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Our OWEN line begins with our 4th great grandfather, Jonathan Morgan OWEN (JMO,) a Loyalist, who settled in or near what is now Eastport, Washington County, Maine (then MA) before the 1790 census and his descendants have, in most part, remained there ever since.
JMO continues to elude us. Since we still haven't found his origins, we have pages of research into various OWEN lines, in the Americas and Europe from 1500 to date. You can navigate the OWEN pages according to GIVEN names from A-Z with special pages just for John, Jonathans, Morgans and Southern States.

This 4g-gf's wife and another great-grandmother were French Canadian. French Canadian genealogy, and Washington County, Maine, include our direct surnames FOREST, GIROUARD, MORIN-MORANG, & OWEN and all the more distant and collateral lines. Complicating my research is the existance of two separate and distinct lines of DeGRASSE-DeGRACE in New Brunswick, Canada.

My Irish Page includes all the the surname leads/queries, and/or links to separate pages for them, that I have collected that may or may not be related to our family lines of CRONIN, HURLEY, McCARTHY, O'BRIEN, QUINLAN & related SULLIVANs.

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