer in a musical presented by the young people of St. Paul's. There was regret expressed in the Mascot that he had entered the dray business instead of a singing career.

Jonina was a member of the first confirmation class in the new church - Apr. 5,1896.

Gunnar's parents were Johannes and Soffia Holm; his younger brothers were William (settled in Washington State, as did Gunnar), Sveinn and Gudjon (or John G.). His parents moved to Bellingham, Washington and died out there.

William Holm Sr.

"Bill" was born in 1906, and was a member of Westerheim until 1949, when he and his wife transferred to St. Paul's. His parents were Sveinn and Ingibjorg (Gislason) Holm. On Sept. 6, 1932 he married Jonina Josephson daughter of Hermann and Kristin Josephson. Their son, William Jon, was born Aug. 25, 1943.

Bill and Jona moved into town in 1949, and lived in the house now owned by their son until their deaths, each after a lengthy illness. Bill died in July 1966, and Jona in 1975.

William Jon Holm

''Bill'' graduated from Minneota High School and from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter. Bill is an accomplished musician and vocalist, but has made his living as a teacher in various colleges' English departments. In 1974, he helped to begin the annual Poetry in the Park, which has been an outlet for Minneota's resident (and those in the area) poets and musicians to entertain each other and the public for an afternoon in August. Bill has most recently been on the teaching staff at Southwest State University in Marshall, and lives in Minneota. During the 1986-1987 school year, he is a guest teacher of English at the Xi'an Jiaotong University in Shanxi Province, Peoples' Republic of China.

Bill has had two books of his own published, both in 1985: "The Music of Failure" and "Boxelder Bug Variations".

Elaine House

Elaine is the daughter of John A. and Bjorg (Peterson) Johnson, and grew up at St. Paul's. She was a member until her marriage to William House, and now lives in Marlborough, New Hampshire.

Elaine's good friends at St. Paul's were Lauga Guttormsson, Joey Erickson, Stefania Bjornson, Lenora Sigurdson, and Sibby Anderson, and she has only happy memories of her childhood at St. Paul's.

Grace Hoy

Grace is the daughter of Arni and Adalbjorg Christianson. She was married to George Gislason. They and their eight children were members of St. Paul's until they moved to Biwabik, Minnesota in the late 1950's. In 1967, Grace married Joseph Hoy, and they currently live in Moreland, Idaho. Grace was a Sunday School teacher for some years at St. Paul's.

Johannes G.E. Isfeld

"John" was born in the early 1860's in Iceland, and came to America as a young man in 1879. He married Margaret E. Westdal, daughter of Jon and Hannah Westdal, on April 5, 1889. John was a farmer, and lived northeast of Minneota.

John was a charter member of St. Paul's, but most active (with his life) at Westerheim until it closed in 1955. Their home was opened for basket socials and bowery dances from time to time.

John and Margaret were foster parents to Gudny Margaret Hattstad and Haldor Hofteig (their mother was Margaret's sister). They had no children of their own.

John's brother, Gudjon, came to America with him. Gudjon settled in Lincoln County, and was active in the Icelandic church there for many years.

Margaret died in 1951, and John in 1957; both are buried in Westerheim Cemetery.

Stefan A. Isfeld

Stefan was a charter member of St. Paul's. Nothing else is known of him.

Rev. Michael Jacobson

Pastor Jacobson was St. Paul's pastor from January 1976 until August 1980. He is now a pastor of three churches in the Beausejour Rural Lutheran Parish, and lives with his family in Beausejour, Manitoba (a short distance northeast of Winnipeg).

Pastor Jacobson was born in England, and lived there, in Haiti, South Dakota and in Plymouth, Minnesota as he grew up. His wife, Twyla Pitschka, grew up in the Minneapolis area. They have five children: Michael, Matthew, Marcia, Melissa and Monica.

Johann Kristjan Johansson

Johann was a charter member of St. Paul's. He was born in Iceland in 1831 and died in Sept. 1899. His wife, Helga, was born in 1840 (also in Iceland) and died in 1914. She was a sister of Vigfus Anderson.

Rikkardur Johannsson

Rikkardur and his wife, Herborg Sigurdardottir, came from Iceland in 1886 with their seven children; the youngest was born in Minneota. They lived on a farm 11/2 miles north of Minneota. Rikkardur and his sons were stonemasons, and helped construct foundations of many homes still standing in Minneota.

Rikkardur, Herborg and their son, Stone, were all charter members of St. Paul's. The other children were Joe, John, Hilda (Driessens), Maria, Sigurd, Sarah (Thompson), and Bertha (Magnuson). After living in the Minneota area for a while, the family took the surname of Richards, except for Stone who shortened the old surname to Johnson.

Sigurd died in his twenties; Hilda lived in the Minneota area all her life and was a member of St. Paul's, and Sarah moved away from Minneota some time after she married. Joe and John were members of Westerheim until it closed, and then transferred to St. Paul's, where Bertha was a member.

Rikkardur died in July, 1908 of stomach cancer, and Herborg in July, 1925 in Taunton.

Iva Magnuson, a granddaughter, remembers learning Bible verses from her grandmother's well-worn Bible. Her mother, Bertha, remembers attending church services regardless of the weather, and being bundled into the sleigh in the winter.

Alec Runolfur Johnson

Alec was the son of Runolfur Jonsson and Margret Bjarnadottir, and the brother of Frank (AKA Sigfus) Runolfsson Johnson. He served St. Paul's on the Council and as a Sunday School teacher. Alec was an employee of O.G. Anderson's Cash Store - a salesman.

Alec's first wife was Sigridur Peterson Jokull, born in 1879 to Petur P. Jokull and Sigurveig Jonasdottir. Alec and Sigridur were married Oct. 7, 1896. Their children were William Erwin (died at three months old), Margret Sigurveig, Martha Irene (Manion) and Ruth. Sigridur died of tuberculosis in 1903 -24 years old.

In 1919, Alec married Jonina S. Johnson (1884-1966), daughter of A.S. and Sigridur (Vigfusdottir Josef son) Jonsson. Their daughter, Lois Rhoda, is now married to Robert Laudert and lives in Minneapolis.

Alec was born in 1862, and died in Minneapolis in 1947.

Albert W. Johnson

Albert's wife was Sigridur Johnson, daughter of John E. and Maria (Jonsdottir) Johnson. Their children were Elm Maria (Biering) and Edward Jon (born in 1912, and living 7 months, 19 days).

Alden Johnson

Alden was born May 8,1913 to John and Bessie Johnson. On June 3, 1935 he married Mabel Knutson. They transferred to St. Paul's in 1959, and are still members.

Alden farmed until his son's return from the military service, then moved to town. He has worked for the Minneota Schools and for Leon Ousman.

Mabel was born July 5,1910 to Swen and Mary Knutson. Her brother, Sidney, and sister, Grace Rafnson, also became members of St. Paul's. Other sisters are May Novak of Milroy and Dora Anderson of Minneota. Mabel's talents have included cooking and sewing. She helped to hand-stitch the Silver Spur Club flag, and has made many other beautiful gifts for others over the years.

Alden and Mabel are the parents of Marlys (Oakland) (June 9, 1936-March 21, 1986), Bette (May 26, 1940), and Ardell (Aug 9,1946).

Ardell Johnson

Ardell, son of Alden and Mabel, and his wife, Jean Marie (Claeys), are the parents of Scott, Shane, Seth, Stephanie and Sadie. They live north of Minneota on the farm Ardell grew up on.

Ardell was confirmed at St. Paul's in 1960, and was a member until his marriage.

Beth Johnson

Beth is the daughter of Frederick and Lucille Gudmundson. She first belonged to Westerheim, then St. Paul's, and taught Sunday School.

Her husband, Warren, is a dentist in Faribault, Minnesota. They were married in 1967, and she has transferred her membership. Their children are Staci and Megan.

Bette Johnson

Bette, daughter of Alden and Mabel Johnson, transferred to St. Paul's with her parents in 1959. She has served on the Council and taught Sunday School.

Bette works in the office of the Clerk of Court in Marshall, at the Courthouse. She lives in Minneota with her parents in the house built by J.S. Anderson - the house with the tower.

Christian Sigurjon Johnson

Christian was the son of Arni Sigvaldi and Sigridur (Josefson) Johnson, born in May 1887, and a member of St. Paul's all his life.

He worked at the Mascot as a printer for many years, and died of a heart attack in 1931. He never married.

Daniel Allen Johnson

Daniel, born in April 1946, is the son of Orlando and Irene Johnson. He was a member of Westerheim as a child, and transferred to St. Paul's in 1955. Daniel was confirmed in 1960 at St. Paul's.

Daniel and his wife, Linda, and their children, Derek and Lisa, now live in Chanhassen. He is a plumber by trade, and works for a union that "jobs out" to other businesses.

Rev. Donald R. Johnson

Rev. Johnson served St. Paul's from August 1960 until January 1963. Since leaving here, he has resided in the Cities.

Doris Maxine Johnson

Doris is the daughter of Einar Kristinn ("Chris") and Edna Sigurdson and belonged to St. Paul's until her marriage to Leonard Johnson on May 13, 1944.

"Dorrie" and her husband live near Hutchinson, Minnesota. She has been a frequent visitor to St. Paul's since moving away, and enjoys her trips home to see family and old friends.

DuWayne Lee Johnson

DuWayne, the son of Orlando and Irene Johnson, lives north of Minneota with his mother on the farm where he grew up. He has been a member of St. Paul's all his life, and has served as a Sunday School teacher, a member and past president of the Brotherhood, and is currently on the Council.

DuWayne is a graduate of Southwest State University in Math/Business Administration, and is currently employed with Century 21-Southwest Realty in Marshall, Minnesota.

DuWayne enjoys traveling to "see the sights" in different parts of America.

Halldora Solveig Johnson

"Dora" was the daughter of Gudjon and Sigridur Jonsson, and was a member of St. Paul's all her life. She worked for Johnson & Company, and was homemaker for her parents and for her brother, Jon, until their deaths. Dora was a resident of the Minneota Manor at the time of her death in 1986.

Halldor Gudjon Johnson

"Jimmy" was born in Lincoln County on Jan. 30, 1882 the son of Arngrimur and Johanna (Jonsdottir) Jonsson, who had arrived from Iceland in 1876. He grew up on the family farm, and was confirmed at the Lincoln County Church. When his family moved to Minneota, Jimmy transferred to St. Paul's, and remained a member until his death. While he attended Business College in Marshall in the early 1900's, he attended the Marshall Icelandic Church.

On June 14, 1911 he married Martha Hognason, daughter of Snorri and Vilborg Hognason. Martha died in 1969.

In 1903, Jimmy began working for G.A. Dalmann & Co. and five years later he and his father bought the business from Mr. Dalmann, and began the Johnson & Company Clothing Store. In the 1930's, Jimmy and Martha moved to Texas for a time, partly due to Martha's ill health, and he worked as a carpenter and ran a fresh fruit and vegetable stand for several years. After they returned to Minneota, Jimmy worked for the government selling food stamps, and in the Minneota and Cottonwood post offices on temporary assignments (later made permanent).

At St. Paul's, Jimmy served on the Council, and also on the Village Council in Minneota. He was also an active member of the Masonic Lodge from 1907 until his death.

Jimmy remained active after his retirement, and was a familiar sight in downtown Minneota. As he neared his 100th birthday, he still drove downtown every day to play whist at the Round Up.

J. Willard Johnson

Mr. Johnson was born May 12, 1906 to Jon and Bjorg S. (Peterson) Johnson, and was baptized at the Lincoln County Church.

He and his wife, Marie, were the parents of Charlotte, John, and Doris, who were all baptized at St. Paul's. J. Willard died June 12, 1982, 76 years old.

Johannes G. Johnson

Johannes was the son of Gudmundur Henry Jonsson and Asgerdur Petursdottir, and was a member of Westerheim until 1955. Rev. B.B. Jonsson confirmed him in 1895.

Johannes was a farmer in Westerheim, and a bachelor. Merlin Johnson is a nephew of Johannes.

John William Johnson

John was born in Iceland about 1879, the son of Jon Eyolfson and Maria Jonsdottir. He married Sigurveig Arnadottir; their children are Margret (Burns) (Sept. 1905), and Syril (Jan. 1914).

John died in Rochester in 1929, and Sigurveig died in 1914 in St. Peter. Their son, Syril, died of pneumonia in a CCC work camp in Cook County in 1934.

Jon Johnson

Jon was born Jan. 27, 1894 in Lincoln County, the son of Matusalem and Bjorg Jonsson. (Matusalem was a brother of Albert J. Jonsson.) Jon grew up in Lincoln County, and was a member of the church there until 1966.

Jon farmed all his life, and never married. In his later years, he retired and moved to Minneota, living in a house next to the Frost home with his brother, Stefan, and sister, Sigridur, until his death.

Jon A. Johnson

"John" was born in 1876, the son of Arngrimur and Johanna Johnson. He was a member of the Lincoln County Church and a farmer until 1918, when he bought land just south of Minneota and moved there.

John and Bjorg (Peterson) were the parents of Johanna (Mar., 1905), Maria (Mar., 1904), John Willard (May, 1906), Ragnhild (Roberts) (May, 1908), Thordis (Boyle) (Dec., 1909), Haraldur (Aug., 1910), Doris (Gilpin) (Oct., 1912), and Elaine (House) (Apr., 1916). All the children were baptized at Lincoln County Church.

The oldest children, "Joan" and Maria, entered the 9th grade in Minneota the fall of 1918, and all of them are Minneota graduates.

Thordis recalls attending Sunday services at St. Paul's when they were in English only every third Sunday.

Maria died in Port Lucie, Florida, in Dec. 1985. Ragnhild died in 1976. Her husband, Matthew Roberts, still lives in Massachusetts, and wrote that his wife was a close girlhood friend of Eunice (Anderson) Frakes. John Willard died in 1982. Bjorg, born in Iceland, died in 1950. She was a sister of Gudmundur S. Peterson.

Jon Gudjonsson Johnson

"John" was born and raised in Lincoln County, the son of Gudjon and Sigridur (Sigurdardottir) Jonsson. He was confirmed about 1913 at St Paul's, where he maintained his membership until his death in 1967 in Canby, Minnesota.

In later years, he lived with his sister, Halldora ("Dora") Johnson, in Minneota. John never married.

Jon Larus Johnson

"John" was born May 9, 1881, and was a member of the first confirmation class confirmed in the new church on April 5, 1896. For most of his life, though, he was a member of the Westerheim Church, and transferred to St. Paul's in 1955.

John was the son of Jon Kristjansson. He married Clara Pittinger in 1902. John died in October 1965. Anna C. Johnson was his sister.

Jona Johnson

"Jennie" was born in Lincoln County to Albert Jonsson and Thorunn Agusta Grimsdottir. She was a member of St. Paul's most of her life, and was very active in the YLU and taught Sunday School for many years. Jennie was an employee of The Big Store.

Jennie never married. She died in Clarkfield in 1961, 82 years old.

Lorna Johnson

Lorna is the daughter of Selmer and Agnes Severson, and has been a member of St. Paul's all her life. She has served on the Council and has taught Sunday School.

Lorna married Richard Johnson on May 31, 1957.

Their children are Jill Kristin (Jan. 1958), Gina Muriel (Dec. 1962), and Jorun Roberta (May 1965). Jill lives in Chandler, Arizona and is employed as an executive secretary. Jorun lives in Marshall, Minnesota and works for Schwan's as a data entry operator. Gina died a few days after her birth.

Lorna lives in Minneota, and is the Postmaster.

Magnus Danielsson Johnson

"Mike" was born Oct. 16, 1878 in Minneota, the son of Daniel Gudmundsson (AKA Johnson) and Arnbjorg. His brothers were Sterling, Christ, Walter and Daniel.

Mike married Alida Amundson on Dec. 19, 1906. Their children are Millie (Mootz), Rachel (Lapolice), Rebecca, Ellen Ann, Ethel Furgeson, Daniel, Ambrose and Alice.

Mike was a carpenter by trade, working with Peter P. Jokull on various building and repair projects. He was also a member of the Masonic Lodge, and enjoyed telling stories about the ''old days in Minneota.

Alida was a busy volunteer during World War II, and received an award for 200-plus hours of work for the Red Cross.

Millie and her husband, Nick, started the Minneota Greenhouse and Nursery in a remodeled barn in 1945, and sold it in 1959 to Audrey Lawrence, who still operates the business from that location.

Maria Johnson

Maria was the daughter of Jon A. and Bjorg Johnson. She graduated from the Minneota schools in 1922 and from Mankato State Teacher's College in 1925. She received her full bachelor's degree in education at the University of Minnesota in 1937.

Maria taught school all her working life. Her longest-held position was for over forty years in International Falls, Minnesota. She died in 1985 in Florida.

Merlin Johnson

Merlin was born Oct. 15, 1921 to Adalsteinn ("Stone") Gudmundur and Anna (Esping) Johnson. He grew up in Westerheim, and transferred to St. Paul's in 1955. Merlin served on the Council and is active in the Brotherhood.

Merlin married Florence Kuchera in April 1946. They have four children. Kenneth is a teacher in Foley, Minnesota, married to Janet Bailey, with two sons. Patricia is a medical technologist married to Jonathan Brennecke; they have three children and live in St. Paul. Denise, a dental assistant, is married to Mike Ahmann, and lives in Minneota with their two children. Gail is an accountant in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Merlin and Florence farm in Westerheim Township on the farm homesteaded by Merlin's grandfather, Gudmundur Henry Gudmundsson (AKA Johnson), who came from Iceland in 1878 and immediately returned there to bring his wife and children to America.

Merlin's brother, Orlando, was also a member of St. Paul's. Others in the family are Gordon, Arlet (Olson-deceased), and Annabelle (Claeys-lives in Marshall).

Orlando Gudmund Johnson

Orlando was born June 21, 1915, and is a brother of Merlin. He was a farmer all his life, and a member of Westerheim until it closed. At St. Paul's, he was a member of the Brotherhood.

Orlando's mother died when he was very young, and his father raised the children alone. Schooling was considered very important: Orlando graduated from District in 1932 and from the University of Minnesota-Morris in 1936.

Orlando married Irene Schwartz, daughter of Robert and Anna Schwartz of Canby. Their children are Daniel Allen (Aug. 1945), Barbara Ann (Ness) (Sept. 1953), Darlene Carol Noyes (Oct. 1954), DuWayne Lee (Feb. 1956), and Monica Sue (Bothun) (Nov. 1960).

Orlando died Mar. 10, 1976. Irene lives on their farm. She enjoys cooking and baking, and has received many awards at the Lyon County Fair for her entries over the years. Irene also enjoys traveling.

Richard Brent Johnson

"Dick" was born April 12, 1937 to Henry and Bertha Johnson, and is a Minneota native. He married Lorna Severson on May 31, 1957, and transferred his membership to St. Paul's in 1962. Dick has two brothers, Roland and Robert.

Dick and Lorna are the parents of Jill (1968) and Jorun (1965). Another daughter, Gina, died as an infant.

Dick worked as manager of the Farmer's Cooperative Grain Elevator for some years.

He is now employed at the Ghent elevator, and lives in Ghent.

Sigfus Runolfur Johnson

Sigfus was most commonly known as Frank, and was a charter member of St. Paul's serving on the first Council. As a citizen of Minneota, he was a member of the committee that met in 1885 to form the Minneota Fire Department, and from 1885 until 1892 was on the Village Council.

Frank was the son of Runolfur Jonsson and Margret Bjarnadottir. He married Sigurbjorg Arngrimsdottir/Anderson, sister of E.M. Anderson. Their children were Arnolfr (Sept., 1887), Gudny Maria (Feb., 1891), Valdimar Eymundur (Jan., 1898), Margret Evangeline (1901), Alice (Mar., 1903), Sigfusina Sigurbjorg (Mar., 1896).

