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Bradley Grass advises that he is now publisher (writer, editor, etc.???) for a GRASS Newsletter - primarily for descendants of Michael GRASS on Ontario, but he's interested in hearing from any and all GRASS researchers.

About the GRASS, GRASSE, GRAS, de GRACE etc. Families:

New Brunswick DeGRACE -DeGRASSE -GRASS -GRACE et var. families descend from one of several lines (detail page links shown):

Antoni Pedro GRAS or Pedro Antoni GRAS who came to New Brunswick from the Island of Majorca off the coast of Spain at the end of the 18th century. Purportedly Antoni changed his name to Antoine DeGRACE around 1795 when he settled in Bathurst, New Brunswick while working for a major lumber import/export business; or

Jacob GRASS -DeGRASSE (Johann Georg & Maria Catharina _?_), a German Palatine born circa 1740 who immigrated through PA to NJ, USA in September, 1752, on the same ship with other GRASSes et var., relationship unknown; that other GRASSes arrived the same week on a different ship; that he served in various NJ militia, and then, as a Loyalist moved to New Brunswick, Canada circa 1783; or

Any of several of Jacob's brothers, including Michael GRASSE who went to Kingston (Frontenac), PQ, Canada, details not yet known to me; or

Conrad GRASS of Lunenberg, NS before the American Revolution; or

Numerous other GRASS, GRACE & de GRASSE et var. that remained in United States.

Researchers and members of my family continue to advise me that they're a "direct descendant of Admiral François Joseph Paul de GRASSE, Le Comte de GRASSE" of Revolutionary War fame. Jeff Duvall ( and Pascal Laparre ( have kindly provided ancestors and descendants of the Admiral. You can find their information (and whatever I can and will add in the future) on a Admiral de GRASSE Genealogy Page.

My research has now revealed that our Naomi descends not from Antoine DeGRACE, etc. but from Jacob GRASS -DeGRASSE (Johann Georg & Maria Catharina _?_), the German Palatine.

The German line of Jacob GRASS and related Queries

Queries related to the French line of Antoine DeGRACE.

Other unknown GRASS etc., queries.

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