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The FOREST Controversy

A note about the Acadian FORESTs descending from Michel de FOREST: If you have followed the newsgroup soc.genealogy.french, you may have seen a discussion between me, John DeLong, Denis Forest, Bob May and others regarding the ancestry of Michel de FOREST. If not and you're interested, Denis Forest goes into more detail on the Forest Association Webpage. John Dulong covers the other side of the theory on his website: "The Origins of the Acadian Michel Forest."

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For our purposes, here's the bare-bones version:
The "Ancestral File CD-ROM" created and maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) and available to the public at their Family History Centers, shows Michel de FOREST to have been born 21 Jun 1637 at Leyden, Holland, the son of Henri/Hendrick de FOREST and his wife Gertrude BORNSTRA. Henri/Hendrick, however, was to die in New Amsterdam, with his wife at his side approximately three (3) weeks later.
The transit time by sailing ship from Holland to New Amsterdam was then approximately 2 months. Clearly, while not entirely impossible, it was highly improbable that Gertrude de FOREST was in Leyden at the end of June 1637 giving birth to her first child and in New Amsterdam, a two-month trip away, nursing her husband in his last illness a mere three weeks later. It was this discrepancy that led me to start the discussion on soc.genealogy.french, as I questioned this apparent problem.
Moreover, Leyden records apparently show that a child Gereyt de FOREST, the son of Crispin de FOREST and Marguerite BORNSTRA was born on the date stated. It is this Gereyt de FOREST that is supposed to be the same person as Michel de FOREST who married 1) Marie HEBERT and 2)Jacqueline BENOIT, and is the patriarch of the Acadian FORESTS.
The theory proposes that Gereyt de FOREST came to the new world, possibly CT or MA, and joined Sir William Temple (Richard Sedwick?) in a 1654 settlement expedition to Acadia. Gereyt, a Huguenot like the rest of his family, had to convert to Catholicism in order to marry the Catholic Marie HEBERT and then adopted the name Michel. While I find this latter name-change theory to be problematic, until we find better proof either way, I accept this line over that of Henri and Gertrude de FOREST. Perhaps someone will run across the ship manifest for either Sir William Temple, or for Richard Sedwick, for a journey from Boston to Port Royal, Acadia in 1653 or 1654, and we can prove or disprove some part of the theory.


Forest Webpage 18 May 1998

FOREST, SANFORD, KEYS; Alfred DEFOREST m ca 1818 CT, ?Danbury to Sally SANFORD ch: Mary Ann DEFOREST b 30 Aug 1819 m Danbury 1842 to David KEYS PaulS72511

FOREST, CHIASSON, DUGAS, POIRIER, BOURG, BOURQUE; Charles FOREST (Rene - Francoise DUGAS) b ca 1723 d 1805 m 1742 to Marie CHIASSON (Abraham - Marie POIRIER) b 1725; ch: Ursule b 1756 m 1777 Michael BOURG. Paul m to Nanette BOURQUE

FOREST; Ephraim DeFOREST & Nathan DeFOREST Loyalists to Kingston, Kings Co., NB, Canada. Ephraim from CT??? Any info. Email Ron Strout or mail to 36 Dunning Blvd, Bangor, ME 04401.

FORREST, HILL; Ephraim P. FORREST b 22 Jun 1796 CT d 11 Jan 1873 Atascosa Co TX bur Rutledge Cem, Poteet TX m 7 Feb 1823 Maria Eliza HILL. Ephraim Postmaster Mottomosa, TX 1868, JP Atascosa Co, TX 1869. Lenard E. Mc Donald


FOREST, MORIN-MORANG; Francois2 FOREST (Rene1) and Francois2 FOREST (Jean1). Francois'2 (Rene1) family exiled to CT while Francois'2 (Jean1) family stayed north. Which was parent of Rosalie3 FOREST who m Jean Francois MORIN-MORANG-MORONG of ME? Mary Cronin NICHOLS

FOREST, MERCUOLET-MERCUSLET; Genevieve FOREST m to Louis MERCUOLET-MERCUSLET b 1660. Ch: Louis MERCUOLET-MERCUSLET b 1689 Port Royal, Acadia. Seeking source.

FORREST; Howard FORREST b 14 Jul 1945; father unk but b 1901. Contact: Harold W. Steinhoff, 1705 N. College Dr., Durango, CO.

FOREST, LILLARD; John FOREST res Rockingham Co., NC. ch: Ann Richard FOREST m 1836 to James William LILLARD Any info. E-mail KD4LJQ

FOREST; Joseph Arcade FOREST (Arcade & _?_) b ca 1890s Butte, MT; Arcade was 1 of 8 bros. Any info. E-mail Guy Forest May 1998

FOREST, DOMINE dit ST-SAUVEUR, MORISET, GIRARD, GAUTHIER; Madeleine FOREST m to Pierre-Henrid DOMINE dit ST-SAUVEUR ch Marguerite-Henri DOMINE godparents: Marie FOREST and Jacques V _?_ ineligible(?); Helaine DOMINE; godparents: Helaine FOREST & Louis MORISET; Madeleine M. (_?_ -Marie Madeleine oldest daughter) godparents: Jean FOREST & Francoise GIRARD. Madeleine Sr. m to Jacques GAUTHIER. Could Jean FOREST be father??? E-mail Gen4Fam 4 Jul 1997

FOREST, DUGAS; Rene FOREST m ca 1695 Francoise DUGAS ch: Marie, Marguerite, Joseph, Francois, Mathieu-Rene, Jacques, Madeleine, Pierre, Jean-Pierre, Charles Histoire et genealogie des Acadiens, by Bona Arsenault) vol. 2 - Port Royal

FORREST; Willis M. FORREST b 31 Mar 1880; George FORREST and unnamed FORREST male b 20 Apr 1901. Contact David S. Smyth 19 Homestead Ave., New Britain, CT 06053.

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