In the mid-1880'5, Frank was operating the Minneota Clothing Store in the Good Templar's Building. He later bought the entire stock of Kiley & McGinn. In 1896 he sold his stock to D.W. Griffing and went to work for him.

Frank was also an artist and sold his penned drawings as a sideline. Thorgrimur Laxdal also carried a supply of these and sold them for Frank. Two of Frank's drawings were titled "Alphabet of Patriotism" and ''Alphabet of Faith", which he improved by re-penning them in color and adding a large flag to the former.

In addition to the clothing store, Frank served as manager of the Icelandic Coop. in the early 1890's.

Frank's sister married J.S. Anderson; A.R. Johnson was his brother.

Sigridur Johnson

"Sarah" was born Aug. 3, 1891 in Lincoln County, the daughter of Matusalem and Bjorg (Jonsdottir) Jonsson. She grew up on the family farm, and remained single. After her parents died, she kept house for her brothers Jon and Stefan, both on the farm and later in Minneota.

Sarah was a regular attendee on Sunday morning at St. Paul's for many years, sifting in the pew second from the back on the left side, near the aisle. She wore a fascinating stole of soft fox whose eyes were so shiny-black that the children of Frank Josephson, who always sat in the pew behind Sarah, kept staring at them to see if they'd move. Sometimes their ''smiling" faces would move - and Sarah would turn around and offer a Life-Saver or a nickel to whoever had dared to touch one of the foxes.

Stefan Johnson

"Steve" was born April 16, 1883 to Matusalem and Bjorg Jonsson, and grew up in Lincoln County. He and his brother, Jon, farmed together all their lives. Steve was a member of the Lincoln County Church until it closed in 1966, then a member of St. Paul's until his death.

Peter Petursson Jokull

"Pete" was born Jan. 27, 1852 in Iceland to Petur Petursson Jokull and Gudrun Jonsson. His father was a carpenter and climber of glaciers, and brother of Gunnlaugur Petursson who homesteaded Riverside Farm. Pete came to America in 1878.

Pete first married Sigurveig Jonsdottir. Their children were Gudrun (Anderson) (1877), Sigridur (Johnson) (1879), Petur P. (1883), Solveig (1886), Jonina (1889), Ingibjorg (Gundmundson) (July 1892). Petur died of tuberculosis in 1905; Solveig in 1900 of the same disease; Sigurveig, born in Oct. 1861, also died of tuberculosis, in 1896. Jonina was a 1908 Minneota graduate, and died of tuberculosis in 1911.

Pete's second wife was Sigurbjorg Hallgrimsdottir (her father, Hallgrimur Jonsson, was the brother of Sigurveig's father, Jon; her mother was Elisabet Jonsdottir). Best man was B.R. Johnson, and "Hanna Halison" (Johanna Hallgrimson) was bridesmaid. Pete and Sigurbjorg's son, Peter Sigurdur, lives in Edina, Minnesota.

Pete was a carpenter in Minneota. He built the "house with the tower" and the two houses just east of it. The third house (now owned by Dick Bradley) he built for himself, but rented it to his son, and then built the house just west of the church - his last house. In 1927. he built the present lumber yard plant.

Pete lived in Lincoln County for a few years - his oldest children were baptized in that church - before moving into town and transferring membership to St. Paul's, where he served on the Council. Sigurbjorg died in 1930. Pete's grandson, Julian Gudmundson, moved in with him to keep him company and finish high school in Minneota, and attended St. Paul's on Sunday with Pete. Pete died in 1932.

Peter Sigurdur Jokull

This "Seventh Peter" grew up in Minneota, and was an employee of the F&M Bank in Minneota. He left Minneota in January, 1934 to work for the State of Minnesota in the taxation department. While he lived here, he was active in the Minneota Businessmen's Association and was the first secretary for the American Legion Post when it formed in 1919.

Peter married Mabel Furgeson, and they are the parents of twins, Rodney and Phyllis. Mabel has died. Peter and his children live in the Twin Cities area.

Loftur Jonasson

Loftur was born in October, 1840. His wife was Adalbjorg Halladottir. Loftur was a charter member, and Adalbjorg served on the Council as secretary. Their children were Margaret (Zeuthen), Pauline (Sprout), and S. Walter.

When Margaret married Fritz Zeuthen at St. Paul's in 1897, the church was filled with flowers, and the Jonas-sons held a reception in their home after the ceremony, where refreshments, music and speeches were offered to their guests.

Adalbjorg was a sister of Mrs. G.S. Sigurdson. She was born the same month and year as Loftur, and died in 1912 after suffering a stroke. Loftur died in April, 1892.

S. Walter Jonasson

Walter, born about 1881, was about twelve years old when he suffered a mishap with a gun. He and a friend, Gudmund Olafson of Lincoln County, were looking for a box containing the usual variety of boys' treasures when Gudmund picked up an old pistol, which went off in his hand. The ball "scalped" a piece from Gudmund's finger, then struck Walter just back of the chin on the right side, passing along under the skin. It lodged in Walter's neck below the ear; not a serious injury, and he recovered quickly. The pistol was a .22 derringer, and the accident occurred for the same reasons gun accidents still occur: it was loaded, and the lock was out of order.

After surviving childhood, Walter went on to become a famous architect. One of his beautiful accomplishments was St. Edward's Church in Minneota. He and his family lived in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Donald Jonathan

Donald is the son of Johann and Jorunn (Sigurdson) Jonathan. He is married to Lola F. Swanson, daughter of Elmer and Cora Swanson. Their children were baptized at St. Paul's, and the members of the family were members until they moved in 1957.

Bryan, Randy and Heidi (Mutter) are all married and live near their parents.

Donald was the owner of Jonathan Bros. Electric (with Otto Jonathan), which he sold in 1956 to Reuben Obe. They moved to Portland, Oregon, where they still live.

Johann Jonathan

"Jack" was born Jan. 4, 1871 to Sigmundur & HoImfridur Jonatansson. His father homesteaded in Section 10, Westerheim Township, when the family came to Minnesota from the Rhinelander, Wisconsin area.

Jack's wife was Jorunn S. Sigurdson. They were married in 1902, and are the parents of eighteen children: Imogene (Hamlin) (1902-1986), HoImfridur Solveig (Anderson) (1904-lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan), Virgil (1906-died 1980), Emil Magnus (1908-lives in Los Angeles), George Theodore (1909-also in Los Angeles), Lilja (Wiebold) (1910-lives in Portland, Oregon), Eleanor (Walters) (1912-lives in Independence, California), Julian Howard (1913-lives in Bass Lake, CA), Allen Wilson (1916-1918), Harold Allen (1917-died in Battle of Bulge, WWII, buried in Germany in 1944), Dora (DeWol) (1919-now in Brighton, Michigan), June (Ramsay) (1920-now in Sarasota, Florida), Robert Boyd (1921-now in Santa Monica, CA), Martha (Garland) (1922-now in Dowagiac, Michigan), Otto (1924-now in White Bear Lake, Minnesota), Donald (1925-see above), and Ralph Warren (1927-now in Moor Park, CA).

The Jonathans belonged to St. Paul's from 1907-1916, then again after 1941. They were members of Westerheim or Lincoln County Churches when not members of St. Paul's. Of their eighteen children, there are thirty grandchildren.

Jorunn's parents were Gudjon Sigurdsson and Solveig Jonsdottir/Johnson. Her sister, Dora, married Frank Peterson; her brother was John Sigurdsson. As busy as she was with her large family, she still had time to serve as president of the Ladies' Aid and also for a time as Sunday School Superintendent. She died in 1974.

In their later years, the Jonathans lived in town on Fourth Street, across from S. Frank Josephson. S. Frank enjoyed crossing the street occasionally to join a few friends at the Jonathan home for a quiet card game and good coffee and conversation. He always claimed that finer company would be hard to find, nor a better time anywhere in town, than the evenings spent with a few old friends.

Valgerdur Jonsdottir

Valgerdur was born in Iceland in 1817. She was the mother of Gudjon Vilhjalmsson ("John Williamson"), and was a member of St. Paul's until her death in 1922.

Albert Julius Jonsson

Albert was born Sept. 1, 1856 to Jon Sigurdsson and Solveig Jonsdottir. In 1876 he married Thorunn Augusta Grimsdottir, and in 1878 they came to America with his parents and settled in Lincoln County. They lived there until 1897, when Arni Josephson traded his house and lot in town for the Johnson farm (their name's spelling already underwent Americanization). Except for two years spent in the Ballard, Washington area, the family lived in Minneota from 1897 on. Albert worked as a cobbler in town.

Albert and Augusta were the parents of Jona (Aug., 1879), Petrine (Swenson) (Jan., 1884), Christine (Anderson) (Sept., 1884), Gudrun (Anderson) (Feb., 1887), Elisabeth (Rask) (April, 1894), Bertha (Walrath) (May, 1881), Margaret (Hatlestad) (Oct., 1895), and Winnie (Anderson). Elisabeth Stefania (Dec., 1888 died young). Jon died in military service during World War I. Christine married Otto Anderson, Gudrun married Ole Anderson, Winnie married Paul Anderson and lived in Canada. Bertha and Del Walrath were members of St. Paul's for a few years. Margaret married Oliver Hatlestad. She moved to California after her husband's death. "Ella" is a widow and is a member of St. Paul's.

Augusta died in 1926. Born in 1854, her parents were Grimur Grimsson and Gudny Arnadottir. Alber died in 1932.

Arngrimur Jonsson

Arngrimur was born Aug. 5, 1849, the son of Jon and Thorun Armgrimsson. He came to America with his wife, Johanna Jonsdottir, in 1876 in an old sailing vessel that took a month to get to England. His mother's brother, Gunnlaugur Petursson, had settled in Westerheim, so that area was his goal. Arngrimur ran out of travel money in St. Paul, and worked for a month on a sewer project for money to take the train west. He filed for a homestead in 1877, walking to and from Redwood Falls to pay the $5.00 filing fee. Albert later bought the homestead land of G.S. Sigurdson in Lincoln County. The house from that farm has been moved into Ivanhoe, across from the Lutheran church on Hwy. 19.

In 1902 or 1903, he moved into town and bought the old school on Second and Madison Sts. In 1908, he and his son, H.G., began the Johnson & Company Clothing Store in Minneota which they operated until the 1930's.

Arngrimur and Johanna were the parents of Gudny (1886-Feb., 1942), Jon A. and Haldor Gudjon. Gudny, or "Winnie", married A. Thorsteinn Josephson.

When they moved into town, the family joined St. Paul's. Arngrimur served on the Council at one time. They also served as foster parents for Margaret Johnson, daughter of Jon Eyolfson, whose wife had died.

Johanna died in 1935, 95 years old, of an intestinal obstruction (per cemetery records); Arngrimur died of coronary embolism in 1941.

Arni Sigvaldi Jonsson

"Ernest" was born Sept. 3, 1862. He married Sigridur Vigfusdottir Josef sson, the daughter of Vigfus and Sigurbjorg (Hjalmarsdottir) Josefsson. Their children were Jonina (Johnson) (1884), Sigurborg (Magnuson) (Dec., 1885), Kristinn Sigurjon (May, 1887), Petrina Svanborg (Heae iret) (Mar., 1890), Joseph, Vigfus Johann (1894), Sigfinna Sigurbjorg (Atkinson) (June, 1896), Johanna Thordis (Erickson) (June, 1900), and Victor Ellis (1903).

Jonina married A.R. Johnson; Bertha wed Arni Magnusson; Kristinn never married and died in 1931; Joseph died at 7 years; Vigfus died in 1899; Sigfinna lives in Whittier, California; ''Daisy'' Erickson's husband, Oscar, still lives in Marshall, MN. Petrine's husband, Andrew, died in 1944, a war casualty; she died in 1966.

Ernest was blind in his later years; at the Faribault school he learned weaving and many of his baskets and trays are still owned by Minneota people. He died in May, and his wife in September, 1928.

Bjarni Jonsson

"Barney Jones" was a butcher in Minneota; he opened the "B. Jones Meat Market" in a new building in 1892, and advertised his fresh and salted meats; also that he wanted hides.

Bjarni was an original member of the Lincoln County Church, as he was homesteading in that county. In 1889, he joined St. Paul's. He married Stefania Anderson in 1884; she was a charter member of St. Paul's.

The Jones home, next door to her brother, J.S. Anderson, was open for many activities related to St. Paul's. They were frequent hosts for Ice Cream Socials held by the Ladies' Aid as fundraisers. Dora Harvey remembers the thrill of being invited to the Jones home for a birthday party for Maria, their adopted daughter, and that many people then considered it an honor to be invited to "one of the Anderson parties".

Bjarni's sister, "Lena", a nurse in Minneapolis, visited Minneota frequently, and in November, 1897 married the photographer, S. Magnus. Their brother, Stephen, sang in St. Paul's choir for a while, as did Bjarni - who needed his own songbook, as he held it right in front of his eyes, held high, and boomed out his songs.

Bjarni and Stefania "did everything" at St. Paul's. Bjarni was on the Council, and Stefania was the first woman to hold an office at St. Paul's: she was elected to be a deaconness in 1895 (equivalent to a Council office today). Bjarni sang bass and Stefania sang alto in the church choir. Stefania was very active for many years in the Ladies' Aid.

Bjarni was also active outside St. Paul's. He was a member of the men's quartet that sang at the victory celebration for J.P. Byrne in 1894, and ''President of the Day~~ for the July 4th celebration that year, held at Gunnlaugur Peterson's grove for all of Minneota-area residents.

He enjoyed fishing, and spent many hours with "Jack" Frost and Walter Gislason at Lake Hendricks, or along rivers, with far greater returns in friendship than in fishing results.

Bjarni kept a small herd of cattle in town in connection with his meat market (Arni Christianson kept this herd for him for a while). One fine day in 1896, his herd got mixed in with a runaway team of horses. One of the cows ended up in the middle of the team, and ran with the horses around several of the city streets before the horses were finally caught and stopped on Madison Street, proving what every country child knows: living in town is more exciting. Stefania was the sister of J.S., Emma (who married John Josephson), and O.G. Anderson. When O.G. and Sigurborg's daughter, Marja Gudrun, was born, Sigurborg died, and Marja was adopted by Stefania and Bjarni. "Man'' died of consumption (tuberculosis) in 1902. Bjarni and Stefania had no other children.

Bjarni died in 1944; Stefania (born in 1861) died eight months later, in 1945.

Rev. Bjorn B. Jonsson

Rev. Jonsson was born June 19, 1870. His parents, Bjorn Jonsson and Thorbjorg Bjornsdottir, came to Canada in 1876. When he was fifteen, he entered Winnipeg Business College, and later graduated from Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter and English Lutheran Theological Seminary-Chicago in 1893.

Rev. Jonsson came to Minneota as a substitute for Rev. Thorlaksson in the fall of 1894, and stayed on as permanent pastor until June, 1914. His first visit to Minneota was in 1884, while on his way to Winnipeg and mission work, and he performed some pastoral duties at that time.

He and his wife, Sigurbjorg, were the parents of Emil (Sept., 1894), Anna (Beaton) (May, 1896), Agnes (July, 1898), Esther (Sept., 1900), and Sigurbjorg Maria (Jan., 1905). Mrs. Jonsson died in childbirth; little Sigurbjorg died of a "brain fever in 1908. For most of her nearly four years, she was in foster care with Bjarni and Stefania Jones. With his second wife, Ingridur, there were two children: Ralph (1911) and Maria (1914).

Rev. Jonsson was active in Minneota's affairs. He was chairman of the Board of Education in 1904, and gave the commencement address when the first class graduated. In 1898, he wrote a letter to the editor suggesting (possibly the first public suggestion) that Minneota needed a reading room, both for young people (to occupy them in a better way than some of the downtown "attractions"!) and for the entertainment and education of adults in Minneota. He later served on the library board.

For six years, he was editor of the "Aramot" (an Icelandic periodical published by the synod), and served from 1908 to 1923 as president of the Icelandic Synod. He was the chaplain of the Minnesota Senate in 1909. For two years, he served as the pastor and president of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran (Norwegian church in Minneota), with services every third Sunday in addition to his pastoral duties at St. Paul's. Rev. Jonsson served St. Paul's until June 1, 1914.

Gudjon Jonsson

Gudjon was born in 1858; he settled first in Lincoln County when he came to this country. He and his wife, Sigridur Sigurdardottir, were the parents of Jon G. (1888), Sigurveg (Ousman) (1890), Sigridur (1891), Emilia (1893), Jakobina (1895), Solveig Halldora (1898), Bjorgvin and Olof Gudrun (these two baptized at St. Paul's).

Bjorgvin was a member of the Boy Scouts when it formed in 1917. He died of tuberculosis in 1941, in St. Peter. Emilia died in 1920, also of tuberculosis. Olof died in 1921. Sigridur, or "Sadie" married Herbert Dumke.

Gudjon was the worker who dug the basement for St. Edward's Convent - now the home owned by Frank Moorse in Minneota - using a shovel. Gudjon died in 1928, and his wife of cancer in 1944.

Helga Jonsson

Helga was born in 1865 in Iceland. When her parents came to America, she stayed behind because she was planning to be married. Her fiance was a fisherman, and was killed in an accident at sea, so she followed her family to this country.

Helga's surname appears as Jonsson, Stefansdottir, and the various forms of "Ousman", depending on where she appears. She died of tuberculosis in 1898, 32 years old.

Jon Jonsson

Jon's wife, Gudrun Margret Thorsteinsdottir, was a charter member of St. Paul's.

Jon's parents were Einar Jonsson and G. Arnprudur Hallgrimsdottir.

Gudrun transferred her membership to the Lincoln County Church; their daughter, Louisa, (born Jan., 1888) was baptized there.

Jon B. Jonsson

Jon was a brother of Rev. B.B. Jonsson. His wife was Stefania ("Stephia" or "Fea") Sigurdson, daughter of G.S. and Mrs. Sigurdson. Jon and Stefania were married in 1903.

Stefania grew up at St. Paul's, a member of a musically talented family who was active in the church and in Minneota.

Josef Jonsson

Josef was a charter member of St. Paul's, and the oldest member of the Hoff family who settled in this area. He homesteaded 71 acres, and filed in 1886 in Redwood Falls for land in Nordland Township. Some of his farming business was conducted with Anders Strand, involving small mortgages in the early 1880's for various steers, cows and heifers.

At St. Paul's in 1887, the committee assigned to purchase a horse and carriage for the pastor included Josef.

Josef died in August, 1908 and is buried in Lincoln County Church's cemetery. He was born in Iceland about 1831. Stefan Hoff was his son.

Runolfur Jonsson

"Runi" and his wife, Margret Bjarnadottir, were the parents of Sigfus ("Frank") R., Alec R., Sigridur (Mrs. J.S. Anderson) and Gudny (Westdal). His brother was Arngrimur Jonsson. Margret was a charter member of St. Paul's.

Jon Josefsson

"John" came to America as a young man, stopping in Wisconsin for a time to work there before coming to Minneota.

He married Emma Anderson (sister of Stefania "Jones", O.G. and J.S. Anderson), and they lived on a farm in a sod hut for a short time south of Minneota. Later, they moved to the farm where Pete, Staney and Anna Gudmundson live now.

In 1898, the family moved to Ballard, a suburb of Seattle, Washington. John and his sons, Marvin and Staney, were fishermen for a while, then worked in the saw mills, and finally entered the construction field. They worked on many of the large stores in downtown Seattle.

John was a charter member of St. Paul's. He and Emma were the parents of A. Thorsteinn, Salina ("Loa"), Josephine, Emil and Marvin.

Joseph Axel Josefson

"Joe" was born Mar. 5, 1915 to Johann and Winnie (Hofteig) Josefson, and grew up at Westerheim Church. Johann was sixteen, and Winnie was seven when they left Iceland (on the same ship) for America.

Joe's mother was the daughter of Sigbjorn and Steinun Hofteig (also the grandparents of Cecil Hofteig and John Gunlogson).

In high school, Joe was active in football (with Joe Peterson and Carl Swanson), and as a writer for the school newspaper. At Westerheim and St. Paul's, he has been a member of the choirs and small singing groups when they were active.

In the public service area, Joe has served for many years on various committees and boards at township and state level in agriculture-related areas, both politically-based and in private business. He served for 24 years on the board of the Farmers' Elevator of Minneota. When Minneota was exploring the possibilities of a hospital, Joe served on that committee. In 1954, Joe ran for State Senator, was elected and remained in office for 22 years. While in that office, he and Sen. John Zwach co-authored the bill establishing Southwest State University, and Joe continued to co-author the bills appropriating funds to build, equip and staff the school.

On April 6, 1950, Joe married Gladys Coover, daughter of Machall Coover and Hannah Nelson. The Coovers, of Indiana, were descendents of people who came from Europe before the Revolutionary War, and the Nelsons were pioneer residents of Swede Prairie Township who emigrated from Sweden and Norway. Hannah was a Big Store employee for a few years. Gladys' hobby is growing roses.

Joe and Gladys have one child, Lois Eileen (Russell), now living in Fergus Falls with her husband and two children. Now retired, Joe and Gladys live in Minneota in the warmer months, and winter in Arizona. They have sold the farm where Joe was raised to Frank Josephson, a cousin of Joe.

Their interests continue to lie in the same areas, though at a less hectic pace: Joe's in agriculture, and Gladys still grows the most beautiful roses in Minneota.

Joseph Vigfus Josefsson

Joseph, born in 1856 to Vigfus and Sigurbjorg (Hjalmarsdottir) Josefsson, was the oldest son who came to America with his parents in 1879. He farmed about one mile west of Lincoln Church until his retirement, when he and Gudrun moved to Minneota. Gudrun, born May 17, 1852, died in 1911 of gall trouble. Joseph then moved to Brady, Montana to live with his son, Vigfus. "Vic" was promoted as depot agent for Great Northern Railroad to Kiamath Falls, Oregon, and Joseph moved there with his son's family. He died at Klamath Falls in January, 1933.

Joseph and Gudrun were the parents of Vigfus Adaljon (Apr., 1887) and Josef Thorolfur (May, 1891). "J.T." served in World War I; he later became a mail carrier.

Leola Doris Josefson

Leola is the daughter of Kristjan ("C.W.") and Margaret (Isfeld) Arnason. She attended Sunday School, was confirmed and also taught Sunday School while she was a member of St. Paul's. Leola graduated from the Univ. of Minnesota, and taught Home Economics for two years prior to marriage to Leifur (brother of J.A. Josefson). Rev. Guttormsson baptized their son, Mark Leifur, while in Minneapolis. They also have a daughter, Mary Leola. Leifur died on Feb. 19, 1974.

Mark is president of Taltech International, Inc. of Chaska, which he and his father owned together. Mary is an attorney with Prudential Insurance Company in Minneapolis. LeoIa is presently a member of the Board of Directors of Luther Northwestern Theological eminary, and lives in Hopkins, Minnesota.

A. Thorsteinn Josephson

"Staney" was born in 1884 on the family farm south of Minneota. He moved to Seattle, Washington with his parents, John and Emma (Anderson) Josefsson, i~i 1898 - a

time of concern for his father's health. While in Washington, John and his sons worked in the saw mills and as fishermen in Puget Sound and on the ocean before entering the construction field. Staney also owned a grocery store in Ballard, now replaced by a large supermarket.

Staney returned to Minneota, married Winnie Johnson, and was a partner in the Johnson and Company General Store for about four years. He started farming, and farmed until 1944 when he moved to Minneota. Staney served as acting postmaster for about two years, then managed the Municipal Liquor Store for several years.

Winnie died of pneumonia in 1942 contracted following surgery. Staney and Winnie were the parents of John Emil (1916), Joanne and Jon (twins) (Dec., 1918), and Louise Joan (Solberg) (1920). The twins were born in Canby; Joanne died the day after she was born, and Jon died 11 days later.

Winnie graduated from Minneota Schools in 1907, and continued her education at St. Cloud normal and at Gustavus Adolphus. She taught a rural school in Swede Prairie and also worked with her father and brother in Johnson and Company until 1914, when she married Staney. Her school-teaching salary had been $20.00 a month; room and board at the Jon L. Johnson home during the school term was $7.00 a month. Winnie contracted pneumonia following surgery at Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis, and died in


In 1945, Staney married Sophie Westdal Sigurdson, the daughter of Asgrimur and Gudny Westdal. They owned the farm in Swede Prairie where Daniel Larson now lives.

Sophie had Sophie's Coffee Shop in Minneota for a number of years on the corner where First Bank Southwest is located.

Staney died in 1959, and Sophie in 1981 after a lengthy stay in the Divine Providence Home in Ivanhoe.

Arni Sigfusson Josephson

Arni was born in 1861, son of Sigfus and Vilborg (Amadottir) Josefsson. He married Fridrika Helgadottir (born in May, 1867) in 1888. Their sons, Helgi Jonas (Jan. 26, 1890) and Sigfus (Jan. 21, 1892), were born in Iceland on a farm in a remote area accessible by a day's walk (even ponies had difficulty) away from the northeast coast of Iceland. The family came to America in 1893, traveling with the Sigurbjorn Kristjansson and K.S. Askdal families.

Arni bought a lot from St. Gilbertson for $50 in the fall of 1893, and moved into town from Lincoln County, where he had been living with relatives. His first home here was a small house on the east edge of Minneota, south of where Hwy. 68 now passes, and not far from the K.S. Askdal home. Dora Harvey remembers Fridrika walking up the hill toward town to get water. It was late fall, very cold, and Fridrika was pregnant. Fri~ drika contracted pneumonia, which induced premature labor. Vilborg Fridrika was born Nov. 27, 1894, and mother and daughter died the same day.

Fridrika was the daughter of Helgi Jonassonar and Gunlaug Bjamnadottir. They also left Iceland with Fridrika's brothers, and settled in Argyle, Manitoba.

Unable to work and care for two young sons, Arni took them to the home of his cousin, Joseph Arngrimson (in Lincoln County), where they lived for several years. Amni had been working on farms; he moved to Marshall after his wife's death, and worked construction for three years, then returned to farming in Lincoln County. In 1895, a storm blew flat a barn on his property in town. In January, 1897, he traded the house and lot in town to Albert Jonsson, who traded his farm in Lincoln County in return.

Arni married Bjorg Jonsdottir in November, 1897, at the home of Stefan Ousman (Mascot spelling) who was a relative of Bjorg. Bjorg's daughter, Anna (born Nov., 1896), was included in the new family, and considered sister by all Arni's children. Arni and Bjorg's children were Sigurdur (July, 1898), and Vilborg Fridrika (White) (Oct., 1900). Bjorg died in 1901, 34 years old, of tuberculosis. In 1920, "Siggi" (or Sever) moved to Canada with his father, and lived there until his death. "Ricca" or "Freddie" married Otto Martin White (died in 1933), and they had two daughters. She currently lives in St. Paul, and is a retired hairdresser.

In February, 1902, Arni married Olina Sigridur Jonasdottir at Westerheim Church. Seven children were born to this marriage: Margret (Aarskaug) (Sept., 1902), Maria (Sigmar) (Dec., 1904), Oscar (Aug., 1907), Olina (Mar., 1909), Gudrun (Apr., 1911), Arni (Dec., 1912), and Esther (Taft) (Feb., 1914).

Margret married A.G. Aarskaug; they had three children: Robert, Mary (Christianson), and Esther (died of cancer at 18 yrs.). A.G. was a postman in Madison, MN for many years, and has died; "Margaret" still lives in Madison. Maria and Albert Sigmar had two children, who live in Canada. Oscar and his wife had four children, all in Canada. "Lena" died in Glenboro, Manitoba of complications due to emergency surgery she had in Iceland while on a visit. Her liver had been damaged, and she knew she was dying. Gudrun died as an infant. Arni and his wife had two daughters, and lived in Brandon Manitoba; the daughters live in Canada and Michigan. Arni died in 1984 while on a visit to his sisters, Ann (Groff) and Freddie (White), in Minneapolis. Esther and DuWayne Taft had four children, all living in Canada.

Arni had to borrow money for his first sack of flour in this country; by 1912 he owned 400 acres, farmed with his two eldest sons, built a 13-room house plus basement (hot and cold water, first floor trimmed in oak with three rooms with hand-painted murals), built the first silo in the area, and was a big grain farmer and stock raiser. But by 1920, he moved to Glenboro, Manitoba, where he built up a large farm and was noted for his horses. His sons, Helgi and S. Frank, took over the operation of the farm north of Minneota.

Arni died in 1933, and was buried next to his first wife. His second wife is also buried in that lot. His last wife, Olina, died in 1942, and is buried in Canada.

Craig Josephson

Craig, the son of Frank and Helen (Spears) Josephson, grew up at St. Paul's. He graduated from the Minneota schools, and served in Germany in the U.S. Army. After his discharge, he attended the Canby AVTI for welding, and worked as a welder in Dawson for a time. He then returned to school for training as a machinist at the Granite Falls Area Vocational School, then worked in Hopkins, Minnesota in that field. Craig now lives in Aurora, Colorado, where he owns a tree-stump removal service (using the same style machine his brother, Michael, uses).

David Emil Josephson

David was born June 14, 1930, son of Sigfus Frank and Elm (Askdal) Josephson. Until 1937, the family lived at Riverside Farm and belonged to Westerheim Church. That year, they moved southwest of Minneota (where David farms now), and became members of St. Paul's. David was confirmed in 1944, and was a member until 1965, when he and his family transferred to Hope, where they still are members. David has served as president of that congregation.

"Betty", daughter of F.J. and Lillian Meade, was born Mar. 4, 1921 in Marshall, and grew up there. While she belonged to St. Paul's, she served as a Sunday School teacher. Betty's two children are Robert Keith, living in Benton, Illinois, and married with two children; and Deanna (Graham), living in Fergus Falls, married and with three children. David and Betty were married Sept. 24, 1954.

David and Betty's three children were baptized at St. Paul's. Kevin and his wife, Kristi, live near LaCrosse, Wisconsin; Scott and his wife, Roberta (Larson-of Minneota) live in Minneota. Jyl (Foster) lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and is married with one son.

Ely Ira Josephson

Elvira, the daughter of Joseph Josephson and Helga Jonsdottir, was born on the family farm on Mar. 27, 1888. She and her twin brother, Victor, were the last of eleven children, and two of only four who reached adulthood.

Elvira was a graduate of Minneota High School in 1908. She was a member of Westerheim until 1955, then of St. Paul's until her death from cancer in January, 1966. Elvira never married, and lived on the family farm all her life, in a house of papers, books and many cats. She is buried in the family cemetery, located behind the buildings, on the river.

Frank A. Josephson

Frank is the son of Sigfus Frank and Elm (Askdal) Josephson. The family lived in Westerheim Township until 1937, then moved southwest of Minneota. He served in the Army Air Corps in World War II as a B-24 bomber pilot stationed in Norwich, England. After his discharge, he returned to Minneota and owned/operated Josephson Trucking. In 1952, Frank sold the business to Alvin Hovland, and has farmed since then. He has bought the farm formerly owned by Joseph A. Josefson.

Frank has been very active in community affairs and organizations: the Lyon County Fair Board, member of the Masonic Lodge and a Shriner (spending summer weekends as a driver in their mini-car parade unit), member of the Silver Spur Saddle Club, served as Parade Marshal for Minneota's Centennial in 1981. At St. Paul's, he has been on the Council, is active in the Brotherhood, served as Sunday School teacher and Superintendent, and as chairman of St. Paul's centennial celebration. Frank also enjoys bowling, and travels when he can to visit family and friends in other states.

On Sept. 10, 1949, he married Helen Irene Spears, daughter of James A. and Helen I. (Winham) Spears. She was born Oct. 23, 1925 at the home of her grandfather in Texarkana, Arkansas. Helen received her schooling in Jackson, Tennessee in a girls' day school, and in public schools in Texarkana, where she also received training in music, art, dance and horsemanship. During World War II, she worked as a personnel secretary at the Red River Ordnance Plant in Texarkana. Helen came to visit her aunt, Mary (Spears) Dovre, and her cousin, Yolande. Helen and Frank met through Yolande, who was dating Frank's brother. Helen died Aug. 11, 1984 after several years of ill health. She was active in the Ladies' Aid, the Eastern Star, and as a Sunday School teacher.

Their children are: Cathy (married to Marc Remhof 1971-1975, married to Kevin Flood since 1976), Michael (first married to Rosemary Van Deelen, married since 1984 to Mary Jo Allen), Cory (formerly married to John Tholen), Craig (single, living in Aurora, Colorado, self-employed in a stump-removing business), and Christy (married to Michael Ahern).

Fredrick Askdal Josephson

"Fred" is the son of S. Frank and Elm (Askdal) Josephson. On Aug. 1, 1948 he married Yolande Ozello Borries-Dovre, the daughter of Clarence Borries and Mary (Spears, now Dovre). For several years, Fred and "Yo" farmed west of Hemnes Church on land then owned by H.J. Tillemans. Fred then accepted a jo~ with a road sign company, and moved to Bemidji. In 1964, he was injured, and for many years was hindered in working because of the injury. Fred graduated from General Beadle State (now Dakota State) in 1969, and has taught vocational school, worked at Schwan's in Marshall, and also operated a trucking business. He is currently retired, living in Madison, South Dakota. Yo has been interested in doll-making and repair for many years, and now operates Yo's Doll World in Madison.

They have four children. Mary first married Dennis Sauer; they have three children, David, Marcus (dec.) and Dora. In 1980 she married David Barnes, serving in the Army; they live in Germany. Nancy married Lyle Margeson at St. Paul's in Nov., 1975. They have three children, Sabrina, Adam and Debra, and live in Madison, South Dakota. Lynn David first married Patricia Cunningham; they had no children. He and his wife, Barbara Reed, have two children, Lenn and William. Nellie was married to Ken Rasmussen; their four children have been adopted, and Nellie now lives in a Sioux Falls Mental Health Center.

Helgi Arnason Josephson

Helgi was a child member of St. Paul's for a few years after his father, Arni Josephson, came to America. After Helgi's mother died, he and his brother (S. Frank) lived with relatives in Lincoln County until his father's remarriage. In later years, he belonged to Westerheim, and farmed with S. Frank before moving to Hanley Falls to farm.

In 1928, Helgi married Nellie Nelson; their twin daughters were Patsy Marie and Betty Louise, born in Sept., 1929. Both are married and live in the Twin Cities area. After Nellie died, Helgi moved to Minneapolis to be near his daughters, and died there in June, 1970.

Herbert Newton Josephson

Herbert was born Dec. 7, 1894 to Sigureen Vigfusson and Rosa Paulsdottir. His parents came from Iceland and settled in Lincoln County, where Herbert grew up. He was a member of the Lincoln County Church until 1966, then a member of St. Paul's until his death in 1969. Herbert was a first cousin of Joseph Josefson.

Hermann Julius Josephson

`"Herman" was born in July, 1908 to Hermann S. and his second wife, Kristin Thordardottir. Herman farmed all his life. His son, James, now farms the land. Herman and his wife, Blanche Peterson, were the parents of James, Herman Roger, and Byron Brooks.

Herman and his family belonged to Westerheim until 1955. The sons now belong to other churches (James at Hope Lutheran with his family), and Herman and Blanche were members of St. Paul's until their deaths, Blanche in 1971 and Herman in 1978. Blanche was active in the Ladies' Aid at St. Paul's.

`Herman's sister, Jona (Holm) was the only other member of his immediate family to belong to St. Paul's.

John Emil Josephson

`John was born in Minneota to A. Thorsteinn and Gudny (Johnson) Josephson, and attended country schools south of Porter, Dist. 80 northeast of Minneota, and Dist. 72 near Boyd. He graduated from Boyd in 1934, attended Moor-head State Teacher's College and the Canby Normal Training Dept., and taught country school near Porter in 1940-41. From 1942 to 1956, John farmed, then worked as office manager for the ASCS office in Clarkfield until his retirement in March, 1982.

`John has been a member of St. Paul's all his life, except for a short time at Westerheim prior to its closing, and has served on the Council and been active in the Brotherhood.

Mary Ann, born in Finlayson, Minnesota, is the daughter of Andrew and Nicoline Olien. She is a Clarkfield graduate (1938). She worked in the AAA office in Clarkfield until a short time after her marriage. Mary Ann was active in 4-H, and was confirmed at Spring Creek Lutheran.

John and Mary Ann have two children, Richard and Karen, and still live on the

John Isfeld farm in Swede Prairie, which they bought in 1951.

Karen Josephson

Karen was born in 1963 to John and Mary Ann (Olien) Josephson. She graduated from Clarkfield High School and, in 1985, from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. She has continued her studies there toward a master's in Business Administration, and works for IBM while attending school. Karen hopes to finish her studies in 1987.

Karen grew up at St. Paul's and is still a member.

Matt S. Josephson

Matt was born in Iceland to Sigfus Josefsson and Vilborg Arnadottir. His brother was Arni Josephson, his sister was Adalbjorg, the first wife of Hermann S. Josephson.

Matt and his wife, Gudbjorg, were members of St. Paul's. Their son, Arni, and daughter, Adalbjorg, were baptized at St. Paul's. The family moved out to western Canada, settling in Vancouver, British Columbia, and their descendents live in that area.

Matt returned to Minneota for a visit in 1933, when his brother died and was buried at St. Paul's.

Michael Frank Josehson

Michael, the son of Frank and Helen (Spears) Josephson, grew up in the Minneota area and was a member of St. Paul's until 1984. He served in the Army, in VietNam, and has worked in Minnesota, Arkansas, North and South Dakota, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Colorado, and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee where he owns a tree-stump removal service.

Michael was first married to Rosemary Van Deelen; they have a daughter, Tessa. Rose and Tessa are members of St. Paul's. On Oct. 26, 1984, "Mike" and Mary Jo Allen (daughter of Rafael and Jane Allen) were married in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Their daughter, Amanda Marie, was born April 24, 1986.

Richard Josephson

Richard, the son of John E. and Mary Ann Josephson, grew up at St. Paul's, where he was active in the Luther League. He also earned the rank of Eagle Scout, and was active in the Civil Air Patrol.

Richard graduated from the Clarkfield schools, and in 1973 from Southwest State University with a degree in Speech Communications-Mass Media/Radio/Television. That same year, he earned his Master's in that field from Murry State University in Kentucky. Richard worked four years as a TV engineer and producer in Marquette, Michigan, and is now an assistant professor at St. Cloud State University in the Center for Information Media, and coordinates the production of promotional/instructional media.

Richard and his wife, Deborah, live on a farm southwest of St. Cloud and work with horses as a hobby.

Robert M. Josephson

Robert is the son of S. Frank and Elm (Askdal) Josephson, and was a member of Westerheim and St. Paul's churches until he left the area. He served in the Army Air Force in World War II as a B-26 pilot stationed in France, and after his discharge attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, where he met and married Elizabeth Hendrickson on Sept. 11, 1948.

"Bob" is an accountant, and has worked for firms in Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York City. He is now retired and lives in Rye, New York, keeping busy in the real estate field. "Betty" enjoys her part-time job in a women's dress shop in Rye.

Bob and his wife have four children: Marc (in the computer field), married with two children; Thomas~in communications/computer field), married with two children,

Brita (Gleason), -a pre-school teacher in Boston, married; and James (in investment planning). Their sons live in and near Rye.

Roger Josephson

Roger was born Aug. 21, 1938 to Hermann J. and Blanche (Peterson) Josephson. He was a member of St. Paul's until he transferred out in 1965. Roger married Bernice Grehmer, and their children are Amy, Tamara and Mark.

Roger and his family now live in the Madison, Minnesota area.

Rosemary Josephson

Rosemary was born Dec. 29, 1958 to Odilo and Lona (Amundson) Van Deelen, and was a member~of St. Edward's Church until joining St. Paul's in 1979. She was married to Michael Josephson, son of Frank and Helen Josephson, in August, 1976. Their daughter, Tessa Marea, was born December 22, 1978.

Rose works in Minneota at Schott's Corporation. She and Tessa live north of Minneota, near her parents, and Tessa attends school in Minneota.

Sigfus Josephson

Sigfus was born Oct. 11, 1832, the son of Joseph Amgrimsson and Sigridur Vigfusdottir. He came to America in 1890, after his wife, Vilborg Arnadottir, had died (in May, 1887). Sigfus and Vilborg were the parents of Arni, Matt and Adalbj org (Josephson), and were married in May, 1958.

Sigfus made his home with his son, Arni, until his death in 1912. He was a member of St. Paul's.

Siglus (Frank) Arnasson Josephson

"S. Frank" was born Jan. 21, 1892 at Hraunfelli, Vopnafirdi District, Iceland during a time of economics depression. He suffered a mild case of

ricketts as a baby before the family came to America in 1893. He was the son of Arni Sigfusson and Fridrika Helgadottir.

In World War I, he served as a supply truck driver in France, and returned to Minneota to farm after the war. After retiring, he moved into town, but still helped his sons during planting and harvest seasons whenever he found an empty tractor seat. S. Frank was active in the Masonic Lodge, Eastern Star, on the M-G-T Coop. Board of Directors, a charter member of Legion Post #199, on school boards in country districts, in the Nordland Farm Bureau, on both Westerheim and St. Paul's church coucils, member of the Federal Land Bank Association, and on the Soil Conservation Board (since


He was able to attend school only seven years, but enjoyed reading (especially poetry). After moving to town, his home was open to his grandchildren and their friends, and was seldom empty. The grandchildren had a standing invitation to stay as long as they made their bed every morning, for as long a visit as they liked.

On June 9, 1920, he married Elm Askdal. Earlier that day, he had served as Best Man for Leland and Gertrude Green (she was niece of S. Frank's stepmother), and they returned the favor for him and "Ellen", the daughter of K.S. and Salvor Askdal, was a schoolteacher. She continued to teach for a few years after her marriage, and her mother served as babysitter for the children. Ellen was an Eastern Star member, active in the Ladies' Aid, and taught Sunday School at St. Paul's. She died in 1961 of a heart attack.

S. Frank and Ellen are the parents of Frank Allen (Sept. 18, 1921), Robert Myron (Aug.

3, 1923), Fred rick Askdal (Oct. 23, 1924), and David Emil (June 14, 1930).

In 1963, 5. Frank returned to Iceland with his older brother, Helgi, to visit cousins on their mother's side, and the area where they were born. He traveled there again in 1969 with his son, Robert, and Robert's wife.

S. Frank died in 1975 of cancer. During his last months, his activities were curtailed, but friends and family were frequent visitors in his home. One of his last "excursions" was to a dance at the Legion. He wanted to dance the waltz once more, and the band played his favorite - "The Tennessee Waltz" - while he and his granddaughter, Cathy (Flood) waltzed. The first sad memory he had was his mother's death; his only regret was that his wife had not lived to share his retirement, and for the rest, he said he always did the best he could with what he had.

Victor Josephson

"Vic", twin brother of Elvira, was born Mar. 27, 1888 to Joseph Josephson and Helga Jonsdottir, grew up in Westerheim and continued to farm on the homestead his father settled on in 1883. This homestead was named "Framnisi"; the land is now owned by the Buysse family, and is across the road from Arlene Peterson's home.

Vic was a member of Westerheim Church, and transferred to St. Paul's in 1955. He died Feb. 20, 1966 of cancer, and is buried in the family cemetery at the back of the building site, along the Yellow Medicine River.

Sidney Christen Knutson

Sidney was born Jan. 10, 1915 to Swen and Mary (Olson) Knutson. On Oct. 9,1943 he married Vivian Oakland in Clarkfield, Minnesota. In 1946, they moved to Minneota. They were members of St. Paul's in 1960-61, then transferred back in 1965, and remained members.

In 1960, Sidney opened a tractor repair shop in the former Case building on South Jefferson (the building is now gone). Prior to his retirement in 1980, Sidney worked for Minneota Propane Gas. He died on June 1,1985.

Vivian was born Dec. 21, 1921 to Lars and Maye Oakland, and grew up in the Clarkfield area. Merlin Oakland, also a member of St. Paul's, was her brother.

Sidney and Vivian have two children. Stanley was born July 3, 1945, and confirmed at St. Paul's in 1960. He married Penny Gullickson of Minneota; they have three children: Shawn, Jarred, and Shannon. Stanley has transferred his membership; the family now lives in St. Cloud. Julaine was confirmed at St. Paul's. She is married to Jeffrey Kompelien, and they live near Minneota. Their daughter, Loni Jean, died in May, 1984, at four years old, of neuro-blastoma; they also have a son, Andrew Owen. Julaine is now a member of St. Lucas Church.

Vivian lives in Minneota in a house across from the high school. She is still a member of St. Paul's.

Sigurbjorn Kristjansson

Sigurbjorn was born in Iceland on Sept. 25, 1837; his father was Kristjan Gudmundsson. He came to the Minneota area first in about 1882 with his son, S.M.S. Askdal; in 1893, he returned to this country accompanied by the Kristjan S. Askdal family and the Arni Sigfusson/Josephson family.

Known in Minneota as "Ben Christianson", he was a charter member of St. Paul's and served on the Council. He died in 1929, 91 years old.

"Ben" was first married to Oddny Sigurdardottir. She died in Iceland. Their children were Sigurdur M.S., Kristjan S., and Karolina (Hasford). Oddny died in 1868. When Ben first returned to Iceland, he married Vilborg Einarson. Their children were Jona Sigridur (Muir), Kristrun Margrjet and Nina Olson. Vilborg died in 1920 at St. Peter.

Norman Kruse

Norman moved to Minneota with his family in 1967, and has served the community as a barber since then. His children, Wayne, Wanda (Gossen) and Wesley, graduated from the Minneota Schools, and have moved away.

Norman has served on St. Paul's Council. His wife, LaVonne, has served as a Sunday School teacher.

Julie Kuchinka

Julie's parents are Hiller and Elizabeth (Burns) Holien; she became a Child Member of St. Paul's when her parents joined in the 1960's. She was active in Luther League as a young adult.

Julie and her husband, John, now live in North Mankato. Their daughter, Sarah Lynn, was born in January, 1987.

Ruth Kuehn

Ruth was born to Alec R. and Sigridur (Peterson/Jokull) Johnson. Her mother died when Ruth was just over a year old, so Asgrimur and Gudny Westdal took her into their home. Mrs. Westdal was Alec's sister.

Ruth married Reuben Kuehn. Their son, Richard Wallace (June, 1925) was baptized at St. Paul's. The family has moved away and no longer belongs to St. Paul's.

Rev. Ted Kunze

Rev. Kunze served St. Paul's (and Spring Creek Lutheran) from September, 1980 until August 1,1985. He now serves as pastor at Augustana Lutheran Church in St. James, Minnesota.

Rev. Kunze was born January 21, 1954 in Minneapolis. His wife, Marcia (Skoglund), was born July 25, 1955 and grew up in Anoka, Minnesota. They have two daughters, Sarah (Nov. 30, 1981) and Karen (Jan. 11, 1985).

Marian Darlene Kurtz

Marian was born March 14, 1936; she was a member of Westerheim (confirmed there) until it closed, then transferred to St. Paul's until her marriage. She is the daughter of Josef and Rachel (Larson) Gislason.

She and her husband, Bruce, are avid bicyclists (competing in road racing and often placing well in international competitions) and skiers (traveling freqently to Austria and France).

Marian is a physical education teacher. She was an applicant from Massachusetts in 1985 for the Teacher in Space Project planned for launch in January, 1986. Her husband is also a physical education teacher. They live and work in Long Meadow, Massachusetts.

Oddny Lilia Sigurbjorg Larson

Lilia was born in Minneota to S.M.S. and Gudfinna (Gunnlaugsdottir) Askdal. She was valedictorian of her 1921 graduation class, and attended the University of Southern California and the University of Minnesota, receiving her degree in Education in 1944. She taught schools in Yellow Medicine County, in Medford and in Blue Earth, and in Albert Lea when she and her husband moved there. Lilia died March 30, 1980 in Albert Lea. On Aug. 16, 1944 she married Edwin Roy Larson (Jan., 1896- May, 1966) at St. Paul's. Their daughter, Susan Lilia Elizabeth (Erickson), was born in April, 1950 and was baptized at St. Paul's. Edwin had two sons by a previous marriage.

Lois R. Laudert

Lois was born to Alex R. and Jonina S. (Johnson) Johnson, and grew up at St. Paul's. She now lives in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

She first married Robert Johnson; their children are Virginia and Sandra. Lois is now married to Allan Laudert, and they have three children: Allan, Susan and Jonathan.

Norma Laurier

Norma was born in 1936 to Frederick and Lucille (Gislason) Gudmundson, and grew up at Westerheim. She was a member of St. Paul's for a short time after Westerheim closed.

Norma is married to Frances Laurier, and lives in Sioux Falls. Frances has been ill for many years with multiple sclerosis and is now in the Veteran's Hospital in Sioux Falls. They have one child, Michael Francis.

Thorgrimur Laxdal

In the early years, before there was a pastor for the Icelanders in Minneota, Thorgrimur would drive to Minneota from Lake Benton on Sunday, all dressed up, and read a sermon from Vidalin's Postil - not always sticking to the text.

"Old Tom" later moved to Minneota, and worked at the Minneota House around 1890. He would occasionally take the train and travel this area: the Tracy Republican reported that he had visited them (Nov., 1892), describing him as a "substantial Icelander" who wanted good men elected. In the early 1890's, he was appointed janitor and fireman at the new school building in Minneota.

In the fall of 18%, the man who "used to be part of the furniture" at the Mascot left Minneota for North Dakota -and returned in a week, saying he had only made it to Clarkfield before changing his mind. "Old Tom" peddled (as a favor) the penned drawings of F.R. Johnson.

His life ended sadly on November 18, 1897. After several days of heavy drinking, he entered the G.S. Sigurdson home about supper time. Mrs. Sigurdson and Bertha, a daughter, were a-lone, preparing the evening meal. "Old Tom" was behaving in a very disturbed manner, and Mrs. Sigurdson and Bertha ran out of the house. They heard a shot, then another soon after. When they went back into the house, he was dead.

Thorgrimur Laxdal was a bachelor. He may have had relatives in North Dakota or in Canada.

Rev. Robert Lehner

Pastor Bob was born Oct. 21, 1946 in Little Falls, Minnesota, and lived for his first 171/2 years of his life on a small farm near Upsala, Minnesota. Because of his mother's divorce, he was raised by his maternal grandparents.

He attended school in Upsala, graduating Salutatorian of his class in May, 1964. His "home church" was Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Upsala, where he attended Sunday School and was confirmed in November, 1960.

Pastor Bob enrolled at the University of Minnesota in September, 1964 in the political science department, intending to continue in law school after graduation. After his third year, he dropped out and went to work for Shopper's City for a year. In August, 1868, he took a job with Public Finance in Minneapolis, and remained in that field until 1975, except for a short time in the Army in 1969. He finished his college in 1976 with a major in ancient history.

After four years employed at Genuine Auto Parts in St. Louis Park, Pastor Bob entered the seminary in 1980, and completed the last of his schooling and internship in May, 1984. He worked as a chaplain at Mount Olivet Home and Careview Nursing Home in south Minneapolis before his ordination in October, 1985, and began his ministry in Minneota on November 1, 1985.

Karen Finson was born Dec. 19, 1951 in Minneapolis. Most of her growing-up years were spent in Richfield. In 1974, she went to Sweden and Norway for three weeks. In 1977, she met Pastor Bob, who was teaching Sunday School.

They were married July 14, 1979. From 1975 until 1982, Karen was employed at the Fortress Church Supply Store. Their son, Brice John, was born May 22, 1986, and is quite a delight for them in their home in Minneota.

Gerald Lein

"Jerry", his wife Beverley, and their children, Sharon (Mischke), Michael, Steven, James and Peggy, moved to Minneota in 1965. Jerry farmed on land owned by J.A. Josefson for a few years, then became an insurance agent in Minneota for State Farm Insurance. They moved to Sherburn, Minnesota, in 1968, where Jerry is still an agent for State Farm.

During their years at St. Paul's, Jerry served as Sunday School Superintendent and as a teacher. Beverley also taught, and served the church as financial secretary as well. They were also willing workers when maintenance or remodeling was needed at the parsonage, and were members of the Brotherhood and the LCW.

Sharon and her husband, Darvin, live in Bloomington with their four sons. Michael and his wife, Marceil, live in Norwood with their two sons. Steven and Cynthia live in Bloomington, Jim and his wife, Jane, live in Denver, Colorado. Peggy lives in Bloomington.

Franklin Leland

"Frank" and Holmfridur ("Frieda") Gilbertson were married at St. Paul's, and their children (John, Charles and Rolland) were baptized at St. Paul's. Rolland has died, and Charles died the day after he was born.

Frank operated the Leland Drug in Minneota for many years. He and Frieda lived in Denver, Colorado in their later years.

Frieda was the daughter of Sturlaugur G. Gilbertson and Aslaug Gudmundsdottir. She graduated from Minneota High School in 1908, and was a schoolteacher for some years. In 1912, she was teaching in Minneota.

Frank and Frieda are both dead. Their son, John Stewart, lives in Long Beach, California.

Sheldon Lokken

Sheldon and his wife, Karen, joined St. Paul's in December, 1963 and transferred out in February, 1966. Their daughter, Lone Marie, was baptized in October, 1964.

Roger Lund

Roger and his wife, Claudia, and their children, Ryan, Sarah, and Serena, joined St. Paul's in the 1970's. They now live in Minot, North Dakota. Claudia served as a Sunday School teacher while they lived in Minneota.

Edwin Lyng

Edwin was born in Minneapolis on July 1, 1907 to Edward and Maria (Metlie) Lyng. On Sept. 29, 1946, he married Emily June Stone, and became a member of St. Paul's in 1958. "Ed" served on the Council and for a time as a Sunday School teacher. He worked for the City of Minneota as a maintenance man in the water department until his retirement.

June was born on June 5, 1912 to Thorsteinn Thorsteinnson and Gudmunda (Mary) Stone. She joined St. Paul's in 1958, when she and Ed transferred from Hemnes Church. They had no children. After Ed's death in 1980, June remained in their home for several years before entering the Senior Haven Home in Canby, where she died in 1984.

Arni Ells worth Magnuson

Ellsworth - "Scott" - grew up in Minneota, and is the son of Arnie and Sigurborg (Johnson) Magnusson. He left Minneota in the mid-1930's to find work in California, and has lived there since. He and his first wife, Norma, are the parents of Stuart, who was baptized at St. Paul's. He and his wife, Nicky, live in Fullerton, California and are the parents of Scott and Robin.

Herbert S. Magnusson

"Herb" grew up in Minneota, and has been a member of St. Paul's all his life. He is retired now, and lives in town. For many years, he was the parts man for Dero Chevrolet, and continued as parts man through several owners who followed Dero.

At St. Paul's, Herb has served on the church council and has been on the cemetery board for many years.

Iva S. Magnuson

Iva, sister of Herbert (both are children of Peter and

Sigurbjorg (Richards) Magnusson), has also been a member of St. Paul's all her life. She has lived in the Twin Cities for many years, and was employed as a secretary for Pontiac Motors in Minneapolis. Iva is now retired, and splits her time between Minneota and her home in St. Louis Park. Iva served as the Publicity Chairman for St. Paul's centennial celebration.

Arni Magnusson

Arni, called Ernest, was born on May 7, 1883 to Arnie and Sigurbjorg (Arnadottir) Magnusson. In June, 1913, he married Sigurborg ("Bertha") Johnson at St. Paul's, and their six children were raised here.

Josephine married Charles Lavie Roberg. They have seven children. Charles died in 1985, and Josephine lives in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Arni Ellsworth is married and lives in California. Margaret married William Jensen and lives in Minneapolis; she has two stepchildren. Phyllis was married to Roy Ewald for 24 years; he died in 1970. She moved to Luverne in 1971 to be near her sister, Elizabeth, who was married to Donald Surprenant. Her sister died in 1972, and in 1973 Phyllis married Donald. Elizabeth and Donald had six children. Dorothy married Art Lund in Minneapolis; she died in 1979.

Bertha was born in 1885 to Arni Sigvaldi Jonsson and Sigridur Vigfusdottir (sister of Johann A. Josefson), and died in 1969. Arni died in 1935.

Arnie Magnusson

Arnie and his wife, Sigurbjorg Arnadottir, came from Iceland when their son, Peter, was two years old. They settled in Lincoln County, and belonged to that church. Their other children were Arni (AKA Ernest), Magnia (Goodmundson), and Sarah (Johnson).

In September, 1893, Arnie lost a barn, two horses and four large stacks of hay in a fire of unknown cause. The next month, he was run over by a load of well curbing, and died instantly.

In 1897, his widow, Sigurbjorg, married John Eyolfson (AKA Johnson), whose wife had died in 1887, leaving four children. Sigurbjorg and John had three children of their own.

Peter Magnusson

Peter was born in 1884 to Arnie and Sigurbjorg (Amadottir) Magnusson. He grew up near Minneota, and was an active member of St. Paul's and a farmer about 1 1/2 miles north of Taunton until 1921, when his health failed. In 1925, the family moved to Minneota. Peter died in 1953.

In 1910, Peter married Sigurbjorg ("Bertha") Richards. Their children are Herbert, Iva and Richard. Another son died as an infant. All were baptized at St. Paul's, and grew up in the church.

Richard was a member until his marriage to Evelyn Pesek. They have four children, Sherilyn (Ikrem), Carol (Mulder), Robert and Tern, and live in Minneota. Evelyn owns a drapery business, and "Dick" works in Marshall at the John Deere dealership. They belong to St. Edward's Church.

Bertha was born in 1888 in Minneota to Herborg and Rikkardur Johannson (later Richards). Bertha's baking was very popular, especially her kleinur. Helen Josephson would bring her fresh lard to Bertha, who would make a big "batch" of kleinur in return; after Helen had no lard to bring, and Bertha no longer baked as she had, Helen's vegetable beef soup found its way into Bertha's freezer. Bertha lived in Minneota, in the house across from the high school, until her death in 1982.

Sveinn Magnusson

Sveinn was a photographer in Minneota whose studio was in the Sigurdson building at Second & Jefferson Sts. - The Big Store building. "Magnus Photograph Studio" is the name on many of Minneota's oldest photographs.

Sveinn's wife was Gudrun Salina "Jones", a sister of Bjarni Jonsson ("Barney Jones"). When she first came to America, she lived in Minneota, and was a charter member of St. Paul's. "Lena" worked as a nurse in Minneapolis before her marriage in 1897, and was a frequent visitor in town.

Lena and Sveinn's sons, Eugene and Bjarni, were baptized at St. Paul's.

Sharlotte A. Mendenhall

Sharlotte was born in Minneota, the daughter of S.A. and Lillian (Dahl) Anderson, and was a member of St. Paul's as she was growing up. She and her husband, Harold, are the parents of two daughters, Ann and Jean.

Sharlotte lives in Minneapolis.

Richard Menken

"Dick" and his wife, Dianne, joined St. Paul's in the mid-1970's shortly after they moved to Minneota. Dick is a carpenter, and Dianne and he own and operate The Coffee Hutch cafe in Minneota. Their children are Heidi and Melissa.

Mary Anita Meyer

Anita was born in Tyler, Minnesota on Dec. 25, 1937 to John and Esther (Anderson) Buretta. She was confirmed at St. Paul's in June, 1951, and remained a member until her death from cancer in 1980.

Anita married Glen Meyer on July 11, 1960, and they lived in Lynd, Minnesota. Their son, Scott William, became a member of St. Paul's in 1981, and lives in Lynd.

Arle Mae Mogren

Arle Mae, the daughter of C.W. and Maria (Isfeld) Ama-son, attended Sunday School and was confirmed at St. Paul's. She graduated from Mankato High School and the Univ. of Minnesota, and taught English in Big Lake, Minnesota. In 1944, she married Dr. Eric W. Mogren

They moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado in 1948, where her husband was a professor of forestry until his retirement in 1986. Arle Mae has been an active member of church, school, community and college organizations.

Arle Mae and Eric have two sons. Paul is a professor at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and Eric is an attorney in Denver, Colorado.

Arle Mae was a member of the Junior Choir at St. Paul's when Dora Harvey was the director. She used to ride with Rev. Guttormsson out into the country when confirmation classes were held in homes, and during one trip lost the Bible that had belonged to her uncle, Ole Arnason, who died in World War I. It was found a year later when the Guttormsson's cleaned out their car: it had fallen under the back seat.

Chester Mohn

Chester was born in March, 1908, and grew up in the Minneota area. In 1937, he married Blanche Sigurdson, daughter of Paul and Alma (Halvorson) Sigurdson. For five years, they lived in the Quad Cities (Illinois-Missouri border) area and Chester worked for International Harvester. When his father died in 1942, they returned to Minneota to farm the land, and in 1954 moved to Correll, Minnesota (near Appleton). In 1966, they moved to Benson, Minnesota, where Blanche still lives. Chester died in December, 1981.

Chester and Blanche have two daughters. Carolyn born school that Shirley attended. The Luther League was a learning and fun experience for her while she was a teenager in Minneota.

Darlene Noyes

Darlene, the daughter of Orlando and Irene Johnson, grew up at St. Paul's. She was active in the Minneota High School band.

Darlene worked for a time as a technical underwriter for Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance in Minneapolis, and also for Jim's Clothing and Sporting Goods in Dawson, Minnesota. She is now a licensed Day Care provider in Dawson, where she lives with her husband, Larry, and their children, Wade and Melanie.

Mark Allen Oakland

Mark is the son of Merlyn and Marlys (Johnson) Oakland, and a member of St. Paul's since birth. He married Carol Eischens on July 24, 1982, and their son, Christopher, was born March 10, 1982. Mark and his family live in Minneota in the house he grew up in, and he is employed in town.

Merlyn G. Oakland

Merlyn was born Dec. 21, 1929 in Swede Prairie Township to Lars and Maye Oakland. He married Marlys Johnson (daughter of Alden and Mabel Johnson) on June 14, 1958, and they became members of St. Paul's in 1960. Merlyn farmed for several years north of Minneota, then moved into town to work for Geiwitz & Son as a farm machinery mechanic. He died suddenly of a heart attack at Clara City, Minnesota in 1977.

After Merlyn died, Marlys opened a cafe in Minneota -"Oaky's" - in the building where Harvey Rafnson operated the "Dairy Lunch" for many years. After the cafe closed, she moved to Marshall, where she was manager of the Trident Apartments, and transferred her church membership to Christ Ev. Lutheran in Marshall. Marlys died in 1986.

Merlyn and Marlys had two children: Mark (Nov., 1960) and Holli (Feb., 1970). Holli now lives in Milroy with Marlys' aunt, May Novak.

Sveinn Oddsson

Sveinn worked in a printing office in Iceland, and came to Minneota to work for G.B. Bjornsson on the Icelandic Synod's monthly Sunday School magazine, "Kennarinn", begun in the fall of 1897. When the magazine folded after a few years, Johnson & Company bought his house and sold it later to Joseph V. Josephson.

Sveinn married Margret Westdal, daughter of Asgrimur and Gudny Westdal. They lived for a time in the house across the street from Joseph A. Josefson in Minneota. Their son, Ludwig, made his home with the Westdals, and went by the Westdal name. Another son, "Babe", was a professional hockey player.

Ingibjorg Olafsdottir

Ingibjorg was 76 years old when she died at the home of Stefan and Rosa Ausmann in 1912 (the cemetery records say she was a Johnson). "Emma" joined the Ausmann household in 1872 in Iceland, where she worked as a helper and maid for forty years and was considered a faithful friend of the family.

Gudny Olafsdottir

Gudny was a charter member of St. Paul's. Nothing else is known of her or her family.

Einar Olafson

Einar was born Oct. 1, 1855 to Olafur Rafnsson and Ragnhildur Thorvardardottir, and grew up in northeastern Iceland. He worked for several years for farmers in the countryside, then in 1882 moved into the city of Vopnafjord to work for Dr. Gudjonsson.

In 1884, Einar became one of two mail carriers in that area, and made one trip a month in the winter time, each trip taking 6-9 days, depending on the weather. He never used a horse, but enlisted help if the mailbag was heavy. During the summer months, he often went on buying trips for the merchants of Vopnafjord. Einar was an excellent walker, and earned the nickname "Einar the Fly" after traveling at an unusual pace over mountains and through gullies, completing four trips in one week.

In January, 1888 Einar married Engebjorg Petursdottir. In 1889, they moved to the Selkirk, Manitoba area, and in 1898 moved to Minneota. Their children are Olaf Ragnheidur (Reinke Hessel), Peter Helgi, and Jona Soffia (Haggerty).

Einar never tired of walking or foot-racing, and while he lived in Canada was well-known for his contests with the Indians there.

After moving to Minneota, "Ingibjorg" became a close friend of Salvor Askdal and Sigurlog Sigurdson. Almost every morning, they would meet for coffee and "maulies" (sugar lumps) and talk over the news and happenings in Minneota. Many of the first immigrants could eventually understand English, but seldom felt comfortable speaking anything but Icelandic; these three friends would discuss The Minneota Mascot's contents (always printed in English) in their native language.

Einar died in 1943 of pneumonia, and Ingibjorg in 1950 at 93 years old. "Olive" worked as a secretary for Mankato State Teacher's College; Peter was a farmer; and Soffia lived in Iowa after her marriage.

Peter Olafson

Peter, the son of Einar and Engebjorg Olafson, was a farmer in the Minneota area all his working life. He married Mae Kiley, and their children are Raymond, Bernard and Catherine. After Mae's death, he married Sophie Moorse (she died in 1984).

Peter was drafted in February, 1918, and went into the army with S. Frank Josephson (and others). After his retirement, he moved into town, and was active in the Minneota Senior Citizens. Peter served on the first advisory board of the group in 1969.

Peter died in February, 1982. He had been a member of St. Paul's until his first marriage, when he joined St. Edward's Church in Minneota.

Arlet Olson

Arlet, the daughter of Adalsteinn Gudmundur and Anna (Esping) Johnson, grew up at the Westerheim Church, and transferred to St. Paul's in 1955, and was a member until her death.

On August 10, 1934, she married Alben E. Olson (of Vallers) in Clear Lake, South Dakota. Their children are Gloria, Almira, Virginia, Al-ben Jr., and Arlemae. The family moved out of the area, and in the late 1970's were living in Washington State.

Dora Olson

Dora was the daughter of Asbjorn and Sigurbjorg (Eymundsdottir) Josephson, and worked as a school teacher. She married Eustis Olson of Ivanhoe in 1920. For many years they operated Sunnyside Dairy Farm on Ash Lake near Ivanhoe. By 1940, they had sold out and moved to North Carolina.

Eustis became a merchant seaman. During World War II, he ran a trawler up and down the East Coast, watching for German U-boats. He visited friends in the Minneota area in late 1986, and still lives in North Carolina. Dora has died.

Dora's siblings were Signdur (Gravhaug), Octavia (Gravhaug), Sarah (Berg), Fredricka (Case), and John.

Elmer Olson

Elmer married Nina Christianson, daughter of Sigurbjorn and Vilbong Kristjansson, in 1911. Nina's father and sister, Jona (Muir), were witnesses at the ceremony.

Elmer and Nina were members for several years after their marriage; their daughter, Mildred, was baptized at St. Paul's. They lived north of Minneota; Elmer was a farmer.

Lois Olson

Lois was born Jan. 1, 1949 to Fredrick and Lucille (Gislason) Gudmundson. She was confirmed at St. Paul's, and remained a member until her marriage to James Olson. Lois was active in the Luther League and in school activities while growing up. Lois and her husband live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota with their children, Lisa and Bryce.

lngvar Ousman

"Ivar" was born Nov. 26, 1880 to Stefan and Rosa (Kristjansdottir) Ausmann, and emigrated from Iceland with his family. He attended school until he was 17 and worked for his father until he bought land in Nordland Township, and later bought the home place.

Ivar joined St. Edward's Church when he married Catherine Donnelly in 1909. They had two daughters, and Catherine died in 1912 shortly after the youngest was born. Ivan later married Margaret Heinen, and they had a son and daughter. Ivar died June 11 1930, and is buried in St. Edward's Cemetery.

Johann Ousman

"John" was born Jan. 6, 1881 to Stefan Ausmann and Rosa Kristjansdottir in Iceland, and grew up on the family farm southwest of Minneota. In 1911, he married Sigridur Johnson, and they are the parents of Lillian Vivadale (Morency), Donald, Emily Lorraine, Kenneth, Leon, Richard and Wallace, all baptized at St. Paul's.

"Sarah" was born in Nov., 1891 in Lincoln County to Gudjon and Sigridur Johnson.

John worked for the Duluth and Iron Range Railroad from 1904 to 1912, and lived in Two Harbors, Minnesota. After he resigned, he and Sarah moved back to Minneota, where he worked for Bjarni "Jones" and as a carpenter before taking a job at the Eagle Roller Mills in Minneota. John worked there from 1914 until retiring in 1950.

John was an avid gardener, and took charge of the weeding for his daughter-in-law, Jeanette - though he often mistook flowers and vegetables for weeds. When Dr. Vandersluis built his home, John volunteered advice in planning the trees for their yard. John was an early riser, and went downtown for the mail and coffee (saucered, of course) daily, with a cheery, booming greeting for all he met.

Sarah was active in the LCW and, while the children were young, in the Sunday School. She also contributed to the 90th History of St. Paul's.

Donald left Minneota after high school graduation, and lived in Seattle, Washington. He married Evelyn Sovell in 1947; they had no children. Donald was employed at the American Can Company. He has died, and is buried in Seattle.

Kenneth also lived away from Minneota after his schooling here. He married Patricia Hepp in May, 1952, and they have one son, Richard. Kenneth worked for many years for the Flying Tigers, and is now retired and living in Granada Hills, California.

Leon Ousman

Leon, another son of Johann and Sigridur Ousman, has lived in Minneota all his life.

He has served for many years as Justice of the Peace (now called Court Commissioner), and is active in the Rotary (1984 Man of the Year). Leon is also a Shriner, and a member of the mini-car unit which is in many parades during the summer.

On June 22, 1947, he married Jeanette Peterson (born Mar. 28, 1924), daughter of Carey and Anna Peterson of Canby. Her father now lives in Albert Lea, in poor health. Jeanette moved to Minneota when she began teaching in the elementary school in 1944, and taught through the spring of 1986.

Leon and Jeanette have both been active at St. Paul's. Leon has served on the Council and contributed many hours of repairs and upkeep on the church and parsonage. Jeanette has also served on the Council, and is a member of the LCW. Leon is a farmer, and works with the help of Alden Johnson.

E. Lorraine Ousman

Lorraine, daughter of Johann and Sigridur, has been a member of St. Paul's all her life. She has served on the Council, as director of the Junior Choir, and as Sunday School superintendent/teacher.

Lorraine worked for many years at the Doctor's Plaza in Marshall, and retired in December, 1986.

Richard Ousman

This son of Johann and Sigridur Ousman grew up at St. Paul's, and was a member until 1964. On Dec. 30, 1950 he married Arlys Solmonson, a school teacher in Minneota. They have two children, Paul and Kathryn.

Richard worked as a greenskeeper at the New London Golf Course and for the Kandiyohi County Highway Dept., and has lived in Spicer, Minnesota since leaving Minneota. He died in 1985 of cancer, and is buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.

Wallace John Ousman

"Wally", son of Johann and Sigridur Ousman, was a member of St. Paul's until he moved his family to Marshall in 1966. Wally married Audrey Prellwitz in May, 1952. Their children are Laurie (Glasser), Karen (Leffler), Mark, Julie (Rope), and Thomas.

Wally owned Ousman Printing in Marshall; the printing of St. Paul's 90th History was done at his business. He is still in the printing business, but now lives in Coaldale, Colorado.

Laurie and her husband, Douglas, have three children; Karen and her husband have three children. All of this Ousman family live in Colorado.

Gail L. Pearson

Gail was born June 17, 1937 to Harold and Alice Pearson. He married Sharon Madoll on March 21, 1%0, and they are the parents of Gary G. (June 22, 1963) and Sandy Lynn (Oct. 28, 1%9).

The Pearsons live east of Minneota. Gary is now married to Barbara Van Moorlehem.

Wayne Pesch

Wayne was born Sept. 18,

18% to Peter and Paulina Pesch at Bethany, Illinois. In 1923 he married Maria Rafnson, daughter of Olafur and Sigurjona Rafnson. Except for a few years in Elbow Lake and Ashby, they have farmed in the Minneota area. Wayne died in 1978 of cancer; Marie lives in Minneota.

Their children are Wallace (1926), Ruth (Van Hyfte) (1930), Lyle (1932), Dorothy (1935 - died as infant), Lawrence (1941), Gene (1945), Lois (Chlebecek), (1924), Mavis (Versche Ide) (1934), and Donald (1928).

Sally Petersen

Sally is the daughter of Harvey and Evalyn Rafnson. She grew up at St. Paul's, and was active in the Luther League. On Dec. 27, 1964 she married Eric Falk Petersen. She and Eric are the parents of Ethan (1%9) and Seth (1971) and live in Midland, Michigan.

Byron Snorri Peterson

Byron was born in 1917 to Steve G. and Lillia (Hognason) Peterson. He was a member of

Westerheim until 1955, and of St. Paul's since then.

Byron graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Agricultural Economics in 1939, and earned his master's at the University of New Hampshire. He worked for the Statistical Reporting Service of the USDA, stationed in New England, Ohio, Minnesota and Washington, D.C. Since his retirement, he has enjoyed traveling in the States, Canada, Europe and Africa.

During World War II, he served 21/2 years in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, and later served on the Army General Staff in the Pentagon during the Korean War.

As a young man, he worked for S. Frank Josephson, and remembers working the sand banks on Riverside Farm with the "help" of S. Frank's young sons, who were in the lumber wagon covered with sand, apparently trying to catch it as it was shoveled into the wagon.

Byron and his wife live in Winchester, Massachusetts. They have two sons, Stephen and James.

Corrine Peterson

Corrine transferred to St. Paul's with her parents, Carl and Margaret Hall, in 1%2, and was a member until her marriage in 1965 to George Harvey Peterson. She currently lives in Minneapolis.

Diane Peterson

Diane was born Oct. 22, 1956 to Ordell and Gwen Severson. She joined St. Paul's as a Child Member in 1964 when her parents joined. Diane and her husband, Doug, live in Texas with their family.

Frank Peterson

Frank was the son of Sigf innur and Sigurbjorg (Sigurdardottir) Petursson. In 1904, he married Halldora Jona Sigurdsson. Their daughter, Caroline Solveig (Sept., 1905), was baptized at St. Paul's.

"Dora" was the daughter of Gudjon and Solveig Sigurdsson; Jorunn Jonathan was her sister.

Glenn L. Peterson

Glenn was a member from Nov., 1965 to Oct., 1967, and now belongs to Hope Lutheran. For a few years when he first moved to Minneota, he worked at Finnegan's Super Valu, then took a job at Southwest State University in Marshall.

His wife, Rita Jones Pedersen, has never belonged to St. Paul's, but has been guest soloist on many different occasions in our church. Her sister, Mary, is married to Rev. Stefan Guttormsson.

Glen is the step-father to Linda (Moorse), and Timothy Pedersen and Lisa (Sonnenburg), Rita's children.

Jens C. Peterson

Jens was an early contributor to St. Paul's who lent money to the church so the contractor's bill for the church's construction could be paid. In the early 1880's, he was active on Minneota's Town Council, serving as trustee and president at various times.

In the late 1880's, the family moved to Dawson for a time, but were in Minneota again in 1895, when he was the vice-president of the State Bank of Minneota.

He and his wife had two daughters. Mamie went on to music school in Sioux Falls after her schooling here, and Clara died in 1894.

Joseph Sigfinnur Peterson

"Joe" was the son of Olafur Sigfinnsson and Anna (Johnson) Petursson. On June 21, 1938 he married Arlene Larson, born Nov. 6, 1921 to Pontus and Besse (Roberts) Larson. Joe and Arlene have two daughters: Dolores (Shafer) and Chrystal (Gawarecki). The family belonged to Westerheim until 1955, and to St. Paul's since then. Joe died in 1966 of a heart attack while driving on the afternoon school bus route. He was a farmer, and also an avid reader who spent many hours in his chair next to a small bookshelf in his home. In high school, he was on the Minneota football team, and at St. Paul's served on the Council.

Arlene grew up in the Arco area; her. sister Rachel was Josef Gislason's first wife. For many years, Arlene worked at Weiner Memorial Hospital in Marshall, and has now retired.

Dolores' husband, Robert Shafer, has died. They had three daughters, Kimberly, Pamela and Brenda.

Dolores is an RN, and lives and works in the Minneapolis -St. Paul area. Her daughters are grown. Chrystal married Dennis Gawarecki; they are members of St. Paul's.

Stefan G. Peterson

"Steve" was born in 1876 to Gudmundur S. and Sesseija Petursson. When the family came to this area, they settled in Westerheim and attended church there. Steve attended high school in Marshall (early 1890's), and continued his education in 1897 in St. Paul, where he studied engineering during the winter.

Steve's wife was Christine Lilja Hognason, daughter of Snorri and Vilborg Hognason.

Their children are Gordon (Apr., 1910), Wilbur (Sept., 1911), Joan (Palm) (June,

1915), Bryon (Jan., 1917), John (Feb., 1925) and Cecil (died in 1984).

In 1955, Wilbur, Byron, Gordon and their father transferred their membership to St. Paul's. Byron is still a member. Christine Lilja died in 1946, and Stefan in 1959.

Sigfinnur Petursson

Sigfinnur was born July 10, 1838 in Iceland, and married his first wife there. They had one child, Olafur Sigfinnson, born April 27, 1863. After his wife's death, Sigfinnur came to America, and later married Sigurbjorg Sigurdardottir. They had three children: Frank, Sigurdur and Joseph.

Sigurbjorg's first husband, Bjorn Hallason, died in Iceland. She came to America with their two sons, Hallur and George Bjornsson (AKA Benson). Sigurbjorg was born May 7, 1843, one of five sisters who came to this country. (One of these sisters was Dora Harvey's grandmother.)

Sigfinnur died in 1915, and Sigurbjorg in 1917.

Albert E. Raeder

"Al" and his wife, Pamela, were members of St. Paul's from 1972 until 1981. They now live in Watertown, South Dakota, and belong to a church there.

During their years here, Al was manager of the M-G-T Coop. in Minneota, and they were very active at St. Paul's in the Sunday School, the choir, and on the church council. Al was a charter member of the Minneota Jaycees when it organized, and a member of the ambulance squad in Minneota.

"Pam" was a member of the LCW, a member of the choir, a Sunday School teacher, and worked on "St. Paul's Epistle", the newsletter. Pam also taught Home Economics and pre-school in the Minneota schools. They are the parents of two daughters, Laura and Julie.

Agust H. Rainson

Agust was born in Iceland to Jon and Gudrun Rafnson. He was the brother of Olafur,

Gudmundur, Jon, Gudrun (Tyler), Cele, and Stefania (Farnam).

Agust and his wife, Margaret Johnson, were the parents of Johanna (Jan., 1901), Marvin (Sept., 1902), Haldor (June, 1904), Sigurjona (Dec., 1906), Esther (Bigham) (Jan., 1911), and Vivian (Aug., 1913).

Margaret was the daughter of Jon Eyolfson and his first wife; her foster parents were Arngrimur and Johanna Johnson.

Byron Rafnson

Byron was born in 1908 to Olafur J. and Sigurjona (Gudmundson) Rafnson, and was a member of St. Paul's until his marriage.

He married Louise Frank, daughter of Peter and Carrie Frank, on March 23, 1935 in Canby. "Babe" died in January, 1986. Their children are Arlene (DePestel), Marilyn (Lee), Carol (Lozinski), Leon, Larry, Byron and Philip.

Byron worked for the Village of Minneota, and is now retired.

Dennis Rafnson

Dennis was born in 1938 to Harvey and Evalyn (Thostenson) Rafnson, and grew up in Minneota. He was active in St. Paul's Luther League as a teenager. Dennis attended college at South Dakota State University and Mankato State College.

Dennis married Karen Drury of Cottonwood, and they now live in Marshall with their children. Dennis is now a member of a church in Marshall.

Franklin Rafnson

Franklin was born in 1895 to Gudmundur and Adalbjorg Rafnson, and grew up in the Minneota area. He was a member of St. Paul's until after he moved away.

Franklin was a member of the Minneota High School basketball team during the 1912 season - three games were held that year, all against Marshall.

Franklin moved several times before settling on the West Coast. He worked for the Great Northern Railroad in Minnesota, Wisconsin and on the West Coast, where he died. His wife and daughter have also died.

Gudmundur Jon Rafnson

"Mundi" was the son of Jon and Gudrun Rafnson. He first married Thorgerdur Einarsdottir; they had two children (one named Olof, baptized in Lincoln County). After Thorgerdur died, he married Adalbjorg Asbjornson. He and "Abba" were the parents of Franklin (Mar., 1895), Marvin 5. (Oct., 1898), Marvin W. (June. 1900), and Lillian (Brown) (Dec., 1902).

Mundi worked for Bjarni "Jones" in the butcher shop as a bookkeeper.

Abba and her sister, Stefania, came to America when their brothers sent the passage money. Her parents, Sigbjorn and Sigridur Asbjornson, were settled in Marshall. The girls traveled through Edinburgh, Ellis Island, and west by train to Marshall. Abba was disappointed by the lack of trees, but never wished to return to Iceland. As a child, she had been sent up the cliffs to pick eider down from the nests after the ducks were gone, and the tide came in once while she was still on the cliffs.

The work available to Abba and her sister was housework, and two sons of her first employer helped them learn English - but still laughed at their attempts. At age 18, she entered the first grade, but was too embarrassed to continue. She went to Duluth as a housekeeper, then as a seamstress in Minneapolis before marrying Mundi.

Mundi was a charter member of St. Paul's. In later years, he moved to Minneapolis with his family after he had lost his eyesight.

Halfdan Julius Rafnson

"Halli" was born at Gimli, Manitoba in 1908 to Pjetur Fridholm and Johanna (Bjering) Rafnson, and grew up in Canada. He worked for Arni Josephson. When the work ended, Arni suggested he come to the Minneota area, as Arni's sons, Helgi and S. Frank, would have farmwork. It was about 1928 when Halli came to Minneota.

Halli and Grace Knutson (daughter of Swen and Mary Knutson) were married May 15, 1937. They farmed for a year, then moved into town and operated a gas station until Halli went west on defense work. He worked at the Rapid City Air Base, at Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and then on the Alaskan Highway, where he said he saw the sun set in the west at the same time it rose in the east. After nine months in Alaska, he spent eight months in Greenland.

After his defense work finished, he and Grace operated the Red Owl Store in Minneota. Business was good until the 1957 flood. They lost all their supplies and the freezers needed repairs, so they closed the store and moved to Rapid City. Halli worked for several construction companies and then for William Anderson (brother of Elizabeth) in his cabinet shop until Halli found he had cancer. He died May 15, 1969.

Grace and their son, Richard, went with Halli whenever they could, and stayed with his relatives in Winnepeg when they couldn't. She has worked in clerking positions in many places, and while she lived in Milroy was manager of the Milroy Apartments. She moved back to Minneota in June, 1985 and lives in the Tri-Minn Apartments.

Halli was the brother of Johann, Pjetur, Norman, Anna (Davidson) and Adaiheidur (Goodine). This Rafnson family is not related to others from Minneota.

Harvey Jon Rafnson

Harvey's parents were Olafur and Sigurjona Rafnson. On Sept. 26, 1936 he married Evalyn Thostenson in Dawson, Minnesota. Their children are Dennis (Oct., 1938), Kay (Curwick) (Feb., 1942), and Sally (Petersen) (Nov., 1943).

Harvey and Evalyn owned and operated the Minneota Dairy Lunch for many years. Harvey cooked and served meals, and Evalyn baked pies every day at home and brought them down to the restaurant fresh and warm. Michael Josephson remembers the "Fudge-O's", frozen soft-serve in a cup. Sometimes, when you got to the end of your Fudge-O your stick would say "FREE". Most of the time, his sister, Cory, got a FREE one; he remembers getting only one FREE Fudge-O - as well as the punishment he received for trying to increase the odds by saving his offering plate dime to buy an extra one!

Harvey was active on the Fire Department during those years, and many children at the front counter remember the order, "DUCK - COMING THROUGH!" when the fire whistle blew, and Harvey jumping over the counter and running out the door.

After they closed the "Dairy Lunch", Harvey went to work at Southwest State University. He died of cancer in 1976.

Evalyn was born in Swede Prairie in September, 1918. She now lives in Granite Falls, not far from her relatives.

Jon Rafnson

Jon was born about 1827 in Iceland. His wife, Gudrun, was born in 1843. They came to America with their children, Olafur, Gudmundur, Jon and August, from their farmstead Buastadir in Vopnafjordur in 1889. Jon and Gudrun were members of St. Paul's. Jon died in 1905 of cancer, and Gudrun died in 1920.

Marvin William Rafnson

Marvin was born in 1900 to Gudmundur and Adalbjorg (Asbjornson) Rafnson. During high school, he was on the basketball team that went to the area championship in 1920, playing against New Ulm. Minneota was undefeated until this last game, which they lost to New Ulm.

Marvin later worked for the Great Northern Railroad and went to night school at the University of Minnesota studying accounting. He worked with a Chicago accounting firm after college. Marvin married a niece of Dr. Thordarson, and they had a son, Clifford. Clifford now works with the Federal Forrest Service. Marvin and his wife have died.

Olafur J. Rafnson

Olafur's parents were Jon and Gudrun Rafnson. He married Sigurjona Gudmundson (AKA Sarah Snidal) in 1899. Their children are Gudmunda Maria (Pesch) (Sept., 1900), Cordelia Ingibjorg (Swanson) (May, 1902), Gudrun (Apr., 1904), Byron Eyjolfur (Aug., 1908), Kristin Sigurbjorg (Boltinghouse) (Apr., 1906), Kristbjorg Agnes (Severson) (Oct., 1910), Harvey Jon (Dec., 1912), Johanna Ingigerdur (Karschnik) (May, 1915), Clara Adalbjorg (Falasca) (May, 1920), Alice Gudrun (Schultz) (Sept., 1917).

This is one of the few families who were members of Lincoln, Westerheim and St. Paul's at various times. Ole was a farmer, and farmed land from Lincoln County to Westerheim over the years. He died in 1940.

"Sarah" was born July 1, 1878 to Kristin Bjornsdottir and Eyjolfur Gudmundson. Her mother later married Jon Snidal. Sarah's sister was Gudmunda ("Mary") Stone.

Richard Rafnson

Richard's parents are Half-dan and Grace (Knutson) Rafnson. He was confirmed at St. Paul's in 1952. After high school, he attended butcher school and worked for his father at the Red Owl. When the store closed, he worked as a slip jack man with an elevator company, then on underground missiles near Rapid City in the same capacity.

Richard married KathyStangeland of Gary, South Dakota. Their children are David, Denise and Heather.

Richard now lives in Red-ding, California where he owns a plumbing company, "Faucet Doctor". He and Kathy are divorced. He married Alma Keller on Feb. 14, 1975. She had one girl, Angela.

Ella Rask

Ella is the daughter of Albert and Augusta Johnson and an aunt of Elizabeth Anderson and Eunice Frakes.

She has been a member of St. Paul's most of her life.

Ella married Peter Rask in November, 1920. Their children are Peter and Donna. Peter has died; Ella now lives in a home in Minneapolis.

Kenneth Rasmussen

Kenneth was a member for a short time in the 1970's. He was married to Nellie Josephson, daughter of Fredrick and Yolande Josephson. Kenneth's father was baptized at the Lincoln County Church; his grandparents were Herman and Hilma Rasmussen.

James C. Reiss

This family lives near Taunton, and joined St. Paul's in the 1970's. James is theson of Charles and Cora (Vandewalker) Reiss, and is married to Carol Menken. James' and Carol's children are Carrie, Chad and Cheryl.

Carrie is a 1985 oraduate of Minneota High School, and attends South Dakota State University - Brookings. She was very active in high school, and at St. Paul's has played the piano on various occasions.

Jon Reykdal

Jon and his wife, Ragnhildur, were charter members of St. Paul's. Jon also served on the Council for several terms, and as the church janitor. Their children are Margaret Augusta (Mar., 1892), and Agustus Sigurdur (Sept., 1893).

Jon and Ragnhildur moved to Winnipeg for a short time, then returned to Minneota in August, 1892 and were living in Rye's Hall. OnJan. 1,1893, Margaret died at 91/2 months old, apparently from difficulties in teething. In September, 1898, a cousin of Ragnhildur, Elinborg Johannesdottir, arrived in Minneota from Iceland.

Emil M. Rhyne

Emil's parents were Eli M. and Betsy Rhyne; his brother, Rudolph, served as best man when Emil married Elm Thora Guttormsson in 1948.

Emil and Elm lived in Minneota until 1963, when they moved to Woodland, California, where they still live. They have two sons, Emil and Paul. Another son, Timothy, died in 1960.

Joe Richards

Joe was born Jan. 24, 1880 to Rikkardur and Herborg (Sigurdardottir) Johannsson.

In 1912, he married Lilja Gudrun Snidal, daughter of Jon and Kristin (Bjornsd.)

Snidal. Their children are Elmo Sigurdur (Feb., 1913), Virgil John (Nov., 1914),

Leonard (Nov., 1917), Carol Donna (Burnice) (Apr., 1919), Kristin Herborg (Severtson)

(Jan., 1921), and Martha Jean (Sovie) (Feb., 1926).

Joe and Lilja were members of Wp~tprhpim Church. And the children grew up on their farm north of Minneota. Lilja died in 1948. In 1955, Joe transferred his membership to St. Paul's. He died in March, 1966. Of the children, Leonard is the only one who is still a member of St. Paul's.

John G. Richards

John was born in 1888 to Rikkardur and Herborg (Sigurdardottir) Johannsson. John farmed near Minneota, and was a member of Westerheim Church. He married Ingiborg Snidal, daughter of Jon and Kristin Snidal; they had no children.

John and "Engie" transferred to St. Paul's in 1955, and in their later years lived in the small house across from the high school and Herbert Magnuson (a nephew of John). Engie died in May, 1966, 82 years old; John died in March, 1967.

Leonard Richards

Leonard was born Nov. 14, 1917 to Joe and Lilja (Snidal) Richards. On July 21, 1945 he married Dorys Gislason (born Oct. 20, 1925 to Byron and Marie Gislason). Their children are Yvonne (Sussner) (Sept., 1946), Kathryn (Gorecki) (Aug., 1948), Gary (July, 1952), and Cynthia (Oct., 1953).

Leonard and Dorys were members of Westerheim Church until 1955. Leonard farmed north of Minneota while the children were growing up. He and Dorys now live in Taunton. Leonard is a school bus driver for Minneota's schools, and is thought to be a stand-in for Santa Claus from time to time. For a few years, Dorys co-owned the Knit-N-Stitch with Viola Gislason.

Yvonne is married to Robert Sussner; Kathryn married Robert Gorecki (son of Lois Chlebecek); Cynthia has also married. Leonard, Dorys and Gary are still members of St. Paul's.

Thorsteinn Richards

AKA Stone R. Johnson. "Stone" was a son of Rikkardur and Herborg Johannsson, and a charter member of St. Paul's. He and his wife, Nellie, were the parents of Donald, Howard, Eldon and Eunice. Nellie died in 1929 of heart failure, when the oldest child was six. Stone died in 1933, 59 years old, of cancer. The children lived with their aunts, Hilda Driessen and Bertha Magnuson.

Charles Roberg

Charles and his wife, Annie, were members of St. Paul's for some years. Their children are Andrew (Aug., 1914), Wallace Clarence (Apr., 1916), Charles Lavie and Kermit, and Claron.

Andrew now lives in the Minneapolis area. Kermit died of tuberculosis as a young man.

Charles Lavie Roberg

"Lavie", son of Charles and Annie, and his wife, Josephine Magnuson, were the parents of Donavan, Barbara, Audrey, Ernest, Sharon, Margaret and Merriam ("Mary" Clough). The children were baptized at St. Paul's, and the family belonged for some years.

Lavie died in 1985; Josephine now lives in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

Josephine's parents were Arni and Sigurborg (Johnson) Magnuson.

Claron Roberg

"Chuck" is the son of Charles and Annie Roberg. He married Ruth Johannson, a sister of Caroline Allen and Hansina Geiwitz. They have two children, Jill and Kermit. Jill was baptized at St. Paul's. The family has moved, and no longer belongs to St. Paul's.

Earl Roberts

Earl married Maria Ellen Johnson at St. Paul's in 1920. She was the daughter of Jon Eyolfson and Sigurbjorg Amadottir (later Magnusson).

Earl and Maria have three children: Darrell, Duane and James. They were members of St. Paul's for some years, and have now transferred elsewhere.

Floyd Roberts

Floyd, a brother of Earl, married Jennie D. Johnson, a sister of Maria Ellen Johnson. Floyd and Jennie were the parents of Shirley and Randall, and were members of St. Paul's.

Shirley is married to attorney Durward Pederson and lives in Ivanhoe. Randall lives in Denver, Colorado.

Lois Eileen Russell

Lois was born in 1951 to Joseph A. and Gladys (Coover) Josefson. She grew up at St. Paul's, and was very active in the Luther League and in Synod-level church service as a district Luther League president, on the Synod Youth Ministry Commission, World Federation Assembly in Evian, France in 1970, a delegate to the World Encounter of Lutheran Youth in Mexico City, Mexico, in Santiago, Chile, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Thonon, France. Lois has also been a member of the InterLutheran Planning Committee for Discovery, '73, of the LCA Division for World Mission and Ecumenism Management Committee, of Gustavus Adolphus' Board of Trustees, and the LCA Court of Adjudication. Lois is presently a member of Augustana Lutheran in Fergus Falls, and is active in the LCW there.

With all these experiences behind her, her fondest church memories and most cherished times were centered at St. Paul's, in Bible School, Sunday School, confirmation classes and Luther League. The sense of acceptance and affirmation she felt from her classmates and other members of St. Paul's have shaped her life and attitudes. Lois knows what awonderful, nurturing home a church family can be because of St. Paul's and is thankful for each person she has known here.

Lois is also an attorney (graduated from Gustavus Adolphus and the Univ. of Minnesota Law School) and a homemaker. She now spends much time chaufeuring her two children, Laurel and Heather, to school, swimming and gymnastic lessons, and wondering and planning how to fix up the old home she and her husband, Robert, have purchased.

Barbara Rye

Barbara is the daughter of Virgil V. and Marian (Clapp) Gislason. She is a graduate of the Willmar AVTI in Technical Arts and Illustration, and of the Alexandria AVTI in Fashion Management.

Barbara is married to Donald Rye, Jr., son of Donald and Suzanne Rye of Minneota. Barbara and Donald are the parents of Michael Scott, born Mar. 27, 1986, and live in Minneapolis. Donald is a computer programmer for Walman Optical Company.

Patrick Sarazyn

"Pat" is the son of George and Elsie Sarazyn, and a native of Taunton. He has been a member of St. Paul's since his marriage to Wendy (Severson Boerboom), and has served on the Council.

Wendy is the organist at St. Paul's, and also teaches music lessons. She is currently a student at Southwest State University in their music program. Wendy's parents are Ordell and Gwen (Mann) Severson. She was first married to Samuel Boerboom, and their son is Lance Boerboom.

Pat and Wendy have a daughter, Beth. Pat worked for Dr. Merritt's Farm Store for some years, and is now a partner in Sioux Nation Vet's Supply.

Bjorn C. Schram

Bjorn was the son of Kristjan and Margaret (Hjaltestad), and a school teacher. In 1894, he taught a term in Lincoln County, and was given a surprise party by his friends before he left to teach there. During the summer of that year, he worked at D.W. Griffing's, and returned to Lincoln County in the fall to teach.

In January, 18% he left town for a six-month course at Gem City Business College in Quincy, Illinois accompanied by G.B. Bjornsson. In late 1897 he took a position at the Cottonwood Bank. In the 1890's, Bjorn was a member of the Minneota Cornet Band.

Bjorn married, and there were two sons: Christian Gunther and Carl. Bjorn died in


Bjorn Freeman Schram

Bjorn Freeman was born in 1898 to Vilhjalmur Schram and Sigridur Bjornsdottir (AKA Sarah Kline). He died of peritonitis in August, 1945, survived by his mother.

Kristjan Gunther Schram

"C.G." was born about 1833 in Iceland. His first wife died there, and he married again. C.G. was a charter member of St. Paul's, and on the first Council in 1887. In 1889 and 1890, he served as Trustee on Minneota's Council C.G. married Margaret

Hjaltestad. Their children were Halldora, Bjorn C. and Ellert. Dora was a schoolteacher, beginning the spring term in Lincoln County in 1895. In October, 1897 she began teaching the First Intermediate Level in Minneota. She died in Long Prairie, Minnesota at 80 years old. Ellert became a ship's captain.

Margaret died in 1905. C.G. died in 1914 in Minneapolis, after eye surgery.

C.G. was one of the carpenters on the G.S. Sigurdson house in Minneota, built in 1896, which was then the biggest house in town.

Vilhjamur Schram

"William" was born in lceland, and came to the Minneota area by way of Denmark in 1892. He was a carpenter, as was his father, and built a "handsome cottage" for Mrs. Bang of Lincoln County in 1894. He also built an addition to the McCloskey building on Jefferson Street, a solid oak desk for J.E. Jenson - "a regular beauty"; a first baptismal font for St. Paul's (presented in January, 1898). William left Minneota in October, 1898.

He and Hannah Bang were the parents of Clarence Bang, born Dec. 6,1895.

William and Sigridur Bjornsdottir (AKA Sarah Kline) were married in February, 1895; their son was Bjorn Freeman, born in October, 1898.

Merle K. Schule

Merle married Fjola Guttormsson in 1935 at St. Paul's. Their children are Merle, Donald, Robert, and Clayton - all were baptized at St. Paul's, and the family had its membership here for some years.

Fjola was born in 1913 to Guttormur and Rannveig Guttormsson in Churchbridge, Saskatchewan.

Merle has died; Fjola lives in Seattle, Washington.

Alice Schultz

Alice was born in 1917 to Olafur and Sigurjona Rafnson. Her first husband, George White, died during World War II. He was in the Army, and died in an explosion in


Alice married Wallace R. Schultz, and they lived in the Hendricks area. She and their son died in childbirth. Wallace has remarried and lives near Hendricks.

Ordell J. Severson

Ordell is the son of Selmer and Agnes (Rafnson) Sever-son. On Nov. 11, 1951 he married Gwen Mann. Their children are Wendy (Sarazyn) (July, 1952), Dianne (Peterson) (Oct., 1956), and David (June, 1965).

Ordell and Gwen moved back to the Minneota area and renewed their membership at St. Paul's in 1964. He worked for Thompson Construction for several years, and now owns a tiling firm. Gwen is the daughter of Keith and Reva Mann, and was born Sept. 14, 1933.

David is now a college student at Southwest State University in Marshall.

Selmer Severson

"Sam" was born Oct. 10, 1911 to Otto and Josie Sever-son. He was confirmed at Hope Lutheran, and transferred to St. Paul's about 1935. On July 30, 1929 he married Kristbjorg Agnes Rafnson, daughter of Olafur and Sigurjona Rafnson. Their children are Ordell (Feb., 1930), Shirley (Nosbusch) (June, 1935), Muriel (Verschelde) (1937) and Lorna (Johnson) (July, 1940).

Sam operated Severson Trucking for many years, and is now retired. He has no brothers or sisters.

Agnes worked at the Big Store from 1962 to 1972, and has also worked at Schwartz' Drug Store. As a teenager, she worked for Elm Josephson doing housework.

Adalbjorg Sigfusdottir

Adalbjorg was the daughter of Sigfus and Vilborg (Amadottir) Josephson, and sister of Amni and Matthew Josephson. She was a charter member of St. Paul's, and married Hermann S. Josephson on March 10, 1892. Their children were Stefan (Aug., 1893), Jakobina (June, 1895), Johann (Aug., 1896), Vilborg (Nov., 1898), Lillian (Feb., 1901), Theodore (Mar., 1903) and Adalbjorn (Apr., 1904). The family belonged to Westerheim Church.

Adalbjorg died April 7, 1904 and is buried at Westerheim. Hermann later married Kristin Julianna Thordardottir; two of their children became members of St. Paul's.

Carl O. Sigurdson

Carl was the son of Gudni S. and Sigridur (Jonsson) Sigurdson. He spent his early years in Minneota, and was a member of St. Paul's. He moved to North Dakota when the rest of his family moved there, and died in February, 1955 In Minot.

Einar Kristinn Sigurdson

"Chris" was born Jan. 15, 1890 to Einar and Sigurlog (Jonasdottir-AKA Lena Berg-son). He attended school until he was sixteen, then worked on his father's farm, and began buying it on shares in 1912. Chris was a member of St. Paul's all his life, and his children were raised at St. Paul's.

Chris married Edna Thortsen, born Feb. 18, 1898 to Julius and Augusta Thortsen. She had many brothers and sisters. Her parents are buried in St. Paul's Cemetery.

Chris' and Edna's children are Lenora (Hunziker) (Oct., 1916), Orvin (Feb., 1918), Pearl (Werpy) (Jan., 1921), Doris (Johnson) (Oct., 1924), Betty (Prefer) (Apr., 1928) and Elroy (Nov., 1929). 'their daughters remained members until marrying. Orvin was a member until the late 1950's, when he moved to the Canby area to farm and transferred to a church in Canby. Elroy has maintained his membership, though has not lived in this area.

Chris and Edna moved into Minneota after their retirement, and Edna still lives in town. Chris died in 1974.

They were neighbors and friends of the S. Frank Josephson family for many years, and time and distance has not changed that. After S. Frank moved into town, he still enjoyed sharing coffee with Chris and Edna.

Lenora and her husband live in St. Louis Park; Orvin in Fergus Falls/Canby; Pearl in Florida; "Done" near Hutchinson; Betty in Owatonna; and Elroy currently in Houston, Texas.

Einar S. Sigurdson

Einar was the son of Gudrun Sigurdson. He was also called "Littli". Einar was a member of the first confirmation class in the new church building. He went to California in April, 1898 with John Josephson, John Peterson and Jon Jonsson (brother of Rev. B.B. Jonsson). Einar was looking for work; his friends needed ''fresh air

Elroy Sigurdson

Elroy, the son of Einar Kristinn and Edna (Thortsen) Sigurdson, was baptized and confirmed at St. Paul's, and is still a member. After he graduated from Minneota High School, he served in the Air Force. Elroy graduated from the Wisconsin Institute of Technology, Platteville in 1956 with a degree in Mining Engineering.

Since then, he has been employed by Amoco Production Company in various engineering and management positions in the United States, Norway, Holland, Iran and Egypt. He is currently general manager and managing director, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company, Cairo, Egypt.

Elroy is married to Colleen McCanna. They have two sons. Chris is a student in Journalism at Texas A & M University, and Scott has a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Elroy and Colleen are now living in Houston, Texas.

Gudni Stefan Sigurdson

Or "Jim" was the owner of one of the earliest hardware stores in Minneota. He also was the first manager (in 1884) of the Verzlunarfelag Islendinga - the Icelandic Mercantile Company sold to Jonathan Peterson in 1890. G.S. was a charter member of St. Paul's, and on the 1887 Council. He transferred to St. Paul's from Lincoln County, where he was that church's first secretary. In 1888 and in 1893, G.S. was on the Minneota Village Council, and served a short time as postmaster (resigned in 1905).

In 1895, he took over the full ownership of the hardware store. His partner had been a Mr. Walker. In 1898, he sold the business to W.B. and AB. Gislason. G.S. was also a farmer, and the first in 1895 to finish his wheat harvest - put up twenty stacks of wheat from 160 acres in a week. He later sold the farm to Arngrimur Jonsson.

G.S.' wife was Sigridur Halladottir, also a charter member of St. Paul's. She was a sister of Mrs. Thorlakson and Adalbjorg Jonason. Other relatives (some Bardals) had settled near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

G.S. and Sigridur were the parents of Pauline Jacobena (Westdal), Stefania (Jon sson), Gudrun, Carl, Paul, Marie (Erstad), Bertha and Henrietta. Jacobena was very musical, and took special instruction in Minneapolis in 1895, and at Gustavus Adolphus for five months in 1898. She was organist at St. Paul's, and played for the wedding of J.B. and Electa (Edwards) Gislason. "Bina" worked as a saleslady in the Icelandic Coop., and also in The Big Store.

"Stefia" took the teacher's examination in 1895, and passed with a 73.5 average, but could not be certified because she was under 16 years. In April, 18% she gave herself a birthday party and invited all her friends. She later married Jon B. Jonsson.

In 1896, Marie scored an average 88 on the teacher's exams, and received her certificate. She was also the first treasurer of the Luther League at St.. Paul's. In September, 1898, she entered Gustavus Adolphus College. Marie later married Carl Erstad.

Henrietta was born in 1886. She died in Waco, Texas In 1953.

G.S. moved his family to North Dakota about 1900. Sigridur died in 1935 in Charlson, North Dakota, 94 years old.

Mrs. Gudny Sigurdson

Gudny was a member of St. Paul's, and active in the Ladies' Aid. She was a sister of Bjorn Hallasson, who was the father of Hallur Bjornsson ("Hall Benson") and George Benson.

Gudny was a widow for many years, and lived in a small house next to the Bjarni "Jones" home. Her children were Gudmundur B., Sigurdur B. and Margaret.

Olafur Bjorgvin Sigurdson

"Oliver" was born Dec. 1, 1887 to Einar and Sigurlog (Jonasdottir) Sigurdsson. He was a member of St. Paul's as he grew up, and until after his marriage.

Oliver and his wife, Hilda, were the parents of Shirley, Cora, ha Mae, Richard and Orville. Oliver was a carpenter by trade.

Orvin Sigurdson

"Orv" is the son of Einar Kristinn and Edna Sigurdson, and grew up in the Minneota area. He was a member of St. Paul's until the 1950's, when

he and his family moved to the Canby area. Orv was a farmer until his retirement a few years ago.

Orv first married Kathryn Stegner, daughter of Agnes (Wolf) and Irving Stegner. She and Orv both served in the Armed Forces in World War II - Orv in the Navy and Kay in the WACS as a nurse in Europe. They have one daughter, Vicki, who is married to Dr. James Coy and lives in Columbia, Missouri. Kay died in 1984 of a heart attack.

On January 18, 1986, Orv married Darlene (Perry) Hanson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Perry of Appleton. Darlene was first married to Clifford Hanson (deceased); their children are Connie, Mark and Tom.

Orv has been active in Masonic groups in Minneota and Canby, and is a member of the Shriners' Mini-Car Unit. Darlene worked in the Minneota bank, then moved to Fergus Falls, where she is an administrative officer in a bank there. Orv and Darlene live in Fergus Falls and Can-by.

Otto Sigurdson

Otto was born in 1893 to Einar and Sigurlog Sigurdsson, and was a member of St. Paul's for a few years after his marriage. He and his wife, Anna, were the parents of Otto, Jr. (1924), Fern (June, 1927), Dennis (Nov., 1934) and Laura. Young Otto died as a result of a gun accident in 1927. There were other children born, ten in all, after the family moved away from Minneota. They were Eldon, Leonard, Chester, Stuart, Valdimar (died in a car accident), Arlene and Elaine, to name a few.

Paul Sigurdson

Paul was another son of Einar and Sigurlog Sigurdsson. His parents lived in his home during their last years.

Paul married Alma Halvorson (sister of Clarence) in 1912. They had two children, Selma Blanche (Mohn) and Ernest, who died while young. Alma died in 1917, and Paul moved into Minneota. Blanche grew up at St. Paul's, and was the organist for some years.

Paul worked for the county on the roads, and Blanche remembers seeing him on the horse-drawn graders, and went into the country with him sometimes while he worked (one of the homes she remembers is Robert and Lillie Flood's, parents of James Flood).

Sigurdur E. Sigurdson

"Sigurd" was the son of Einar and Elisabet (Jonsdottir) Sigurdsson, and was confirmed in 1898 at St. Paul's.

Sigurd married Gudny Sofia Westdal, daughter of Asgrimur and Gudny Westdal. He and "Sophie" had no children. After his death, Sophie married A. Thorsteinn Josephson.

In 1916, Sophie was the first secretary of the Get-Together Club, formed in November. She also served on the jury during the trial in 1935 of the murderer of Arnold Borson, the Ghent policeman.

Einar Sigurdsson

Einar was the son of Sigurdur and Arnprudur Sigurdsson, and a charter member of St. Paul's. He was a brother of Sigridur.

Einar and his wife, Elisabet Jonsdottir, were the parents of Pjetr Sigursteinn (Mar., 1887) and Sigurdur E. Pjetr, or "Stone", died in 1953 and is buried in Lincoln County. "Sigurd" married Gudny Sofia Westdal.

Einar Sigurdsson

This Einar was born in 1841, and died in 1920. He married Sigurlog Jonasdottir, daughter of Jonas and Arndis Bergsson. Einar and Sigurlog were early members of St. Paul's. All of their children were baptized and grew up in this church.

Their children were: Gisli (1886), Olafur (1887), Einar Kristinn (1890), Oddur S. (1892), Oddur 5. (1893), Marvin (1896), Bjorn (1898), Bjorn (1900), Lena (Nelson) and Paul. The first Oddur and the first Bjorn died as infants. The one daughter, Lena, lived in Hendricks. The rest of the children have died.

Einar was a farmer, and after his retirement moved into Minneota to live with his son, Paul, a widower with a small child. Sigurlog was a close friend of Salvor Askdal, Engibjorg Olafson and Margaret Strand, and they met almost every day for coffee in the Sigurdson home. Sigurlog died in 1934 at Paul's home.

Jens Jakob Sigurdsson

Jens (AKA Severson) was born in 1836 in Iceland, and died in June, 1906 of tuberculosis. His wife, Gudrun, was born in 1846, and died in 1916.

Jens and Gudrun were the parents of Petra (Hoff)~ Johann J. and Sever. Johann was born in 1876 in Iceland, and died in 1904 of tuberculosis.

Sigurdur Sigurdsson

Sigurdur and his wife, Amprudur, were the parents of Sigridur ("Williamson"), Sigurbjorg (Anderson) and Einar (husband of Elisabet). Sigurdur was born in 1826, and

Arnprudur in 1823, both in Iceland. They were both members of St. Paul's.

Jon Sigvaldsson

Jon was born in 1854 in Iceland, and was the brother of Amni, Paul and Sigurdur Sigvaldsson. He was a charter member of the Marshall Icelandic Church, and transferred to St. Paul's in May, 1889. On Nov. 5, 1887 he married Lara Edvardson, and they had

several children (Sigridur, and Bjorg). Jon and Lara moved to Duluth.

Jon died in 1904. Lara later married a Fuller. Jon's daughter by a previous marriage, Thora Jonina, was confirmed at St. Paul's in 18% in the new church, and died in 1903, 20 years old.

Lawrence Solberg

Lawrence and Louise were both school teachers in Balaton, Minnesota when they met. Lawrence was from Warren, Minnesota. Louise is the daughter of A. Thorsteinn and Gudny (Johnson) Josephson, and grew up at St. Paul's. She attended country school - Dist. 80 near the Joseph Peterson farm and Dist. 72 near Boyd. Louise graduated from Minneota High School, and attended Moorhead State Teacher's College for two years. They have three children: Janet, John and James. Lawrence and Louise live in Roseville, and are both retired.

Rev. David Sorbel

Rev. Sorbel served St. Paul's from 1971 to 1974. He and his wife, Dorothy, are both from Minneapolis. After leaving Minneota, he served several years in Iowa, and has been in Alexandria, Minnesota at the Knute Nelson Memorial Home (owned by the ALC) for 2 1/2 years.

Rev. Sorbel and "Dodie" have three children: John, Karen and Andrew.

Marion Stone

Marion was born Feb. 6, 1928 to G. August and Johanna (Johnson) Stone. He was a member of the Lincoln County Church until 1966. Marion has been active in the Brotherhood and on the Council at St. Paul's.

His mother, Johanna, is the daughter of Einar Jonsson and G. Arnprudur Hallgrimsdottir. She is also a member of St. Paul's, and now lives in the Senior Haven Home in Canby, Minnesota.

Marion's sister, Laurel, is married to Frank Dombek of Ivanhoe. Another sister, Loinna, died in an accident in 1953.

Marvin Stone

Marvin was the son of Gudjon and Margaret (Johnson) Thorsteinson/Stone, and a member of Westerheim Church until it closed. He was born in March, 1894, and died in 1960. Marvin was a bachelor, and a farmer near Minneota all his life. He served in World War I.

Thordur Petur Stone

"Pete" was born Jan. 6, 1900 to Gudjon and Margaret Thorsteinson/Stone. He was a

member of the Westerheim Church until 1955, and then of St. Paul's until his death.

On June 2, 1925 he married Bernice Buethe, daughter of William and Lenora (Smith)

Beuthe. She was born Dec. 3, 1908 in Verndale, Minnesota, and married Pete in LeSueur


Pete graduated from Minneota High School, and attended Mankato Teacher's College. He taught at Elysian, Minnesota for two years, then farmed near Minneota until his retirement in 1960.

Pete and Bernice are the parents of Eleanor (Applewick)(Feb., 1928), Gladys Maxine (Korman) (Oct., 1929), Joan (Konigson) (Oct., 1934), Mary (Gorski) (June, 1938), and Patricia (Kane) (Dec., 1941).

Bernice served as St. Paul's organist for many years; she has now "retired" and lives in Minneota. Pete died in 1971.

Thorsteinn Stone

Thorsteinn Thorsteinnsson was born in 1856 in Iceland. Earliest records indicate he shortened his surname to "Stone" when he came to America.

Thorsteinn and his first wife were the parents of Lilia Maria, Elsie (Westdal), Petra (Hanson), Freda (Martin), John and Gus. His wife was a sister of Einar Sigurdsson, Sigurbjorg (Anderson) and Sigridur ("Williamson"). After his wife died, he married Gudmunda Gudmundson, daughter of Kristin Bjornsdottin and Eyjolfur Gudmundsson.

Thorsteinn and "Mary" were the parents of Sigrun (Leib) (Aug., 1904), Solveig (Varnes) (May, 1907), Aurora (Jenkins) (Jan., 1910), and Emilia June (Lyng) (June, 1912). All of Thorsteinn's children were baptized in Lincoln County, but the family later joined St. Paul's.

Thorsteinn died Oct. 31, 1917. Mary was born April 10, 1880 in Iceland, and died in

1979. Petra lives in the Canby Nursing Home; Elsie lives in Minneapolis; Sigrun lives in Los Angeles; Solveig May lives in Minneapolis; the rest of the family is dead.

Bjorn Abo Strand

Bjorn was born Nov. 1, 1891 to Jon and Margaret (Gudmundsdottir) Strand. His parents and grandparents came to Minneota in 1878, settling first in Lincoln County, then moving to the Snidal place. These buildings stood on the southeast corner of land now owned by Frank A. Josephson. In 1894, the family moved into Minneota.

Bjorn was confirmed and attended Sunday School at St. Paul's, and remained a member until his marriage in 1933, when he transferred his membership to Hope Lutheran. His wife was Alvida Gunhilda Dhaese, widow of Peter Dhaese who died in 1931 of tuberculosis. She had moved back to Minneota with her sons, Gerald and Joseph. Bjorn and Alvida's daughter is Audrey (Quistorff), now of Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

In World War I, Bjorn was decorated for bravery in the Oise-Aisne and MeuseArgonne battles. In Minneota, he opened an auto repair shop in 1939, and closed it in 1940 to work for Geiwitz and Company.

Alvida died of a stroke in 1941; she was from Tyro Township. Bjorn died in 1981.

Carl Strand

Carl was born about 1900 to Jon and Margaret Strand, and grew up at St. Paul's. He served on the Council as secretary. Carl was a rural mail carrier for over 45 years, from March, 1925 until his retirement. He and his wife, Violet, were the parents of Curtis and Mary. After his marriage, he became a member of Hope Lutheran. He died in 1974.

Jon Magnus Strand

Jon was born in 1852 in Djupalok, Iceland and came to America with his parents, Magnus and Gudrun Strand, in 1878. After some time living in Lincoln County and north of Minneota, he moved his family into town. Jon was a charter member of St. Paul's, and his children all grew up in that church.

Jon's wife was Margret Gudmundsdottir. Their children were Jon Eyolfr, Gunnporunn (Asbjornson), Adalbjorn, Marginjet Olavia (01-son), Thorsteinn Bjorgvin, Gudmund, Runa (Burthus) and Carl.

When Minneota installed its sewer system in about 1898, Jon worked on the crew for $1.00 a day. The family lived in the house across from where Joseph Josefson now lives.

Jon suffered from senility during his last year, and died in 1939 in Canby.

Magnus Strand

Magnus and his wife, Gudrun, emigrated to America accompanied by their son, Jon. Magnus and Gudrun were both born about 1832. They were members of St. Paul's until their deaths in 1904 and 1902, respectively.

John V. Svenson

John was a charter member of St. Paul's. No other information has been found concerning him.

Jonas Svindal

Jonas rented a home from John Einarson for some years, then in 1897 built his own home, the fourth residence built on Adams Street in Minneota in that "boom" year.

Jonas and his wife were the parents of Petra (1897), Johann (1899), William (1901), Gunnar (1904) and Sigridur (1893). Sigridur was baptized in Marshall's church, and the rest at St. Paul's. Another young son, Karl, died in 1902 at four months old.

Albert Swanson

Albert married Petrine S. Johnson at St. Paul's in 1904. She was the daughter of Albert and Thorunn (Grimsdottir) Jonsson.

After their marriage, Albert and Petrine were members for several years, and their children (Audrey, Harwood and Elbert) were baptized at St. Paul's.

Carl Swanson

Carl was born Dec. 9, 1912 to Nels and America (Cope) Swanson. He was baptized in the Baptist Church in Minneota. Carl later joined Westerheim, and was a member there until 1955. He has farmed north of Minneota for many years, and has served on St. Paul's Council. His wife, Irene, has been active in the LCW for many years.

Irene was the daughter of Alfred and Annie (Hansen) Peterson, and was born Sept. 6, 1914. She has two sisters, Elsie Anderson and Margarette Binnebose.

Carl and Irene are the parents of Sharon (Ochocki), Marlene (Josephson), and Carol (Catton). Sharon lives in California, Marlene near Minneota, and Carol in Minneapolis.

Carl is the brother of Fred, Harry, John, George, Mabel, James, Minnie, Mattie and Birdie.

Elmer M. Swanson

"Toby" was the son of John and Mattea (Olson) Swanson. He married Cordelia Rafnson, daughter of Olafur and Sigurjona (Gudmundson) Rafnson in 1927.

Toby and "Cora" lived in Detroit, Michigan the first few years they were married, then in Minneapolis for twenty years before returning to Minneota. Toby died in 1970 at 65 years old. He had worked as a merchant during his working years.

Toby and Cora are the parents of Birdie June (0'-Rourke), James Erlin, and Lola (Jonathan). June lives in Minneapolis, James in Illinois, and Lola in Oregon. Cora lives in Minneota.

Johanna Swanson

Johanna was born June 25, 1892 to Petur and Gudrun Gudmundsson. She married Eyjolfur ("Alfred") Swanson, and their children are Carrol Petur, Leslie James, Kenneth Lee and Raymond.

This family belonged to the Lincoln County Church. Johanna transferred to St. Paul's in 1966; her children became members of churches in the Ivanhoe area.

When Johanna and Alfred were married in 1913, Best Man and Matron of Honor were Julius Gudmundson and Ingibjorg Jokull, who were married that same day. Julius was Johanna's brother.

Cory Tholen

Gory is the daughter of Frank A. and Helen (Spears) Josephson, and has been a member of St. Paul's all her life. She currently lives in Brookings, South Dakota, where she has been attending the university there in preparation for her Master's degree. Cory graduated from Southwest State University in 1985.

As a teenager, Gory was active in the Silver Spur Saddle Club, and with her horse, "Casey Jones", a winner of many trophies and ribbons over the years. After high school, she attended St. Cloud Business College, and then worked in Minneota for several years.

Cory married John Tholen in July, 1975, and their son is Jeffrey John, born Oct. 30, 1978. Until they moved to Brookings, Jeff was a member of St. Paul's Sunday School, and Cory served as a teacher. (Cory and John are now divorced.)

Dr. Thordur Thordarson

"Doc Thor" was born in January, 1866 in Iceland, and in 1874 emigrated to Gardar, North Dakota with his family. He was educated in several fields: seminarian, engineering, and medicine. He worked as an electrician in Chicago, then in 1891-92 was a student at Cornell University in their Electrical Engineering Department. Doc worked as an engineer until an accident which caused him to limp. He then returned to school -medical school in Chicago -and graduated as an MD in 1897.. Doc came to Minneota to practice, and except for a break during World War I as a captain in the Medical Corps, he practiced medicine here until his death in 1939.

Doc Thor and his wife, Sigurbjorg, were the parents of Vilhjalmur, Maria and Sigurbjorg. Mrs. Thordarson died in July, 1905 of tuberculosis, 28 years old. The baby daughter, Sigurbjorg, died the next month. Maria became a dietician and worked in Chicago.

Betty Ann Thorbjornsson

Betty Ann, the daughter of Mrs. Hazel Huffman (Minneota's telephone operator), joined St. Paul's because "Aunty Poky" - Jennie Frost -was her teacher. She and her mother both enjoyed many good times with friends at St. Paul's. They left Minneota in 1940. Betty Ann married in 1945 and went to live in Iceland in 1946. She and her husband, Sigurbjorn, have two sons: Bjorn Thor, a doctor in Sweden with a wife and three children, and Markus, a probate judge in Reykjavik who is married with one daughter.

Sigurbjorn has recently retired as Director of Internal Revenue of Iceland and is now International Tax Consultant for Iceland. Betty last visited Minnesota in 1979. Her mother lives in Excelsior, Minnesota.

Gunnar B. Thorlaksson

Gunnar was a member of St. Paul's in the 1890's and early 1900's. He married Sigurbjorg M. Thorsteinsson at St. Paul's in 1905, and their two children, Stefia and Theodore, were baptized here.

Gunnar was a brother of Hoseas Thorlaksson, and of Gudny (Mrs. Fredrik) Gudmundson.

Hoseas Thorlaksson

Hoseas was the first secretary of the Luther League when it formed in 18%. He was active in the choir about 1900 and served as leader for a while. Hoseas was a regular attender of the Lincoln County Church, traveling with Rev. Thorlaksson.

Hoseas later moved to Seattle - about 1907 - and returned once, in 1931, to visit friends and family.

Stefan Ausmann family. Bjorg died in 1901 of tuberculosis. "Ann" grew up with the Josephson family. She married SA. Groff, a barber in Minneota. They moved to Madison, Minnesota where Ann was a beauty operator. Her sister, Margaret (Aarskau.g) worked for her. After Ann's husband died, she moved to Minneapolis, and lived there until her death. Ann and S.A. were the parents of Merilee (MacDonald) and Shirley (Lambert;. Ann died in 1985.

Rev. Niels Steingrimur Thorlaksson

Rev. Thorlaksson was our first resident pastor, and was paid most often in butter, cream, eggs and meat, plus a small salary. He and his wife were charter members of St. Paul's. Rev. Thorlaksson served as pastor of all four of the Icelandic churches from 1887 to 1894. He went to Park River, North Dakota and then Selkirk, Manitoba after leaving Minneota.

His parents were Thorlakur Gunnar Jonsson and Henrietta Louise Nielsdottir, and he came to America with them in 1873. Erika Rynning was a talented musician and singer, born in Norway. She and Rev. Thorlaksson were married in Minneapolis in 1888, when she came to America.

Their children are Paul (1889), Steingrimur Octavious (1890), Anna Margareta (1891), Lorentz, Paul (1895), Harold, and Erika (Eastvold). The first Paul died in 1890. Octavious became a missionary to Japan, and visited Minneota on several occasions, as S. Frank and Elm Josephson were friends of him and his wife. "Margaret" married Dr. Harold Sigmar; she lives in Seattle. Dr. Paul (born 1895) now lives in Winnipeg.

Rev. Pal Thorlaksson

This Rev. Thorlaksson, a brother of Rev. N.S. Thorlaksson, was ordained in 1875. He traveled the Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota areas, filling in where needed in the Icelandic churches. It was on one of these missions that he visited the fledgling congregation in Minneota.

Rev. Thorlaksson died of tuberculosis at a relatively young age.

Sigridur Thorlaksson

Sigridur was a charter member of St. Paul's. Nothing else is known about her.

Th. Thorlaksson

Mr. Thorlaksson and Bjorg Jonsdottir were the parents of Anna, born in 18%. Bjorg. later married Arni S. Josephson. She was related to the Paula Karen Thorson

Paula was born in 1940 to Fredrick and Lucille (Gislason) Gudmundson, and was a member of Westerheim Church until 1955. In 1963, she married Courtney M. Thorson, and transferred from St. Paul's.

Paula had worked as a teacher in Lovell, Wyoming after graduating from college. Her husband's family is from Billings, Montana. They have two children, Karen and Julie, and now live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thorsteinn Magnus Thorsteinson

Thorsteinn was born in April, 1882 to Thorsteinn ("Littli") and Gudny (Thorkelsson) Thorsteinsson. He was a member of Westerheim until 1955, when he transferred to St. Paul's.

Thorsteinn and his wife, Olga, are the parents of Thorsteinn Otto, Gudny Lillian (Bot), Bill, Alma (Koepp) and Chris. Some of the children were baptized at St. Paul's.

Thorsteinn died in 1959. Olga, born in 1889, died in 1968. Thorsteinn's sister, Kristrun, was married to Matthew Nicholson.

Sigurbiorn Thorsteinsson

Sigurbiorn was born in 1849 in Iceland. He and his wife, Rosa, were the parents of Maria Sigurbjorg (Gangaard). Rosa died in 1918. Sigurbiorn suffered from senility in his later years. He died in Rapid City at his daughter's home in1929.

Dr. Charles W. Vandersluis

"Doc Van" was born Nov. 8, 1906, the son of Charles and Lela (Wightman) Vandersluis, and grew up in the Bemidji area. In 1936, he married Rosalie McCullough, and their children are Charles Wendell and Gretchen (Hazard). On Dec. 27, 1960 he married Beverley Gary, the daughter of Arba Lycan and Florence (Saunders) Bertholf. "Bev" has a daughter, Ruthine (Van Overbeke).

Doc was a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, and had been practicing medicine in Bemidji since 1935. During World War II, he served in the 596th Signal Air Warning Battalion.

In 1960, Doc moved to Minneota to serve as the doctor for this area. Doc and Bev joined St. Paul's in 1963; both later transferred their membership to Hope Lutheran. Doc was active in the Rotary, and was 1969 Man of the Year. He was also on the board (in 1963) for the Lyon County Day-Time Activity Center, a pilot project for helping the mentally handicapped.

Doc and Bev built their house on North Monroe in 1964. John Ousman volunteered his help in the landscaping and the garden, where he pulled a hand cultivator through the hard dirt, cultivated the crop, kept weeds and creeping jennies out. Since John had other gardens to keep (his own, Edna McMilIan's, Jeanette Ousman's and Wally Ousman's) he suggested that Doc plant more fruit trees and fewer vegetables.

As he neared retirement, Doc spent more time on his life-long interest, the history

of Beltrami County. In 1986, he completed his most recent work on that area, "Once Covered With Pine". Doc also was the editor of "Ninety Years at St. Paul's", published in 1977, and a member of the observance committee for that celebration.

Bev worked as a nurse for many years, including after her move to Minneota. She now operates a candy store from her home.

During her last years, Bev's mother lived in the Vandersluis home. Pauline Bardal was an invaluable help to Bev, coming over to sit and visit with her mother while Bev needed to be gone from the house. Pauline refused any offers of pay for her help, but Doc and Bev were able to return the favor when Pauline could no longer live alone and entered the Manor.

Doc died on February 23, 1987 from a chronic heart condition.

Muriel Verschelde

"Midge" is the daughter of Selmer and Agnes (Rafnson) Severson, and grew up at St. Paul's Church. She is married to Ronald H. Verschelde, a Minneota native, and they now live in Norfolk, Virginia. "Ron" was in the Navy as a career, and is now retired.

Their children are Gary, Bradley, Roddy, Alison and Kimberly. Gary and his wife, Babbet, have a daughter, Tiffany. Brad and Katherine have two children, Katherine and Matthew.

Pearl Werpy

Pearl was born in 1921 to Einar Kristinn (Chris) and Edna (Thortsen) Sigurdson, and was a member of St. Paul's until after her marriage to Wallace Werpy in 1946.

Pearl was first married to Wendell Geiwitz, in 1943. He died Dec. 24, 1944 in India.

"Wally" and Pearl are the parents of Richard, Mark and James. Richard is married

with three sons, and the principal of Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. Mark is married with three sons, and is a physician in Pierre, South Dakota. James is an electrical engineer for Boeing Aerospace and lives in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Wally has died. Pearl lives in Venice, Florida and works in a hospital there.

Asgrimur Gudmundsson Westdal

Asgrimur was married to Gudny Runolfsson, daughter of Runolfur Jonsson and Margret Bjarnadottir. Their children were Gudbjorg (May, 1889), Gudny Sofia (Sigurdson Josephson) (July, 1891), Kr is-tin (Aug., 1893), Bjorgvin (Aug., 1895), Lilja (Mar., 1897), Frank Larus, Runolfur, Ludvig, John and Margaret (Oddson).

Asgrimur owned the Swede Prairie farm where Daniel Larson now lives. In 1894, he lost the barn there by fire. The family awoke in the morning to discover it in flames. The cause was not determined, but the children had made a small fire, or "smudge", in the cattleyard close by, the previous evening. The loss included hay and a binder, valued at about $300.

The next spring, Sigfus Goodman was digging a well for Asgrimur when the wall began to cave in. The well was about 50 feet deep, and began to collapse about 20 feet above Sigfus. He was almost buried, but with hard struggles was able to free himself, with only a sore head and bruised arm for injuries.

Three years later, in 1898, the family decided to move into town, and a new home was being built for them on North Jefferson (Jackie Van Dorpe lived in this house later). (Larry Haugen lives there now.)

Of the children, John and Bjorgvin ("Beggie") joined Hope Lutheran after they married Furgeson sisters; Lilja died in 1900; Frank owned the Westdal Cafe for some years, until 1935, then with his brother, Beggie, owned the Round-Up "lunch room and soft drink parlor." Frank married Minnie Norem, and Runolfur married Elsie Stone.

Asgrimur and Gudny were foster parents for Ludwig Oddsson (their grandson) and Ruth (Kuehn), daughter of Alec and Sigridur (Jokull) Johnson. (Alec was Gudny's brother.)

Asgrimur was born in April, 1845, and died in October, 1931. Gudny was born in May, 1854 and died in November, 1943. Both are buried in Westerheim Cemetery.

Jon Gudmundsson Westdal

Jon was born in 1841 in Iceland. His wife was Sigridur Benediksdottir, daughter of Benedikt Bjarnason, AKA "Songur", or the Singer. Jon and Sigridur came to America in 1880 with their son, Stefan Thorsteinn (born June 21, 1873) and Sigridur's father.

One of Jon's interests in the Minneota area was as an agent for Standard Electric Belts, which were used as an aid for sufferers of rheumatism. Those he claimed to be satisfied customers included Sigfus Goodman, Jon Snidal, Stephen J. and Joseph J. Hoff, Einar Sigurdsson, Mrs. Arnie Magnusson, Herborg Sigurdardottir, Mrs. Elm Erickson, and Sigfinuur Peterson.

Jon and "Sarah" were also the parents of Margaret (Isfeld) and Matthildur (Hofteig). Jon died in April, 1913.

Stefan Thorsteinn Westdal

Stefan was the son of Jon G. and Sigridur Westdal. In Oct., 1891 he was clerking in C.J. Wimer's drugstore. Three years later, he began working at Griffing's store, then a month later, in October, 1894, began teaching the school term in Dist. 47, Lincoln County. When the school closed for the winter, he began working at the Mascot, and in January, 1896 took over the management of the paper.

When the Luther League at St. Paul's was formed, he served as the first president. He married another member of that group, Jacobena Sigurdson, in 1900.

In the fall of 1897, the Mascot was preparing for publication of "Kennerinn", an Icelandic Sunday School journal to be started that fall. Rev. B.B. Jonsson was to serve as the editor, and it was to be available to Icelandic Churches and people in Minnesota and North Dakota, as well as Canada. Stefan was particularly well suited to the publishing field, as he was an accomplished bookbinder-weaver in the early chenillestyle. Sveinn Oddsson, a printer in Iceland, came to Minneota to work on the journal.

Stefan and "Bena" went to Washington, D.C. after their marriage, and "Steve" worked in the government printing office, and received a Master of Laws degree in 1903, through attending night school. In 1908 he moved to North Dakota, where Bena's parents had moved.

Stefan was very active in the newspaper and publishing field for the rest of his life, working on and owning various small-town newspapers in the Eastern North Dakota area, and this interest has been carried on by his sons, Alvin and Steve, Jr.

Stefan and "Bena" are the parents of Alvin, Bernard, Stephen, Paul, and Louise. Stefan died Mar. 15, 1947.

Carol White

Carol is the daughter of Rudolph and Caroline (Benson) Hanson, and grew up in

St. Paul's Church. She graduated from Minneota High School, then lived with a great-aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Peterson, while attending Oregon State College in Eugene. After graduation, she married Hal White and has made Oregon her home since.

Carol and Hal are the parents of Laurie, Nancy and Molly.

Mrs. Clarence Wigton

Mrs. Wigton, Clarence Jr., and Lee became members of St. Paul's in November 1964. Another daughter, Betty, joined in April 1965. Mrs. Wigton was born in Gayville, South Dakota, and was married to Mr. Wigton in Yankton, South Dakota.

While they lived in Minneota, Clarence was active in the Luther League. He graduated from Minneota High School in 1967. The family moved away shortly after that time.

John Williamson

Born Gudjon Vilhjalmsson in 1858 in Iceland to Vilhjalmur Jonsson and Valgerdur Jonsdottir, "Guji" was most commonly known by the Americanized version of his name.

John's wife, Kristen Sigridur Sigurdardottir, was the daughter of Sigurdur and Amprudur Sigurdsson. She married John on April 1, 1889 (the records show her Americanized name: Christina Sara Severson). John and Kristen had no children of their own, and adopted Rikka (Tabb).

The Williamsons left Minneota to homestead near Cole-harbor, North Dakota, then returned to Minneota to live. They built the house between the C.E. Anderson and H.J. Tillemans homes, and lived there for many years. Kristen's parents and John's mother lived to be very old and made their home with the Williamsons in their later years. The children of Peter Magnuson remember going to visit these very old people who had taken to their beds (still in excellent health) because they were old and old people belonged in bed. A house of white nightshirts and milk and cookies for children who visited and brightened the days for them.

After Rikka left Minneota and settled in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, John and Kristen moved there to be near her, but missed Minneota and returned. Because they wanted to live close to the church, they sold their other home and bought the house now owned by Bruce Gossen. John died in 1960 at101 years old. Kristen had died in 1941, only 89 years old.

George William Wombill

George was born Nov. 28, 1894. In 1927, he married Halldora Hallgrimson, daughter of Jon and Sigridur Hallgrimsson. "Dora" was a member of St. Paul's after 1917, when her family first moved to Minneota. Their three children, Donna, Joan and Richard, were all baptized at St. Paul's. Dora now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Bergvin Joseph Wopnford

Bergvin was born in 1868 in Iceland. He and his wife, Gudrun, were the parents of Elizabet and Sigurdur, and were members of St. Paul's. Gudrun died in 1909, 31 years old, of tuberculosis. Bergvin died in 1912 in a railroad accident, 44 years old. Elizabet was 9 years old, and Sigurdur was 7 years old.

Bergvin's brother, Kristjan J. Wopnford, lived in Minneota and then Marshall for some years, then moved to Canada sometime after 1912. Bergvin and Gudrun's children were raised by Kristjan and his wife Elizabeth.

Fritz Carl Zeuthen

When St. Pauls Church was twelve years old, the Zeuthen family moved from Minneapolis to Minneota. For Margaret, it was a homecoming. Born Margaret Jonasson on a farm just north of Minneota, she had gone to Minneapolis to work, and there met and married Fritz Zeuthen, who had emigrated from Iceland.

Their first daughter, Emily, was born in Minneapolis in 1898. Soon thereafter the Zeuthens moved to Minneota. For the next thirty years, St. Paul's was the spiritual and social focus of their lives, as it was for all in this Icelandic community.

The Zeuthens occupied a house which still stands at 400 N. Monroe, in excellent condition, changed mainly by the addition of garage space. The house is now the home of the Francis Sussner family.

Over the years, the Zeuthen family grew until there were eight children: Emily (Hollenbeck), Inez (Youngmark), Victor, Fritz Jr., Leon and Leslie (twins), Virginia (Bates Hoyt), and Ralph. All of them attended Sunday school at St. Paul's and were confirmed in the church.

Fritz Zeuthen was a paint contractor and paper hanger In more than thirty years, with the help of his sons, he painted most of the buildings in the Minneota of his day, and when the church had painting needs it often turned to him.

The Zeuthens were a musical family. Each of the children played an instrument; the girls were accomplished pianists, and Victor and Fritz played clarinet and trumpet in the Minneota town band when Saturday night concerts on a downtown street were cultural events well-attended by citizens who sat in their cars and honked their horns in appreciation. The Zeuthen children lent these talents to musical events at the church, and

several sang regularly in the choir.

Emily and Inez became teachers, both taught in Taunton, and each married a farmer. The rest of the family moved to Minneapolis in 1931 because some of the children had jobs there and others attended the University.

Four members of the Zeuthen family are buried in the church cemetery in Minneota. Fritz and Margaret (described by those who knew her as "A jewel"), their son, Leslie, who died tragically at 21 years old in Minneapolis, and Leon who died in 1986. Fritz, Jr., Inez and Virginia have also died. Emily lives in Clarkfield, Victor in Florida and Ralph in New York City.